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  1. He had every right to sell it or give it away, since it was his toy. However I think it would have been a nice gesture to give it away, if he didn't need the money. On the other hand, how good a friend is the other guy if he thinks he deserves it for taking him to Toy Fair. Edit: Just read what you wrote. In that case, the other guy is being inconsiderate.
  2. I'm still holding firm on the position that they have some logical reason for doing this. I would be interested to see how well the sales go for this to see if this was a smart move or not. Anyways, I think i'll end up picking him up and then buy his hopeful G1 Galvatron repaint from Hasbro. That way his "upgrade" won't be just a repaint, but a size change as well.
  3. I'm probably a bigger fan right now, because there is just more stuff out there to buy. With so many Transformer products, it's almost impossible to not find atleast something that grabs your interest.
  4. I see the Master Piece line as being a "Hall of Fame" for Transformers and as such, only a select few should be made. Keep the not as widely popular ones to the Alternator's line or give them great homages in their current line like Energon. I wouldn't mind seeing 1 or 2 at most per year. With that said, the ones I think that should get the Master Piece treatment are: 1. Galvatron 2. Starscream..maybe repainted into Skywarp and Thundercracker 3. Soundwave (and his tapes!!!) 4. Hot Rod that can "Matrix evolve" into Rodimus 5. Constructicons that merge into Devastator!!! 6. Grimlock Yes, I know my choices seem a bit.....one sided, but hey, everyone knows that the Decepticons were more memorable @smilepunch@
  5. Blitzwing and Astrotrain plotted to take over by betraying Megs and Starscream. The constructicons attempted to take leadership too in the same episode. Scourge took over when he got the Matrix. Insecticons tried to kill him on a couple of occasions. Actually, just about every Decepticon wanted to take Megs place in the movie after Starscream chucked him out of Astrotrain.
  6. I hope you are aware that G1 was animated in Japan. For you, maybe it doesn't work, but to others it does. But yes, I do agree that it would be interesting to see.
  7. Agreed. Post count means nothing. Some people might be new to this board, but are hardly new to Transformers or other message boards. There are also those who might frequent the board but only post every so often, on topics they are interested in. New or old, it doesn't matter. It's what you bring to the table that counts.
  8. No comic or cartoon partially caused the line to do poorly in sales. Some of the figures were pretty good though. It was meant to really give those who weren't into beasts all that much something to buy and ride on the success of Beast Wars. In Japan however, they were put into their Beast Wars 2 series. So in a sense, they did have a cartoon, just not in North America.
  9. I get nervous too, but sometimes this allows you to get a good deal since the ending bid for it often is lower then for someone with high feedback.
  10. My GF got me e-Rodimus along with other things too. It's great when they support your hobby.
  11. I want to say MP Prime is the better of the two, but the Subaru WRC/WRX is my second favourite car so it's just too hard to decide.
  12. The mold is great but I definetly would have preferd him in blue.
  13. Actually many of us do in fact give constructive criticism and many of us do voice our opinion in a none whining way. The problem is that whenever someone says "I dont like it because..... " people jump down their throats and call them whinners the first chance they get. Saying something like "wow thats nice" gives as much value as " I hate it" yet start to bash the person who gave the latter of the two comments. As for Binaltech's story. It's not written in stone. It was just there as a little extra. It can always be changed. Hasbro isn't doing this out of love and respect for us, they are doing it for profit. They know the demand is there for Decepticons in Alternators thus they know that they can make money if they do it. They are aware there is demand for seekers as jets. Knowing all this, it's safe to say that if they can produce them and turn a profit, they will. The car decepticons are meant as a way for them to make a little extra profit. It's safe to say though that if they were to release a car named Starscream, then we won't be getting jets. This is all business and to understand their actions, people can't look at it from a personal/fan stand point. You have to look at it from a business stand point.
  14. It's not a matter of intelligence, rather them not caring. That's why so many people get away with things like this, there are many employees that just don't care, which is a problem for companies. Was the car die-cast by any chance? If it was, then this would have ended up costing the guy almost the same amount as alt. Sideswipe. But I got to give him credit, adding that Autobot symbol was a nice touch.... @hmmm@
  15. Me thinks that the remolded alternators are going to end up being stunticons. Also hound would make for a good Swindle. If they give them a decent paint scheme and remolds like the head and gun, then it won't be too bad. As for seekers, well I guess the Armada seekers will have to do.
  16. Don't care too much for the arms nor the colouring. Overall, a pretty good mold. Although it would have been nicer if they made the stuff on his arms detachable. Still going to get him though.
  17. I grew up on G1 just as many of you have and just like many of you, G1 carries many good memories from my childhood. Although I collected other toy lines, Transformers were the only ones that really held my attention and didn't end up being at the bottom of my toy bin. What really appealed to me, during the early days was the fact that you could walk outside and see the same car as the one that your toy was modeled after. But it isn't just for nostalgic reasons that I like G1. The characters in it were great. The toys, although can't be played with like the ones today, they still were fun to play with. Just like the show. Sure some episodes weren't the greatest, but they were fun and as a kid, that's what mattered to me and even now, it's what matters. Sometime even us adults just like to watch a cartoon, forget about plot holes etc and just enjoy them for what they are. That is one reason why I never liked Beast Machines. It just wasn't a fun show to watch because it went to much into the whole spiritual realm and it was just too serious.
  18. Don't care for these cars at all. @hmmm@ But my guess is: Ram = Trailbreaker Neon = Bumblebee or Cliffjumper
  19. alt tracks Didn't see this posted anywhere on the board yet.
  20. Agreed. The mold looks nice, but the green, no.
  21. IMO, I say keep it in Japan! @japan@ Why? Because I prefer to watch Superlink and not Energon. The problem isnt' as much the difference in cultures as is the dubbing quality. If you look at other shows brought over from Japan. Some of them have high quality dubs and are able to not only appeal to a western audience, but also tell a good story. The animation. Although some scenes look absolutely amazing, others unfortunately do not. However compared to Armada, it's pretty damn good. Hopefully as the season goes on, it will improve. Some might want it to be animated by a western company, but (trying to keep my personal feelings out of this) I don't think it will anytime in the near future. Japanese animation is really popular in North America, and Hasbro knows this. It is popular with their target audience and as long as kids like this style and the show and toys continue to do well, then they have no reason to change.
  22. Cost: For me, Takara products are only a bit more expensive, usually around $5-10 Canadian depending on the figure, compared to Walmart prices. Which means that they are sometimes almost on par with TRU's. Quality: Takara. I like their packaging, details and extra's they provide with the figure usually more then Hasbro. The quality of the actual product again IMO falls with them. Overall, I prefer Takara, because I don't purchase every TF that comes out on the market. I only purchase the ones that I really like and because of that, i'm willing to pay a little more to get a product that i'm completely satisfied with, rather then paying less but having regrets about the purchase. I prefer getting the best of the two figures that are out on the market. It doesn't matter if it's Takara who has it or Hasbro, however usually, the better of the two IMO has usually been found with Takara.
  23. If you think that this board has a lot of whinners, complainers, annoying and outright rude people, then you haven't been to some of the other Transformer boards around. Plus, mods on this board are a LOT better then the ones found on others. Honestly speaking, this is one of the more friendly boards out there. With the exception of a few, things on this board stay civil and disagreements are often handled in a more mature fashion. Also, since the number on this board isn't as high as others, it keeps things a lot more personal as we often get to converse with the same people everytime we post. I think the only real problem with everything is not the board itself, but a few select individuals who ruin topics by not having respect for others. There are some who just can't accept the opinions of others or those who instantly jump to conclusions and label people "fanboys" for just stating an opinion. You don't have to like someone's opinion, but atleast respect it.
  24. Considering Japan currently has WRX STI cop cars that look alot like Prowl, it would be dissapointing if they don't release him. Although if they do, I hope they keep the Japanese character decals on him so not only would we get a great transformer, we would get an accurate model car too.
  25. That explains it. I've been wondering if it was just the one I got that had this problem.
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