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  1. I give the seller one thing, he/she worded it well. The seller isn't really lying in the description, so that would make it really hard for the buyer to get a refund. Plus with the amount of feedback the seller has, people tend to trust someone like that more, which probably helped to raise the price. I feel bad in a way, but in another I have to question the bidder. If you're going to spend that much money on a toy. One would think that he/she would have done a little bit of research into the product or atleast read over the description. @hmmm@ I guess sometimes people have to be taken in order to learn a lesson.
  2. Actually your both wrong, while at the same time you're both right. Interesting huh? Let me explain. There have been many scenes where Galvatron measures up to Mega Zarak almost eye to eye. Also, in several scenes he doesn't exactly tower over Cyclonus and company like the E-Megs toy does. Not to mention, Shockwave is often shown a LOT larger then Galvatron. However, there is one scene in episode 9 of superlink and in other episode where it looks like Mega Zarak and Convoy are nearly eye to eye with eachother. Not to mention the opening of Superlink. It could be that Mega Zarak is the one who is out of scale, or it could be Convoy who is. However the basic conclusion and point to what I'm saying is that the scale for the guys in the show is not accurate. Anyways as for who is better. Thats merely opinion. IMO I like Galvatron more. His colour scheme appeals to me more and his size isn't a problem for me either. Price wise, for me he was about $10 less then E-Megs.
  3. In the movie: - the 2 minutes where starscream was actually leader - Optimus charging and taking down all the Deceps at Autobot city - In Astrotrain, all the Deceps arguing over who should lead, "Soundwave superior, constructicons inferior" classic. Shows: - Dinobot's death - Galvatron's awakening in Energon - Soundwave vs Blaster in the dance club
  4. His colour scheme is great, but the mold i'm not very fond of. I would have absolutely loved if they used the Armada Starscream mold instead. Now that would have looked great.
  5. Slugslinger is a very nice homage to his G1 incarnation. Can't wait to see a closer up picture of his face though. Hope it's also a homage to G1.
  6. Constantly having Optimus and Megatron as leaders in each series is fine with me. Toy wise, each have been different enough from line to line that they warrant their purchase. Story wise, I view it as some sort of fated event. That no matter what timeline it takes place in, there is always a struggle between a Optimus and a Megs.
  7. I got Predaking. Got him when I was 8 and he's still in good conditioin. Suprising considering the number of times I dropped him.
  8. Emotion wise: I think partially it's an age/time thing. If you grew up after G1 and got into Transformers via Beast Wars, then it probably didn't have the same impact. It's also partially why Dinobot's death had more of an impact on you. The reason why Prime's death had such an impact was that week after week, children would tune in to watch Optimus and Megatron go at eachother. Then in the movie, it was their final confrontation. Dinobot's death impacted people because you if you watched the show week after week, you grew an attatchment to him, similar to the attatchment people had for Prime. Story wise: I think it did make sense and was an epic death, it's just you have to dig a little deeper to understand why it was. On the surface, it appears he died in a very poor fashion because like you said, he had to die. But look at it like this. The city was in ruin, several of his close commrades were killed, he pretty much vowed to protect Earth, Cybertron was in total control of the Decepticons and they were definetly making a push to end the war. Enter Prime. He takes down all the Decepticons at the city and then see's Megs. He see's Megs and states his famous line, "one shall stand, one shall fall," simplified to "i'm going to kill you." Prime knew that if he destroyed Megs, it would tip the scales in their favour and at the same time end the battle at the city which the Autobots had been losing horribly. He did what he did to stop the battle, tip the scales in their favor in regards to the war and give a little payback for all those close bots Megs destroyed during battle.
  9. He also did a Skywarp and Thundercracker which look alot better then his Starscream. The Thundercracker is alright but his Skywarp looks great.
  10. It was a great episode. Added depth to Starscream's character by showing he wasn't always evil and he could actually care about someone other then himself. He even showed that at one point he was loyal, to atleast Skyfire that is.
  11. And that's exactly why we are fortunate to have choices. If YOU don't think short stacks are important or care for the battle damage then you have the choice to buy 20'th An Prime. Others who are bothered by these things (like myself) have the choice to buy Takara Convoy. You state your reasons for MP Convoy to be a waste of money because his stacks aren't a vital part to the figure as if it were a fact. It's an opinion, which others do no share. So to them it's not a waste.
  12. Huh? The animation on Digimon was a lot better then that of RID and especially Armada. Not to mention many other anime series have superb animation. Anyways while I agree TMNT is a good show. So are the Transformer shows animated and written in Japan (well, atleast the Japanese version is). The last few transformer shows have been doing really well in ratings and the sales for the toys are doing great. This is because dubbed "anime" shows are of the popular trend with their target audience, children. Transformers doesn't have to be written for a western culture for their target market to enjoy the show, as they currently do. It might not appeal to you, but it does to others and as long as the latter of the two is in the majority, they will continue with what they are doing. Either way, I don't really care for dubs that much since something is always lots in the translation. I prefer watching it in Japanese, so I say keep it's production in Japan.
  13. Superior to you, not to me. From what I hear about that resin pic and from what I remember, that proto was indeed Megatron, but it's not 100% known if the size of it was that of the Hasbro release or Takara's. There wasn't really anything substantial in that picture to compare his size to. Yes Archer did say that, but again, the size of the proto in that picture isn't exactly known. Plus he was talking about the Hasbro version. Just because he said that it can't combine with Tidal Wave he could have only been talking about the North American release and not the Takara version which could have been simultaniously planned. As for show accuracy. Transformers have never been known to be show accurate in terms of their relative size with one another. They might have looked at the smaller proto and then for the creative aspect of the show, decide to make him the same size as Prime. This point can work both ways. The evidence you provided really does not hold much ground as it isn't concreate, just like mine. Which is exactly what I said in my first post, that it isn't known if he was upsized or downsized because there isn't any solid proof.
  14. I'll be picking up Superlink Galvatron. Then when the eventual G1 Galvatron repaint comes along, i'll wait and see if Takara makes him with the larger mold. If they do, then i'll go with whichever has the nicer paint ap. If they don't, then i'll go with Hasbro. That way he won't just be a repaint, but he'll be a true "upgrade" with the larger body. I like the paint ap on him alot more than E-Megatron. Size wise, he's about the same size as Armada Megs/Galv which doesn't bother me much. An interesting point was brought to my attention on other board. Alot of people have been criticizing Takara's decision to downsize. However who's to say that he was in fact downsized? Perhaps he was made larger for Hasbro and not the other way around. Many have been saying he's downsized based on the fact that we saw the Energon test shots first, but that doesn't mean that mold was made first. Truth is, based on the info that's available to us, nobody knows for sure.
  15. A G1 show accurate Galvatron would sell really well. People have wanted that for a long time.
  16. Toughest = Brawn The others were tough because they knew they were big and tough. They knew they could take a beating and give one too. For a little guy who was about half the size of most of the Decepticons he went up against, he had guts.
  17. I'd absolutely HATE if they were seekers or Soundwave, etc. Not because they won't be true to their G1 alt modes, but because it would be a waste IMO. This is the perfect opportunity to see updated Stunticons or other car/jeep figures such as Swindle or Runamuck/Runabout. As for my picks, i'd say. Hound = Swindle Silverstreak = Runamuck/Runabout RX8 = Dragstrip Sideswipe = Deadend Tracks = Wildrider
  18. You can always get a fool to pay X amount of dollars thinking he's getting an extremely rare exclusive or test shot figure. The hard part is getting thousands to pay. That's what he banks on. Getting a so called exclusive out there and having someone come by and bid on it thinking he's getting a deal. He doesn't try to sell thousands of the same thing, just sell one at a high price. The point that i'm trying to make about internet sites is that if this venture is being endorsed by a well known message board such as ours, or a well known site such as BBTS then it adds value and credibility. This will in turn cause more sales. Going the route of opening up your own site will result in lower sales and a lot more head aches. Plus, i'm certain that you would find it easier to get capital if you were to strike a deal with an established internet site. This is just my professional opinion on the matter.
  19. The problem is people are skeptical about purchasing from a site that just came up and only sells this one product. Even if you were to advertise on other boards, people will be skeptical. Plus it lacks credibility. When someone says that they are buying an "E-hobby" exclusive, it has meaning. However buying it from an unknown, site would be like buying something from Tin Tin Happy (those who know his ebay listing will know what I mean) Although it's an exclusive, it won't have the same value. Now if this could be promoted by TNI and be a "TNI exclusive" that will be a different story. But starting as a fresh new site would not be a good idea. The main key is indeed capital and that's going to be one of the hardest parts of this venture. Being a forum where many/most of us have never met before, it's going to be very difficult to get people to cough up that much cash. I think the Energon starscream being repainted in Thundercracker and Skywarp is a great idea. The mold isn't too expensive and is definetly something that a great number of people would be willing to buy.
  20. It's a good idea, but if you are serious, you have to put alot of effort into it. E-hobby is well known and thus are able to put out exclusives and have people purchase them. In order for you to do this, you would require the assisstance of an already established online site. One that has a good reputation and is very professional. My advice on this is, to approach an online site, such as BBTS, ask them if they would be interested in going in on this project with you. You use their resources and their position in the market to sell these exclusive. Now the break down of the costs, obviously would have to be discussed with the online store, and based on that breakdown, profits will be allocated accordingly. Most likely though, the online store will get a higher cut.
  21. In regards to the show, atleast wait until episode 6 comes, then things really start to pick up. As for the toys, patience is the key. You don't have to search all the time. Try calling in or waiting until wave 2 hits the shelves in higher numbers.
  22. Spoiler Space A brief sum up is the original plan for Alpha Q was to have "him" in fact be a girl. The back story goes that Skorpy is supposed to be her father, or father figure. They both came from a world that resisted Unicron and fought against him (however it failed) The Terrorcons were actually the army of this race and were used to fight Unicron. However it failed and in order to save her, Skorpy hides her inside Unicron. (I think that's how it went) While inside, she hides her true form by covering herself in a metal exterior. It's also revealed that she has 5 faces. 3 of them being that of Alpha Q. Another being a "man possessing fatherly strengths" and the final being her true form.
  23. For a strike team, I'd go with all 5 members of the Combaticons because: - They are an established unit and thus already know how to work together - They have air support, heavy artiliary, long range artiliary and swindle for drive-by's @smilepunch@ - Can combine if need be. - They know how to formulate and execute military strategies.
  24. This was posted on another board and has seemed to cause quite a stir. Apparantly the guy who Translated this, "Hydra" obtained pre-production notes for Alpha Q and Kicker (along with others) from Takara. The link provides information on Alpha Q and Kicker, but apparantly he had a lot more notes on other aspects of the show, which he sold on ebay a little while back. I don't know how legitimate this information is, but from what I gather by the comments of those on the 2005board, it could be true. Keep in mind though that this is PRE-production notes and things might have changed. Warning, Major Spoiler for Alpha Q
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