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  1. While it makes sense that Takara would use a smaller mold in order to maximize sales, IMO the response doesn't exactly state that they shrunk the mold. I'm not saying they did or did not, but from what was said, it doesn't clarify anything. The response given by Hasbro only states that Takara made the smaller version for their market. It doesn't say who made the original mold (be it the larger or small version) first. This only answers why they released a smaller version, but not who's decision it was to shrink/enlarged the mold.
  2. teruo313

    I Hate Ninjas

    My knowledge of GI Joe is limited, but i'd thought i'd throw my opinion on this. Ninja's do have a place in GI Joe, just not on the battlefield. There's a difference between a soldier who has a black belt and a ninja. Ninja's are trainned and hired for assassination and sabotage. Also it's not uncommon for them to work as units. With that said, guys who are ninja's, like Stormshadow a great, but they should be used accordingly. Having them in the front lines doesn't make sense at all.
  3. You might also want to check Sears. Just the other day I saw both Smokescreen and Sideswipe there. Along with some energon figures.
  4. Missing a deadline is hardly a trivial matter. A business who fails to meet it's promises, like updating when they say they will is not doing their job as a responsible business. If you say you are going to do something, you do it. If you are unsure if you can fullfil such a promise you don't make it in the first place. That's how a business is run. Promising to update customers on something such as this deals with public relations and that is something which is important for a business to have a good standing with if they want to be taken seriously.
  5. Actually, with the convention, Glen didn't cancel it because he was losing money on the hall price. I'm not saying that the hotel room didn't raise their rates, but that wasn't the reason for the cancellation. The HYATT was the one who cancelled his room booking. Which one can conclude that they would only do something like this if they were not paid yet for the room. If you read his replies, he's putting a spin on it. But the fact is, the Hyatt was the one who cancelled his room booking and not Glen. Prior to Glen's announcement, people tried calling the Hyatt to book their hotel rooms for the event, but were told that it was released. Which means that anyone can book the hall rooms that were supposed to be have been reserved for OTFCC. When this information leaked onto messages boards, that prompted a reply from Glen on his board. Being in business, I understand that it's hard to organize something of this magnitude. However the point is he has to stay on the ball, despite problems that arise from Hasbro, Takara, hotels etc etc. It's his responsibility to provide the products and run the business well. Set backs come, but it's his responsibility to take care of them and please his customers. We aren't fans, we are customers as this is a businesses. When he doesn't meet the expectations of customers, people get angry and understandably so. The one thing that I can't stand about his responses on his message board is that he often lets his personal feelings poke through and add a personal insult to someone or group within his post. Acts like that are very unprofessional and should not be done.
  6. I find that in Superlink, he isn't annoying, but in Energon he is. I think it's the voice that irritates me. Kicker is an interesting character. In the more recent episodes of Superlink we see more and more of his childhood, which really clears up why he hates Transformers and understandably so. He obviously did not have the most "normal" childhood being the energon detector that he is. He has far more depth to his character then Spike, the Armada kids or any other human had.
  7. Glen does NOT handle things in a professional business like manner. I've often seen/read his responses as very defensive and unprofessional. Their PR needs a lot of work.
  8. Just a few thoughts: 1. Complaints and constructive criticism are two different things. Some people need to remember that. Just because you criticise with valid arguements/points doesn't automatically make you a whinner. Now when you constantly say it every chance you get, that's called whinning. 2. People need to respect the opinions of others. If someone was to say that they didn't like, for example tracks being yellow, it's their opinion and they should not be branded a whinner just for stating it. Yet often I see people do get called a whinner for it. You're only whinning when you have to constantly bring up your dislike for something or when you try to convince everyone that youre opinion is the right one. 3. As for Tracks being yellow and the complaints that go along with it. Yes, Alternators isn't G1, we all know that. However the concept that people need to keep in mind when using the "it isn't g1" statement, is customer expectations. Hasbro does not have to explicitly state that Alternators is G1, it's already in the minds of the customers. When marketing a product, consumers have certain expectations for that product and thus when it doesn't meet those expectations, consumers get upset. This is what happened with Tracks. People expected him to be blue and when he wasn't people got upset. Things like this happen all the time, not just with Transformers but with every other product line out there. That's basic marketing, which Hasbro knows all about (or atleast they should) 4. TF VS GI Joe.... TF fans have it sooo much better, especially if you're in Canada.
  9. Yup I definetly agree that the Takara ones are better quality.
  10. The thing that I didn't like about SCF's from Takara was that you didn't know who you were gettting not to mention some of the ones I wanted were the chase figures. Atleast with HOC you knew who you were getting. Plus HOC has the generic seekers and Sunstorm which seals the deal.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but they could use the name Shockwave, Omega Supreme, etc etc in a movie, just not create a toy with that name. Afterall, Dreamwave was allowed to use the names. A restriction to this movie will be if Hasbro is planning to use this as a way to promote a new set of toys. If they do plan to create a toyline directly based on the movie, then that might effect who is going to be in the movie and what form they will take. (ie, will megs be a gun or a tank?)
  12. Takara: 1/2 of Superlink Reissues Micron Legend Car robots Beast Wars Binaltech Master Piece Convoy Mega PVC's Hasbro 1/2 of Energon PVC's My purchases tend to lean on the side of Takara because I'm able to get them at a price that's only a couple dollars more then Hasbro ones. I generally prefer their boxes and paint aps more.
  13. Because it's not the same. Holding a picture in your hands of a MISB Soundblaster and holding the actual item in your hands give off two completely different feelings. It's how one enjoys their Transformers and as such, loose or MISB, neither is right or wrong, it's personal preference and as such it is up to the individual to decide what to them is what they want in a collection.
  14. I'm a partial MISB collector as I like to open some items, while keeping others sealed. I like keeping the rare ones and G1 figures that I get at good prices sealed. Not to resell though as i'm never parting with my collection. I take pride in having hard to find figures in my collection sealed, while opening up the rest. As for the mentality of a MISB collector, it's no different then a loose collector. People ask why keep it sealed? Well MISB collectors ask why open them? To say that opening them is the way Transformers are "meant" to be enjoyed is an ignorant statement. That may be how a loose collector enjoys them, but leaving them sealed is how others enjoy them and that's what it's about, how the individual enjoys their collection.
  15. I've said this in a previous thread and i'll say it here too "As for Deadend. He was originally meant to be Sunstreaker, there's no question about that. The proto of him showed that he had a molded Autobot symbol on him. Plus for the heads of the characters in Alternators, they have been pretty close to their G1 cartoon faces, which this mold is, for Sunstreaker. His face is no where near Deadends. I know often proto and final products differ, but the head mold is definetly Sunstreakers and not Deadend." With that said, Hasbro is most likely doing this as a marketing strategy with three possibilities: 1. They want to release a Decepticon in order to mix up the line a bit and thus push back the release of this mold as Sunstreaker for a later date. 2. They want to colour Sunstreaker yellow, however with Tracks being yellow as well, they do not want to release two yellow cars so close together and thus will defer the release of Sunstreaker. However, not wanting to just let the mold go to waste, they decided to release that mold as Deadend. 3. They just don't like Sunstreaker so they scrapped him completely, doubt it though.
  16. Tv: G1 Skywarp comic: Sunstorm toy: Predaking
  17. Yup, they're considered G1. They're a nice set, but the price point worry's me. If they are priced as a basic, then they are over priced. But at a Spy Changer price point, then i'll pick them up.
  18. Don't particularily like the arms and chest, but still a nice figure so going to pick him up anyways. Probably buy 2 so I would have 1 to kitbash right after i'm finished my Armada Starscream into Sunstorm kitbash.
  19. He doesn't have to be blue, but i'd say that if Hasbro could make him blue, it would have been a wiser decision. The line's aimed at G1 guys and as such when we think of Tracks, we associate him with being blue and not yellow. That said, anything that deviates from this would obviously upset some because we have a predisposed belief on what he "should" look like. Now it all depends on how strongly one feels this way and thus affects if they would buy him or not. From a marketing standpoint, in theory anyways, he would sell better being blue. Which leads me to believe that this wasn't in their control, but perhaps decided by the car company instead, in order to promote a yellow coloured version of the car. As for Deadend. He was originally meant to be Sunstreaker, there's no question about that. The proto of him showed that he had a molded Autobot symbol on him. Plus for the heads of the characters in Alternators, they have been pretty close to their G1 cartoon faces, which this mold is, for Sunstreaker. His face is no where near Deadends. I know often proto and final products differ, but the head mold is definetly Sunstreakers and not Deadend. Hopefully they are just putting off releasing him as Sunstreaker for the time being so that they can bring out a few Decepticons in order to mix up the line a bit.
  20. hmm..looks like Tracks is yellow afterall. Don't like it, but I can live with it. Dissappointed on Deadend though. His paint ap looks nice, but I wish they went the extra bit and gave him an accurate Deadend head. Still going to pick him up though, but it would have been nice. Glad he's a Stunticon though.
  21. Right now they are all in boxes in storage, because i've finally decided to finish building the basement. Once that's done and I get everything set up, I'll get some picks up. But at the rate i'm going.......it's going to be a while......a long long while... @hmmm@
  22. If you don't mind him being in an opened box or loose, I suggest that you ask the seller if the figure suffers from the leg issue. If you're going to display him just on a shelf or something, it's not really an issue, but it's always better to get one that doesn't have that problem.
  23. Energon-6 For those who haven't got it yet, here's a BT link. Remember to keep it open after you're done so other's can get it too.
  24. Since I was 4. Got in with G1 and I never stopped buying/collecting TF's.
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