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  1. I understand your anger, but honestly I think if you sell it now, you'll regret it later. Just because they are dropping the line (hopefully for only a while) doesn't mean you have to give up. Those figures that you've collected should mean the same to you now, as it did before the news broke. You can do what I did when Transformers Beast Machines first came out. I hated the line so instead of using the money I normally would on it, I spent money on figures that I missed out on in the past.
  2. I agree that $15 is a bit high, but comparing it with the two pack figures isn't accurate. A better comparison is with other similar sized figures.
  3. Nothing they do will make me stop collecting. Even if I completely hate a new line up, there are plenty of older figures, exclusives, etc that I would turn my attention towards.
  4. I'm all for Sigma. I know a lot of people are upset about it and that's fine, they have every right to be. However, i've been done buying the 3 3/4 line for a while now. I'm happy with my collection the way it is and have no intention on expanding it. I'm certainly not going to collect all the Sigma figures that come out, however I'm looking forward to Storm Shadow and the eventual Cobra Commander considering all the accessories he will come with. They will look good on display. Now with the show, again i'm excited about it. Gonzo is handling Galaxy Force very well and I'm interested in seeing how they are going to handle GI Joe. Sure it might turn out to be a bust, but time will tell. I know a lot of people are upset about this, but I do see Hasbro's point of view on the matter. GI Joe might have made the top 10 in boys toys, but according to hasbro's webcast, their numbers didn't meet expectations. Just because they ranked high in sales doesn't mean they were extremely profitable. Obviously if the 3 3/4 line was extremely profitable for them and would remain so, they would expand it, not take it away and just bring in Sigma. Although IMO, the price point is going to hurt them alot.
  5. Edit By JayC - Taken care of. Lets all please stick to the topic on hand.
  6. i'd like to clear something up. Anime does NOT mean that it was animated in Japan. The word anime in Japan is short for animeshon which merely refers to anything animated. Hence a Disney movie in Japan would be known as anime. However in North America, the term "anime" seems to only refer to Japanese animation.
  7. Actually, there have been several reports of Zellers getting in Hound, Streak and Deadend just a couple days ago.
  8. So essential your advice is to steal the black gun and matrix then...... @hmmm@ Buying a black gun version and then replacing it with your gray gun is one thing. Doing what you are advicing is another.
  9. I like your idea, but i'd prefer if they did that with their Robotmaster line instead. Something like: Set #1 - Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp set #2 - Dirge, Thrust, Ramjet set #3 - Sunstorm, 2 generic seekers
  10. I've picked up a few e-hobby figures, but unfortunately I never got the Sunstorm and Hauler set. Because I only want Sunstorm, i've been waiting to pick him up for a good price. Here's hoping my friend can pick him up at the anime convention in a couple weeks.
  11. I pick and choose. This also includes picking between the Superlink or the Energon release. Thus far all basics are Energon and all the rest are Superlink.
  12. As much as I like to keep certain figs, especially ones that might increase a lot in value or rare ones, I opened mine as soon as I got them. Since you dont' care about their future value, you should just open them up. If you regret it later, you can always put them back in their packaging. A little tape and it's almost like they've never left the saftey of their plastic enclosed homes.
  13. Still not a fan of the car nor the choice in name. Yet the robot mode does indeed look nice which might make me purchase him. I'll wait to see what Decepticon they make out of this and depending on who/what it looks like, i'll make my decision.
  14. The only one I might get is Alpha Q as it would look nice on display, but the rest are a pass for me.
  15. I didn't really care for a lot of the series, but the movie on the other hand. Now that deserves to be up there.
  16. Not suprised with Mobile Suit Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion being 1 and 2 and i'm glad Tetsuwan Atom made it up there. Can't agree with placing Astroboy Tetsuwan Atom up so high though, same with Medarot or Vision Of Escaflowne. As for TF's ranking, I would have expected the original series to atleast make the top 20. Beast Wars I would have thought top 50.
  17. It depends on the item. Sometimes a backordered item comes in quickly, other times it can take a while. I've done a lot of ordering with HLJ and I have to say their service has been good on all transactions. I considered ordering Robomaster Convoy from them, but since they were backordered, I decided to get it from toyobsessed instead since they have it in stock and at a good price.
  18. Disappointed for two reasons. His bot mode looks great, but i'm certainly not a fan of the car. Also I don't care for their choice of character. I'm not saying that Grimlock is a bad choice, but I would have prefered to see a car related character instead. One thing of interest to me is going to be his bio card. I wonder what explanation Takara is going to give for him becoming a car. I mean, all things considered, in the show he always looked down on the autobot cars and now he is one himself.
  19. Since these are going to be exclusive figures, I like the fact that the Starscream repaint isn't going to be Skywarp or Thundercracker. This way they can be mass released and not carry the large price tag of an exclusive item.
  20. Orson stated that the figure would cost to much to release here. He basically said that people are better off getting the Takara release. Who knows, they might eventually do it, I guess if they find a way to reduce production costs, but not anytime soon.
  21. Only have a few things to sell/trade for now, but here they are: Haves: Energon Megatron - complete, still have the box Armada Starscream- complete, still have the box Armada Nemesis Prime- MOSC, small flap crease on lower left corner (trade pending) Wants: E-Hobby Sunstorm-MIB/MISB If you live in Toronto, I'd be willing to do a drop off for you as it will save me the trouble of mailing it and it will save you on shipping costs.
  22. Also, you have the Convoy Council introduced in Beast Wars Neo. Their way of explaining all the different convoys.
  23. Here you go. G1 Season 1 Season 2 part 1 Season 2 part 2 Season 3 part 1 Season 3 part 2 Beast Wars Season 1 Season 2
  24. This sale was great, I was able to pick up a few TF's that i've been on the fence about for a while. Now here's hoping they put Thundercracker and Skywarp on sale soon.
  25. E-Unicron has also been marked down. Also for those who payed full price for these figures, you can still get the discount by either: 1. If it was purchased less then 14 days ago, you can just get a price adjustment. 2. If they won't give you the adjustment, and if the figure is still in the box or you atleast can put it back in the box. Just return it for a refund and buy it right back on the spot. Wal-Mart doesn't have an official policy against this so if they won't let you do it, talk to their manager who most likely will. (That's what I did) The only thing is it has to have been purchased within 90 days in order to get the refund.
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