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  1. Hasbro won't be looking at these lists. In fact, the "list" has already been made and it is likely finalized because the lead-time on stuff like this is about a year in advance ( or more). So if these products are to start to appear in the fall of this year, then they are all already decided on and list like these will not have any impact. weird. I got confused because it seemed like some people were taking it quite seriously and I figured it was just a place to share our wants list whether they were figures or other. Thanks for clearing that up!
  2. Trademarks and ownership issues. Trademarks can lapse because the legal departments simply fail to re-registered them when the time comes around, and they can be socked up some someone else. This has happened before ( actually many times before) and specifically with lines like GIJOE. For a time in the late 1990's a competitor(Playing Mantis) of Hasbro got the rights to the Adventure Team and all of its characters and "threatened" to produce them as part of its Captain Action line. For whatever reason, that did not happen--likely due to some legal manoeuvring--and Hasbro was able to reacquire the rights after Playing Mantis failed to product anything with them. Makes sense. So it's legal reasons that the name changes happened then, eh? Still think Snow Job could use a name change. I would give him the hardest time if I were a Joe.
  3. Is this an actual thing that Hasbro WILL be looking at? (yes I know anything is possible), I thought this was just for fun.
  4. Here's one. It's gonna sound like I'm joking, but I'm actually serious. It's kinda 2 questions. Why in god's name would they change MainFrame and Nemesis Enforcer's names, but Snow job is still named Snow job?
  5. Good call. Especially if they made a brand new mass released one out of plastic and then a collector's club exclusive reproduction of the original made out of chipboard. 1- POC Shock trooper multipacks!!!!!!! 2- POC Viper multipacks 3- POC The Enemy multipacks 4- Slaughter's renegades 5- Jinx (with alternate heads and a less 80s outfit) 6- Airtight 7- Iceberg 8- Thrasher 9- Zandar 10- Gung Ho in his formal uniform 11- Law & Order 12- Snake Eyes - Dic version - I know I know, we have enough of him, but there are some cool ones they haven't made like.... 13 - Snake Eyes unmasked? Torn on the idea of that really. I know they made a Classified figure, but would people want to see some sort of burned Snake Eyes? Would I want to? I'm really not sure. 14- Transformers VS G.I.Joe Snake Eyes WWII uniform 15- can't forget the Fridge. He'd either be brought out for display every Superbowl or put on... my... fridge... haha haha. Oh man, I just poop wit in the morning. I think those are my only really serious wants. I like when Hasbro goes easy on my wallet, so I don't ask for much. Even though I still have all these wants, I'm really happy with what they're releasing this year. Seriously though, they need to get going on more Cobra troop multipacks (especially shock troopers!) and even some designs for Joe troops. Maybe even something like Mattel's He-man multipack where they all came with alternate heads. Some troop chases with african american or asian skin tones would be nice too. As well as female troopers. I'd also like to see some playsets. Not big mobile ones like ROC's, but stationary ones for both the Joes and Cobra. That would probably be something that could attract a younger audience and please collector's who like setting up creative displays.
  6. Crap... I'm totally gonna buy 4 of these. I wonder if they're gonna have goggles. I wouldn't mind if they didn't. Goggles with a VIper mask seriously never made any sense to me.
  7. I like how it seems like it's a good mix of everything this year, while not being too overwhelming for collectors. Last year there wasn't enough; prior years, there was too damn much; this year is just right. Really cool how some are POC based and others are RAH with just a little bit of renegades thrown in. I have to admit that I may actually buy the Renegades Duke and Cobra Commander, they aren't bad (unlike the show). And you can bet your ass that I'm gonna buy the 12" police officer! My favourite thing this year is probably the vintage packaging they are doing for the vehicles. Effin amazing! A skystriker?! Seriously? Boo ya! Now I don't have to spend an ungodly amount on ebay to get a couple for my U.S.S. Flagg! It seems like Hasbro has really started considering the adult collectors and I sure appreciate it, so I'm not about to complain about the little things... with the exception of that SDCC exclusive bidnass... damn Hasbro.
  8. I'd base it on whether you can ever see yourself selling them and if space is an issue in your home. Another factor is how you prefer to display them. When it comes to Joes, I personally prefer finding them loose on ebay, so this is not an issue. DarthJoe's advice is pretty good. I recently bought the SDCC Slaughter in package and am having a VERY hard time forcing myself to open him. To keep my vintage Joe spending at a fairly low level, I've told myself that I will only buy the ones I had as a child as far as MOCs go.
  9. Such a pain in the A getting my SDCC Slaughters and by the time they came in, I just couldn't open them, so I have to buy duplicates! Dang it! Other than that, I'm really impressed with what Hasbro has planned. I have reservations about a sculpt here and there, but I'm not about to knit pick when they're coming out with so many great products this year!
  10. The thing is, all kids do these days is play video games. I was born in 85 and played video games like crazy, but I still went out biking and tadpole collecting when I was a lad. These days, I always see a kid with a PSP or gameboy in their hands. I remember being at my siblings' graduation last year and there were some poorly behaved children behind me. Instead of the mother teaching them to pay attention, she shoved a video PSP in their faces. It was some truly pathetic parenting. We were the first video game generation, but we had lives outside of video games as well. Today's generation is a bit different. You have to admit that there is a stronger obsession with Call of duty, Grand Theft Auto, etc. than we had with the new Mario or Super Star Wars (true classics) Congrats on the Alley Vipers! What's your count at? I'm waiting for a bunch of shock troopers in the mail as I type.
  11. Why not have both? POC is clearly aimed towards the adult collectors, but why not make a second line or select figures that would appeal to children too? I really wish kids had something like the G.I.Joe we grew up with in the 80s because today's kid shows (although some are really damn funny) really teach none of the morals or values that G.I.Joe taught our generation. Yes yes, I know it's the parents' job to raise the children, but let's face it; a lot of parents rely on tv to raise their kids. I think a lot of the earlier comments about the lack of character variety in today's show is a big factor. I loved how each episode of G.I. Joe could feature any one of the hundred Joes as the main character, it really kept the show interesting when I was a child. Today, it's all Duke as the main character and Snake Eyes getting more screen time than he should because he's the most marketable. Don't get me wrong, Snake Eyes is one of my favourite characters ever, but he should be that guy in the background, the guy you barely see because there's all that mystery(he was barely in the original show!), that's what caught my attention. Instead, like all the other background Badasses, he is over used and becomes tiresome (also see Wolverine and Raphael). Ultimately, what I'm trying to say is they just don't have the right formula these days. I think they should consider studying the old show. They may even get the next generation into G.I. Joe. regarding the ROC toyline, I am one of the first to hate the ROC movie (seriously, Duke fired a missile at a car KNOWING that Snake Eyes was underneath it. There's entertaining and then there's just beyond stupid) but I do admit ROC was a good toy line. The problem is that I HATE having figures on my shelf that remind me of the horror known as Rise of Cobra, so other than Leatherneck, I haven't bought very many ROC figures at all. And it's true, kids are way too into video games. I have little cousins and all they do is play video games. WHERE THE HELL IS THE IMAGINATION IN THAT?! No wonder kids are so fat these days. A little off topic, but it's also a real shame that these just aren't the days where you can let kids run around in the neighbourhood.
  12. Maybe we need to ask what it is that attracted us to Joes?
  13. They have made a 25th Nemesis Enforcer. He came in a 2-pack with Falcon.
  14. A lot of good points. It is sad that POC doesn't seem to be really targeted towards kids, but at least we're getting some really Badass figures. I do hope that a majority of Hasbro's Joe sales are coming from kids. Really cool that you helped some parents out, Boothj. I remember I actually managed to get a date from a girl trying to find a gift for her little cousin at a Toys R Us once but the helping people out part was nice too. Yeah, Star Wars and Transformers are the ones I'm seeing sold at stores, carried around, and worn on kids' shirts. Haven't seen any WWF, but I could believe it. It may have to do with the fact that Star Wars and Transformers have managed to come out with much more entertaining shows/movies in the past decade or so. G.I. Joe hasn't really been able to come out with anything that great since the original series. ROC was just silly, even from the eyes of a child. Renegades really underestimates children today. I caught the pilot and was not impressed. The art is lazy (sorry, I believe the designer passed recently and I don't mean to be disrespectful) and the plot is very flat and simple. The original series was incredibly unrealistic, but it had a complexity that caught a kid's attention. The art design, colours, and costumes were also great incentives for children. Not to mention, a big reason G.I.Joe comes number two for me (right after BatMan) is because it taught kids a lot about teamwork, morals, and leadership. All things that I just can't see Renegades doing.
  15. Yeah. I've been noticing that there seems to be a market for naked G.I.Joes. In all honesty, it is creeping the hell out of me. I mean these are little three inch toys made for children. They may as well pleasure themselves to the blockbuster film, The Borrowers starring John Goodman. Are they not aware that the internet has free pornography and dating websites? If you look at the colour of the nipples, you can tell that the person who made this has never seen a naked woman before.
  16. After I saw this, I went and told my girlfriend just how much I appreciate having her in my life.
  17. I would buy 2 royal guards at the most, but I really like your Renegades idea. I'd buy that in a second, even though It'd make me kick myself over the ungodly amount of money I spent getting my SDCC Slaughter. When you say Big Lob, do you mean in the 25th style? Because they did make a RAH style one for the collectors club.
  18. Joe hunting yesterday, I started wondering if G.I.Joe is still something kids like or if it's pretty much for the adult collector these days. I was hoping the movie would spark interest with a new generation, but there are still so many ROC toys on the shelves that the stores couldn't even give away if they wanted to. Walmart and Zellers are the only chains here (Canada, B.C.) that are still bringing in Joe products and that doesn't seem to phase the children or any parents trying to find their kids the new Cobra Commander. I never see any Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow costumes when I hand out candy on Halloween. I mean there are factors to consider, such as the shrinking attention span of children with today's media. I'm in an area where there are a lot of the organic food, anti-war parents. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm not gonna get into a thing on this thread of how I don't exactly agree with organic food. I do think it's okay to get your kids all antiwar, but you do need to teach your kids that a country needs an army to defend the country and those who choose to risk their lives for their country deserve a little respect for that. So I'm wondering if it's different in the states and children still have an interest in this stuff? I'm not really counting the children of collectors who sat their kids down in front of their Joe DVDs and conditioned their children to like the show, I'm more wondering if any children are just naturally sparking an interest with this stuff anymore.
  19. Draven, I have seen the new Bat but not the pics of cobra commander or blow torch, is there a link somewhere? I think Draven means the Jungle Cobra Commander that was cancelled. Some people are speculating that this is the one we will see in the upcoming Pursuit wave(s)My link I would like to see a different mask though. I don't mind the one they're currently using, but I'd like to see a hooded one or maybe even the G.I.Joe origins mask.
  20. Did Spirit actually beat him? I thought they were fighting and ended up stuck in some cave with no air, and Spirit saved their lives. I could be wrong.
  21. I'd buy them. More for nostalgic purposes than anything else, but I'd buy them. Just picked up the original Cobra-La pack still sealed. Golobulus with a proper tail that can actually bend and he could stand on would be awesome.
  22. Cool nod to the TV series, but it's just not at the top of my want-list for Joe stuff right now.
  23. Hoping most of them are urban warfare inspired. Those have been my favourite ones in this series.
  24. Good luck. Thanks again, Arrow. Yeah, I've tried all the comic shops, but the ones that still carry G.I. Joes are at wave 4. I managed to get 3 shock troopers for 12 each at a comic shop and an additional 6 from Walmart. Also waiting for 8 that I ordered from ebay. Very choked because I just missed a restock at Walmart today and all the troopers were gone by the time I got there. The first morning I don't get a chance to check and they finally bring more in!
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