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  1. The show Renegades is essentially a commercial for the toys, and with renegades coming in the fall it will be more clear. Right now kids are potentially get more access to Joe in years. Saturday morning cartoons don't exist anymore. It's just a fact, I think Hasbro is very wise with there Hub and how they have been advertising it on the figures. I agree with you to a degree. Yeah, Renegades is there as a toy commercial, but that doesn't mean children, who probably don't go on sites like TNI, are aware of the action figure line. They need to know that toys are out there if they are going to ask their parents for them. They need to see the commercials with the vehicles thrashing down dirt and breaking through blocks! Where I am, barely any major stores are carrying Joes, so how are kids, who probably aren't even allowed to browse the internet, supposed to be aware of the toys? It makes no sense that Hasbro doesn't have commercials. Expecting toy sales to go up with just the cartoon is like fishing with bait but no hook.
  2. Well said, Viper Hunter. This thread is hilarious. It's like the Jerry Springer of fanboy forums. Gotta admit that it's nowhere near as bad as Marvel fanboy VS DC fanboy talk that I've seen on other website forums, which will remain nameless. The Knuckleheads on those sites get effin ruthless with the personal and irrelevant comments when they know they can't get beat up, and no one will see them cry when people verbally retaliate against them.
  3. Hasbro needs to release toy commercials during saturday morning cartoons. When I was a kid, I wanted everything that I saw advertised during cartoon commercials. I think ROC is the only Joe product commercials for, and if they came out with commercials during Renegades, there would probably be a huge boost in demand and sales. Am I the only who finds it funny how out of hand this thread got just because of some miswording? Come on, I can't be the only one. It's pretty damn hilarious. Calling it now, someone's gonna end up doing a national Wal mart road trip just to prove a point.
  4. Aside from ROC, has anyone seen any commercials for G.I. Joe figures? I don't recall ever seeing any and I still watch Saturday morning cartoons (the few entertaining ones that are still out there). It really doesn't make sense that Hasbro wouldn't advertise for Joes on TV, especially during Renegades. There are still commercials for Transformers and Star Wars. I don't recall seeing a G.I. Joe commercial since the early 90s (with the exception of ROC), and when I was a kid, I would want almost any toy that I saw advertised on TV. Especially the ones where a vehicle would be shown driving down a dirt path and crashing through some sort of wall of blocks. You know the ones I'm talking about!
  5. That's an awesome Joker display. Really good use of Doom's chair and the thugs' masks.
  6. I'm thinking the bomber jacket will be the exclusive. If so, then it will be sold out in less than an hour. I like the look of this figure, It's likely going to be on my list of wants.
  7. I think part of it is the retailers' faults as well. The Wal marts and Toys R Us's brought in TONS of the first wave, so it's no wonder that they had so much left over. I blame ROC, but it's from several factors. The movie stinks, the likenesses are based on bad actors, there was very little troop building potential, retailers ordered way too much, etc. Hasbro has smartened up with some great troop building opportunities and better sculpts, but It's gonna be hard to win back the retailers. I have a Zellers in my area that has the target Exclusive set for $3 off as well. They have a huge display full of them still!
  8. Sorry the pictures are so huge, everyone. Still trying to figure out how this whole photobucket thing works. I tried posting them as thumbs, but that didn't work out. This is currently what I have room to display. I'm just renting at the moment, so I haven't gone too crazy with custom shelves or anything until I own and don't have to worry about damage deposits. When I own a place with a few spare bedrooms, the plan is to have a custom shelf installed for my U.S.S. Flagg. It'll basically be 25th anniversary Joes VS POC Cobra soldiers. When I start cashing in on my vacation time, I plan to do some minor customizing as well. THe first thing I will be doing is painting officer logos on a few of the Shock Troopers. I am expecting a POC Zartan to arrive soon, and I hope I can do something with him similar to what I did with the POC StormShadow and swap a few parts. If you noticed the Shock Trooper with Beachhead's gas mask, sledge hammer, and StormShadow's rope, that's a plan I have going to display a breach team approaching the doors of the Flagg.
  9. and a few more...
  10. What I currently have on display from my collection.
  11. I think saying it's "official" is a very bold statement. I'm in the lower mainland of B.C. and we still have Joes coming into Walmart, but they only bring more in once the shelves are cleaned out. The one by my place has had two wave 3 Dukes on the shelf for a few weeks now, so they aren't bringing more in until those two sell. I've been to a few Toys R Us locations and none of them carry Joe product anymore. Zellers still brings them in, and K-Mart will be coming to town in the next year or so, so I'm crossing my fingers. I'm with the belief that ROC has ruined Joe collecting. So many places here aren't able to get rid of the ROC stuff even at discount.
  12. I can't complain about any of the 80s or 90s toys myself. I loved them all when I was young. They had tons of playability when I was a child and were perfect for their target audience (children) To today's standards, yeah they suck because a large amount of toys are being made for the adult collector these days. Back then, they were for play, not display. They did their job. Only gripe off the top of my head is a figure that hasn't even come out yet. Diamond select's Dracula figure. The figure has no resemblance to Bela Lugosi in any way at all. I was pretty excited for this series because I missed out on the Sideshow line, but holy god the Dracula figure blows. I can't see getting the rights to his image being difficult. I figure Universal would own all that.
  13. Bought a new camera, so like any Joe collector, I used it on my collection. ">
  14. What's going on with that alternate Snake Eyes head? It looks like it comes with a bandaged head or something.
  15. Sometimes crappy things happen to people and they become bitter and try to spread the tears instead of dealing with their own issues like adults because they can't accept others being happy if they aren't happy. Don't let that get you down, man. You were yourself, she stuck around and wants to meet up again. It's soundin pretty good!
  16. Weird thing for an "actress" to say, but you gotta give her credit for her honesty.
  17. meh. By premium format, they don't mean the 1/6th scale figures correct? Is the premium format series new?
  18. Nice. COngratulations. If a girl is into vintage Nintendo, you're off to a good start. I once lived with a girl who limited my collection to a bookshelf in the living room and got upset if I put a Joe in the kitchen. Fortunately, my current girlfriend actually encouraged me to spend the ungodly amount of money I spent on my U.S.S. Flagg.
  19. For sure gonna do some troop building with the enemy. Steel Brigade and Hawk are a maybe. Considering that Hawk is a general, I wasn't too crazy about how young he looked in Toyfare pics, but he would make a good Greenshirt.
  20. Holly balls, you're right! He plays a tough-as-nails secret agent on the show Chuck. He'd nail it! Really?! I have to see this. Is "Firefly" a movie? TV show by Joss Whedon and then they made the movie Serenity. Both pretty good. and yeah, he'd be a really good choice for Beachhead too.
  21. Anyone else seen THe Ballad of G.I. Joe ? The cast is about ten trillion times better than the Rise of CObra cast. You gotta admit Henry ROllins looks like a pretty effin badass Duke.
  22. Your picks are very well thought out and I would like to see a Joe movie with them in it regardless of how old they are now. However for my DREAM JOE MOVIE, I would have to pretend time does not exist and all of the actors I pick are in their PRIME. HAWK - Clint Eastwood DUKE - Kurt Russel FLINT - Slyvester Stallone SCARLETT - Jessica Biel SNAKE EYES - Ray Park does a good enough job for me. He doesn't speak, so just go with the action performer that was Darth Maul and the Headless Horseman. ROADBLOCK - Tom Lister, Jr. (Friday, The 5th Element) STALKER - Carl Weathers BEACHHEAD - Jason Statham (although he's not from Alabama) COBRA COMMANDER - Gary Oldman DESTRO - Gerald Butler BARONESS - Lucy Lawless or Angelina Jolie STORM SHADOW - Jet Li Nice. I was thinking Clint Eastwood for Hawk too. The big decider for me was who I thought would give a better "Yo Joe". If we're talking anyone in their prime though, I'd go with John Wayne. Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman would be amazing in those roles. Statham has the right look for Beachhead, but I just think Woody Harrelson is perfect for that part. Lot of people think Ray Park was good as Snake Eyes and I agree (minus the unfortunate molded mouth that wasn't his fault anyway), but I want Statham as Snake Eyes because he has a good look for pre-accident scenes. He'd probably still not say anything because I don't think Statham OR Park are able to speak without an accent. I also like Statham's fighting style that you see in the movies more. It's less flash and more kick your ass. Spystreak, I admire your "in your face" attitude die fighting, really good point and really badass choices too.
  23. So There's rumour that the Jon Chu will be directing the G.I. Joe sequel with a few recasts. Unfortunately JGL is one of the recasts that may occur; of course it would be the best actor in the lot. Topics like these may have shown up here before, but considering the recent news, I figured JUST FOR FUN, what is everyone's dream Joe film? Hawk - Tommy Lee Jones Duke - Thomas Jane Flint - Thomas Haden Church Lady Jaye - Ashley Judd Cover Girl - Bridgette Wilson Snake Eyes - Jason Statham Roadblock - Ving Rhames Low-Light - Ryan Phillpe (See Way of the Gun before you judge me for that one) Stalker - Jamie Foxx ShipWreck - Dennis Miller (all I can see & hear when I watch the original show) Beachhead - Woody Harrelson Cobra COmmander - Edward Norton or Crispin Glover - someone who can play an average nobody who goes nuts. StormShadow - Tony Jaa Baroness - Catherine Zeta Jones Destro - John Malkovich Firefly - Benicio Deltoro Zartan - I like the idea of an older Joe team. Considering that they are supposed to be the best of the best, I figure they should be seasoned veterans. Instead of awkward flashbacks or a scene about Destro's ancestors, the movie would start with the original Joe team being extracted from a black ops type mission and getting into a terrible accident that injures Snake Eyes and kills a few other members. A scene that takes place years later with Stalker tracking Snake Eyes down to a remote cabin where Timber is hanging out would be awesome. A movie with the occasional Bond-like gadget or vehicle with better military advisers (no giant earrings on Heavy Duty would be nice) is what I wish they would make. Something where Scarlett isn't Lieutenant Data from Star Trek and Duke isn't some stupid idiot who shoots an effin missile at a humvee KNOWING that Snake Eyes is underneath it... damn movie. Personally, I thought Resolute was on the right track, obviously making it a bit more kid friendly with better dialogue would be ideal though.
  24. SDCC exclusives are frustrating for collectors who can't afford the time or money to head out there, but does anyone else agree that Dr. Fumbles (AKA Trouser Snake) would make a good SDCC exclusive?
  25. Anyone notice all the alternate service numbers he comes with?! Oh my god it's gonna be hard for me not to buy nine of them.
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