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    Remember the time when JVC was popular and people complained that the figures came with less accessories? We action figure collectors are sure fickle about things.



    Haha. There's just no pleasing some people. Some of us like tons of accessories, and others like just having a few. I'm of the mindset that you can never have too many.



  2. joes gone up a Dollar at my local Zellers they're now 11 dollars so I better get extra accessories for that price


    I read this and thought "holy crap this guy lives in the middle of nowhere in some Canadian field" then I clicked on your profile, spystreak and saw that you live where I'm moving to in a couple years haha. Crap, looks like I'm gonna be spending way too much on Joes pretty soon.

  3. okay i've heard all the arguements and whoever said cutting back on accessories to get more figures wouldn't work is right cause hasbro is using the molds over and over and to better clairfy it for me is just to many small pieces to keep track of as to having more figures in a assortment i just wish they would release waves a little faster or they would start putting out army builder cases inbetween new waves of new figures.


    Head to Wal Mart and pick up a fishing tackle box. I got this one for $20. It has been a life saver. The compartments are adjustable, It even has a large section for bigger accessories, such as the Shock Trooper Shied. When it's closed, the compartments are relatively air tight, so accessories can't slip into other compartments. I put Low Light's bullets in a little zip loc baggie to be safe though.









  4. Here in the lower mainland of British COlumbia (Canada), only one Walmart inVancouver doesn't have any Joes or even a peg.


    All the other ones at least have a peg. There's even one (Lougheed Mall) that has been coming out with mixed cases of Joes like crazy lately.


    Even the Toys R Us stores in the lower mainland have been bringing them in. Seems like they've been really getting a lot of attention around here lately.

  5. I really don't see how too many accessories is a problem. If it doesn't affect the production and the figures are still coming out at a fair price (I'm gettin them for 7.92 each at Walmart, no complaints there) then why complain? I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude to the people who don't like getting too many accessories, but when you're complaining about a company giving you too many extra bonuses with the product you're buying, then it seems you're just really trying too hard to have something to gripe about.


    Personally, I love the extra accessories. I have bought a million shock troopers, and with all the extra pieces I have, I can put shotguns and assault rifles into the hands of characters who came with weapons that I wasn't very impressed with.


    I especially love Low-light's sniper accessories because I can set up some pretty sweet sniper dioramas with all the stuff he comes with.


    If anything, I wish they would come out with more accessories, or at least accessory packs.

  6. Hey everyone,


    So I'm cashing in on some much needed vacation time, and between roadtrips with buddies and then the missus , I would like to try Joe customizing as a new hobby. I've never done any customizing, so I have a few questions and thought I'd start a thread if anyone else had their own questions on Joe customizing.


    What type of paint do I need to buy?

    - Would said paint be applicable for both hand painting and airbrushing?


    What sort of putty (or whatnot) should I buy for sculpting parts or additions to characters?


    Is there a particular way to do part swapping with newer figures that don't have the screws in their backs?



    Is there a type of glue that words best or would any model/super glue work?



    I am mainly looking to do customizing with POC figures. I am going to start small with putting officer rankings on a few Schock Troopers, and then I want to see if I can do some troop building with an extra POC Duke and Beachead I picked up.


    I intend to go to a hobby shop near by that specializes in model trains and see if they can help me out. I want to avoid going to the Warhammer shop. That place is just.... lets just say it's not my thing.

  7. Geez Scarlett has a lot of cancelled figures. I wonder if there is a character who has the most cancelled figures.


    Really cool to see. I can't say there's anything I'm too upset about them cancelling. I would love it if they made another Cobra missile silo, but I've never been crazy about the mobile HQs. I'd really like more playsets. I prefer to display them on playsets, and I'd really like a good Cobra base for display. I've never been a big fan of the Terror Drome.


    Do they mention what the scale of that Flagg was going to be? It looks like it would be half the size of the original. Looks boxy, or clunky as Dake said above.

  8. ya know that movie WALL-e with the fat people with big heads floating around on wheelchairs i think were getting closer to that all the time.




    Sadly, I can really see that happening one day. I just hope I don't live to see it myself.

  9. Speaking of ROC Shirts. I work at a 4th-12th Grade School (I teach the High School Kids) There is a 5th grader with a ROC Snake-Eyes Backpack, There was one 4th grade Snake-Eyes and one 4th grade Storm Shadow on Halloween. I also have a ROC Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow Poster in my room.



    Buzz i bet your one of those cool teachers all the kids like? am i right? w/a SE SS poster you would have been my hero!




    Hs ha, yeah. It's funny how I'm a cool teacher for flying my geek flag. When as a student I was just a nerd. You also wouldn't believe how many times I've had a kid point to the Darth Vader Action Figure case that sits on a shelf in my classroom and say "My Dad has one of those. It opens up and hold figures right?" I've attached two of my cardboard and masking tape Halloween costumes that I made for school.


    Really cool, Buzzchuck. Seriously.


    I'm pretty impressed by the costumes too. Must have been hard getting around in the school though!

  10. Favourite episode = Aquaman's outrageous adventure.


    Is it really still going? I read somewhere that it was ending with 13 episodes in the 3rd season, I assumed the Superman episode was the finale.


    This show is amazing. Best thing since the Animated series. I love the way it takes both the dark and campy 60s tones of Bat Man and actually pulls it off. It's like the TIck meets Adam West meets BTAS. While maintaining that Bat Man is the biggest badass of all time.


    Personally, I liked that they never had Superman in it. It felt appropriate for the show because it seemed like the show was more about showcasing the lesser known DC characters (BatMan being an exception), and not the heavy hitters. Figured that's why there has been no Wonder Woman, SuperMan, and very little Hal Jordan and Joker. I've only seen the first season and parts of season 2, which I hope comes to DVD soon, so I could be wrong.


    Great show. I hope it is still going.

  11. where does Serpentor fall?


    I always saw him as a figurehead, like the queen. He's there for show, but really he's not the brains of the operation in anyway at all.


    I never put too much thought into the Cobra chain of command because it was a terrorist organization. Paid mercenaries, etc. Although they do have commission ranks and all that. I mainly assumed they had different trades like most militaries. I figure Vipers are like their marines, and then they have their signals guys (televipers) and so on.


    I could see the Iron Grenadiers having a more formal chain of command with officers ranks and everything.

  12. I've been really happy with the head sculpts because they look like soldiers who have seen a lot of combat. That's what I would expect from G.I. Joes. Beach Head is actually the sculpt I didn't like. Mainly because the faux-hawk and the fact that I thought he looked like he was trying to make a goofy face.


    I agree that the paint jobs could be much better. I remember being excited for the Flint figure, but disappointed when I saw him on display because of the paint.


    Other than that, I really love this line because of the detailed outfits and how realistic their accessories are.

  13. I'm thinking the bomber jacket will be the exclusive. If so, then it will be sold out in less than an hour.


    I like the look of this figure, It's likely going to be on my list of wants.


    Have to disagree. The bomber jacket is an iconic part of v2 Hawk's look and making it the exclusive would be cutting their own throat. Generally speaking, the exclusive items are extra heads (Beachhead), accessories like binoculars, bombs, punch daggers, nunchuks, etc...


    Neat little extras, but nothing necessary or pertinent to the character design.


    You are correct. Also, you have good points. I was thinking it would be the jacket after Stalker's sweater was the exclusive.Not gonna lie, part of me was hoping Hawk would have a jet pack as the exclusive accessory, but I actually like the exclusive they came up with and will likely be picking it up.


    I'm very impressed with this figure, and this whole series in general. I haven't bought one of these guys since Beach Head, but after seeing this figure, I am probably going to do a little catching up.


    In a perfect world, the people making the Joe sequel would base their designs off the Sideshow and POC lines.

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