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  1. From the ST/VvV/DTC years, I vote for Faces, Scalpel (and Medi-Vipers), and the Stall siblings: Black Out, Barrel Roll, and Bombshell (I always called her that instead of Bombstrike). I think there were other worthy characters, though, like Dart, Depth Charge, Hacker, Sand Viper, and Cross Hair. I'd also love new versions of Joe Colton, G.I. Jane, and the Steel Brigade vs. Plague guys. As for characters that haven't gotten new sculpt versions at all, Sparks and Mercer are at the top of my list.
  2. Ack! I can't believe I completely missed this thread. Awesome tattoo, Kamen! You're an inspiration to gay geeks everywhere (which includes me of course).
  3. That was my problem with Falcon as well (green bleed from the beret) - and it's been my main gripe about the 25th line from the beginning. The QC - especially on paint jobs - has been so poor. I feel like I can't order any of the new Joes online, since I'm about 80% likely to get figures with bad or iffy paint jobs (especially on the faces and heads). For example, I left eight or nine of the new DVD packs on the shelves (at various stores) before I found a decent Lady Jaye (her eyes and hairline seem to be very problematic), the best Hawk I could find has a brownish blotch on his face, and I still haven't found a VAMP that comes with a decent Clutch (the ones I see either have wonky eyes or severely messed up eyebrows). I know I'm picky (aren't most of us when it comes to our Joes?), but it's getting pretty frustrating. I haven't seen too much written about this on the boards (maybe I missed it though). Are other collectors having the same problem with the new line?
  4. I also use the cartoon laser rifle as one of my Joes' "standard" weapons, so several of them carry it (and I don't have any extras). My other two standard Joe guns are the M16a2 rifle and HK G36C commando rifle made by Marauder.
  5. Hasbro does keep throwing in surprises here and there (Red Star, Nemesis Enforcer), so it seems like anything's possible. Now that Cutter's been announced, the character I most want to see (but don't expect to see) is Mercer. I'm also hoping for more new (to figures) characters - Wraith is a promising start - and some redos of modern characters like Agent Faces and Black Out.
  6. Awesome cake, Kamen, and happy birthday! You have a very cool mom!
  7. Hi Kamen! I agree that adding new characters from the comics (Billy, Kwinn, Firewall, etc.) would be great. And I'd also love to see some of the new characters from the JvC/VvV era, especially Black Out and Faces.
  8. I agree that there are so many unmade characters that it's hard to choose. But my "essential" list includes: Cutter Mercer Cover Girl Short-Fuze Zap Dusty Sparks Lifeline Recondo Airtight Outback Jinx Chuckles Dr. Mindbender Zandar Zarana Techno-Viper I'd also love to see newer characters like Barrel Roll, Black Out, and Faces, plus some of the new comics characters like Zanya and Firewall.
  9. My list mostly includes old characters that never got new sculpts (since the JvC relaunch) and a few DDP characters. Joes: 1 - Cutter 2 - Mercer 3 - Steeler 4 - Sparks 5 - Clutch 6 - Faces 7 - Wet-Suit 8 - Mayday 9 - Budo 10 - Firewall Cobras: 1 - Zandar 2 - Iron Grenadier 3 - Copperhead 4 - Eel 5 - Viper 6 - Techno-Viper 7 - Zanya 8 - Wraith
  10. Kamen - That is AWESOME work. As you know, I adore Cover Girl as well. I sure hope the Hasbro guys see your custom and get some ideas for an easy-to-make 25th-style Courtney. You rock! @cool@
  11. I can't wait to get this set! Despite the re-used bodies (which we know are necessary in the DTC line), we get three new Joes, three new Cobras, new head sculpts, some new accessories, and well-written file cards. I especially like Rook's story. I won't be getting the Viper pack, since I switched to the new-sculpt Vipers a long time ago.
  12. Hey guys - Late breaking FYI. The "Ask DST" thread has (temporarily?) moved over to the MyStarTrekToys boards (http://s13.invisionfree.com/mystartrektoys). So far, people are just posting questions - the DST rep has not responded yet. But I thought you'd all like to know they're still saying wave 4 is the last TNG wave and DS9 is up next - with Sisko in the first wave.
  13. Here's the address of the new Art Asylum Trek board (finally!): http://artasylum.com/forum/index.php?board=3.0 I don't know if the "Ask DST" thread will return. It's gone right now (they seem to have started fresh with all-new threads). I think one of the board's moderators acts as liaison to the DST guy, so hopefully there will be a new set of questions and answers posted soon.
  14. I'm basing this info on the "Ask DST" thread from the Art Asylum boards. However, since the boards have been down for so long (since early June!), it's possible DST's plans have changed. Anyway...back then, the DST guys said they intended to finish the "main crew" of TNG and then, sales permitting, move on to the main crew of DS9 and finish them before going on to another Trek incarnation. Many fans asked about Voyager, but the DST guy made no promises. I got the impression they really want to tackle the DS9 characters, so - as long as TNG sales are as good as they say - I think we'll see them. The DST guy also said we shouldn't hold our breath for any more Enterprise characters (like Hoshi and Phlox) or playsets. He did say that movie era classic characters were a possibility. I really wish the Art Asylum boards would come back up so I could give you all a link to the thread. As soon as it's back, I'll post it here.
  15. I'll definitely get it. I loved the animated series as a kid, and still appreciate it as an adult. There are some really good scripts - "Yesteryear" (by D.C. Fontana) and "Slaver Weapon" (by Larry Niven) are two of the best. The only negatives are the animation style (kind of stiff and repetitive) and the fact that the two new alien crew members (Arex and M'Ress) were hardly used at all.
  16. According to the "Ask DST" thread over at the Art Asylum board (which has been down for maintenance forever!), wave four of TNG is the last - but they will revisit TNG here and there in the future. An obvious choice is O'Brien in TNG uniform - probably as a variant of his DS9 figure. Last I heard, DST planned to move on to DS9 after TNG wave 4. But this news is slightly old...so maybe plans have changed. CkRtech - You're right, Ogawa was quite smiley. I think it's possible that they'll give Bev a cloth lab coat. I think they sculpted her without it so they'd have a body for Ro (which I'm all in favor of). Also, didn't Bev wear the coat less in the 7th season? She wore it a lot during one of the middle seasons (4?) because she was pregnant in real life.
  17. I'm thrilled with Ro (though I was hoping for the red headband look), and Beverly and Wesley look good. I think I prefer the cadet version of Wesley. I was actually hoping for him in the gray jumpsuit from seasons 2-3, since he wore it so much and there was never a figure of him in it. (Same with Troi's blue dress from seasons 3-4. I really wish they'd made a variant Troi in that outfit.) It's neat that they're making Ogawa, but I dislike the smiling face sculpt - she looks like some of the recent Buffy figures that all have goofy smiles on their faces. I prefer a more neutral expression.
  18. I like the CGs the best. I know they can't sit because of the skirt thing, but I think they look great and I was delighted to army build them. Snow Serpent is my second choice - I love the updated classic colors and accessories. I don't hate the Cobra Trooper (I have ten of them), but I would never pick it as the best.
  19. Hi Kamen! I believe DST's basic plan is to complete the "core cast" of each show and then do extra characters as exclusives where possible. Like they could make a Barclay figure by sculpting a new head and then using the Data/Geordi body, so it's cost-efficient. So for DS9 I imagine they're planning: Sisko Kira O'Brien Bashir Dax (Jadzia, maybe Ezri) Odo Quark Jake Worf is a maybe - since we already got him in Nemesis/DS9 uniform And you're right, there are so many "semi-regular" characters they could do.
  20. Yes, according to the "Ask DST" guy on the Art Asylum forums, DS9 figures will start after wave four of TNG...but everything depends on sales, of course.
  21. Oops! Really? Everything I've seen on the boards seemed to indicate that DTC was effectively over - and the 25th anniversary stuff would be a new, separate 3.75" line. Is this more of a hiatus, then? - Or just not a definite ending? I'll edit my original post - thanks!
  22. With the news about the possible end (sorry I said "cancellation" before) of the DTC line after wave four, I started thinking about the one or two unproduced DTC items that I really want to see in my collection. The best I could do was narrow it down to a handful: - New versions of Mercer and Cutter, two of my favorite Joes - New versions of Serpentor and Buzzer, IMO the most glaring omissions from the new sculpt Cobra ranks Even though there are plenty of other characters (and vehicles) that I hope to get, I think I could consider my new sculpt collection "complete" if those four figures were released. How about you guys? What are your biggest DTC wants?
  23. Based on what I heard a while ago on the Art Asylum boards (they've been down for several weeks now), Crusher is pretty much a certainty for the fourth and final (for now) TNG wave. The fellow from DST strongly hinted that Ro Laren would be an extra figure in this wave (like Barclay in wave 3), but no one knows for sure what character Crusher will be paired with. Most fans seem to think Q is most likely. Guinan and Tasha have been mentioned as well. Personally, I'd love to see Wesley - but he is so unpopular that I doubt that would happen. O'Brien is another possibility, but they'll probably save a TNG-uniformed variant of him for a future DS9 wave. As for the Crusher sculpt, I'm hopeful that it will look good - so far they've done a nice job with the likenesses. I wonder if she'll be sculpted with or without her lab coat?
  24. I'm not familiar enough with the Marvel comic series to name any particular issues, but it would be cool to get a comic pack with Doc, Flash, and Snow Job (were they ever in the same issue?). I would also love another Devil's Due comic pack - pretty much any of the ones we voted on sound awesome, but I think my first pick would be #28 - Mayday, Mariner, Raptor Viper. For the six-pack, I'd like a new sculpt collection with Cobra Commander (S6-style battle armor that showed up on Ebay), gray camo Firefly, Tomax and Xamot (new heads), and a better Destro and Baroness (perhaps in S6-style uniforms). For new sculpt single packs, I'm breaking with the "two troop builders per wave" pattern because there are too many named Cobras I want instead. My single pack wave 5 wishlist is: Mercer Cutter Wet-Suit Copperhead Zandar Lamprey Wave 6: Flint Lady Jaye Repeater Buzzer Serpentor Techno-Viper For vehicles, I'd like a new Trubble Bubble and the rumored Rattler. Cobra needs more air power! Also, I would kill for a Cobra base of some kind.
  25. Awesome, John! The gray set looks very cool. One question: will other series 2 guns be available as singles besides the Tommy gun and 9 mm pistol? Those are the only two I see right now. Oops, as soon as I posted this I saw that you had started adding them to the site! Thanks!
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