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  1. I can't wait until I get my hands on the Chaotix 3 pack. They look awesome with the new hands. can't wait for Rouge and Blaze. My wallet is in pain as it is as I bought a few new Transformers and the Wii U. Now I have to find the new Sonic figures.

  2. So the release window is November. Eh it gives me an opportunity to focus on my other collections. But at the same time I'll be going on overload due to the fact that it will be the holiday season and EVERYTHING is coming out, the Wii U, Skylanders Giants, Pokemon Black/White 2, plus Transformers figures, the new Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which I already have most of the figures. Too much to buy.

  3. I do find the older Spongebob Squarepants episodes to be funnier than the recent ones. The humor in the recent ones seems a bit forced IMO. I remember when Nicktoons consisted of just Doug, Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, and Rocco's Modern Life. AH the good old days. So no sign of Rouge, Charmy or Blaze yet. I just have the feeling Jazwares will be putting the majority of it's focus on the other lines they have going right now and putting Sonic in the rear.

  4. The only thing I saw at Toys R Us are new plush toys. The come in a light blue packaging. There are small talking ones but they look horribly deformed. I wonder what's going on with the new figure releases? I have been checking Toys R Us to see if I find anything new but no luck. I don't think I'll look online unless I really have to. I am looking forward to the figures with accessories, mainly Amy with her Piko Piko Hammer. I hope the quality is improved as well but I highly doubt it.

  5. Jet the Hawk.....I've had 2 break on me. I have a 3rd one and the leg is a little crooked and loose. So I don't think there will be a perfect Jet figure for a very long time if ever. Jazwares needs to redesign him with the new style joints that Wave and Storm have. My perfect figures are Shadow the hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Vector the Crocodile, Modern Robotnik and Big the cat. The others I've had to either switch parts, repaint some parts of the figure or replace altogether.

  6. I literally screamed when I saw the Blaze figure. I cannot wait to get the new figures. I noticed that she has the original joint style. Maybe the actual figure will have the new style joints? Either way I can't wait.

  7. During my Sonic downtime I've been focusing on Transformers and Hero Factory as well as video games. I can't wait until we get new Sonic figures. I purchased Sonic 4 Episode 2. I think it's better than the first.

  8. I have polymer clay. Is that any good for sculpting?


    I found Free Riders Tails. I passed on it because I'm holding out for Storm. Plus only one of the Tails figures looked decent, the others suffered from QC issues but that's nothing new.

  9. Now that the new Free Riders figures have been seen, I'll have to go hunting. They'll start hitting stores soon. I so want Wave and Storm. Storm looks good, and I believe he is in scale. The only flaw is the socks not being painted but hopefully that isn't the case with all of the releases of the figure.

  10. Yeah Generations is too short. I have all 7 Chaos Emeralds but I haven't fought the final boss yet. I'll get around to that today or something. Jazwares needs to make a 3 inch Cream and Omega. Throw in a 3 inch Gamma, Chaos, Shade and even Marine. That'll make my day.

  11. juliea.jpg



    I only work on her very sporadically, so even though I started her months ago, it's been weeks since I did any more work on her. Obviously you can see that she needs another coat of paint (especially on her legs) and I haven't sculpted her bangs yet or added any of her little mechanical details (besides the basic color on her primary robotic dread and arm). But you can at least get a rough idea of how the Crayola Molding stuff held up ^_^


    Are those Silver's boots on Knuckles body? Man, I tried that, but they wouldn't fit? Silver's scale is too awful to fit on my Knuckles so I used Jet the Hawk's boots instead. I started Shade last night, and made the chest and boots, next is the head which I'm dreading. Your figure looks great right now, bit more paint and finishing off the figure and it'll look sweeeet. Oh any chance you could post a picture of your Eggman Nega?


    Yes, those are Silver's boots on Knuckles body. I had to take a knife and make the holes in Silver's shoes bigger to get Knuckles legs into them. They fit nicely now (still a little snug ^_^)


    I don't have a picture of my finished Nega, but my girlfriend snapped this pic while I was still working on him. His entire jacket is a layer of clay over his original jacket, with the extended coat tails and all that:



    After this picture was taken, I painted the white of his jacket yellow, repainted his cuffs to match that brighter yellow, painted over the white lines on his shoes, added all the yellow lines to his shoes and upper arms, and extended the white line of his chest down his stomach and around to his lower back.


    My girlfriend also sculpted a visor that looked a bit less like Eggman's standard goggles, which we then glued to his head :D


    Whenever I snap a picture of the finished version, I'll post that as well.


    In other news, I haven't read any posts beyond Hypertails' response to my own post. That's because I heard there was a spoiler for Generations floating about. Hopefully it hasn't popped up here, but I'm not taking any chances. Once you know something, you can't UNKNOW it. So as painful as it will be, I'll be avoiding this forum and ALL sonic-related sites until I get the game for Christmas and find out the story for myself o_0


    So this is not goodbye forever, as we just experienced with some of our friends. Just goodbye for now, as a precaution to avoid spoilers.


    If any of my facebook friends from here think it'd be safe for me to return, just drop me a line over there (announcing that the coast is clear) and maybe I'll stop back in.


    Otherwise, see you all in 2012 ^_^



    That Eggman Nega looks good in that picture. I'm sure it looks better with the details added. What clay did you use?

  12. SC, heres the link : http://www.avesstudi...uemart&Itemid=1

    The Apoxie Sculpt (not Apoxie Clay) is great but you can also do the Fixit Sculpt if you want a bit more durability but it is a bit tougher to work with. I find that the Sculpt does the job and holds up fine as long as you're not rough on your figure.


    Dirge; bummer about Amy's articulation. At least he sculpt is still spot on. Im still holding out for the Classic 4 pack though


    Ouch! That's expensive, I can get the Sculpy clay with 6 colours for the price of the small tub in just one colour.


    I guess. but you get what you pay for.


    Dang, might try to modify Amy's legs so that they are articulated. I wanted to be able to get her into some kind of running pose


    Might be very tricky to do that.

  13. Oh wow really? That's disappointing. They don't even move back and forth?


    And I'm right here counting with ya. Everybody is all "OMG Halloween yayayayayay" and I'm over here like "Screw Halloween, Sonic Generations comes out the day after it! I want to skip Halloween!"



    No back and forth movement at all. Which is ashame because I can't even get her in a running pose at all.




    I didn't realize where was a classic 4 pack until yesterday while browsing online. I have all the classics already. Screw Halloween, Generations day is where it's at! Four more days. :D

  14. I found the classic Sonic/Amy comic pack today. It's a cool sculpt and it has a waist joint but at the cost of leg joints. Her legs don't move only her ankles. I'm counting down the days until the first. Can't wait to get Sonic Generations.



  15. To those that are leaving, you will be missed. As far as quality goes with toys, My roommate had the MacFarlanes Dragons and poles that are supposed to hold some up have broken because the figures are so heavy. Those that you have to attach their limbs to, they don't stay in place most of the time. They are nice figures but they have issues in terms of quality. As with the Sonic stuff, I'm glad Jazwares are making the figures. These are the toys I've wanted when I was a kid. Yes they do have quality issues though. I've had problems with my Espio and Jet figures breaking but that's about it. Some of the figures have loose joints but some don't. I think every toy line has it's flaws at times. I remember a couple of years ago when the Bionicle line suffered from breakage problems especially with the lime green plastic being so brittle. Let's not forget Gold Plastic Syndrome that a lot of earlier Transformers figures suffered from.



  16. I have been having bad luck with my figures lately. My Espio's ankle broke so now I have to buy another replacement. I seem to have a problem with the Jet and Espio figures because those are the ones that broke on me. everything else is ok. I had to get replacements for a couple of my transformers figures as well because they broke somehow. This wave of bad luck needs to stop.

  17. During my hunts I've managed to find everything except the Classic Sonic/Amy comic pack. I bought everything from the 3 inch line except for the classic Sonic tin and the Shadow/Silver comic pack. I would like to see the heroes, adventure and rush cast of characters being made for the 3 inch line.



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