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  1. Harry Knowles has lost some credibility with me over the years with some of the crappy movies that he has given positive reviews to . This one from Latinoreview.com has me a little bit more optimistic about this film : Apparently there was a screening in Kansas City for the upcoming Stephen Sommers' "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" and LatinoReview reader 'P Ben' got a chance to check it and sent us his thoughts on the film. As much as you might to hate the film from its TV Spots and Trailer and say its going to bomb like "Dragaonball Z" and "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li," it seems that film is not as bad as you might think it is. I can see the smile on El Mayimbe's face now and getting a Skype call later today just to tell me "I Told You". Below is what 'P Ben' tells us about the film, and remember "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" opens August 7th 2009. Just got out of a screening for GI JOE in my hometown of Kansas City. It was at the AMC Mainstreet. They said we were one of the first audiences to ever see it so here’s my review: I definitely loved GI JOE growing up and I remember playing with the toys and reading the comic. And of course I watched the cartoon show whenever I could. I was excited when I first heard they were making a GI JOE movie. It’s something I would have died to see when I was growing up. However, I was also nervous when I saw some of the images and heard about some of the casting choices. So I went into the screening excited and a bit worried but really had no idea what to expect. But after seeing the movie tonight all I can say is HOLY #$@#! – this movie blew away my expectations. It's a really good movie. It’s a ton of fun and a great ride. And much closer to the GI JOE I remember than I was expecting. The audience was really into it throughout and they applauded at the end. As we walked out of the theater you could hear how excited people were about having seen the movie. I can honestly say that it’s one of the most entertaining and fun summer movies I have seen. For one, it has amazing action in it. There are 5 huge action sequences which are as good as anything I’ve ever seen. In particular there is a scene in Paris in the middle of the film that is just mind-blowing. This scene alone would be worth the price of admission. There is also a great ambush scene in the woods, a great training sequence, an attack on the The Pit and a huge underwater sequence at the end. Also we get to see Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow have some great sword fights, which I loved. Also the characters are great in the film and it has all the main ones I remember like Duke, Scarlett, Hawk, Baroness, Zartan, Destro and Cobra Commander at the end. And of course Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, who were my two favorite characters growing up. We also learn a lot about these characters in flashbacks, which was great to see. And one of the biggest surprises for me was Marlon Wayans as Ripcord. I was expecting him to be too over-the-top but instead he is great in the movie and adds just the right amount of humor, which the audience loved. He’s not goofy. Instead he’s a good soldier and is incredibly heroic in the film. I think the biggest surprise for me is how much I loved the story in the movie. It was a great action-adventure story with characters and relationships that I really cared about. There are also several story surprises in the film that I wasn’t expecting. Especially the last scene in the movie, which has a great twist. I would really place this movie right up there with STAR TREK and UP as the movies I have liked most this summer. And I can’t wait until I can see it again. It’s that much fun. So there you have it and if you're interested we weren't the only ones who got a review, 'Beaks' over at Ain't It Cool News got two reviews as well. Also Frosty over at Collider managed to see the film as well so be sure to check out his review HERE.
  2. Some Kim Jong fun facts to help lighten the mood : http://www.11points.com/News-Politics/11_C...Jong-Il_Moments
  3. Does the BOP have "HMS Bounty" spraypainted on the side ?
  4. Yep : http://www.boxofficemojo.com/franchises/ch...id=startrek.htm
  5. LOVE THAT MOVIE! I'm into British humor anyway, and have followed and loved just about everything Monty Pyhton and Pyhton-ish on film as it is, so Shaun of the Dead was right up my alley. HOT FUZZ is pretty funny also. Somehow, I get the feeling that Pegg does a pretty awesome Scotty role? If you like those movies , you should check out the British TV show "Spaced" that they did & yeah , I thought Simon Pegg did a great job as Scotty .
  6. Was Abrams thinking more or less a number than that? Less , he thought around 40-50 mil .
  7. At the moment , i'm liking : Timecrimes Punisher:War Zone ( saw it two times in the theater & have watched it about 5 times on DVD now ) King Kong '05 ( saw it at the theater , but hadn't again til I found it in the Walmart bargain bin the other day)
  8. @loll@ I guess having your hands dissolved (or eaten) down to the bone is fairly PAINLESS? Minor annoyance and inconvenience, but nothing more....ho hum? That was so awful. I just can't understand it! Speaking of bad horror does anyone remember the movie about the giant rabbits that terrorized a texas town? They used to show it on Monstervision all the time (then again that was a long time ago too!) Night of the Lepus , its so awesomely bad that I just had to buy it on DVD .
  9. I have followed this story somewhat over the years , & there are many other "red flags" that have gone up . The family that lived in the house was only renting part of it & the other tennants heard/saw nothing out of the ordinary . The son was mentally ill . I am just trying to provide an opposing point of view , since there is more than one side to this story & the movie company is (of course) trying to pass this off as a "true" story . From The author of In a Dark Place aka A Haunting In Connecticut : I think I have offended some people elsewhere by posting the below. I've always felt the Warrens believed their own version of the truth. However, Ray Garton - the author of In a Dark Place blew the whistle on them years ago on usenet. I've posted about the Warrens in another thread, XXXX, but at the risk Of repeating myself, I felt the urge to do it again here, with more details. You asked for Warren stories ... well, I've got one. Please don't take this as a personal attack, because it's not, really. Neither is it an opinion. This really happened. I'm going to tell you what I *think* of the Warrens, But first I'm going to tell you what I *know* of the Warrens. I wrote IN A DARK PLACE: THE STORY OF A TRUE HAUNTING, in which a family had lived in a house that used to be a mortuary (allegedly...I never saw the inside of the house myself), which was, according to the Warrens, infested with demons. But the family involved, which was going through some serious problems like alcoholism and drug addiction, could *not* keep their story straight, and I became very frustrated; it's hard writing a non-fiction book when all the people involved are telling you different stories. So I went to Ed Warren and told him my problem. He told me not to worry, that the family was "crazy". I was shocked. He said, "All the people who come to us are crazy. You think *sane* people would come to us?" He knew I'd written a lot of horror novels prior to that, so he told me to just make the story up using whatever details I could incorporate into the book, and make it scary. Because I couldn't afford the attorney fees it would take to get out of the contract, I had to go through with the book, but I didn't like it. Since then, other writers who have worked with the Warrens have told me the EXACT SAME STORY, but they've done so quietly because they don't want to make any waves with publishers. I spent several days with the Warrens during that time. I spent time With them in their home and ate with them and went on long drives with them. Of the two, Lorraine is the sanest. She's an "enabler". Years ago, before their career in the "supernatural" began, Ed suffered from mental illness. It was bad enough to keep him from working, and the only way he could make money was to hand paint haunted houses on dinnerplates and sell them door to door. Once Ed decided that Lorraine was "psychic", selling the haunted house plates eventually led to "investigating" haunted houses. At first, they found "ghosts". But after the tremendous success of THE EXORCIST -- both the novel and the movie -- ghosts suddenly became demons. If you go back and trace their career, you can see the sudden change. Almost overnight, all ghosts were really demons trying to possess residents, and sooner or later, the demons anally raped someone. It never fails, every damned time, the Warrens' demons bend somebody over a bed or a sink and beat down the back door, if you know what I mean. From my time spent with the Warrens, I learned from Ed that their job is not really to "investigate" so much as it is to take the stories told by these families -- most of whom are dealing with REAL problems like alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness, and/or domestic abuse, problems that are buried by their supernatural fantasies, which are supported and made tangible by the very eager Warrens -- and arrange them into a saleable package that will make a good book, and hopefully a movie. Not only are the Warrens frauds, not only do they give a bad name to People who are SERIOUSLY investigating paranormal phenomena, I think they're EVIL because of the way they exploit families already deep in despair and ready to shatter. I can ignore a simple con job ... but the Warrens are actually damaging people who are already damaged, who are desperate and vulnerable, using them for the sake of a book, maybe a lucrative movie sale, or another story to add to their traveling dog and pony show. Before I worked on that book, I'd followed the adventures of Ed and Lorraine Warren faithfully since I was a little boy. I was excited to work with them. Boy, was that a big disappointment. It's nice to believe there's a smiling, grandparently couple out there chasing demons ... but not when you know they're hurting people for the sake of publicity and the almighty dollar. Ray Garton
  10. Exactly . As a matter of fact , the author of the Haunting In Connecticut book has gone on record to say that its all total B.S. IIRC , he said that after interviewing the family , & their stories were so inconsistent , he went to tell the Warrens (the paranormal investigators on the case) about his doubts .The Warrens told him that the family , like all of their clients are crazy & to "just make the book scary" .
  11. You have probably already seen these , but here are some of my all-time favorite horror flicks : Night of the Living Dead (1990 Tom Savini directed remake) An American Werewolf in London The Lost Boys Critters Some of the better films I have seen in the last few years are : Let The Right One In The Host Planet Terror (the better half of Grindhouse IMO) The Mist
  12. It was announced today that Sgt. Slaughter was released from the WWE .
  13. I remember reading that Slaughter was intended to be a counterpoint to Big Van Vader, who they were supposedly negotiating with to be a COBRA. That fell through, but Slaughter was signed up anyway. No idea if there's any truth to that or not (as I read it in a not-exactly-for-smarts wrestling mag when I was younger, best as I can recall). I doubt that , since Slaughter became a Joe in 1985 , & Leon White didnt start doing the Vader gimmick until the late eighties & wasnt even known to most American wrestling fans until the early 1990's . Eh, it was in one of the Apter wrestling mags as I recall. Always gotta take it with a grain of salt. I would buy a Big Van Vader at 3 3/4" scale in a heartbeat. How cool would it have been if Hasbro would have made their WWF line in the same style/scale as the Joe line , instead of the lumps of plastic crap they made when they held the license @firedevil@ ?
  14. I remember reading that Slaughter was intended to be a counterpoint to Big Van Vader, who they were supposedly negotiating with to be a COBRA. That fell through, but Slaughter was signed up anyway. No idea if there's any truth to that or not (as I read it in a not-exactly-for-smarts wrestling mag when I was younger, best as I can recall). I doubt that , since Slaughter became a Joe in 1985 , & Leon White didnt start doing the Vader gimmick until the late eighties & wasnt even known to most American wrestling fans until the early 1990's .
  15. Wonder what that means for the Build N' Brawl figures that were rattled off earlier. Are those supposed to be out before the switch, or is Mattel just going to go through with what's on the table, or what? Actually , Mattel doesnt take over the WWE line until January of 2010.
  16. Either the Fang or the MOBAT , cant remember which was first .
  17. I know its not exactly the same , but Jakks is coming out with a 3 3/4" Sgt. Slaughter in their Build 'N Brawlers line.....Series #6
  18. Joes : Breaker (my first one) Shipwreck (I remember having major wars where there would be only one survivor , & it was usually him & Polly) Flint Torpedo Wild Bill Cobras : Major Bludd Tomax/Xamot Buzzer Firefly Vehicle/Playsets : Dragonfly Copter Joe Headquarters
  19. Here is my response from Hasbro guys : Hi Tim, Thank you for contacting Hasbro, Inc. We are pleased to be able to respond. We are pleased to let fans know that after sending out the full allotment of G.I. Joe Operation Rescue Doc figures from the mail away promotion, we are producing a second run of figures to make sure that everyone who participates gets a figure. If you have not received your figure yet, please hold tight as the second shipment is due in November. Again, thank you for contacting us.
  20. My check went through in early August & I'm still waitin' too .
  21. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/36298
  22. Besides some of the obvious all-time greats (Kubrick , Coppola , Hitchcock, Scorsese, etc. ) I would have to go w/ these guys : The Coen Bros. David Fincher Quentin Tarantino Terry Gilliam (at times) Frank Durabont
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