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  1. Yeah, kudos to 5 people getting involved in the topic. :D


    Those 4 pages of replies and pictures were just arguments against getting rid of the ball hips/shoulders and going with swivel knees/elbows. Paint it however you want to, but just because people don't agree with your thinking doesn't mean they're wrong or out of line. I know you like to think of yourself as the voice of the majority, but you're not even close.


    And really, if the place is so bad, stop going. You go on and on about the Fwoosh on numerous other sites, yet you keep returning and posting more there than anywhere else.

  2. Let's see. We're now down to a DC Direct-style line of artist specific figures. Hmm, no retailer would ever carry that. Marvel Select wouldn't produce it(they're lucky to get their single figures out on time.) Hasbro sure wouldn't do it.


    So it becomes pointless and moot. :)




    You're right man. Hasbro only likes to do one figure line for each of their liscences. Nothing unleashed in the way of dynamic sculpting, nothing that's made for just the collector in mind with friendly packaging and new sculpts/extra articulation. You're right, no retailer would ever carry a line where the figures looked professionally done like the Inde line.


    Never said that they only like doing one line. Spider-man Origins, Spider-man Origins 8", Spider-man Classics, Spider-man 3, Marvel Legends, Marvel Legends Icons, Marvel Heroes, Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four, Marvel Attactix, Marvel Superhero Squad, Marvel Titaniums($15), Titaniums($5). And that's just so far this year.


    Unleashed? Yeah, those static Star Wars figures did so well. They cancelled the line, made it 2 inches, then rereleased the 7" ones in bigger packages for more $$$. Have fun with a Jim Lee set at 7 inches, $19.99 a piece, and static. That's exactly what you originally intended, right? But then again, they couldn't even get them to look totally accurate.


    Hasbro already says ML is for collectors. They would look at any additional line of 6inch Marvel figures for collectors as redundant and unnecessary. Why waste resources on that when they can use them on something more appealing like those Face-Offs that sold so great?


    Heck, they won't even listen to all the fans demanding 6" articulated GI Joe and Star Wars figures.

  3. Well it's time to call these hypocrites out. These are the same people who bought the Face Off Hulk even tho it's John Buscema's Hulk and looks far more stylized than the regular ToyBiz-workarounds. They even bought the ML13 Green Goblin tho he's 100% Romita style. The excuse is, "They'll end up like DC Direct figures and nothing matches." Well would you mind placing a Jim Lee Wolverine next to a Romita Jr. Daredevil? Would you only buy the figure if that particular series features characters from an artist you liked? I'm curious, you get a poll, and everyone gets to read your answers and explanations!


    This is a flawed argument. They didn't buy the Face Off Hulk and Romita Green Goblin because of their artist. Not counting the "Kid friendly" Hulk Classics figures, the amount of ML Hulks was ML1, First Appearance, and Maestro. FO Hulk ws the first new sculpt Savage Hulk in awhile. He was bigger than any previous Hulk. He was also packaged with one of his most requested villains. Green Goblin was the first real appearance of the character in ML. The other 2 attempts were a VERY artist specific Ramos Goblin in SMC, and a repainted Hobgoblin with a new head in a box set(one that many couldn't get anyway.)


    But where you're wanting to go would put a figure like the Ramos Goblin inside ML. You think the cry for Jim Lee figures justifies artist specific figures. But what about all the other 100s of artists that have worked on Marvel titles over the years? Where would it end?


    This line is all about diversity. We've gotten countless 2nd and 3rd tier characters. Yes, they've remade the big hitters, but always in costume variations. Now imagine every wave having "Green Hulk by Buscema", "Green Hulk by Keown", "Green Hulk by ___", "Grey Hulk by McFarlane", "Grey Hulk by ____" in it. Now multiple that by all the characters. Collections would grind to a halt. No more Sasquatches, or Man-Things, or Buckies. Just lines full of a handful of characters done multiple times.


    I love having 100+ unique characters in my display.

  4. we would have gotten a movie line in 06 instead of the comic/madeup line they put out.


    so instead of the decent line that people actually wanted to buy we would've gotten the garbage they're sticking in legends now is what you mean


    Yep, but then some of those might have gone into ML in the spots held by the movie figures.

  5. Human Torch and Silver Surfer


    Had someone at Wal-mart look up Hasbro's item listing. Nothing else new yet.


    They'll probably be hitting around the time FF2 comes out in theaters. Still no female and I was hoping for Thing before Johnny. Surfer should prove to be decent blank body fodder though.

  6. The body was first introduced back in the first wave of SMC. It was Web Splasher Spider-man and had an inflatable raft accessory. Then it was "upgraded" in SMC6 with bicep swivels and released as Rocket Launcher Spider-man.

  7. Less articulation, check.

    Fewer pack-ins, check.

    Uglier packaging, check.

    More small BAFs, check.

    An increase in crappy movie figures required to buy to get the BAF, check.

    Higher price for less value, check.


    Sounds about right.


    Less articulation - TB has cut plenty of articulation on their figures, look at Mystique.

    Fewer pack-ins - TB has said they would have dropped the comics as well if they'd continued.

    Uglier packaging - No point for the clamshell without the comic anymore.

    More small Bafs - TB started the small BAFs

    Increase in movie figures - They would have been in ML16 and 17 if TB was still running the show. They aren't in there just because of Hasbro. They're in there because of the quick production of X3, otherwise they would have had their own line in 06.

    Higher price - Hasbro has higher costs that TBWW ever did. TBWW used low-cost factories and no distribution service.


    That sounds more like right.

  8. Well, the 1.8 billion isn't confined to just figures. By Hasbro having the license, they are able to do a wide variety of projects - the Potato Heads, board games, etc. TBWW was not as diverse with their Marvel offerings.


    Also bear in mind that this 1.8 Billion dollar figure is NOT what Hasbro has/will paid for the rights. The Star Wars license initially cost Hasbro 1 billion, but then they had a write-down on that amount to something around 500-750 million.

    There's just no way that Marvel is a bigger license than Star Wars. My guess is that Hasbro forked over something around 300-500 million for the rights, and yes, they will be making a very broad range of products, the least of with will be action figures like Marvel Legends.


    No, 1.8 billion was the amount TBWW would have had to do in sales over 5 years to meet Marvel's 250 million minimum guarantee. Hasbro can easily surpass that amount.

  9. They're just capitalizing on Spider-man 3. They'll be alotted more room at retailers so they're putting out a diverse amount of product. I doubt these will go much farther than the 2 series.

  10. So that explaines the price hike. 1.8 billon is alot of money. With the down hill rate these Ml figs are going I got a feeling they are never gonna meet that goal.


    Well, the 1.8 billion isn't confined to just figures. By Hasbro having the license, they are able to do a wide variety of projects - the Potato Heads, board games, etc. TBWW was not as diverse with their Marvel offerings.

  11. Marvel wanted to increase the amount they would receive from Toy Biz Worldwide. It wasn't worth it to TBWW, so they declined to renew the license. Marvel then had to find another company to sell the license to. Enter Hasbro.


    So what your trying to say is that Toybiz decided to pass on making more $$$?


    No, they passed on Marvel's terms for the license renewal. Here's a quote from the owner of TBWW:


    “Marvel wanted a minimum guarantee of $250 million, which means I had to do $1.8 billion over the next five years, which never happened even in the best of times,”


    It was either pass or agree to terms that wouldn't have been financially viable for the company. Hasbro can bring in much more $$$ to meet Marvel's demand.

  12. Whatever you say, Arse-God. I'm sure you'll continue trying to convince people you were banned for posting in red. @loll@

    Thanx buddy! I'm sure you've proven to everyone how irrational I can be by hijacking a thread, arguing about some other board and resorting to childish name-calling! Check and Mate!!! Oh yeah...I call myself ARES because there is always someone who wants a piece of me in the real world, why should I fear the likes of you?!




    Considering that I was just calling you out about resorting to childish name-calling and complaining about said board numerous times, that's just great. You're a riot.

  13. You were banned for being a douchebag and not respecting other members and insulting the community as a whole. And I'm not telling you to cater to my demands, just saying that you come off as a whiny lil punk continuing your little "Fwussnet" comments everywhere. Ooo, you altered the name...so original, Arse-God. Funny how thousands of people can go to that site daily and not have a bad experience. You'd think if they were so power hungry, there'd be hundreds voicing the same problem you had.


    And I don't have to go to a mod. I can handle myself fine.


    And how am I chasing you on the net? You sound paranoid.


    And jeez, get over yourself. You were banned from there like 3 months ago yet you continue to bring it up on every other message board around.


    Please keep your crappy opinions about fwussnet to yourself!!! I was just saying before I got booted I saw such-n-such...you know so people would know why I didn't post a link or whatever? Anyway, who are you to tell me to get over anything? Won't they call you a traitor for browsing a different board or something? And yeah I saw you lurking on Mt.net earlier as well...does this mean you're gonna chase me all over the net, combating everything I say?


    Please. I've been a member here and on Marveltoys longer than you have. I read and post on numerous boards, but I'm smart enough to not get banned from them. You went from starting to banned in 10 days on Fwoosh and all you can do is whine about it on every other board since.

  15. You won't be seeing a big increase in Hasbro's contribution. They're going to continue to let Jesse and the TB gang consult and help with this line for awhile.


    And jeez, get over yourself. You were banned from there like 3 months ago yet you continue to bring it up on every other message board around.

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