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  1. Mail off my Jazz? yep! he's on his way! Sweeeet. Thanks a ton, dude. ^^ And yeah, Depp is a hoot. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory now ranks among my favorite movies.
  2. I have an extra ravage if you need one. What part of "No" didn't you understand? I don't want that abomination.
  3. I'm here for a bit. Get me on AIM or something. Gonna head out afterwhile to try to find a better job...cashiering at Wal-Mart stinks, heh. It ain't bad work, just kinna stressful and the hours and pay stink. =/ Gonna goto the comic shop too, bug the guy about him ordering me TF Infiltration 0 and Snake Eyes Declassified 1. Also gonna sweep for Alt. Prowl.
  4. DLP, your set would cost like $700 under MasterCollector. XD And besides, Minicons as Minibots is more fun. Cybertron Reverb is just screaming Brawn.
  5. [Phil Sebben] Ha ha ha! ....fembot Headmasters...[/Phil Sebben]
  6. I stil need Swindle, Wheeljack, Swerve, and Prowl. Ravage and Decepticharge? No...just...no.
  7. Elias' sig inspires me to share a picture of my Alternator Grimlock.
  8. I can see why it costs so much....doesn't change that it costs a bunch. XD
  9. Okay man. Why are you trolling toy collectors? So you don't understand why we like variants. We just don, it can't really be explained, except oftentimes, they look better, or it's just nice to say you've got something some other people don't. Just chill man. You're not gonna change our minds, we won't change yours. Not to sound like an after-school special, but everyone's different and has different interests. So...y'know. It may seem ##$%$#ed to you, but to me, those guys who run around at football games in freezing weather with nothing on but jeans, shoes, and body paint are crazy, but they're just doing something they love, and they don't care what others think, and as long as you come off hostile like this, we don't care what you think.
  10. Just watched GF 44. Mailed off a G1 Sixshot box to a guy, now waiting for my Meister from Mikey, and what I'm gonna get for that box. Man, I love collectors who dig good boxes.
  11. I think Bulkhead was intended as a Springer homage. That's how I've always seen it anyway yes how ever clearly it went horbly wrong @smilepunch@ & clearly I know that allready hence my above comment @smilepunch@ I didn't know what Yelch meant. Is that Bulkhead's Canadian name? I think it's an expression of distaste, just with Synch's bad grammar and wrong placement of series (Bulkhead was in Energon, not Armada. ), it's a tad hard to understand him at times.
  12. Whoo, can't wait for that Jazz, Mikey. Anyone out there know a good seller/trader that could hook me up with an Alt. Shockblast?
  13. Whoever changed the title for the room typed the wrong word. Should be "Accept", not "Except".
  14. yeah, I think I tried trillian once, but got mad at it cuz it wouldn't let me send files or something dumb. I don't remember though. maybe I'll try trillian again. but I dunno if its worth the trouble just to talk to people that are always set to *away* or never talk to you, like you said synch. and then they wonder why I delete them off my lists Man, I talked to you when I saw you on...which was hardly ever.
  15. Nah, paint him up like G1 Cyclonus.
  16. Hey Mikey, you got my payment yet?
  17. Dude, that ain't cool. =/ neither is being fat @loll@ I'm sorry but imo theres just no excuse for that LOL! hey CD I was wondering ... When you sleep on the floor how do you sleep on it?.. blankets?pillow? mat?.. sleeping bag ? LOL :S allso, you may wana try getting a job delivering papers to people :)You seem to like the outdoors so that would be perfect for ya ... pay is not so great but you get good excersise & it gets you on a lil bit of a schedule & you don't have to interact with people much if at all & some times you get tips when you do LOL! Nows not the best time of year to be doing it but if you can get a local route near y ou're house this time of year you can have it for after winter as well which is the best part it will bring you in some cash too, I tend to get in about two checks a montn some times three for about $20-25ish basicly there paying me to exercise though Pfft. Chicks dig big guys. We keep girls warm better than thinner guys. And we're cuddlier. And we help get rid of leftovers. @smilepunch@ I encourage to read my current favorite song and personal anthem. "XXL" by Keith Anderson Well, Momma was exhausted after she had me. Took two nurses to hold me an' one nurse to slap me. Doctor turned to Momma an' he shook his head, Wiped the sweat off his brow an' then he said: "This boy's way off the charts as far as I can tell. "Ooh, brrr, Momma: he's a double XL." By the second grade, I was five foot two; Fifth grade, I was wearin' a size 12 shoe. Eighth grade, I was shoppin' at the Big & Tall, An' the coaches had me playin' High School football. Uncle Roy said: "Boy, you'll make the NFL: "Ooh, brrr, son you're a double XL." Double XL, double XL. Don't call me on the 'phone, just ring my dinner bell. Double XL, double XL. I'm a lean mean love machine that likes to be held. Ooh, brrr, baby: I'm a double XL. Here we go. Country cuties in Texas, string bikinis in Florida; Barbie dolls drivin' Lexus' out in California: A skinny little pretty boy ain't what they wanna hold. They want a real man with meat on his bones. I'll yank their yankees, ring their southern belles: They say: "Ooh, brrr, we love a double XL." Double XL, double XL. Don't call me on the 'phone, just ring my dinner bell. Double XL, double XL. I'm a lean mean love machine that likes to be held. Ooh, brrr, baby: I'm a double XL. -Instrumental Break.- Double XL solo! Well, double XL, double XL. Don't call me on the 'phone, just ring my dinner bell. Double XL, double XL. I'm a lean mean love machine that likes to be held. Ooh, brrr, baby: I'm a double XL. Well if you have any doubts, come see for yourself, Why all the girls love a double XL. Ooh, brrr, yeah: I'm a double XL. Yeah, oh whoa. Triple X-L, too.
  18. Dude, that ain't cool. =/
  19. Yeah, homages are so last year. XD We want new stuff.
  20. Wingus

    Funny Auction

    But, being a woman, she probably won't ship overseas @lol@ Geesh, sexist much?
  21. @loll@ Holy crap, best smartass comment ever. dude I'm down for that. it would be an AFA first. I'll put it down on my death will. But to be graded, you've gotta have your urn put in a box though, and sealed.
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