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  1. Man... Been a long time since I've been here. A really, really long time.
  2. I've got this thing, it's pretty awesome. Very KO-y in the plastic, but still an awesome little oddball.
  3. Rika's boyfriend. Or it may be husband now, been years since I've rooted around here.
  4. I'm just curious as to how I still had a subscription to a three-year-old topic that still managed to email me.
  5. Holy thread necromancy, Batman. Back from when I used to run as starscreamstyleveritech, even. Daaaaaaaaang.
  6. They turned down origianl g1 voice actors for the movie?.. That in it self makes no sense! No, Michael Bell tried out for TF:Animated and was turned down.
  7. Yea, since we've seen soo much of it and can make truly informed opinions on it.. Autobots in the role of super-heroes with super powers Human super villains Decepticons downplayed Stand alone episodes Fights between Autobots and Decepticons downplayed as well Those reasons coupled with the posters we've seen and the fact that it's the same animation style as Teen Titans (which I hate incredibly) tell me all I need to know. That and the fact that there hasn't been a good Transformers show since Beast Wars. Also, show-accurate toys; can't blame the cartoon for that, but it's still lame. Addressing your points one by one here. Autobots had super-powers in G1. Blurr's super-speed, Windcharger's magnetism, Skywarp's teleportation, and various others. Human supervillains were in the comics. Circuit Breaker. The Robot Master. The Decepticons being downplayed could make them all the more impressive. Sort of the big bad End of Season Holy Crap We Are So Boned Villains. It's not total Stand Alone Episodes. Episodic stuff does not mean there isn't an over-arcing plot. Look at Justice League. Teen Titans. Ben 10. Freakin' BEAST WARS. The way some folks react, what y'all have in mind would be simply the first episode over and over since it'd go back to status quo at the end like nothing ever happened. I've not heard anything about the Bot/Con fights being downplayed. I would imagine they're saved for the big episodes, like end of season as I mentioned before. And another thing to keep in mind is that this is a cartoon primarily aimed at kids, that will be played on Cartoon Network. They're going with what's worked well so far, and tweaked it a bit to work with Transformers.
  8. Aw, man...doesn't look like Frenzy will have many, if any of the Revoltech style joints.
  9. They should have swivels due to the fact that the joints attach in a peg/hole system. And pesatyel, RR's are pretty much fancy Action Masters, more along the lines of Marvel Legends mixed with Kaiyodo's Revoltech figures, providing more movie-screen accurate non-transforming figures. The Frenzy especially looks nice.
  10. Between the hoops they'd have to jump through just for the gun laws, I don't ever expect it to get a US release.
  11. I'm just really amused by the fact that the TF theme isn't even in the movie. Also kinda glad, 'cause I thought it stunk. Black Lab's version was a lot better.
  12. Well, it's not two, it's one reversible poster. Prime on one side, Megatron on the other. Got mine displayed on the Prime side.
  13. The G1 fans have already gotten THREE HUGE SOMETHINGS. ONE line with only three figures? Wow, I guess we should be grateful... Keep MPs G1 - the movie versions aren't definitive anythings, at least not yet. Anything labeled a "masterpiece" shouldn't be based solely on hype. Maybe in 15-20 years, they'll deserve the label, but for right now, I'd rather see a few more G1 designs get the articulated and detailed treatment the movie line already gets. Yeah, one line with three figures of incredible design and quality, and one that could arguably be the best Transformer of all time. (Prime.) And, y'know, those Classics things that're gonna be revived. I'm not saying convert the line into all movie stuff, but maybe take one character from it. Say, Bumblebee, since he was kind of the main 'bot. To go with you, though, I'd love to see Grimlock get the MP treatment.
  14. My cousin won one and gave it to me, as I'm the big TF geek in the family. (Around here anyway. )
  15. The G1 fans have already gotten THREE HUGE SOMETHINGS.
  16. Cop car robot vs cop car robot me like! One robot comes to mind sort of thinking along these same lines for some reason that I think could work quite well in a movie... Punch and counter punch Though he could get a bit too confusing for some people heh! maybe thats best left for a animated... I really love the idea of this guy some one who's a double agent but one that makes you wonder really for what side hmm?.. How much of his alter ego really takes over his other personality That's a cool idea! WOuld be really confusing though... I want ARCEE... WE NEED A GIRL!! Hot Rod/Rodimus, Grimlock and the Dinobots, Shock & Soundwave, Devastator, Wheeljack, Blaster, maybe SkyFire, and yea... I'm still thinking. OOh, Fembots. heh. Note: On Imbd, there were lots of people who said they'd avoid the movie if either Hot Rod or Arcee were in it. B/c Hot Rod "Got Prime killed" and b/c Arcee is a girl.... sexist pigs! :angry: lol Arcee WOULD'VE been in this movie, but the folks at the Don Murphy forums had such a negative reaction, they had her replaced. With Ironhide, I believe.
  17. I want more screentime for Ratchet and Barricade. It'd be interesting to have Prowl show up, maybe have Sam be kinda wary of him at first, bad cop car experience and all, hehe. XD
  18. Ugh, NO UNICRON. Please. He's imposing and all, but is a terrible plot device. I'd say some more combat-fit Autobots. Maybe some of the Wreckers. Perhaps Grimlock. Also would like to see Rumble, as a red-eyed counterpart to Frenzy.
  19. Bah!! Blackout is easily the best TF from the movie. His toy and his movie likeness are easily the most transformer-like in terms of traditional transformers. He could almost pass for a G1 if he had some die-cast on the toy. A larger MP version would be just too awesome because the toy is a bit small for the "largest Decepticon in the movie," which is my only complaint about him. Though I do not own Blackout, I'ld have to nominate Ratchet for "most like a traditional transformer" with how blocky he is.
  20. ..that's a triple changer (bot, cd player, spider-thingy)! That'd be sweet! We are getting that ultimate bb, so that's close.. Well, if he's able to puke the spider legs out of his head like he did, then yeah. Ultimate 'Bee looks to be rather lacking from the video I've seen of it, though. =/
  21. We've got a thriving version of this thread at the AllSpark, and being 'back', sort of, I figured I'd start one up here. Thread's open to photos including Transformers toys, be they silly, or serious, awesome in general, or you just feel like showing off that new toy you just acquired. I'll start us off with a few.
  22. Only one I'd really want is a good, 1:1 scale Frenzy.
  23. Yeah, there are. A few of my online friends, and it makes me sad for them. =/ They're mostly the overanalytical types though, the kind that wouldn't like super robot stuff like Mazinger Z for pointing out all the technical flaws in design and such.
  24. Eight hours and forty minutes to go!
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