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  1. I liked Rambo: First Blood Part II. You know that part where he kisses that chick by the water before she gets killed? And then he blows that guy up with his atomic arrow. And then he buries her body under some rocks and ties her necklace around his neck before he kills some more guys. Yeah, that part was so touching.
  2. Yeah, I agree. Those were dumb.
  3. I don't know if anyone knows this, but the first place I heard this rumor was from a certain know it all in the Joe community. So I'll take it with a grain of salt.
  4. *sniff sniff* Does somebody smell a fanboy? @smilepunch@ Actually, it's kind of fun to think of GiJoe in any sort of realistic terms because you suddenly realize how over the top it all really is. One of the greatest draws to Joe for me has always been the outlandishness of it. I for one am pretty excited about that Stormy just because of the O ring. The bike--meh--it could've been done better.
  5. I see you've been scoring some of those red BATs that come with the Snow Wolf figure. I really like that version of them. Also, I see you're chopping their antenna off. Poor BATs. How are they gonna pick up their favorite radio stations now?
  6. I'm glad to see that it's possible to remove the hood and grate. I'm loving that Wet Suit figure. And oh yeah, the weedwacker is back! I think that Pathfinder is definitely going to be my favorite version of him. Just bad ass.
  7. Well, I hope McFarlane would be smart enough to actually make these figures articulated so MAYBE they might work with Marvel Legends and like lines, but knowing McFarlane, they'll be static posed non-toys. I really liked PlanB's Special Forces series, but due to lesser levels of articulation that I've come to expect out of 6" figures, I didn't pursue them with any kind of zeal. Don't get me wrong, the articulation was decent, but once ML hit--everything else fell by the wayside. I do, however, have extremely high hopes for the new SOTA SF figures. These are good days to be a toy collector, my friends.
  8. I agree there. I can't remember quite how I stumbled on your Forgotten Figures page, but it's definitely something I check a few times a week for updates. I love in depth reviews of figures like that. I always find it interesting how many ways the Joe universe can be interpreted. It just makes me appreciate Joe even more. How about some more vehicle reviews, Mike? I'd love to see your take on the lesser talked about vehicles from later in the line, such as the Raider, or perhaps even some reviews of the smaller playsets from back in the day. #US1#
  9. What the hell's Luke Skywalker and his Landspeeder doing in there? You should've tried to save those by securing them in a garbage can. j/k. @smilepunch@ kind of. @lol@
  10. I think these are just starting to show up along with the new O-ring Storm Shadow on crotch rocket. I'm pretty excited about that Stormie, let me tell ya.
  11. I saw that Walmart also had several of these types of sets. One of them is a Bank Heist playset or something. A few pieces in the sets look decent enough, but I don't think I'll be picking any of them up. Now the Chap Mei stuff at Big Lots-- just picked up plenty and I have to say, they got some really nice vehicles and dio pieces. Wish I could find that damn Bad Guyz monster truck though.
  12. I've got 4 different Walmarts between work and home, so I usually hit each one about once a week or sometimes twice a week on certain Walmarts depending on what's coming out. I also have two Targets. Those are maybe once a week, too. Usually nothing new. TRU--maybe once a week. Usually not. TRU absolutely sucks for Joe in my area. They're still carrying wave 1 (tons of it) and have just gotten wave 2 within the past few weeks. So glad their new stuff is the stuff I've had for three months now. @rolleye@ I've also got a Kmart, but they blow. I might hit there once a month or so just for a laugh. Basically, I hit a store or two Monday through Friday, but I'm usually dissapointed. I definitely don't find new stuff even once a week. S'okay though. This way I'll have some money in my pocket for the holidays. So I can buy myself presents, I mean.
  13. King James

    Tru Vamp

    I think the figures are pretty decent, particularly Wet Suit. What needs to be changed is Brawler's shirt and head. He should have red hair. And his shirt should read SURVIVAL. I'm not sure if I like the rollbar on the Vamp yet. And the missile launcher blows. But you get the very sweet Whirlwind, so I guess it all works out. I'll pick one up.
  14. I know some of the Motorworks vehicles will fit RAH joes, but ONLY if you take the whole vehicle apart (you'll need a screwdriver and lots of patience @angry@ ), and rip the seats out, which requires yanking a few more screws. I bought a California Highway Patrol car from Walmart for like $10 under the Motorworks name, and it's great. All four doors open. The hood opens. The trunk opens. Plus it's diecast.
  15. Go with what VH said. Foamcore is great and you can buy lots of it from any hobby shop for cheap (I think a big sheet of plain white at 1/4" thickness goes for $2.50 or something like that at stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby). Just make sure to buy a few spare exacto blades and some light sand paper with it. And take your time. Foamcore takes spray paint nicely and if you don't want to get into spray painting foamcore does come in several colors. Plus it's a lot lighter than plywood. Use a decent glue with it such as Liquid Nails or something along those lines--something that works well with porous materials. But if you're just looking for something you can play with, beat up and throw out, then cardboard boxes are outstanding. The problem with cardboard is how the edges are corrugated and how they fray. Have fun!
  16. I didn't mind Serpentor's run in the Marvel series, but I'm glad Hama killed him off. The whole set up of Serpentor dying has to be one of the coolest moments in Joe cannon, not because I hated Serpy, but just how classy Hama & co. pulled it off. It was a great way to conclude the Cobra civil war. I also can't think of any characters I'd like to see offed. There's plenty of figure molds I wish Hasbro would toss, but not the characters.
  17. I always like the ones that came with Stormie V2, Dojo, and Mohawk Zartan. I didn't like the colors that much per se, but at least when you put them in the figure's hand they held them well enough to actually fight with each other. I also always liked QK's sword, even though I thought the handle was too short. The one I wish Hasbro would lose the mold for--Ninja Force Nunchuk's sword (also found in the latest UST six pack). I just hate how the edge is so wavy.
  18. Yeah, I love the #3 pack. Out of the three we've gotten so far, I'd have to say that this is my favorite.
  19. I can't wait to get this. I hope Hasbro really gets their use out of this vehicle mold and does it in different color schemes and/ or mods the body for different uses such as command vehicle or medical vehicle. I'd love to see one in arctic colors. I really like the figure for its simple approach. While I wouldn't want to see every figure look this plain, I can appreciate it for what it is--a realistic figure with a realistic vehicle. I REALLY wish bbi would get with the program and give their figures this level of articulation. I'd buy dozens of them if that were the case. I NEED some decent greenshirts, and I refuse to buy fifteen Jungle Strikes to build that kind of an army.
  20. Is the "one-seater" truck you mentioned this one..? I picked this up last year in a Rite-Aid, but never seen another one until just this last week, in the Big Lots. Hopefully the Monster Truck is on it's way as well. That's it! Nice little vehicle. I swapped the cannon of the back for one of those oversized mini guns that they give you for the figures though. It doesn't elevate with the half assed way I hooked it on, but it still looks damn cool. Nice thing about those oversized weapons they include with the figures--they're great for my Marvel Legends Punisher. The figures themselves suck though. Some of them have decent detail, but that's about it. But for $5 to $20 for these great sets, I guess I can forgive a crappy figure or two.
  21. That is one sweet little boat. I picked up the Coast Guard version myself (the only other one they had was the firefighter one). I really like the AWE Striker type jeep, and saw quite a few of those. The only thing I don't like is the size of the .50 on top. Guess I could swap it out with one of my extra Roadblock .50s though. Damn, I might have to go back to Big Lots.
  22. So they've got one of these create your own character things at Hasbro's website. It's kind of fun. I made a guy that looked like an Amish cyborg with nunchucks. What's interesting is the list of names you can choose from. It defauted my character's name to Red Dog (yes, the Samoan Amish cyborg with nunchucks @bananna@ ), but it had plenty of other classic Joe names to choose from. Wonder if they still hold the trademarks to all of those? Check it out Register, click on the "gear up your own soldier" button, make a character, and then save. After you've saved, look to the bottom right and click edit profile. It'll give you a bunch of names to choose from. And yes, I hold the trademark to Samoan Amish cyborg with nunchucks.
  23. I'm sorry for you guys that didn't find #3 yet. It's very nice (just to rub it in). @smilepunch@ I found mine at Target, and didn't actually see #3 at Walmart until a good two weeks afterwards. Now they're everywhere, especially the Cobra pack. I wish someone would clue me in as to why shipping on Joe items is so sporatic. There are times--like the Sting Raider--when I'll find something before others. And then there are those times--freakin' VVV wave 2 @cussing@ --that I didn't find until wave 3 came out. In fact some stores didn't even stock wave 2 until AFTER they had wave 3. Odd.
  24. Welcome to the new, more sensitive Cobra. @luv@ @purpbananna#
  25. Target. They also had the desert color version of the Tigerhawk, which I didn't buy since the first one didn't do much for me. I'm guessing these two vehicles are shipping together since they were the only two new things on the shelves.
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