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  1. Found them in North West Missouri. Odd to think that after three months of stopping at that Wal-Mart everyday on the way home form work... tomorrow I can just drive on by If anyone is interested here is what C&C part comes with what figure Kamandi - Torso Green Lantern - Right Leg Zatanna - Right Arm Obsidian - Left Arm Gold - Left Leg Hourman - Head & Crotch Try - Super Powers stand Anyone know if the Zatanna feet are from an older figure? Just asking because they have no peg hole for a stand... and that is a figure that could use a stand.
  2. Is Hasbro better then Mattel at quality control? That's a big yes. I can't think of a single QC problem I had with a Marvel Legends figure after Hasbro took over. Mattel... I was going to say that it has gotten better... but five out of seven figures I got from wave 15 had at least some small problem. These problems ranged form slightly loose bicep joint on Omac to the elbow on Batman that was all but falling off. In the fist few waves I saw a lot of problems with paint apps... and a lot of big paint splotches in odd places... often in colors that where not even part of the characters color pallet. I ordered set of wave 3 from eBay (never found anything but Hal on pegs) and had a Sinestro with a stuck wrist and white splotch, Sinestro Variant with two stuck wrist, Nightwing with a stuck bicep, Deathstroke with a stuck bicep and Hal with a stuck leg... thankfully I was able to fix all of this. I would have said at one point it was all fixed... form wave 6 to wave 13 I had zero problems... then the QC disaster that was my case of wave 15.
  3. My mom was able to use the coupon on Star Wars toys at a store today. So maybe it's only certain stores so far who are putting restrictions into effect. I will try and use them again, cause it's really too good a deal not to try. I've been using the coupon to get the Tron 334 figures (because there was no way I was paying $10 apiece for them) with no problems yet.
  4. The K-Mart where I found my wave 15 on Sunday put out another case today. Still no variants. I was going to get Raven as the one I have has a small problem with on of the legs but this one had paint mark on her face and a clearly bad knee. Too bad wave 14 didn't hit Wal-Mart this week. I could have price matched and gotten those for on sale also.
  5. $40 for Kyle? Wow... some people just can't wait I guess. Has Matty said about when these are coming? My preorder on BBTS says October but Entertainment Earth says January. I know that mattycollector.com has announced all of there sales for the next few months and nothing about GLC in there so January sounds more accurate.
  6. I've had that before. Also had figures with parts assembled backwards. My Power Girl still has one of her ankles on backwards.
  7. Was at the store close to me when they opened and they had nothing. Asked about them and got that old chestnut "what's out is what we have" and "we don't have a stock room. When the truck comes we put them out right away." Of course they also have been telling me that the trucks come at night and they only stock at night while the store is closed... and yet I go in there every say at 3 in the afternoon and see big metal carts with boxes on them and, get this, people stocking stuff... in the middle of the day. This store has 6 figures in stock currently (well 5 now because I got a classic Cheetah that had been passing in at full price) all of them all of them Wave 14 remnants. Whoa... big sale ON SIX FIGURES. Went on to the one other K-Mart in town expecting to get the same treatment. Again nothing out but about 10 Wave 14 figures and a best of Flash. As I am looking to see if they might be in some odd location (maybe the Halloween/X-mas section... hmmm) and young guy in a K-Mart uniform asks me if I need any help. I ask him about the figures expecting nothing but the guy says that he will look in the back and what do you know if he didn't come back with a cart with all of the figures for me. No MM variant and no modern Starman... but most of them a good price. Of course that couldn't be the end of it... found my Batman has a elbow that is so messed up that it is all but falling off. Oh well... at least that is the figure that is 3 per case.
  8. Love the old Bruce Timm style art... but in my head I can't think of Kingdom Come without seeing the art of Alex Ross. If it does ever get made I'm sure it will be some style of more traditional 2d animation because the cost for a CGI animated movie would be cost prohibitive for a direct to video movie and any non kid friendly theatrical release of an animated movie is doomed to failure (if history is any indication). Of course I would watch it either way... but I think it would be jarring (for me) to see it in some other style.
  9. Not interested myself. If they do them I would hope they do them as box sets, 2-Packs or just a full wave of Kingdom Come figures and not just mix them in with non Kingdom Come figures... that way I can just skip them. Now that I would like to see. But it would have to be CGI so they could try an make it look like Alex Ross art. Does Bruce Timm not like like Kingdom Come? I got that impression when I saw his response to the idea of a Kingdom Come animated movie.
  10. Oddly the only one they didn't have. I've seen them all before... was just surprised to see them at K-Mart as they had been Online/TRU exclusives I thought.
  11. So I went to the other K-Mart in town in my (futile) search for wave 15 and found these: They also had Batman/Clayface and Cyborg Superman/Mongul. These where not there the last time I was at that K-Mart about a week ago.
  12. Asked about them at both K=Marts in town and nobody has heard of them. This is why I stopped looking for DCUC at retail.
  13. This guy. Never got a Parasite first time around. Had ample oppertunity just never pulled the trigger on that one. I'm also still using a old DCSH Superman that has really odd coloring for my display so... yay for that pack. Was Gentleman Ghost is hard to find? There where three of them at my Target for about three months after that wave hit. Same with Hawkgirl.
  14. Looks great. I just wish they would have done more of the spectrum with this. How big is Stel suppose to be? I never got the impression that he was big enough to require a C&C. I'm kinda in that camp... but this will be far from the first time I have bought a figure I didn't really want to put together a BAF so oh well. I would guess that after this wave they will start the movie line so no time for more Green Lantern Classics... until the movie stuff is done with at least. Would be nice tho if they mixed in comic characters like Hasbro does for Marvel movie lines.
  15. I'm at the mercy of Bigbadtoystore.com and mattycollector.com and that works really well... until they release one of these "wonderful" Wal-Mart waves. It is interesting to see that Target is worthless for DCUC for everyone an not just me. Odd as in the early days of this line Target was the only place I could find them.
  16. Unfortunately whenever this subject comes up, Mattel INSISTS that they have to do these exclusives. I guess WalMart wouldn't carry the line at all if they didn't get some product exclusive only to their shelves. I have read this. It would be nice if they could at least offer them on Mattycollector.com after a couple of months (or even six months or so). Really my Wal-Marts barely carry them anyway. We just recently got the Trigon wave and never got any of the Darkseid wave (K-Mart or Target didn't either tho). Of course it could be worse... could be a Target exclusive wave... as I've said, Target hasn't stocked one DCUC figure after the Giganta wave. Oh well... maybe I'll get lucky and find them all like I did with the last Wal-Mart wave. I don't know about wave 14... didn't ask him about those... just the GL 5-Pack.
  17. I talked to the manager of the toy department the other day while looking for the GL 5-Pack. He looked it up in the computer and said that it was listed as "end of season" meaning that they can't order the thing anymore. He was able to find me one a few towns over... but the gas for the trip would cost about $30 so I gave up and got Gardner and Tomar from eBay. Starting to feel like I should just do the same for wave 14. It would be nice if Matty would knock it off with the Wal-Mart exclusives as they never seem to handle any of the exclusives well.
  18. The only two I know what comes with are Hourman he comes with the head. Tyr comes with a Stand. The rest I have no clue. Kamandi comes with the upper torso. You can see it in the carded pictures. http://i.toynewsi.co...ize=600&start=0
  19. I haven't heard for sure but I would guess that they will put up the full set of the Green Lantern waves just like the normal DCUC. I went ahead and preordered the set form BBTS because $90 works out to 15 per figure and that should be the same as what Matty will charge for them and I wanted to order an extra Manhunter and Low/Maash. If Matty should happen to get them before BBTS I can always cancel my order with them.
  20. Hmmm... one of my K Marts cleared the DCUC pegs just recently... wonder if they are waiting for these. Now I need to start checking that store during my wave 14 run to wal mart (they are almost right next to each other). That would really be good for me becase K Mart charges $3 less then aywhere else.
  21. I got wave 13 of DCUC form them a full month before they went up on Mattycollector.com and LONG before they started hitting pegs in this area. I have ordered a lot of things form them over the years and never had any problems.
  22. No Cheetahs. She Donna Troy and Superboy where gone.
  23. Well... one of my Wal-Marts just stocked wave 13 so now there pegs are overflowing. Looks like I can give up on that store ever getting wave 14.
  24. I've given up on these after the local Target hiked the prices from $5 to $9. I mean... $9 for a figure with 5 points of articulation... really? Oddly the three packs did not get a price hike. Oh well. The only thing I really still want form the JLU line is the Ultimen and that doesn't seem likely at this point.
  25. Wow, really? I rarely see any Foragers here. Where you located? I had to hunt for mine. And now we're seeing tons of those stupid shiny metallic Green Lanterns. He's like sand at the beach. About 40 minutes outside of Kansas City MO. There are as many Foragers here as Powergirls then a few Cyborgs. Target has Cyborgs and Captain Cold and hasn't gotten anything new since the Giganta wave. K Mart is the only place that has gotten anything in the 75th anniversary packaging... odd considering their toy aisle is usually a ghost town... also odd as they are selling them for 3 bucks less then aywhere else when everything else is 3 bucks more. I actually found half the Chemo wave and a lone Vigilante at one of the K Marts the other day... just weird. Looking at the DCUC stock around here... it really makes me laugh that Matty has declared there distrobution porblems solved.
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