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  1. Love the trailer...movie looks like it could be good. Love Willis' line at the end...awesome! Sorry I can't get into the apparent discussion about Snake Eyes wearing rubbers. Too busy...maybe later
  2. Cool pics and I am actually cautiously excited. But can we get some official pics....or maybe a teaser trailer? That would be awesome
  3. I am liking this...shows the guy is really having fun. Seems if the movie really looked sucky (to him) then he wouldn't be taking his time to tweet or post videos. I am actually excited about this. Something I cannot say about the first movie at ANY point.
  4. Will have to check here in a month or so...I do want a couple of those Duke's for fodder...
  5. Oh and they have a 30th Viper at We Be Toys and Things...and exactly 18 Cloud Car pilots marked down to "still above everyone else" from $10.99.
  6. I actually saw the 30th figs at wal mahhhhhhhhhhts. I picked up a Resolute Stalker ...well 2 of them. I went in two days later...and the entire 2 cases were gone. But the creamy headed clones are still there...and a few sandtroopers. Please dont sell out before I come back to get you! Oh and about 500 clone wars figures...dont ask me who they have cause it doesnt matter
  7. so it's starring a bunch of Dr Whos with an M-16? Seriously...it's Microsoft and Xbox so I just lost interest. Harsh...but solid
  8. That was hilarious! You know Lucas is only doing this to piss off all the fans of the original trilogy. We shat on the prequels too hard...he's getting his revenge...one SE at a time.
  9. no, I am just saying I hate it when people say they are going to wait until something goes on clearance when they really want the item. This is a bad practice...it doesn't support the line that they love and hurts any future items. Ya gotta spend the dough on the big stuff so companies will make more. It's idiotic to think that any toy line that continuously goes on clearance will succeed in making bigger and better things.
  10. I am still waiting for Wal Mart to get Joes back...last wave was the Arctic Destro wave. I remain hopeful....
  11. Buy the damn thing...suck it up. I have never waited for anything that I wanted to go on clearance. People that do that lose all rights to #@$#@ about anything not being or being made because they are refusing to support the line. IE - I want Hasbro to make the USS FLAGG but I only bought the ROC Pit when it went on clearance. Idiots...
  12. Though with that title I thought we'd get a glimmer of hope in the Episode 7 dept...darn!!!
  13. Because I spread a bit of hate in the "green" dept...I will spread some love here. I will always have a crush on Carrie...and am happy that she's happy with what she has done. She looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing.
  14. "deliver" as in "free"? I can't imagine anyone paying to own it...
  15. JJ Abrams' Trek was awesome. 'nuff said. Bring on the sequelS.
  16. Yeah...I came home and got some lunch...what a week after? The triple T version was in stock! I grabbed it. I still have it. Damn thing is going for like a hundred bucks. There is no way I would ever sell it ...wouldn't feel right. Anyone that bought Zarana on HTS or at SDCC just to sell on ebay is scum. Buy to collect....or to help a friend out. I HATE exclusives!! Oh...it's the only way to get certain figures. Horse's arse...
  17. How do I get one one of these? Hahaha!!! I am happy that someone got the not-ready-for-retail Lady.
  18. It's only been a couple days...are there any Zaranas left? Cause it's a female figure and Hasbro said they don't sell well. And she's a dreadnok...and they don't have all that many fans. Checking...gone? Oh that's right...ebay! God love ebay ... Ebay...getting freaks out of basements and into the sun on their way to the post office! And thanks Hasbro for continuously giving it to us dry!
  19. I can some up GIJoe's troubles with one word: Consistency I actually sat down the other day and tried to really come up with 16-20 modern versions of the characters I hold dear in my heart. I looked though YOJOE for a couple hours, and i came to the conclusion that Hasbro really has no direction when it comes to GIJOE. It's like they have a new team with new managers every...what year? I got pissed on here because I said that I think Hasbro should re-introduce GIJOE into the modern times...set the original characters to the age they should be. Keep a core of them and create a NEW line of characters. No one really liked this, so that tells me that fans want their Snake-Eyes' and Dukes...and Destros and CCs. So why the hell doesn't Hasbro create a universe that is FREAKIN' consistent???? Look at what we have had: 25th - Solid and lasted for a couple-three years. The last time Joes were "really" popular (because they were based on a line that was...consistent????) and easy to find at retail. Based on ARAH ROC - One bang and basically done. Lasted a year. New story - Based on movie Resolute - Great toon..Decent figs...suckass support. New story - Based on toon. POC - Decently based on ROC...kinda?? NO media support. Horrible later wave distribution. Created a couple repaint waves - Horrible. Renegades - Great figures. Based on a cancelled cartoon. New Story. As horrible as the movie was, ROC should have been the starting point of a line of figures, comic books, and a cartoon. Hasbro owns the damn property so they could have created a rich universe that could have become like a Star Wars. Great toy sales during movie years...and limited years between with TV and comic support. Instead we get...a movie, a cartoon based nothing on the movie universe, then another cartoon based nothing on the previous 2 universes, then a movie that tells us we don't really need to see the first one to enjoy the second. This is why we have 8 Snake-Eyes figures...a couple new Dukes every year...CC...Destro. They have to be reintroduced each time in a new story instead of "developed". Hasbro? Just create a team that can handle a 4-5 year project. Pick a media outlet and stick with it by planning first...and spending the money on a creative mind like Hama. Now we are seeing their current batch of 30th figs in limbo because of GIJOE II. Cripes, Hasbro...I could see if this was Lucasfilm putting out a suprise Star Wars movie, but YOU own the Joe property!!!! This tells me that you don't really love the line or have the leadership that understands how to properly plan and maintain a product.
  20. Yes, he will be fine in the roll. 'nuff said!
  21. The promo poster is boring. Nothing awe inspiring or fantastic going on in it, so what did you expect? As far as any comments about what fans would HOPE to see or not see and so on....who cares? There will be toys regardless, so I don't see all the angst you're expressing here, about fan gripes and complaints (aka b!tching)? Isn't that par for the course after 10 years of it? Well the movie is over a year out...so the poster is basically confirmation that the movie IS actually coming. I expect nothing fancy. B!tching? Yes, I ran a forum for years...and they do that. But I just found it odd that a company/director get's whizzed on for asking for input? Damned if ya do; damned if ya dont! And as far as toys go...don't be so sure about Joes ALWAYS being there. We went thru spells in the past and with the HUB in trouble and no renegades...as well as Joes disappearing from the biggest retail chain...it's not a 100% sure bet that the Joes will be there without a strong media tie-in. Just sayin... And for the record...the last Joe movie was horrible...and I am not holding out much hope for the sequel. I can just see the silver lining...
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