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  1. Am I the only one who thought the WM match was better? Maybe it's just because the title was on the line that time and it was more intense... who knows. Regardless, I enjoyed both matches.
  2. Thank you buddy. It's a total pleasure, and we know how much work results like you do involve. I think ECW should look into hiring you.
  3. Promo posted in the thread. Can't wait!
  4. ::Nathan Zodiac is sitting in his locker room with a huge smile on his face. After suffering several setbacks that more had to do with several company's collapse than his own, he was finally back on top of the Wrestling scene. As much of a #$%& as he is, one thing that is certain is his passion for the Wrestling business. He hears a knock and stirs. Could it be Mr. Darien Anderson? The man who assured him this time he had a promotion that could not only last, but become the premier company in the world. He certainly paid Zodiac well enough to put faith that he had the financial ability to be successful. He also assured his name in the lights, and Zodiac would hold him to it...:: ::Zodiac opens the door, but it is Michelle Craven who walks in!!:: Michelle: Hi, Nate, mind if we tape an interview? Zodiac: Yeah, yeah. That's fine. I always have something to say! Michelle: Ohh... umm... we know... Lenny, start film. Michelle: Hi! This is Michelle Craven here at the SCW locker room! I'm here to get Nathan Zodiac's comments on his match tonight and his match for next week! Zodiac, you had two HUGE wins.... Zodiac: In a row? Yes, that is obvious to everyone Michelle! What it isn't, however, is surprising. No one is surprised to see me Main Event week after week, and win those matches. It's just what I do! Michelle: Speaking of Main Events, next week you are indeed fighting in the Main Event against Dac Slayer for his Dueling Skulls title! Zodiac: Like I've already said, Dac Slayer is a great competitor. He nearly, as close as anyone can... Michelle: ...beat you tonight? After already wrestling one match? ::Zodiac becomes visibly irritated:: Zodiac: What is in the record books, fool! I won that match, and I did it with ease! And I will do it again! Dac, I am offering you an out. You can do the right thing next week, and simply lay down for me. No harm will come to you if you show me the RESPECT i deserve! However, if you choose to fight me.... You will see that no love for the fans can help you overcome the greatest wrestler alive today! Michelle: Well then, I guess that sums it up. One final question Zodiac? Zodiac: I grow tired of this, what? Michelle: How do you feel about the debut of Faust tonight? Zodiac: WHAT? What name did you just say.... Michelle: Alexander Faust of course! He made his debut in SCW tonight! Maybe had you arrived on time you would have seen! ::Zodiac begins fumbling and throws his gear into his bag:: Zodiac: That's impossible... no one is foolish enough to bring him here. I can't believe this! Michelle: You both competed in ADC/TNI... You always claim to be the best thing to have ever come out of that federation. Perhaps we will see how he feels about that? Zodiac: Listen, I uhhh need to go. Catch up with me next week. ::Zodiac hurries out of the room:: Michelle: Very interesting indeed. Back to you guys!
  5. Oh dear sweet Skarapz, I would never quote you as a reason for leaving. You are my sunshine. My only sunshine
  6. I just want to say, out of character, a big thanks to Graffx for doing this. For anyone on the border of joining, just read the last show, it will blow you away! Fantastic stuff, and thanks for the time and effort taken to do it.
  7. Yeah, I as well saw them ALL today EXCEPT HBK. I was bummed. Picked up Perfect anyway. I'd be down for a trade, just let me know what you are after.
  8. One of the reasons I left this board was for that crap, so I hear you. You don't like a guy, fine, but don't spam it in every thread how you want him to die in "real life." It's just juvenile and dumb. He isn't one of my favorites either, but he doesn't bother me.
  9. Can anyone find it in their heart of hearts to pick me up a Deluxe Classic HBK? I'll trade or pay well for it. Also, is ECW Series 1 out? Haven't seen a damn one, nor have I seen a Kendrick yet. I'm slipping at my old age.
  10. Whoever said I didn't like Cena? Who is assuming?
  11. Why did I meet the Rumble in season mode and not get the Rumble trophy?
  12. And also, Taker looks more menacing than half the supposed "tough guys" on the WWE roster, "geriatric" or not. And also, as for burying Booker... he's just as old as Taker... nice try.
  13. I've found a bunch of these. They are sweet. Haven't left one on the pegs yet!
  14. I'm not saying it has to be more positive, people here are free to act however they want. I'm simply stating why I *personally* left for awhile. I was at a point where I was bickering with enough people and things in my life, that my toy reading didn't need to be there too.
  15. I'll never forget how much I loved the Hulkster as a kid... That being said, I'm glad Hogan Knows Best and the Internet (well, for me) wasn't around then, because it would have totally ruined my view of him like it has now.
  16. I hope this news is true, "old" or not, he is 10000000X better than Batista as champ.
  17. Mine at the moment are: X-men Amazing Spider-Man Captain America Exiles Ghost Rider Daredevil Iron Man
  18. Imus will be back in some form or another. Controversial or not, I bet he will get better ratings than ever.
  19. I have to say the non-stop whining is what turned me off to this board for a little while. I was hoping there would be a little more optimism by now...
  20. He is probably one of the last people I'd ever want to hear of in a porno!
  21. Posted my promo in the Shattered thread!
  22. Michelle Craven: Hi, Michelle Craven here at the SCW locker room. I am here to interview Nathan Zodiac. He had a big win in last week's main event and.... Nathan Zodiac: Ah. Yes. The Main Event. Michelle, I know you aren't the brightest bulb in the drawer, but answer me one question. Michelle: I'll uhh try I guess? Zodiac: ugh... When is my match scheduled for tonight? Michelle: Actually, you are competing in the main event again! Zodiac: Hah! You actually got it! And what does that tell you, my dear Michelle? Michelle: That you are... fighting in the main event twice in a row?? Zodiac: No! No! It means that i AM this company's main event, main attraction! Michelle: Oh... Zodiac: And tonight, I will show everyone exactly why that is! Michelle: Mr. Zodiac, surely with 6 wrestlers the caliber of.... Zodiac: Caliber of what exactly? First, we have Kid Xtreme. We saw how well he did last week. Nuff said. Secondly, Mr. AJ Styles. Here's a guy with a ton of talent... but a 2 cent brain behind it. And that's why he will never be as great as me! Michelle: That's a little harsh... Zodiac: Poppycock! The truth hurts! Next we have David Apollo and Devin Darkside. When those two schmucks are done fighting over the TV title, chances are they will just be winning it to hand it to me a little later! Michelle: You seem very confident, Mr. Zodiac. Zodiac: I am confident, blondie. Why shouldn't I be? Next, a man named Vengeance. Here is a guy who is trying to pass himself off as the technical master of SCW. Sorry pal, you made your name in hardcore, so you better stick to it. I am the greatest wrestler here, and that's something you have to deal with! ::Zodiac chuckles and gloats a moment:: Zodiac: And lastly, Michelle, we have the rookie Dac Slayer. Here's a kid with a ton of talent... It is obvious he watched my tapes while training... Michelle: Wow, are you actually saying something positive... Zodiac: Let me finish, woman! The one problem Dac Slayer has is that he cares what these IDIOT fans think of him here in Miami tonight! ::The crowd jeers Zodiac profusely:: Zodiac: And he cares what SCW fans everywhere think! Let me tell ya kid, I've been there. I used to care too, and all it did was hold me back! So tonight, you need to think about whether you wanna be a man of popularity... or a man of success. Michelle: Well, I think I've gotten your opinion.... a lot of it. Zodiac: I'm done with you toots... swing by after my match if you'd like, there is one finishing move I can't use in the ring. ::Zodiac winks and leaves:: Michelle: Umm oh my. Back to you guys!
  23. I don't think they ever tried to bury Punk did they? It seems as though his winning % is pretty good since his debut...
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