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  1. That's what I was thinking was going to happen....
  2. I just hope Layla means they *might* start pushing Regal a little again... he was golden in the time frame right before his suspension.
  3. But who would carry out your.... er... I mean The Syndicate's dirty work if you did? @firedevil@
  4. No, they are not recognized as former champs
  5. Careful OS or Outsider will be jobbing to Zodiac...
  6. I've been really busy... graduated college and am now in the "real world." I've missed the crew here though and I will try to be around more often... it's just once I lapse a bit I come back feeling a little out of place, ya know?
  7. Catter, sorry but I have to disagree. When Bledsoe was in town, I supported the Dolphins. I do wish the Jets luck this year because I love Favre. Brady was also QB for my fantasy team... so that's down the tubes...
  8. Hold off, the market on them is pretty weak for the moment, minus the Drag Busses and 67 Camaros... wait til December-ish
  9. n8dawgaic


    Britney looked the best I've seen her in years...
  10. I just wanna thank Blackmada for helping me complete the first few waves that I missed out on when I didn't start collecting the 25th line right away. Thanks again! I truly believe the Joe community tends to be where the most generous people are!
  11. Blackmada buddy I wanna see Zodiac... Make everyone remember just how AMAZING he is. I miss the fed, and it makes me feel old to realize how long ago that was.
  12. C'mon... don't end the streak. It's a bigger part of his legacy than any title he has won...
  13. I think the best sign about this PPV was that I still managed to enjoy it after watching my man Brady (and the Patriots season) go down in flames earlier in the day. As much of a ridiculous HBK mark I am, I was not overly impressed with this match until the last 5 or so minutes... I think the feud itself has been extraordinary, though. Raw scramble was dreadful, except the Jericho swerve. Smackdown was the best scramble, despite being the most predictable. I see great things for Kendrick. He is my new reason to tune in Friday nights.. Bravo Matt, you deserve it. I'd like to think a HBK/Jericho title match is being tossed around...
  14. If you guys ever get a list up for sale let me know. I need a few like Bombshell, etc...
  15. Thanks for the welcome back guys, and Ska we need to keep better touch via AIM like the old days. Blackmada, that's a very generous offer. I am still in search of Shipwreck (I've found him several times, but his face is always mispainted horribly) Zartan, Beachhead, CC in his armor, and Flint. I paid 20 bucks for Snakes to answer Spike's question. I'm thinking of getting the Red Ninja I've been passing on tomorrow. I hope this line continues beyond this year even, all they'd have to do is change 82-07 to just "Since 82" or something like that!!
  16. I have been away from the Joe scene for awhile... I do recognize some of the faces here so maybe a few will recognize me back. Anyway, these 25th figures I have been passing on because I just didn't want another collection... but I finally caved! And boy, does it feel good! In the last week I have found: CC (hood and helmet) Destro (silver and gold) Storm Shadow (camo and cobra) Scarlett Snake Eyes (no Timber) Buzzer Gung Ho Roadblock Duke Serpentor I have had to cheat and use online sites for Snake Eyes w/Timber (I did an hours worth of searching to find him cheap and not the $60 plus others want) Firefly and Lady Jaye. But anyway, you can see the bug has hit me hard again. Yo Joe! EDIT: Also meant to say, this is the first time in my action figure history I'll be leaving a whole series carded... that explains my lack of troop builders in my haul haha
  17. Awesome news for Smackdown and Edge. I'm stoked
  18. ::Greatness.:: ::Zodiac looks down at both of his titles, collectively meaning he is the Mayhem Champion.:: ::What is Greatness? Greatness is the ability to exceed your expectations when you are already confident in yourself. Zodiac knew that Hardcore Vision was his chance to become SCW Heavyweight Champion. He had no idea, however, he would walk out with the Dueling Skulls Title as well. The title Dac Slayer had put back on the Wrestling World's Map with amazing performances and bloodshed. Truthfully, Zodiac respected the kid quite a bit. That match could have gone terribly wrong. On the inside, Zodiac knew this.:: ::Zodiac was waiting for Michelle Craven or The Spice to come by to get his opinions and thoughts. A predictable but amusing use of time every week. He REALLY hoped he would get Michelle.:: ::There's a gentle knock on the door. It is Michelle. Everything was going Zodiac's way:: Michelle: Are you ready Nate? This is your big moment! Zodiac: Oh babe, I'm always ready! ::Zodiac gets up, fixes his clothes and hair a little. He then carefully puts a title over each shoulder.:: Michelle: We're here in the SCW locker room, interviewing the new Mayhem Champion, Nathan Zodiac! Zodiac: It was only a matter of time, Michelle. Michelle: Congratulations on the big win! Zodiac: Well, Darien surely lived up to his word. Hardcore Vision was an amazing, groundbreaking event! And who stole the show? I did. Now, more than ever, the names Nathan Zodiac and SCW are linked. Michelle: How does it feel to our new Mayhem Champion? Zodiac: Amazing. Do you know why? Because these idiot fans right here in Richmond, Virginia didn't think I could do it. I get no greater satisfaction than proving the so-called Wrestling World experts wrong! Michelle: Interesting. I guess many of us thought now that you finally realized your goal of being champion you might be a little... Zodiac: A little what, my little blonde genius? Michelle: Respectful? More professional? You are now representing our whole company! Zodiac: ::Sigh:: Michelle, Michelle. I have always been the face of the company. It was in the cards from day one. Did I need a title to do that? No. It's just icing on the cake. Michelle: Fine, then. Lets talk about tonight, you face both of your Hardcore Vision opponents again, this time at the same time! You might be losing one of your titles already! Zodiac: It is absolutely ridiculous. Neither of them showed me anything that makes me think they deserve a shot at the Dueling Skulls title! Michelle: You must be joking! One could argue that BOTH of these men had you beat... and you are the luckiest man in pro-wrestling! Zodiac: Luck? Luck??!??! It isn't my fault Faust has so many skeletons in his perverted closet! I have no love for Cameron Cross after what happened at Hardcore Vision. It is obvious he is in cahoots with Dac Slayer. As far as I'm concerned, Cross and also that has-been Blackfield should not be allowed in our venues! ::Michelle looks a little surprised:: Zodiac: As for Dac? I've given this kid the chance of a lifetime. He could be here now, holding my titles and water bottle while I talk to you! Everyone knew part of that match was the "random explosions." It isn't my fault Dac Slayer didn't properly prepare for that match type! Michelle: Well, as always Zodiac, it is interesting to hear your... spin on reality. Thanks for your time and good luck tonight! Zodiac: Oh, tonight Michelle, you will see Nathan Zodiac does not need any type of "luck" to steal the show. Again.
  19. Foley lost it with me, that's for sure. I used to love the guy, but his last few trips back were just... blah. He seems to think he's God's gift with all the name dropping crap, etc.
  20. CRAP... that means they'll change scale and screw us royally... Bayushi, that is a rare find around here. Haven't seen Punk either.
  21. Good riddance, RVD. Just don't go and screw up TNA. Unless you actually decide to... get good again
  22. ::Zodiac sits in his locker room. It is merely hours before Hardcore Vision. In reality, in the condition his body is in, he should be in a hospital bed. But no. Not tonight. This was the night to back up YEARS worth of talk. Talk that perhaps the fans that hated him so, held in higher regard in faith than he did. Unfortunately, of all men walking on this Earth, Xander Faust had to be the one standing in his way of a life-long journey. Was he afraid of Faust? Surely. He would be more insane and foolish not to be. The mistake? He showed it. He showed fear to the world, and more importantly, to the madman himself.:: ::Wayne "The Spice" Grady enters. Zodiac can't help but chuckle.:: Spice: Nathan Zodiac! I'm here for a few words... Zodiac: I know what you're here for. Where's the blonde? Why am I stuck with you? Spice: Actually, she's been assigned to get Faust's reaction... Zodiac: What kind of a MAN are you? You let a woman go after him? Spice: Since when do you stick up for women's rights.... Hey! I'll never forget that time on TV I saw you Stars Align your Mom and Girlfriend! That was pretty neat! I know my Mom just NEVER leaves me be! Zodiac: Poppycock! It was all.... heavily edited footage. Gross lies and exaggerations! Spice: Anyway, back to business. How are you feeling? 6 Days ago, you had your chest ripped apart by a small explosive! Zodiac: Don't sound so happy about that, you peasant! Dac Slayer! I told you I wouldn't let you beat me, and i was RIGHT! Spice: That's an interesting spin on reality.... Zodiac: Do you wanna know what the reality is? Spice: I....uhh....sure? Zodiac: The reality is, Dac Slayer and I have not seen each other for the last time. I gave him the chance to lay down for me, and become my apprentice. He chose these idiot fans over greatness! We will meet again, Dac, I promise! Spice: He won't be your next opponent though.... Zodiac: You ARE a genius, "Old Spice." My opponent is a man who calls himself Faust. A man whom was smart enough to avoid me like the PLAGUE last time we wrestled for the same promotion! Spice: That doesn't seem like him.... Zodiac: What? Are you chumming around the psych wards these days? Shut up! Faust, if you wanna save your precious image of being unstoppable, you better "miss your flight," or have "surgery" or "LOSE YOUR SMILE" or some other bogus nonsense! ::Zodiac becomes visibly flustered and starts to pace:: Zodiac: I didn't sign up to compete here against monsters and maniacs! I mean, at least in ADC/TNI the "monsters" were Annihilation, and they were rednecks in superhero costumes! ::Spice laughs a little:: Zodiac: Shut up! This is no laughing matter! In fact, I am going to Darien's office now and DEMAND this match be changed! ::Zodiac storms out:: Spice: Well, there you have it. It seems The "Showstealer" has a long night ahead of him...
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