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  1. That's odd... Your War Machine is different than mine! Mine has his midriff area unpainted so he looks like the comic version. Yours seems to have his ab portion painted silver. I wonder why that is?
  2. Not sure if you have, but I was thinking it myself. Dude. if you get a storm, will you shut up already? you are like a small annoying dog. Jumping up yipping the same #$@# over and over again. I almost hope Hasbro goes through with banning the sales of their merchandise to England, just so you can't get a Storm figure when one eventually comes out. And then I will buy one posting images of it on this site smiting the #$@# out of it with M-80's and the tire from my car. @firedevil@ What the hell is the point in posting this? All you're trying to do is make her feel bad and stupid. If you find her threads repetitive, skip them. The board clearly lists who authors the thread. I know she wants a Storm toy, that's evident, and she has repeated that many times, but at least she's passionate about collecting and not a poster who constantly bashes people. I'd rather have 100 xmenstorm1s than one assh0le. Let's keep the talk about the toys and not alienate fellow collectors.
  3. How did they do that? It's the same toy. The only difference is company banner, packaging and paint quality.
  4. Thanks for the heads up! I'll try my luck at the neighborhood Wal-Mart this weekend, but its nice to know there are options.
  5. I like the new blue coloring too, but every figure I've seen has had shoddy paint, specifically missing weblines.
  6. I wonder why they are calling this the "Stealth Operations" suit, when it is clearly War Machine. Hasbro's site even identifies this figure as War Machine. I guess its really no big deal, but it makes me wonder if we will see a blue repaint of the Mark II or III which is commonly known as the "Stealth Armor." I wonder if they will rename that suit to "Deep Recon" armor or something. Who knows.
  7. Check out the HTS solicitation for Iron Monger II. The pilot head is different and resembles Jeff Bridge's Obidah Stane.
  8. Pizza Spiderman is actually one of the best movie figures made. The Spidey has a remarkable amount of articulation, not as much as the super-poseable version, but more than enough to have some decent and exciting poses. Plus he has no action feature (the feature is limited to the pizza scooter/ shooter) and has the best Tobey likeness of all the movie figures. This figure is a complete win, and I urge everyone who can to get one.
  9. When do the Iron Man toys hit the stores?
  10. This thread reminds me of when the Transformers movie designs were released and all the diehard G1 Fanboys were screaming that Michael Bay was raping their childhood.
  11. I saw these at both Wal-Mart and Target today and I was pretty unhappy. I missed on the Sandman wave so I was looking forward to getting some movie villians. However all of the toys look like someone with a shaky hand airbrushed them. I really had a lot of hope for Hasbro but I am now disappointed. I would be embarassed to give these to a kid. Wrestler Spiderman was hands-down the worst of all of them. The skin tones looked very poor on all the toys. I picked up Venom becuase he actually looked good, and I am happy that I did. I prefer the red/pink fleshy looking mouth instead of the unpainted version. Other than that I was very disappointed. On a side note, at Wal-Mart, and only at Wal-Mart I saw something weird. All of the half Black half Red/Blue Spidermen were all black in the half and half package. They had the regular Black Suit Spiderman with the Sandman "break away wall" and web accessory, and Black Suit Spiderman with the hanging web accessory in the half and half package. Thinking this was a mistake, I turned the package over an it had a picture of B/RB Spidey, but an all Black in the package. There were 3 or 4 like that. Weird I say. Anybody else seen this?
  12. It's your call and I would be interested in some of those guys, but what I would do is pack them up and put them out of sight for a while. If you feel like your collection is lacking without them, and MLs just aren't in your heart anymore, go ahead and sell them. If you are hesitant at all, don't sell them right away, because you might regret it.
  13. I like the Sandman's different sand-hand attachments
  14. I think the Silver Centurion version looks good, but it doesn't have me roped in like the War Machine armor does.
  15. I like it and I think it shows alot of promise. It did what a trailer should do and made me really want to see the movie. I am looking forward to seeing this film. On a side note, I think Abomination looked great. Sure he doesn't look like the comic character, but there is no mistake that the creature is an abomination against God and nature.
  16. For me its hard to tell without a side-by-side, but are the villains much different than Hasbro's Spiderman Trilogy series? I know the Green Goblin has removable mask, but are there any paint/ sculpting differences? Thanks in advance
  17. Yeah I know its not perfect, but I really can't think of any other way to show her power. I would not make it clear clear, but only translucent in the same color as the rest of her. I thought of another multipack •William Stryker and Weapon X w/ pistol, walkie talkie, Weapon X helmet, and interchangeable clawed hands
  18. If I was in charge and had a say in the matter I would remove all movie figures from any ML line-up. While some people like them, I don’t think people should be forced to buy a figure that won’t fit in with the rest of their collection just to get a BAF piece. Movie figures just aren’t as popular as comic based ones. Therefore what I would do is form a separate line of only movie/ t.v. based figures. Since they more than likely would not sell very well at Wal-Mart or Target, I think they could be solicited to comic shops and specialty stores, much like DC Direct figures are. That way people who love movie toys can get their figures and people who only want comic toys would not be forced into buying figures outside their collection’s aesthetic. Plus it would be more profitable to the manufacturer to have these smaller, more specialized runs. Seems like everybody wins to me. Also, if there is a major movie coming out the manufacturer could make more kid-oriented toys based on the movie property and it would have no effect on the adult collector. I personally love movie figures. I guess the reason I like the movie versions so much is that they are so compatible. I do like comic toys, but there are so many versions that are artist specific that don't seem to fit in with other comic figures. However, I know most people don’t agree with me, which spawned this idea. I think I would name the line “Marvel Films,” or “Marvel Productions,” or something to that effect. Here is the line-up that I have been thinking of. I know some of these figures have already been made but some need to be updated with the current style of articulation or to lose their action features. Wave 1 • Daredevil w/ billy club, walking stick, and interchangeable Murdock head • X3 Storm w/ attachable lightning effects and soft goods cape • Johhny Blaze in Stunt Suit w/ racing helmet, cowboy hat, and cane • X3 Iceman w/ attachable ice effects (3 versions- 1 solid, 1 partially iced up, 1 fully iced up) • Final Battle Punisher w/ compound bow, rifle, pistol/ holster, and claymore mine Wave 2 • Mystique • X3 Pyro w/ attachable flame effects • Nick Fury (David Hasslehoff likeness) w/ rifle, pistol, and interchangeable eye-patch-less head • Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan likeness) w/ cane, martini glass, and rose • Bullseye w/ throwing stars • Nightcrawler in X-Uniform (2 versions, one solid and one translucent “teleporting” version) Wave 3 • Johnny Storm in FF Uniform with attachable flame effects • Ben Grimm “de-powered” in FF uniform • Shadowcat with Leech pack-in (2 versions, one solid, one translucent “phasing” version • Sabertooth w/ interchangeable growling head and soft goods overcoat • Lady Deathstrike w/ interchangeable clawed hands Wave 4 • Bruce Banner (Eric Bana likeness) w/ gamma ray device • Silver Surfer w/ Cosmic Board (2 versions, one shiny cosmic power version, one dull “powerless” version) • Elektra w/ 2 sais • X3 Final Battle Wolverine w/ interchangeable parts revealing Adamantium skeleton • Toad w/ slimeballs and steel pipe staff • X3 Rogue w/ interchangeable silver “Colossus deco” head/ hands, translucent “Shadowcat deco” head/ hands and “Iceman deco” clear head/ hands Wave 5 • Mephistopheles w/ cane • Caretaker (human form, Sam Elliot likeness) w/ shovel and Contract of San Vanganza • Dr. Doom w/ attachable lightning effects • X2 Jean Grey w/ attachable energy effects • Punisher (Dolph Lundgren likeness) • Man-Thing with a few skeleton accessories Multipack Ideas • David Bruce Banner and Hulk ( Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno likenesses) • Final Battle Daredevil and Kingpin (battle damaged versions) • The Hidden – Wallow, Gressil and Abigor • Prisoner Magneto and Professor Xavier, with non-magnetic wheelchair and chessboard I am very interested to hear other people’s thoughts on this but please, please don’t simply post only “movie figurez are the suck.” I know some people don’t like them, but please don’t turn this thread into a bashing figures one. If you don’t like movie figures that’s fine but let’s have a dialogue and not a rant.
  19. I actually did have a toga party shortly afterwards! @loll@
  20. Archer1120


    I'd like a decent movie version of Storm. I was a big fan of the cartoon, so the white costume is fine by me.
  21. Tell ya what: If you'll sign my petition for a Dolph Lundgren Punisher figure, I'll sign yours for a movie Man-Thing. Deal? You sir have a deal!
  22. I saw an hour and a half of the worst acting I have ever seen, nothing that resembled any sensible plot, and terrible CGI... but I would assume you saw differently. The Man-Thing on my shelf easily boasts one of the most detailed sculpts of ML, and looks like he stepped right out of the comics. Again, I'll assume you see it differently. I think we'll have to agree to disagree. I didn't say I liked the movie. In fact I didn't. What I was saying is that the movie Manthing is different enough from the comic version to have his own figure in a movie specific line. But I'll assume you think differently.
  23. Have you seen the movie Manthing? He looks downright creepy and frightening where the current ML does not. Oh how bout an attractive Mary Jane?
  24. I think they should launch a separate "Marvel Films" or "Marvel Productions" line. If they didn't sell well they could always market them towards the collector through online retailers and comic shops. I would love to see: The rest of the X-Team (Storm, Jean, Kitty a new Rogue) Bullseye Elektra (I would prefer her DD costume, but either is fine really) Kingpin Howard Saint The Russian A new Dardevil (with articulation this time!) Manthing Mephisto
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