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  1. GASP! Real proof that Vector and Espio are out! I WILL NOT REST UNTIL THEY ARE MINE
  2. Why are all the heads taken off? That makes for a strange look at the figures. And on second thought, those Emeralds do look quite good. The Orange Emeralds fits in rather nicely, despite looking similar to the Yellow.
  3. Sheesh. I'm gone for a week and this happens. 3" Riders Sonic and Jet? Yay! Super pack is out? Yay again! But after seeing those pictures....... i'm a bit disappointed. VERY SMALL BUT STILL ANNOYING RANT INCOMING! The Chaos Emeralds are too big! And they're in the classic colors! And Super Sonic, where did that eye-ridge come from? That wasn't on any other pictures! It makes him look evil or something! VERY SMALL BUT STILL ANNOYING RANT OVER The other 2 are fine though. And i'm still gonna get it. But those Chaos Emeralds really bug me. They look like recolors of the Toy Island ones. Knowing Jazwares they'll probably have a running change variant with correctly-colored Emeralds and no eye-ridge, and then all the people who bought it on sight (Like I plan on doing) will be angry and reluctantly buy another one, and Jazwares will laugh at us.
  4. Red Sonic? No Shadow?! Dear good gravy how did they miss that one? That totally looks like a test. I mean, cube level? Sonic recolor? No way they would actually do that! Its like a fan character in a real game! Its just not right!
  5. Buy it buy it! Its worth every penny! The packaging is also very cool. Im tempted to keep it, and maybe use it for some scenes..... Another transformers fan eh? Well, WFC Prime is one of my favorite deluxes of all time. The day you get him is something to look forward to
  6. My pleasure. Picture taking is fun
  7. His coat detail Sonic getting beat up And a group shot of every 3" guy so far! There you go! An extensive gallery of Dr Eggman/Robotnik. Did anyone notice my Sonic has open hands?
  8. Ok heres the gallery! (Ignore the transformers in the background) Heres Robotnik, Metal Sonic, and Sonic Heres a closeup of Robotnik Closeup of his face
  9. Yeah a lot more accurate than some of the transformers bios that you see these days. Those are just useless. And by the way i got Metal Sonic's joints moving and i have to say he's incredible! He's as detailed as the 10" Metal, but in 3" scale! He's still pretty fragile though. Both hands broke off and i had to superglue them on. They don't move anymore but he can still get a lot of cool poses @BleachXVizard; SuperSawnyc beat me to the bios. And once i find the camera, i'll take some shots of Eggman for ya. They should be up sometime tomorrow. EDIT: Found the camera! I'll get the pictures up as soon as i can
  10. The bios are awesome i think (If anyone cant read them i could post them up for ya). Metal's bio is perfect and Eggman's bio is funny (ROLY-POLY). The only mistake i see is; "Dr Eggman: Also known as Dr Robotnik". It should've been the other way around
  11. Flimsy plastic. Its still a cool display piece though.
  12. Eh. I couldnt find the camera anyways.But let me say a few things, this set is worth it for Eggman alone. Him and Silver are my favorite 3" guys so far. Metal on the other hand..... couldve been better. Hes entirely made of soft, rubbery plastic and has impossibly tight joints. But i remember the whole "Jazwares Metal Sonic trade-in" thing, so if mine ever breaks, i have insurance. And no SuperSawnyc, Eggman has no stand. Metal does. Even though Metal can stand on his own, and Eggman is a little backheavy
  13. GUYS! I just found the Metal/Eggman pack! Its out! I'll have pics up real soon
  14. I agree with Superchaos. When the camera is behind Sonic it makes you feel like the whole game is about speed and no adventuring fun. The Sonic Adventure games were all about adventuring fun. Thats why they were called Sonic ADVENTURE. Hurry up Sega! Sure Sonic Colors is gonna rock, and Sonic 4 looks awesome too, but what we really want is Sonic Adventure 3!
  15. Sonic Colors: Its Sonic Unleashed with more control over Sonic, no Werehog, and with more adventure. In other words, a good-looking game
  16. Item capsules! Yes! Anything i could use to make my own action stage is awesome
  17. Build your own Emerl? If there was a build your own Emerl that would probably lower our chances of getting a Gemerl. And there would be too many Emerl variants floating around. Build your own Emerl works very good in Sonic Battle, but maybe not as good toy-wise.
  18. Allright Emerl's at the top of my list now. Next time theres a Q&A I'm gonna ask about him. Maybe if Emerl gets made theres a chance we could get Gemerl too. It would be so cool to pose them fighting each other!
  19. Oooooh how about THIS GUY EMERL! The Chaos Emerald-absorbing lovable death machine from Sonic Battle! He would make a GREAT 3" toy! Especially for Sonic Battle fans (Like me)
  20. I love my Joyride Sonic! I played with him so much his arms started breaking (I guess thats why bendys never really caught on). Hes currently hanging out on my desk with Black Knight Sonic, 10" Metal, and Metal Juvi. I just wish i had the Shadow to go along with him. And as for the suggestion box, I LOVE IT. That would work like a charm and wed get so much new figures. I know id suggest an Egg Pawn, Soap Shoes Sonic, Mephiles (Crystal form. Not boring Shadow-recolor form), maybe some GUN robos, and... and..... Neo Metal Sonic! Yeah
  21. Crud. I kinda wanted that set, but 60 is just too much. Although, using the power of math (!) i have concluded that there are 6 figures and the set is $60, so that would mean that each figure would be about $10 on its own. That seems worth it. I MUST HAVE THAT CUTSEY METAL SONIC
  22. I love the Soap shoes so much ive even tried getting some for myself . And i could use a new Sonic. Theres something wrong with my Sonics legs. And I think they shouldnt limit themselves to GUN robos. How about they also make Egg Pawns, Kikis, and the entire E-series from SA1. Heck they need to make some more villans. So far theyres Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and a whole lot more against..... Eggman and Metal Sonic. Thats it. Some badnicks would really even the playing field
  23. Man you guys love SA2. Maybe Jamaro will see how much we love it and maybe, just maybe, Jazwares will make a City Escape playset with Soap shoes Sonic! Id be all over that! Id also be all over a 3" scale Biolizard for Shadow to fight. Or Tails with his Cyclone. Or some GUN drones. Or something awesome that says "IM FROM SONIC ADVENTURE 2. BUY ME AND LOVE ME"
  24. Yes! Super pack is gonna be awesome! Eggman/Metal pack is, well we cant see it very well. And 10 inch Sonic? He looks like he was just tossed there. Too bad we dont get a clear look at his face. But hey, the Super pack and Eggman/Metal pack were in package. Seems like theyll be out soon.... Yes! Sonic Adventure 2 is #1! It was the perfect mix of speed and platforming. And it wasnt too fast like that speed demon Sonic Unleashed.
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