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  1. Hey everybody, Silver and Blaze's new voices are here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES2FJ5D1MCY Personally, I think that Silver sounds like his old voice, but less annoying. And Blaze more or less sounds the same. So now we've heard every new voice (Unless i'm forgetting someone, which i'm pretty sure i'm not)! The only new voices i don't like are Amy and Jet. Jet sounds even more annoying than his old voice, and Amy just doesn't sound right. But i'll get used to 'em eventually. Other than that I think they're all great!
  2. New Big voice? Huh. Wonder why he wasn't in team rose instead of Vector. That would have made a lot more sense. He may be too fat for a board but they could stick him on a motorcycle with a sidecar for Froggy
  3. I dont know if anyones seen these yet but, NEW VOICES FOR CHARACTERS OTHER THAN SONIC AND TAILS! Here is Sonic's new voice, Tails' new voice, Knuckles' new voice, Wave, Storm, Jet, Amy, Cream, Vector, Shadow, Rouge and Omochao. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akK4huA6su4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kSr1DHk03I Personally, I think that Sonic Tails and Knuckles have the best new voices. Shadow's is growing on me, Storm sounds pretty much the same, Wave is a little better, Jet somehow managed to get MORE annoying, Amy is.... unusual, to say the least. Cream sounds really little, Vector sounds kinda strange, and Rouge is radically different, but not all that bad. Omochao sounds like an Omochao. Need I say more?
  4. Big was $15 bucks. Which seems like more than it should be, especially considering he doesn't have a fishing pole, and the drumstick-esque Froggy
  5. Ok I took some pictures, but I didn't realize how, err... shaky, they were until they were on my computer. Still, I think they're good enough. Big the Cat! Blurry face closeup SHAKY WARNING Big has excellent articulation. To be specific; his head, arms, elbows, hands, feet, and tail all swivel. SHAKY WARNING All 3 Bigs side by side. Left-to-right; Resaurus Big (Knock-Off), Jazwares Big (The best by far!), ToyIsland Big (Sonic X is ToyIsland right?) Froggy. The camera really didn't want to focus on him. Hard to see, but he has the same great detail we've come to expect from Jazwares. But paint aside, Froggy is, essentially... A drumstick. I'd compare with ToyIsland Froggy, but he mysteriously disappeared. The playable cast of Sonic Adventure, together again! left-to-right; Knuckles, E-102 Gamma (The real one), Sonic, Big, Amy, Tails And every Jazwares Sonic guy so far (I threw Gamma in just because he's awesome)! There's now... too many to list. Also, you can see that Big has a fishing pole! With a big of fudging, you can get him to hold ToyIsland Big's fishing pole. And it's a pretty perfect size for him. So, what do you guys think? Maybe not good enough for Sonic Gear, but still good shots.
  6. Ahem... If anyone didn't notice, I OWN 3" BIG THE CAT. Anyone want pictures? I would gladly take pictures if anyone wants me to. And not to be a Swindle or anything, but if anyone wanted Vector from the comic pack, I have one on ebay. Starting at $5 bucks. Here's the link if anyone cares. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280583565921#ht_742wt_82 Also, on the topic of voice actors, Sonic and Tails sound great! Sonic sounds like a cartoon character, and this is the best Tails voice since Sonic Heroes! I can't wait to hear the rest of the cast!
  7. Hey people! My brother went to toys r us... and found Big! He is near-perfect (Wheres the fishing pole?) and easily the largest 3" guy to date. I could post some comparison pictures if anyone wants. On the darker side, I got the Vector/Espio pack, and my Espio is junk. Luckily Vector was fine, but i'm looking to take advantage of this 50% off sale to get a new Espio.
  8. Well, yeah Mijumaru is really huggable. I'm gonna get my brother to trade me one before he gets too into the game. And when I was a kid, I wanted a gamecube just so I could get Sonic Adventure... then I found it for PC at Marshalls. I was so flipping excited! Then I played it, and loved it, and when I eventually did get a gamecube, I got Sonic Adventure again. Because its so cool its worth buying twice, and now three times when I eventually get it on PS3
  9. And super poser Tails is out? Interesting that we haven't seen any pictures yet
  10. Well, seeing as how we've got Sonic Adventure on PSN and XBLA now, I say it's high time for Gamma, Tikal, and Chaos. That'd be nice advertisement for the game. They could slap some stickers on the packaging that says something like; "As seen in Sonic Adventure! Now on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade." I'd be all over that! And if they sell well maybe they could also make Pahacamac or the other E-series bots. Now who wouldn't want Beta MKII? Also, I got Sonic Unleashed yesterday. I only have one thing to say..... YES
  11. GASP! He looks even better from that angle! I want him so badly! Pokemon Black FTW! Im so totally psyched! I just wish Nintendo would hurry up and reveal some American names already. I cant go on saying Tsutarja and Wargle all my life can I?
  12. HOLY FLIPPING WHEE. I DO WANT. You see, 3" Sonic looked exactly like Sonic Unleashed. But this guy.... this guy looks like Sonic Adventure! Yes!
  13. Holy flipping sweet! Nice job! It looks almost exactly like the jazwares prototype! I wish i had one of those. How did you get Sonic to stand without a stand? In other news, i found no Espio/Vector pack. I doubt my toys r us will get them until they somehow lose that endless wall of Sonic/Amy packs. In other non-Sonic news, i didnt find MP Grimlock either, but i just got him off ebay for 60 bucks! Score!
  14. So they will both come with their boards and have goggles. AWESOME. It's too bad there may not be a Wave and Storm though. Riders Sonic with sunglasses?! SWEET! I may have found a suitable replacement for my Sonic. And by the way im going to toys r us soon to (Hopefully) find Vector and Espio. Wish me luck!
  15. Yeah, heh heh. Sorry bout that. I could make them smaller if you want
  16. And 2 last pictures. For laughs. My desk, where most of my non-3" Sonic guys go, and have to hang out with a group of other random action figures. Also Sonic and Super Sonic showing off their posing skills. Thats all my pictures Yeah the joints. I haven't gotten around to fixing those yet, but i surely will some time soon. And the size, too big? I can fix that. But you know, for me they show up as thumbnails and enlarge when i click on them. Are you seeing the whole full-size pictures? Or do you just want them smaller?
  17. Now for the big battle. The Super fight w/ flash is supposed to make them look like they're glowing with chaos energy This really makes me wish Amy had a hammer
  18. You have watched and waited. You have begged and pleaded. You have asked me. And here they are! Pictures! I'm trying out my new camera so they might not be the best, but hey, theyre pictures. I'll start with the Supers.... Notice Super Sonic's brighter shoes
  19. Ok. I interpret that as; A group shot of all the 3" guys Pictures of all the detail on the Supers and their Emeralds Comparisons of the Supers and their regular forms A super special awesome battle scene A picture of my Sonic shelf And does that all sound good? Any other requests? EDIT: I'll get taking pics tomorrow. Expect awesomeness
  20. I love taking pictures! What would you like to see? Group shots, detail shots, comparison shots, or all 3? Thats because i have esp
  21. Success! I found a good super pack! Time for a verbal review! Sonic: The best of the bunch, Super Sonic is incredible. The eye-ridge is actually very cool looking, and helps to differentiate him from regular Sonic. He is perfect. His only problems are quality control, and i fixed most of them already. Silver: Silver is awesome. His spikes and chest hair are both angled up, and his colors are great. His forehead spikes are the same, and his shoe bottoms arent painted, but those are the only flaws. Shadow: Super Shadow is super cool! His yellow fur is similar to Silver, but Shadow's is a little less pale. His shoe bottoms are white, which isnt especially accurate but looks really cool. He does have black glove cuffs, which is more accurate than regular Shadow. The Chaos Emeralds are better than i thought they would be. I realized that if they were in scale with the figures, they would be too small. The classic colored ones (Orange and Pink) are not all that bad. Obviously id prefer current colors but these are fine. The Supers all have stands. And overall, this is a great set that everyone should buy! I could take pictures if anyone wants me to
  22. So...... i found the super pack. But i didnt buy it because the 2 that were there both had crap paint applications. AAARGH! I also saw a badly packaged Eggman/Metal pack, and an ASR Sonic really badly posed and with his head floating around in the box. Nice job with the quality control jazwares. Keep up the nonexistent good work
  23. A HA! Now i see the problem! Super Sonic has an eye-ridge. Super Silver does not. In the games, Silver has an eye-ridge, and so does his regular 3" toy. So it seems like the paint applications for their eyes got switched somehow. But this doesnt bother me a whole lot. Aaaaaaand its in Washington! Whoo!
  24. Invisible Espio? I dont remember him being confirmed. Sweet!
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