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  1. “Bring home the adventure and thrills of Jurassic World Dominion with this pack” from a different movie… Great looking set. My son will love it!
  2. They have said before that the smaller characters and humans will come with folded wings.
  3. Loot crate 2 was supposed to be shipped a while ago, but there was this pandemic thing that kinda delayed a lot of stuff.
  4. I can see Lexington coming with a set of wings for Brooklyn or Broadway. With their recent reveal of a Gremlins accessory pack, though, I don’t think a wing pack would be out of the question.
  5. I wonder why the April that WAS released isn’t pictured. Also, the three pack of mousers.
  6. I've recently added small magnets to the feet of most of my figures (I have a few left to do still, just haven't gotten around to it), so now the holes in the feet make no difference to me. I'm debating on putting magnets in the bases as well, so I can still use those, or just getting rid of them completely and lay down a strip of metal.
  7. I hate the miis as well. I think because the body is too simple or the fact that they're pretty much pointless. I dislike how much they rely on the gimmick of the controller. Zelda did a good job of incorporating the motion controls without relying too much on it.
  8. Systems owned/were in my household: *edit* can't see the bottom of this post to put this edit there, but I totally forgot the N64 *edit* Atari (yeah, I'm that oldschool) Sega Master System Sega Genesis Sets Gamegear Nintendo Gameboy Super Nintendo Nintendo Gamecube Nintendo Gameboy Color Nintendo Gameboy Advance Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP Nintendo DS Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo DSi Nintendo Wii xBox xBox 360 Playstation Playstation 2 I think that's pretty much it. I started to put them in order, but I forgot one and I'm typing this on my phone so I can't go back to the top. On a side note, does anyone remember Sega Channel? That thing was awesome!
  9. I don't see why Sonic fans need a name. There's lots of groups that don't have a label. What are Mario fans called? What are Metroid fans called? What are Stargate fans called? Also, you don't like freedom fighters because it alienates some fans that don't follow the comic, but fan-niks does just the same. If I was a fan of just the newest Sonic cartoon, that term wouldn't really apply to me as none ofthe enemies in that series are referred to as bad-niks. Just my opinion, though.
  10. Most likely they are waiting for toyfair. There always seems to be a lack of info from all companies around this time of year because they're all saving the good stuff for toyfair.
  11. I'm sure you're not a professional editor or anything like that, I just thought it was funny that you made almost the same mistake that Jazwares did in the post knocking Jazwares about it. With that said, I completely agree. There's been a few times that I thought something was nifty but I ended up not buying it because something was misspelled or the grammar was way off. If the company can't even get simple errors like that fixed, what's it say about their quality control on the actual product (in this case, I think we know the answer...).
  12. Excellent job! That's the Link figure I've always wished to have.
  13. Other than the hands (simple fix) I think I like the new Tails better. Thanks for sharing.
  14. As I said, my Amy Rose had the same issue with the legs. Worse, actually. So it's not that quality control is dropping, but it's definately not getting much better.
  15. I can't take pictures, as all I have is an iPhone and poor lighting, but I will post a small review of the figures. Sonic The figure is the same mold, as far as I can tell, as the regular Sonic figure, aside from the shoes and hands. The head has two small holes on either side that his goggles peg into. I was a bit dissapointed that they could not be positioned over his eyes. The blue is a shinier blue than the original Sonic and his arms are molded from the same but painted. I don't understand why they didn't just use the flesh colored plastic for his arms and mouth, but they didn't. Jet Not too much to say about this figure in general. The sculpt is great, but I've never played any of the hover board games, so I don't have much first hand knowledge on the figure. His goggles fit nicely over his eyes, but, like Sonic, they are not made to be positioned in that way. The strap plugs in to two small holes in the back of the head on either side of his feathers. Paint Paint is too horrible. Sonics stomach is painted within the lines, but not to the line. Jets chest and glove cuffs have bleeding and his shoe details are within the line, but again, not to the line. Boards The boards look alright in general. The tops have a sticker decal and two large pegs for each foot. The pegs are probably about four times as big as the other figures, so it provides great support. The bottom of the boards have wheels which is nice in concept. The figures are top heavy as we're all used to, so they have to be leaning forward a good amount to balance on their boards. I would have preferred no wheels or at least clear wheels. Joints The arms are tight enough, but both figures hips are loose and if you swing the figure from the head, their legs will swing back and forth freely. My Amy Rose figure suffers from this same issue. Standing on their boards makes it not so bad, but if you find a stance you like, the figure will most likely bend either forward or back at the hips and you'll lose that specific stance. Gloves Just wanted to note that the gloves have a seam around the thumb and along the sides of all the fingers just like real gloves. Thought it was a nice touch and I don't recall seeing it on any of the previous figures. If anyone has specific questions on either figure, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.
  16. The message also said "of following" instead of "or following" so it was probably just typed up in a hurry and whoever wrote didn't bother checking on the specifics.
  17. I can't believe my luck. So the plan for the day was to stop off at Jareds, pick up the necklace I ordered for my girl, and then stop by Toys R Us and get wrapping paper. I figured Toys R Us, cause then I could check out what Sonic figures they had. Get to Jareds, they show me the necklace, looks nice, but it's pink sapphire and it's supposed to be blue sapphire. The guy was really nice and I know it's not his fault, but he said he'd get it taken care of and the new one should be in by Friday. I was really hoping to finish up all my shopping for Christmas and the necklace was the last, so I felt fairly defeated as I left and debated heavily if I wanted to just go home. I figured I'll still stop and get the wrapping paper, since I need it anyway, but I'll probably just run in and out. Once inside, however, I might as well stop by the Sonic aisle, even though there's not going to be anything the anyway... Took a quick glance, there's only two single pack figures on the shelf, one in front of the other, the first one being Sonic. Great, what a waste of time. On closer inspection, I realized it was Sonic... with a board! I think my heart literally stopped for a second as I slowly pulled it down to see what was behind him. Jet the Hawk. Needless to say, I snatched them up rather quickly and hoofed it to the check out. Normally, I get new figures about a month after the first post on here saying they've been spotted. FYI, Fairview Heights, IL, about 20 minutes from St. Louis.
  18. Dragonball Z was awesome at first, but it quickly got repetitive with everyone just staring at each other and powering up. Picolo was the bomb, though.
  19. I picked big up a day or so ago. There was two to choose from. One had a sloppy painted eye, kinda looked like he had cataracts. That was the only problem I saw between the two as far as QC goes. The only problem I have with the figure is the fact that the joint pegs in his elbows are molded in the light purple, but are located within the dark purple stripe.
  20. I hate to say anything about other peoples customizing skills, but it really annoys me when they really don't have skills and are still trying to play it off. I've seen a lot of customs that totally sucked, but simply because the guy said it was his first try it's all good. I can't believe this guy actually tries to sell his crap.
  21. I've never played the games (aside from a demo) or read the comics, but I have always thought the design of the birds was really sleek. I hope the others eventually come out. And I also hope the addition of goggles signifies the possible inclusion of other accessories in the future.
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