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  1. Stuporpowers1980 foolishly wrote: VH does not post cartoons. Show me proof. You're just a racist.
  2. Stuporpowers1980 wrote: On the contrary, little boy. I hated Secret Wars - the comic and the toys! As usual, you make an assumption and an ass of yourself. Yeah, that's why so much of it is devoted to Lincoln. Run along little boy. You're not old enough to talk with the grown ups. I hear mommy calling you. It's time for your monthly bath.
  3. Stuporpowers1980 wrote: Quiet boy. The adults are talking and they don't want to hear you babbling in the background. Off to your room!
  4. Stuporpowers1980 wrote: Run along now little boy. The adults are busy and we tire of hearing you squeal when we step on your toes while you grovel at our feet. Go play with your ugly Superpowers toys like a good little boy. Off with you now! Shoooo!
  5. Mastakilla wrote: Run along little boy. The adults are trying to talk amongst themselves and we tire of hearing you squeal when we step on your fingers and toes as you grovel on the floor at our feet. Run along now and go look for your daddy.
  6. Yeah, it's hard to top Lincoln, although I think Obama is the greatest threat to Lincoln's dubious honor. For a great book on Lincoln and what a scumbag he was, check out a book called "America's Caesar". Not sure of the author at the moment.
  7. Thing, you have to excuse Stuporpowers1980. He's the kid who always finishes last in the Special Olympics, and yet his coach pats him on the back and tells him what a great job he did. And so he really thinks his opinion means something. Sad how we pump up the egos of the lowliest members of our society, huh?
  8. Viper Hunter wrote: What I mean is, Obama hates the concept of America, the concept of God given rights, of small government, of equal opportunity (he believes in enforced equal outcome), of a country by, of and for the people. He believes America is a spiteful, racist state that keeps the black man down, that suppresses rights, that does wrong in the world. His ugly baboon wife has publicly admitted that the first time she was proud of her country was when Obama got elected. What, she wasn't proud that he had the freedom to live anywhere he wanted, that he had the freedom to go to school wherever he wanted, that he had the freedom to run for office in the Senate? No, because she and her idiot husband both believe America is a racist state. It's what happens when you grow up tutored by depraved Muslims, demented socialists, and radical terrorists. That would definitely describe the (illegal) mass migration crowd from Mexico. Yeah, Obama is about as American and Christian as I am Iranian and Muslim. You're right, he wants to destroy capitalism. It's unfair and racist, remember? He wants to spread the wealth. I told everyone about the problems we'd have with Obama if he got elected and everyone jumped down my throat for being a "racist" until I threw it in their face "Then why would I vote for Alan Keyes, who is truly black and not just half black (ie Obama), over a white guy who's all white (ie McCain)?". So they shut up. Now, everything I predicted about Obama is coming true, and when these friends and acquaintances come crying about Obama, the economy, etc, I tell them "Well you were too goddamned lazy to get off your fat ass and look at his record, don't come crying to me now! Enjoying all that hope and change you foolishly voted for?". Needless to say, they hang their heads in shame.
  9. Those two, along with Arrow and now Eldestson, prove my point that ignorance and arrogance are directly proportional. All they do is launch personal attacks, lies, and stupid insults about daddy and anal fetishes. It's because they cannot face others in honest debate. Gotta at least give Mastakilla credit for having the balls, if not the brains, to engage me. That's more than I can say for Arrow, Stuporpowers1980, etc. I love it when they post stupid cartoons. You don't see me or Viper Hunter posting idiotic cartoons and pictures. But, whatever helps them endure the meaningless existences they live, more power to them!
  10. Agreed, Viper Hunter. I had to put in that final dismissal on the other thread about Muslims because I wanted to point out how lowly and unworthy Mastakilla is of engaging me in discussion. From now on I'm just dismissing him and Stuporpowers. It's like "run along little boys, Professor Orion has no time for your stupidity".
  11. Mastakilla, you're a waste of life. I just shot down your entire lame attempt at "refuting" my claims about Islam on the other post. You've proven yourself a totally uneducated ignoramus. Go prowl the ghetto that spawned you and spend your time looking for the daddy you never knew and always obsess about. There's nothing left to say to you. You're literally just too stupid to waste time on.
  12. Jesus H Christ! I exceeded the number of reply quotes so i had to chop my reply into 4 or 5 parts. Someone fix that function!
  13. And if they go gay bashing they're punished. Duh! Think again, ignoramus. The US is not a theocracy and people are not tried by Christian law but by secular law. The more you talk, the more you prove yourself a drooling, ignorant fool. And as we can all clearly see, you're wrong once more. The fact that you use the word "tolerant" tells me you're too stupid to talk to about this. Our American government is not "tolerant" of any religion, because it has no authority to be intolerant of any religion! We have absolute, inalienable rights to religious freedom here in America. In a few Muslim countries where there is any non-Islamic religion, those religions are tolerated by their government because government has power to legislate religion. tolerate - to allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference. Get a clue, fool. Really? In what century? Really? In what century? I went to Catholic school and I was a real firebrand. I never got corporal punishment for criticizing or questioning Catholicism and I did it all the time! If I'm not mistake, corporal punishment is not allowed in schools, Catholic or otherwise. And finally, criticizing Jesus will not get you imprisoned or deported. You once again fail. There is no "new argument" except in your own f*cked up head. I never equated democracy with freedom. Get off your fat lazy ass and Google "Turkey genocide". The Foreign Minister of Turkey admitted there is no religious freedom there. Non-Muslims face job discrimination and harassment. The Human Rights Council cites many violations of freedom. What part of this does not register in that pile of sh*t you call a brain? On the contrary, you have refuted nothing and proven by your horrible lack of logic, your considerable and numerous misspellings, your poor grammar and your inability to even grasp the argument that you are a ghetto school drop out, with maybe a 7th grade eduction in remedial ed. If that. I have cited unimpeachable sources that you chose to ignore, proving once more that you're just a typical loud mouth idiot with no brains. You have refuted not one thing I have stated. You have proven not one point you've tried to make. You have in fact agreed with me on many of my claims. So therefore you have lost. Stop beating yourself up trying to upstage your superiors. To me you're an earthworm. I won't waste any more time slapping you down. It would be beating a dead horse. Now run along, little boy. Professor Orion is tired of excoriating you for the class. This isn't supposed to be a dissection class, but rather a political one.
  14. Get off your lazy ass and check the CIA Factbook. I'm the professor here, you're the dumbass student. You don't question my authority. I tell you where to do research, you go do it if you want to learn something and shed yourself of your immense ignorance. Fairly liberal laws for a Muslim state, yes. But very restrictive compared to truly free countries. Once again you refute nothing. While Qatar generally shies away from carrying out the death penalty for apostasy, the law still exists and you can indeed be put to death for leaving Islam. The very fact that the law allows for it induces fear of doing so, which means it is not freedom. Non-Muslims are forced to be submitted in part to Sharia religious law, which means it it not religious freedom (ie the state can impose its official religion over yours). Whether I can afford to live there is irrelevant and refutes none of my claims. And you'd be surprised what I can afford. Once again, far from refuting me, you have agreed to my point! Slavery exists in UAE. You have admitted slavery exists in the UAE. Therefore you have admitted that I am right and that there is a lack of freedom in the UAE. Slavery and freedom are mutually exclusive states. You are an idiot! A typically stupid insult that only shows your own obsession with anal sex and bestiality (which you're also too stupid to spell correctly). If a country can deport you or jail you for homosexuality, that is not a free or tolerant nation. That cannot happen here in America. The military rule is separate from the civilian rule so that means nothing to our discussion. Once again you refute nothing.
  15. Far from refuting me, you just agree with me, you silly fool! If you cannot build a place of worship, you do not have religious freedom. If your religious printed material is censored by the government, that is not freedom of religion. If you cannot proselytize, that is not freedom of religion. Kuwait fulfills those criteria, therefore there is no freedom of religion in Kuwait. So once again, you agreed with me and have not refuted me, because what I state is fact and not opinion and therefore not open to refutation. Yes, and if you had any clue about it and weren't a total ignoramus, you'd understand the difference. Our entire country is based on Christian ideals, but we do not use religious law, which is what Sharia is. I can dumb it down for you this way...in order for your equivocation of Sharia law in Kuwait and Christian values in America to be true, we would have to have laws saying "an eye for an eye" and advocating killing people for working on the Sabbath. We do not. Therefore your equivocation is erroneous and easily shot down. Once more you have refuted nothing. Wrong again! Public schools in America cannot and do not teach Christianity. You're so stupid you cannot even form sentences in the English language. It's the "dominant" religion, not the "dominate" religion. Go back to school. Once again, your claim is totally false and you have refuted nothing. Wrong once again. In America we do not prohibit the building of religious buildings or places of worship like they do in Kuwait. In America we do not censor religious publications. In America we do not prohibit proselytizing. You are wrong, as usual, and have refuted nothing. Income and literacy have nothing to do with the discussion as those things have nothing to do with freedom and tolerance, nor have I ever disputed their wealth or literacy, so this is an irrelevant claim that has nothing to do with the discussion and refutes nothing. Not like here. If you cannot see the difference between religious freedom here and religious "freedom" in Kuwait, then you're even more stupid than I give you credit for. We have true freedom of religion here. In Kuwait, you get only those religious freedoms allowed by the government, and they have control of religion. Duh! You're an ignoramus. They just set aside an outdoor area for Army members who are Wiccan in order to accomodate their religious freedoms. I don't have an immediate link to the article nor do I feel any need to provide one. It's fact. The US government condemns no one to hell for being Wiccan or even a Satanist. You are once again grossly ignorant of what goes on in your own backyard. You're clearly insane, Bizarro. In most Muslim countries, Christians have no rights and do not respect the rights of others to worship. Go try bringing some Bibles and proselytizing in Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. Christianity tolerates everyone. Muslims are even allowed in Rome.
  16. Since Mastakilla threw his hat in the ring again, I'll step on it only to show why he's so ignorant and not intelligent enough to be worthy of discussing this with me. An irrelevant and at the same time erroneous statement. I never asked to show me a democratic Muslim state, nor do I equate democracy with freedom. There's ar eason our Founding Fathers have us a republic and not a democracy. So, your opening statement already shows you're not intelligent enough to talk to me about this. Another lie as usual. I changed nothing about my original statement. It still stands unchanged. You are the only dimwit who believes it was changed. Just because I disagree with Dr. Pipes on one particular issue does not mean the guy is not a very reputable source. The fact that you denounce him as an unreliable source proves both your ignorance and your stupidity, to say nothing of your supreme arrogance. Bottom line, you're too damned stupid to talk to me about this. Translation into plain English: "I can't refute any of Orion's points, so I'll just make vague claims and pretend I've refuted something while everyone can see I have not." Another idiotic and absurd claim that shows your ignorance of pretty much the entire world. The Emir has vastly more power to dissolve the government than we do here. Voting and other issues do not make a country "free and tolerant", neither does having a democracy. The so-called Palestinians got to vote, and they are not free or tolerant. You've refuted nothing. And if he doesn't like it, he can just dissolve it for no reason. You've refuted nothing. Besides, none of that is relevant to whether or not Kuwait is a free, tolerant Muslim nation.
  17. Ganesh wrote: I hope you're right. I agree too, that I'd hate an earth-bound GL. Not so much hating it or making up my mind ahead of time. More like lowering my expectations. The only superhero movie since Batman (1966) that I've really, really liked is Iron Man (first one only). All the rest have sucked, and they've ruined Thor and Captain America, so I can only hope that GL is great, because he's one of my favorite DC heroes. It's why I still insist that the only way I can get a truly faithful and truly well done superhero movie is to do one myself. I think it is a leap, since there was really only one alien race in the movie. You got me there! I'll take 50 new and different GL characters over yet another string of Batmen and Supermen in ugly variant costumes!
  18. Someone needs to confine Mastakilla to the ghetto that spawned him. Hey, if he can post racist crap, so can I.
  19. Viper Hunter wrote: I think you defied him perfectly! That is exactly his mentality! He and Stuporpowers are not even good trolls. They're boring, repetitive trolls that recycle the same stupid nonsense over and over and over like a broken record. Now that we've proven that neither of them is intelligent enough to engage in actual debate, there's no sense in even answering their claims. Note how Mastakilla tucked his tail and ran on the issue of tolerant, free Muslim states. I've had that debate many times before, often with highly intelligent people, and they all had to cede victory to me because they could not prove me wrong and came to their senses. Mastakilla probably heard that UAE and Qatar are rich Muslim states and assumed rich people are gonna be tolerant and free, when that is provably untrue. So he spewed out a few countries he thought I would choke on, and instead I laughed when I saw his list because he picked every state I thought he would except Bahrain. He was, of course, doomed to fail because it didn't matter what muslim nation he picked. The minute one claims there is a peaceful, tolerant, freedom-loving Muslim nation, one loses the debate by default because there are no such places. They're like the two class clowns of the site, always willing to come back and make fools of themselves even though they get slapped down every time. Hmmm. Maybe masochism is another one of their joint malfunctions!
  20. Side note: Guys just let's not water this down to a black vs. white thing. Let's just talk about which president was worst and why. Anyway, Viper Hunter wrote: I beg to differ. Obama hates America! He's a socialist who was raised by America-hating muslims, America-hating black racists/radicals, America -hating socialists/terrorists, America-hating black supremists. His comments and his wife's comments ("This is the first time I'm proud of my country") and his constant criticism of America while on foreign soil (reason enough to get his ass out of office) show his hatred not only for whites (of that there can be no doubt), but of America itself. He's the first president I can think of that truly hates America and what it stands for an believes he can make it better in his image. There's that old messiah complex again!
  21. Destro wrote: Here are some quotes right from Lincoln's mouth: "I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races - that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything." "...notwithstanding all this, there is no reason in the world why the negro is not entitled to all the rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence--the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I hold that he is as much entitled to these as the white man. I agree with Judge Douglas that he is not my equal in many respects, certainly not in color--perhaps not in intellectual and moral endowments; but in the right to eat bread without leave of anybody else which his own hand earns, he is my equal and the equal of Judge Douglas and the equal of every other man." "But for your race among us there could not be war, although many men engaged on either side do not care for you one way or the other. Nevertheless, I repeat, without the institution of Slavery and the colored race as a basis, the war could not have an existence [blame the victim]. "It is better for us both, therefore, to be separated. ...I suppose one of the principal difficulties in the way of colonization is that the free colored man cannot see that his comfort would be advanced by it. You may believe you can live in Washington or elsewhere in the United States the remainder of your life, perhaps more so than in any foreign country, and hence you have come to the conclusion that you have nothing to do with the idea of going to a foreign country. This is (I speak in no unkind sense) an extremely selfish view of the case" So yeah, he definitely wanted to free the slaves and ship them back to Africa. He did't want them in mixed society, and he definitely considered them racial inferiors, though he wasn't a rdical racist. It's not surprising that you didn't know that he did not free the slaves in the North. Even when I was a kid, the myth of the "Great Emancipator" was pushed on us, and who were we to question it? But that's what he did. People tend to consider Jan. 1, 1863 as the Emancipation of the Slaves but that only applied to the south. In the north, they were not declared free until Dec. 18, 1865, when the Thirteenth Amendment was ratified. In fact, what Lincoln did, freeing the southern slaves was one of his most vile and unconstitutional acts. Though the concept is reprehensible to most people today, slaves at that time were indeed private property, and what Lincoln did was overstep any constitutional power he had and seized private property. It would be as if Obama today ruled "No one in the southern states can own cars" while allowing cars to be owned in the northern states. Most people don't realize that the Civil War had little to do with slavery and everything to do with having a republic and the right of states to secede. The south was considering gradually doing away with slavery anyway, and would have, given more time. When the Federal government under Lincoln pushed the issue, the southern states began to rumble about secession. Lincoln denied them their constitutional rights and started a civil war. Slavery was not the cause, just the window dressing. Which was a very, very bad thing indeed. Lincoln should have been impeached and hung, not necessarily in that order.
  22. God bless these construction workers! Patriotic Construction Workers Refuse to Build Mosque A growing number of New York construction workers are vowing not to work on the mosque planned near Ground Zero. "It's a very touchy thing because they want to do this on sacred ground," said Dave Kaiser, 38, a blaster who is working to rebuild the World Trade Center site. "I wouldn't work there, especially after I found out about what the imam said about U.S. policy being responsible for 9/11," Kaiser said. The grass-roots movement is gaining momentum on the Internet. One construction worker created the "Hard Hat Pledge" on his blog and asked others to vow not to work on the project if it stays on Park Place. "Thousands of people are signing up from all over the country," said creator Andy Sullivan, a construction worker from Brooklyn. "People who sell glass, steel, lumber, insurance. They are all refusing to do work if they build there." "Hopefully, this will be a tool to get them to move it," he said. "I got a problem with this ostentatious building looming over Ground Zero." A planned 13-story community center and mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, Park51 has exploded into a national debate. Louis Coletti, president of the Building Trades Employers' Association, said unions have not yet taken a "formal position" on Park51, but he understands why members would be hesitant to work there. "It's a very difficult dilemma for the contractors and the organized labor force because we are experiencing such high levels of unemployment," he said. "Yet at the same time, this is a very sacred sight to the union guys." "There were construction workers killed on 9/11 and many more who got horribly sick cleaning up Ground Zero," Coletti said. "It's very emotional." L.V. Spina, a Manhattan construction worker who created anti-mosque stickers that some workers are slapping on their hardhats, said he would "rather pick cans and bottles out of trash cans" than build the Islamic center near Ground Zero. "But if they moved it somewhere else, we would put up a prime building for these people," he said. "Hell, you could do it next to my house in Rockaway Beach, I would be fine with it. But I'm not fine with it where blood has been spilled." Spina, who sells 9/11 apparel on his website, said he's printed thousands of stickers and plans to produce thousands more. "They're going all over the country," he said. "They got pretty popular fast." Popularity aside, there are some construction workers choosing not to set themselves against the project. "Hundreds of guys here are wearing stickers as a sign of protest, but I'm on the fence about it," said Frank Langan, 50, a site superintendent from Queens working at Ground Zero. "It's a tough debate," he said. "I sympathize with workers' position, but at the same time, you can't single out all Muslims because of a small number of terrorists."
  23. I think there are too many Green Lanterns in this film. How much screen time are they getting? Is Hal gonna be just one of many, which dilutes the idea of being the main star of the movie? Are they doing this just to sell endless variant GL toys? Because I don't need 76 different Green Lanterns. I need core characters that have not yet been released.
  24. Leave it to Arrow to add a stupid, worthless comment and a personal, unprovoked attack. Whatsa matter Arrow? Upset that this is another topic where you're going to be exposed as not being qualified to discuss?
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