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    finally saw ROC

    I watched ROC in the theater. However, I haven't cracked open my ROC Blu-Ray yet. I can't remember if the Snake-Eyes/Storm Shadow flashback from Storm Shadow's point of view. If so, I hope the memory turns out to be part of Cobra Commander's brainwashing. It's just called getting a screen play rushed in before a writer's strike. By a person who isn't evn a joe fan, or have a good Knowledge of the brand. I think Goldner should be ashamed of the story, how many times do you have to re-write your franchise's past before it becomes cliche'. The idea that they wanted to introduce "a new audience" is pure BS. The only people who saw G.I.Joe knew what G.I.Joe was before. I find it Insulting Hasbro believed people needed ANOTHER introduction to a team thats been changed by them more times then Snake Eye's has had a figure version. Hollywood has no originality anymore, but if you're gonna take a property thats been established for twenty years, you don't need to re-write it. This isn't Star Trek, or Batman. There's never been a live action movie. There's no need for a new introduction of the same characters that have been known for 20 years. Take the Originals, make a new story, hire some real stars.. and make a better movie.
  2. Ccav

    finally saw ROC

    I aint talking about loop holes.. I am talking about SUCKASS writing. just proves my theory that you don't actually have to be talented to work in Hollywood. You just have to be jewish... or be banging somebody jewish.... or have pictures of somebody jewish doing something they don't want everybody to know about Here's the quote I'm responding too. Well if you were in Hollywood, or knew anything about the machine of Hollywood, you would know why what Clam said isn't shocking. it's the truth, the backbone of Hollywood's elite is all Jew.
  3. I saw one naked Storm Shadow on the pegs at TRU, none of the ones I actually wanted. They also had the newest wave of Star Wars figures, so I'm guessing this stuff is gonna hit hard in the next week.
  4. Fat master? have a little respect man, that Fat Master you speak of is Gerald Okamura, who is a real Martial Arts Master. Not too mention has been in ton''s of movies, TV' shows and the like. Of everyone in the Movie, he is the closest thing to a real Ninja. I want a Hard Master figure.
  5. There was a huge bit of news from the Con that you missed apparently. The Collector's Club was told by Hasbro that the larger part of the vintage molds were rotting in a warehouse in Asia, and they were opting to have them all destroyed. Most of them, however, have already succumbed to rot, and would need to be retooled anyway. They sent the Club a list of salvagable molds which the Club could opt to save. The Club asked to save them all, and Hasbro declined, making them choose a few that would get the most use, and are destroying the rest. If at any point Hasbro wants to re-release a vintage toy, they have all the schematics and design work to retool most of those molds, provided their was a profitable reason for doing so. In the case of these "Then and Now" packs, we're likely going to see brand new toold of some choice vintage figures. I dare-say there's hope Hasbro could see its way clear to retooling Snake-Eyes v2, a *much* sought after vintage figure that would make for an *awesome* then and now comparison with the movie figures. Wow news to me, meh I doubt the Club will pay up for new molds of ARAH, I for see the future being new sculpt from this point on. If they really destroyed all the old molds.. Then why release vehicles already in huge numbers on the secondary market? I mean how many people really... Really want a Polar Battle Bear? it's normal price on ebay MIB is 15$? Why not re-tool a vintage item that's rare, or was never released over just re-releasing? How about some of the Prototypes that were never made? Figures and Vehicles? It just seems wierd to remake a vintage PBB, when they are pretty easliy found cheaply on ebay.
  6. They said at SDCC more P&P 's would be coming, but did not speculate. they don't destroy the molds, but I'd be willing to bet a lot of the old molds are hardly usable. If anything they probably have to do a lot of modding to re-supply some broken molds and used up ones.
  7. I can totally see that happening: Cobra experiments with new nanomites that end up malfunctioning and turning victims into mindless flesh eating zombies. Then we'd have a new cobra unit....zombie vipers! But yeah, I definitely notice hasbro looking at other things for inspiration. I am curious as to how those mech suits will be like...exosquad or gundam? psst, they already did, Toxo-Viper totally a zombie IMO
  8. I like the inspirationg, these figures are much better then the movie figures IMO.
  9. Meh I like the Jungle Viper and the Motorbike/armor thing. It reminds me of Bubblegum Crisis. Some of the stuff has potential to see in person maybe, but as for now I just picked up the Skysweeper and Snarler Cycle and I'm done for the year with Joe. Oh and I'm really digging the 2010 Artic series, along with that HISS tank and the Target exclusives! I mean a Black trubble Bubble!!! how awesome! I like the Rasta Viper, one love brodah.
  10. I used the seat out of the RHINO helicopter, it needs to be cut down a bit, but it gives you a really nice control stick for the figs. Mine fits the 25th tripwire really well ( in regards to the dragon hawk)
  11. I like a few vehicles and a few figures, but over all "meh" looks like my money is gonna continue to be put into Star Wars and Human Alliance.
  12. when does the display area open? as in when we gonna see pics of the Hasbro display?.
  13. He can't stand on his own in any scene, if anyone of the actors take the screen Tatum loses your attention. Try and deny it, but its just a fact of casting and Acting, he can't hold a lead. It's painfully obvious to anyone with an eye.
  14. Those Mechs are crap, they had hardly an articulation. Hasbro can't even make more then one accurate Movie Vehicle, they seem to only wanna remold/repackage crap NOW. When what they really should have done is spent more time making toys from the Actual Movie. The Cobra Gunship is such a fail of a toy, the last thing I want is hasbro spending anymore money releasing VvsV or Spytroops Vehicles crap when they should be focused on getting more Vehicles that had screen time out, and re-ding the Gunship to make it more accurate.
  15. best thing to do for the sequel? Kill off Duke, Channing Tatum cannot hold the starring role, in every scene anyone around him immediately took the spotlight over him. Channing Tatum is to G.I.Joe as Megan Fox is to Transformers.. completely unnecessary.
  16. Sorry dude but you just gave all the reasons of why this movie was just like the cartoon! it was super un-realistic and full of fantasy Military action! hell I thought the most amazing scene was the Paris Pursuit and the accelerator suits! so much fun! It may rape your childhood having the backgrounds change with rex/duke/baroness but the Fun is still all there! Plus a ton of guys get wacked! and pretty gruesomely! i was happy about it not being laser beams and simple punches.
  17. G.I.joe has always been about selling toys. Thats all the movie is for, Thats what the cartoon was for...
  18. Transformers lacked alot of the backround, it only had the right characters/rank/factions. Other wise the Plots were "meh" and the Story writing had lots left to be redone. G.I.Joe can't be worse, it can only be better. The cartoon aspect is over the feel of the movie, light hearted, normal humor, and relationships. its def not the cartoon thanks god, I don't wanna see Cobra Commander being a Baffling moron who can't put on his own pants with out retreating. Nor Do I want the Joes standing around at the end, to say a Horrible joke and laugh off into the credits.
  19. I knew Tatum couldn't stand on his own, he hasn't really shown in his other movies that he is anything other then a co-star. Too bad, I think they should have picked a better looking man myself. Hell i still think Micheal Biehn should be in there somewhere lol.
  20. AintItcoolreviews ROC Wow, maybe there is more Hope for this movie then originally thought. I liked ROTF, but it was missing a ton of what we call Plot.. which MBay apparently does not approve of ( tounge in cheek)
  21. Hope that's not the extent of the movie CGI lol.
  22. So Channing Tatum was in that really horrible Liberal Anti-War movie from MTV's liberal cry baby studios, and became Anti war?, and Didnt want to do G.I.joe because he thought it would glorify War? Seriously they should have just given the part to someone else then, there's more then enough blond haired, blue eyes actors who dont sound like whiny bitches in Hollywood.
  23. Supposedly July 10th is the day to wait for, I was told Walmarts have the Wv1R3 and Wv3, which is the Helix/Hawk wave. Which is surely to sell quick with the Elite Viper and the Pit commandos.
  24. Well after my trip to target, my ROC scores so far is... Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes Paris Pursuit Storm Shadow Storm Shadow Viper Soldier Lt. Stone Ice Viper Ripcord ( Accelerator Suit ) Heavy duty ( Reactive armor ) Scarlett ( Reactive Armor ) Cobra Gunship ( Black Mask ) Steel Crusher Only figure I have yet to seen is Cobra Commander, which is wierd, I would think as Non-Iconic the figure looks, why anyone would pick him up right away. Maybe Kids are digging him, like vader? Movie Might suck, but the Line is pretty inspiring in person, especially targets displays, man it's like the Good old days again.
  25. Ccav

    ROC toys out at TRU

    They stand alot better then the 25th figures, tight joint, No loose legs on the figures I bought. I really like the Accelerator Suit Ripcord, he's got the Split helmet, so you can open it while it's on his head. Reaction Armor HD is great, got some good gear. Firefly has a TON of accesories. PP Snake Eyes, is by far the best SE, maybe ever. The Quality is definitely high for being a first wave, I expected some bad paint apps, and lose joints, but these do not have those problems at all. Even if the movie BOMBS, these are really fantastic figures. I will be picking up more now that i have tested the quality. I think the Lamest figure I saw was Zartan, its just a really boring figure IMO. Theres a few repaints that I don't feel are worth getting other then the TRU exclusive FF and BBq, possibly Shipwreck. I intend to get the others later this week. The PiTT looks to be well worth 100$, but I'm waiting on it, I'm sure there will be some sort of deal soon on it or just for buying a certain amount of Joe product. Not happy with the Night Bird or the Alpha vehicles. The Steel Crusher is by Far a must buy for vehicles. Rubber tires, removable armor, hidden missles, room for three people.
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