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  1. Yeah I was going to buy multiple metal Juvis and then I just didn't lol, only ended up getting one. xbox is geyyyyyyyy i should have stuck to playstation after my first one, lol. Say it aint so! Well, I wish you luck in your endeavors and what you choose to pursue. You'll be missed 'round these parts
  2. You've just explained EXACTLY what I do, lol. Sorry for double post! >< You sir are a genius (which sounds self-complimenting since I thought of it as well, but the genius comes from actually DOING it). We should all get into it. Lucrative business. If you keep busy enough that becomes a job in itself! Of course, if we all start doing it we lose all our potential customers . . . forget I said anything Lmfao it's all good, it's one of the ways to do it
  3. Yeah, if you can get it for $165 from Australia, I'd say go for that. I ordered from an Australia-based site a while back for roughly that price. But as for the link you first showed (if you go that route) keep in mind that the price shown is in Euro. So that's closer to $350 in useless American money I'm actually with you Omni. I VERY rarely use XBOX live. I'm really not into multiplayer games, so it seemed dumb to pay the money for a wireless receiver. Once or twice a year, I'll bring my 360 downstairs near the modem and plug in to download any DLC or demos for series I really enjoy, but otherwise, I'm also among the rare XBOXers who keeps to himself Also, I always justify insane purchases like this with that "investment" argument. But I can't keep from opening it once it's in my hands o_0 Maybe I should buy two of everything, sell the boxed one a year later for double the cost to make back all my money for both, while still keeping one. That'd be the smart way to go about it. But who has the time? Yeah I don't use live ether, 70$ for the wireless receiver, f that. I may cave in and just do it around boxing day or so. And: You've just explained EXACTLY what I do, lol. Sorry for double post! ><
  4. Yeah, I know, and the problem is that I'd want to try both, but if I buy D-Arts Rokusho, I want a Metabee to go with it. The koto kit has a really nice look to it. Some better articulation here and there, a long with nicer proportioning, but it's also harder to play with/pose. The very common kotobukiya balljoints that simply slide in. They're nice, but they shread a bit, and some of them pop off easily (this is only really with the hip joints and elbows). The thighs/upper arms aren't the slight grey that they are in the original design, either. I just layered it with a coat of grey primer, which worked, but it can still be annoying. Hmm I hear that. The D-arts basically has those problems especially with the joints, even to get him into rudimentary poses is challenging when his joints pop off when I try to position them past a 45 degree angle. Still the limbs are really easy to reattach it's just annoying when trying to get him in an outstretched pose. On the plus side the figure looks great, painting and detailing are all really nice, just more focus on articulation would have been the sinker for me. And also guys I picked up the collector's edition of generations. I'll leave it sealed and get another regular copy locally. I got it from here: it was for the 360, I don't know if they have PS3 versions available, just click around there. https://www.jbhifion...x?T=76&P=654843 I bought it from there becuase it was the cheapest overall and accessible listing I could find from the list presented by Sonic Stadium. And since we're literally 2 weeks away from the release, I thought it best not take chances. http://www.sonicstadium.org/2011/09/more-retailers-listing-sonic-generations-collectors-edition-steelbook-limited-edition-revealed/ A tad expensive but I know it's worth it, this being 20th anniversary period and all that, plus the magnitude of the release, it's going to be a real treat to resell this for $1000 one day (I wish) - investment? Yeah!!! And at Techa: Yeah I know about currencies
  5. I'm thinking about splurging and getting this: sound like too much? http://www.ebay.co.u...=item35b6006618 Actually I looked around and found it for 165 shipping from Australia, I think I'm going to get it.
  6. Thank you so much, it was great XD LOL THE LEGENDARY SCALPER TBHOUSE REARS THEIR UGLY DIGITAL HIDE!!!! This guy always does that, posts the packs at hugely inflated prices, lol. What's this? Another One Piece fan, I see? Haha, happy belated birthday, Raithos. You guys are making me feel like a toddler in comparison, as I'm only 18. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Love that One Piece, lol! And thank you so much Alex . 18, oh god the world is your oyster. It's too late for us old men And just to add, how do you like the Koto kit? Koto and D-Arts are releasing Rokusho, so I'm interested to see how both pan out
  7. Thank you kindly sir. Ah right! Radical Highway was one of my most favorite level designs, can't wait. XD No worries, I'm 21. =] But I do know how you feel, I hate when my age increase every birthday. :I Still, happy birthday!! RADICAL HIGHWAY <3 Thanks, lmao oh god I know I need to finish uni, find a wife, get a house and the list drags on >.> I-I must have all teh supers 0_____________o Lol, I just really like the desings, a lot...like. A lot. lol! Ugh aging, I need to find the fountain of youth ASAP Thanks a lot lmao sweet, how old are you turning? I heard D-arts Metabee had some pretty poor articulation in comparison to most tamashii figures. I have the Koto kit, but I'm still very tempted to get the D-arts. How do you like it? Also, another tamashii-general collector *brofist* *brofist* Yeah the articulation is limited by the design and his rear ass pad thing. There's no articulation in the knees so you can't get them to bend forward, but they decided to make his feet double jointed, it's like wtf. He gets explained pretty well here: http://tomopop.com/post.phtml?pk=20483&un=Orannis I like him just for the fact he's Metabee, but the lack of articulation is bleh at best. I really hope they do better on the following figures, especially arcbeetle and warbandit GOD DA- yeah saw that coming, even after initial insanity inflation I'd expect prices will only go up from what you see there, I swear I told someone here it'd be hitting 1000$ and it'll happen, lol October is THE month! Oh man you left me in the dust! ' Now I feel bad for saying 22, makin' everyone feel old, lol.
  8. most recent haul had to get more supers. oh and wish me a happy birthday cuz its my birthday Im 22 , ew :/ lol
  9. I take it you guys have seen this: Annnnnnnd this:
  10. Hmm I think I can envision what you mean but yeah I think they fixed it in this new wave, go get a new one
  11. The nose is ALMOST painted all the way to the muzzle, but just by like 2mm
  12. Gah, they fixed them? GEEZE...I can't keep rebuying things. What did they change the yellow one to? You can see it in my Super Pack picture up there, the yellow one was changed to cyan/light blue
  13. Don't tase me for today's haul bro: Today I drove downtown and went to the BIG 2 Toys' R Us stores, they had EVERYTHING except for the 10 inchers oh and the eggman packs both classic and modern, waiting for those to drop. And, yeah I saw lots of those Aqua: I actually look forward to releases now, becuase you know... now I can actually get them. The stores in my area simply don't and never will get stock.
  14. Oh the Modern sonic is so much win it's unreal, love him. No googly eyes here, he looks crisp! 300 posts, finally, lol!
  15. BWUAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Super Sonic <3 The modern 2011 and classic 1991 sonic are amazing. Ugh Jazwares, good friggin' job. I still need that 10 inch Classic, here's hoping they roll out a 10 inch Super Sonic (omfg)
  16. Damn if only that emerald wasn't orange, I don't mind the rainbow effect though, I like it. They're all so photogenic!
  17. UGH did I mention how much IM LOVING JAZWARES ATM? the emeralds fit in Super Sonic and Modern 2011 Sonic's palms: UGHHHHHHHHHHH <3333333333333333
  18. what what buy 2 get 1 free what what sale? I enjoyed my journey to get my figures, it was actually fun. Getting the figures made it worth it AND fun I'm going on another journey (probably this friday) to try and find some that I'm missing (10 inch classic sonic, tin packs, 3 inch classic tails, super poser tails, 3 inch modern tails, and that 4 pack with sonic, super sonic, tails and amy (classics). I was so surprised to see so much selection downtown, my store is out east so I guess we're the butt end and get little to no shipment... I'm in such a better mood to collect now though, I've got a decent amount of pocket money, time, and a lot of locations to hit so I remain optimistic now so more than ever, I look forward to collecting the rest of the stuff now. Me love me super sonics:
  19. Yeah Im just thankful they had all i was looking for and im still missing stuff, but now its not such a burning issue to me anymore
  20. You guys, I'm happy to be alive atm: I need to go out and see my friends atm, but I'll post a full smack wab of pictures tomorrow... Don't piss me off and make me wait for figures or this happens:
  21. fufufu ufufuufufufufu UFUFUFUUAHAUAHAUAHAUAHAUAHAUAHAA ABABABHAABHABAHABAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAH pictures soon. Roadtrip success. I hit two stores in the downtown Toronto core and found more than I could buy. 220$ later and I'm satisfied for now, still missing a few here and there but.... hoooo BOY hit the jackpot. And I only hit 2 out of the 10 I planned to visit pictures coming SOON
  22. I go to my toys r us, nothing. I go to the toys r us in the next city over and nothing. Im hitting up 3 more toys r us, that im able to drive to within a day at least. If I still keep finding this crappy selection I'll have to call it a day and order online Even though I live in Canada. wtf.
  23. Oh my god, that Shadow plus looks amazing.
  24. Lol I haven't gotten any 20th stuff yet, this leaves me distraught, well except for my statues which are AWESOME I need me some 20th stufffffffffffffffffff
  25. 10 inch classic sonic, ok ill be ordering that one from BBTS since BBTS is the only way I got the metal sonic and sonic 10 inchers
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