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  1. I definitely agree we need to see some more enemies on the line, we're being spoon-fed heroes here, and while I'm not complaining, it sort of leads to a boring line if all we have are good guys. Need some more baddies, definitely need to do some more with Eggman and Omega, maybe try releasing bosses from the games, but obviously not to scale. Like Chaos, the Biolizard, Metal Madness, Perfect Dark Gaia or even neo metal sonic and Solaris (as tenks has said) etc.
  2. Im trying to think if it was resaurus or toy island?
  3. I think so, and if you think about it, the Super pack would be an awesome 1-year anniversary release since it's something we've all wanted for a long time coming. I wouldn't say that. I've been doing that with my Sonic and Shadow figures ever since their Super versions were announced. cant wait! omg its going to be epic
  4. THANKS AQUA!!!!!!!!!!! Supersawnyc, Ill be camped out in front of you !!! can not wait, so how long do you think this will take to drop personally I think either beginning of July or end of July, definitely before summer is over edit: Am I insane for holding my Sonic to my laptop screen as I type this and envisioning him in my hands in his super form? Am I...? Ah, at last a game accurate Super Sonic, great colour, great look this will be sure to be one hell of a release. I'm not even going to comment on Super Shadow becuase he has no flaws it's love <3. I hope Super Silver pics drop soon too, I'm curious to see the Chaos Emeralds as well. I think that the set of 7 chaos emeralds should get a base with seven holes in it to hold the emeralds or maybe even like a small plastic hollow column to hold the emeralds? I think this would be a neat addition for the emeralds when not in use or anything, so they're not just lying around loosely in the open where they can be misplaced etc, I feel some sort of mini display stand or containment device should be implemented for the emeralds!
  5. I know I'm anxiously waiting for the pics too, I'm sure someone will upload them by the end of tomorrow if not as soon as it hits stands tomorrow! Also when can we expect more shipments of wave 2 sonic/shadow/silver for those that seem to have missed it?
  6. Hey now no need to insult his black greatness, a reason why its fine he's a repaint is becuase he's already just too kick-ass to begin with, I mean since his body was sculpted after desings Gerald took from ancient tablets inscribing Super Sonic's battle against Perfect Chaos in Station Square, you could argue his body frame was already super since his quills already curve upward as if to suggest he's already in a super state (lol). So basically his super transformation is just giving him MORE power and amplifying it. To me Shadow is already mad powerful so a repaint is acceptable in this case, now when you get characters who power up by getting little golden spheres thrown around them welllllll... -.- lol edit- Can't wait to see the Knuckles mod
  7. Ah yes it's just the green emphasis reminds me of his Chaos Knuckles transformation, but I see what your trying to get at with this design, I feel some physical alteration besides colour needs to take place to really call him "super"
  8. Are you talking similar in design to Chaos Knuckles, Aqua?
  9. How much do you want to bet he won't come with a board? The only accessories I've ever seen Jazwares implement or mention are the stands, and the seven emeralds coming with the super pack, EDIT: Caliburn as well But you see what I'm getting at, I'd be shocked to see the gear included
  10. Hmm yeah, when I read the article the first time it didn't seem clear- I thought they were just going to release Sonic and Shadow and the emeralds it would make sense to tie in Silver as well for a super 3 pack
  11. Wait I think I missed something here, is Super Silver going to be included in the super pack or just Super Shadow and Super Sonic and the seven chaos emeralds? Joe stated Super Silver was "still being worked on" does that mean he'll make it into the pack? Or will he be an addition or something? And btw I hope they use the Hyper Knuckles design in Sonic 4, seriously Super Knuckles is soft with his weak little aura its all about Hyper Knuckles!
  12. I never thought of Tails or Knuckles being any form of super when they were fighting metal overlord in Sonic Heroes. If you watch the transformation scene again all that happens is Sonic using the emeralds to go super and when his power aura explodes around him, the aura fallout envelops Knuckles and Tails and all they have is a golden sphere around them that amps up Tails' tornado kick and makes knuckles hammer punch spit out bombs, since they're linked in a "3 character into 1" type playing style you don't see the characters fly off on their own to attack independently everything's always in a combo. I would argue that this transformation is far from super... and of course not even close to Turbo Tails or Hyper Knuckles its just sort of a bootleg power up. Also just got my fresh new 3 inch metal sonic re ship today and its top of the line! the paint is perfect glossy and shiny, the joints are flexible and the plastic is sturdy! lovin this figure!
  13. Ah. If jaz was to start dipping into the Archie universe Id want those two variants done first of course, I see what you mean though
  14. Super Knuckles and Super Tails would be harder to do. Super Knuckles is just Knuckles with a thin purple or yellow aura, which would require some kind of plastic trickery. Super Tails is the same. I think I'll separate my sig list into categories based on this too Actually Hyper Knuckles has longer dreads, and is a vibrant pink! Turbo Tails has a red cape (sometimes blue), and his fur turns from a light orange to a darker orange, making it possible to do them. I think it would be awesome to have a Turbo Tails, come on Tails with a cape? you know you want it Also I'd Kill for a Tikal figure, she's hawt!
  15. Yeah it's pretty sweet eh, it was done by a guy named "SonikkuForever" on deviantart, I think he just took 3 seperate pictures of the 3 supers and arranged them on a background the final product still ended up looking excellent though, I got it from here on devinatart: Super Trio
  16. I totally agree with you, I think it's ridiculous that I see 7 year old kids on YouTube with like 5 shadow figures, and I'm sitting here looking at my growing Sonic collection with a small printed out picture of the 3 inch shadow where he's supposed to be standing by sonic, come on now I can't have that lol And I'm also all for ordering directly from Jazwares that would really save a lot of hassle, i don't care how much the shipping is if I know I'm getting it from the source I wouldn't mind seeing them dip into retro first for die hard sonic collectors and then expanding into the Archie universe to complete it, that would bring us goodies like Scourge, Zonic, and Robotnik
  17. I completely 100% agree with this Tenks. Jaz' is becoming known for under stocking figures, these are really important to us and will sell especially something important as this 3 pack. If you have the resources to make "hundreds" of different variantions of the 3 inch line then I strongly suggest you focus Big Time on this super 3 pack, make it Epic, make it Available and the sales will drop like hotcakes. I'm telling you, this will probably be the single most important sonic toy release you can do this year, I reiterate make it epic and AVAILABLE. I mean I still dont have a 3 inch shadow yet, becuase I cant find him ANYWHERE, online, in stores, nowhere, and he's been released well over 6 months now, come on... don't fail us on this Mr. Amaro!
  18. Sonic the hedgehog: Ever consider making sonic toys that came with collectibles, like say, chaos emeralds? Maybe have Sonic, tails, knuckles, shadow, amy, rouge, and silver and have each come with a chaos emerald of a different color! Joe: Yes, we are working on a Super Pack with all 7 Chaos Emeralds. Check out ToyFare # 156 in stores 6/9 for images of 3in Super Sonic and Super Shadow! Super Silver is still being worked on. (from Sega Q & A Number 1, first post) Comment # 1 I would really like to see you guys make a 3.75 inch super sonic, super shadow, and super silver!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Raithos on March 11th, 2010 at 12:32 pm AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG I can not wait until the super 3 pack yes yes yes yes yes, don't mess with me when it comes to sonic supers I definitely called that I just can NOT wait !!!!!!!!!! Gee Im going to need to buy 3 packs, one for my display, one for my little brother and one for my mint in box collection... can not effin wait.... Also that mini ASR Eggman looks pretty sweet actually...
  19. Just how can you know that? It's a hypothetical product. It's rarity cannot be ascertained. It would be the first accurate super sonic toy made worldwide. It would most likely be in a 2 or 3 pack and probably be limited in release before it was put on a single card, also Joe said he'd be doing something "special" for him. Or maybe Jazwares will just throw caution to the winds and release him on a single card first, I assume since it's taking so long to roll him out it's going to be top notch, and become rare
  20. Originally on the first Joe Amaro Q&A I suggested a comic 3 pack for the super trio as well, but I feel as if Jazwares will do a two pack first since they seem to love doing that, maybe a 3 pack afterward and then of course single carded ones, I for one would really like to see a 3 pack, it would be incredible, rare, and well worth the bang for your buck.
  21. How come I see no mention of Super Shadow Joe? He's the super form to one of the most popular characters in the entire series, I KNOW your'e doing a super of him... right? Oooo you could even do a super two pack and make Super Shadow a surprise release along with Super So... ... You sly devil that's what your going to do isn't it?!!! Ive figured out your plan
  22. i dont own a wii and im not getting it for my ds, why wouldnt they just release it on all platforms so I can play it on my 360? -.-
  23. EXACTLY wtf happened to shadow? I preordered 2 of him from Big bad toy store online, on February 20th, after 2 months of waiting they finally get the figures in only TO HAVE HIM REPLACED WITH TAILS WHAT THE F***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Then they tell me: "Oh sorry sir, it seems the factory packaged tails and not shadow, so your ass waited for two months for nothing", and I am NOT going to pay 16.99 + 30.00 for shipping TO CANADA, to order it off of toywiz.com nope. But Amazon, and Ebay are all vacant of shadow figures, and don't even bother trying to find him in stores. Its like they know the fans love shadow and he's one of the top tier popular characters, but Jazwares doesn't have enough sense to stock the damn figures when they send out a new wave? come on... HAHAHAHAHA -.- That's the downright stupid price I would have to pay for two measly 3 inch shadow figures, at regular price that's whats almost 8-10 3 inch figures? that's ridiculous!
  24. I like the large chunk missing from the back of his head reminds me of the movie
  25. Have you checked an F.Y.E in your area? That would be a good bet if your TRU dosn't have the Shadow. Just a heads up though at F.Y.E the figure might be a dollar higher than at TRU, but its still better than paying $20. Thanks for the info bit whats an F.Y.E.? I live in southern Ontario Canada, so I don't think I have that :/ F.Y.E is an entertainment store that has movies,games, and cds. I'm not sure if they are in Canada or not, they could go by a different name like how Bestbuy is called Futureshop in Canada. Ah, I see- oh but we have Best Buy AND Futureshop in Canada!!!
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