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  1. That was confirmed when the super pack was announced, there's a complete set of 7 emeralds with the 3 super hogs
  2. I totally agree, wait until the scalpers have their fill and more packs flood the market, it's not like they'll disappear completely so I'd also wait Yes, they'll come full circle and the "scalpers" wont have the edge they had when they become readily available. For instance, tails was about 30 bucks on some sites. Now hes availible on Toys R us for his official price and amazon for dollar over (both include shipping of course.) Jazwares will probably ramp up production in the coming winter and fall months. Then or POSSIBLY earlier (if very lucky) some of us might be able to get them. Plus it's good to wait until wave 2 so the kinks from the first wave can be resolved I was just messing around lol, wanted to drop in I was first on the Jazwares Q and A which was pretty much a year after the original concept was pounced by you on this thread lol
  3. I totally agree, wait until the scalpers have their fill and more packs flood the market, it's not like they'll disappear completely so I'd also wait
  4. I take credit for mentioning it first on the first Jazwares Q and A, first comment.... me first. lol YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I totally agree, Shadow's quills obviously also fling up like Sonic's. Not to the extent where they're like at a 75 degree angle form his head, but they definitely do go up. And yes Silver is highly overrated :/
  5. It looks really cool, and I'm for sure going to get it, but ill let the prices cool down a bit, and let them re-release them before i go nuts, past experience has shown that I get frantic for no reason, many things that came out like 6 months ago are still in plentiful stock, lol
  6. TBhouse, always goes out and buys up like 5 packs and gets them up the second they're released and sticks em on ebay for jacked up prices, lol.
  7. Metal looks upgraded, I think the hand breakage thing was a big problem for a lot of people, so they definitely went to town on fixing that- cant wait~ EDIT: I just checked BigBadToystore online listing and they're listing the pack as 17.99 http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/menu.aspx?menu=1620
  8. Your right!!! I see that! One of the main reasons why I sent my Metal back to Jazwares to be replaced was becuase one of the hands snapped off when I tried to swivel it around to position it. If you look a couple pages back at the Jazwares Twitter pics, in the photo with Big and Eggman you can see one of Metal's twisted off hands beside Big, lol guess they were fiddling around with that and decided to make the figure more ball jointed and flexible which is a big win move
  9. Hmm that site may be a tad flawed, it lists the Sonic Metal pack as having a release date of 9/30/2010, when I'm pretty sure that was released for a short time and then recalled/canceled like a couple months ago. Unless they're going to re-release that comic metal sonic/sonic pack along with the metal sonic/eggman pack afterward? Sort of flooding the market with metals, lol EDIT: who knows, the date could always be subject to change though
  10. Pardon my language but holy s*** that LOOKS EPIC, It makes me WANT to keep it MIB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at how Metal is packaged!!! Love it! AND the packaging can even be used as a mini lab/playset for the figures, that's ill! And building on what Super said, yeah that sounds right, in fact it falls in line with one of my earliest predictions of the Super pack coming out by mid to late August, if the Metal/Egg pack is already out then I'm going to even dare to say the super pack will be out in under 2 weeks, I mean we saw the completed products on Joes desk, what last week? and here we are with the EggMetal pack, brilliant
  11. It's not on the site anymore, a while back I spotted a link to it on Google, and even though the link led back to the main site, I clicked Cached and the page was still visible; price, description, and all. I posted it a few pages back but I think the link is broken now. Ah I remember seeing that link, true
  12. Toywiz is one of the worst examples of an online retailer EVER. They jack up the prices so much, they were one of the retailers I was referring to, I bet you anything they will list the super pack at some ludicrous price like "59.99" or some crap. Plus they charge 30.00 standard shipping, even to me who lives literally just across the border from them. I ordered from them once, back when I was a noob, and let me tell you never again. cost me 75$ for two 7 inch Super Shadows, and a 7 inch Super Sonic, when I got them they were the worst quality possible and to top that off the boxes looked like they had been dragged on the dirtiest floor and picked up out of a dumpster, I hate Toywiz. They have a large selection and cover a wide range of items, but they'll milk you for all your worth. EDIT: True that's some good news at least, lol but how'd you see it on the Canadian TRU site? I don't get anything in the search when I type in anything Sonic related, I'll still get sniped by online retailers though- my only hope is Amazon or Ebay lol
  13. They definitely cost a bit more, what's 12.99 in the U.S. becomes 19.99 in Canada, I think the Shadow 3.5 inch All Star Racer cost my little brother 19.99 plus tax, I'm pretty sure those retailed for 14.99 or so in the US, so there's a good 5-7$ price difference between items. Plus if I want any of the new stuff I have to go online becuase virtually all TRU in my region don't stock anything, ever. I'm guessing for me the Super pack will be 24-28$, and that's before the jacked up shipping which will prob be another 20$ >.> The Canadian TRU site, doesn't even have anything! lol. I also think becuase the Super Pack is such a big deal online retailers are going to jack up the prices a lot :/ Funniest thing is I live just outside of Toronto, basically touching Lake Ontario, and I STILL have to import figures from the U.S., lol :| As an example, this is what I get when I type in "Sonic the hedgehog" on the Canadian Toys R us site: Canadian TRU and then this is the US Version: USA TRU As you can see, ZERO selection, and jacked up price for Canadians. You lucky Americans with your cheap toys! lol, LOOK at the better selection that the U.S. has, and the cheaper prices! The Knuckles comic pack retails for 12.99 for the U.S.A and 19.99 for Canadians, wtf? lol
  14. Hi Five, knowing I'm not the only 14 year old here is nice although I don't know why.... Anyways I'm grounded til' the 23-24 of this month so that's the time I can visit my TRU and look for the new sonic figures which is perfect. I can't believe almost everybody here is from NY. I went to NYC In mid july and found the amy/sonic 2 pack there at the world's largest TRU for 16 bucks! I don't know why but I bought it just because I hadn't seen any at my toysrus at the time but the two packs retail around 12.99 at any local TRU. Whew, thanks to you old geezers (Aqua, and Lee), I don't feel so bad for being 20 going on 21 . Oh bleach the days of being grounded, I was never grounded... just beaten :| lol. Oooo Happy 100 posts Raithos!
  15. Try MY SA3 concept I made about a year ago, it's a tad rough though : http://raithos.wordp...ture-3-concept/ Yours relies more on the character dynamics, mine relies more on adventure/story
  16. the figures actually equate to about 5$ each (30$) total it's only the shipping thats messed at 29.99 meh Id rather just kill everything and get em both asap
  17. Yeah you also have to click the "calculate shipping" button as well to get the total, dont be fooled I thought shipping was free too for a second there but it's not :/ lol
  18. I was on that SOOOO fast, I would have posted it hours ago but I just got home from work lol
  19. EXCELLENT NEWSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS the CLASSIC SONIC SIX PACK is available for preorder off of first4figures.com! The set costs 29.99, and shipping is also 29.99 :/ it's a tad expensive but yeah, I just ordered two sets bringing my grand total to 88.98! jesus! But I look forward to it, right now it's only preorders, and the sets are set to arrive in September! go get them here: https://www.first4figures.com/component/option,com_myphp/Itemid,3/product,80/ and plus new pics of the 6 set were added: https://www.first4fi...vertical_06.jpg https://www.first4fi...rizontal_01.jpg https://www.first4fi...rizontal_02.jpg https://www.first4fi...rizontal_03.jpg https://www.first4fi...rizontal_04.jpg https://www.first4fi...rizontal_05.jpg https://www.first4fi...vertical_01.jpg https://www.first4fi...vertical_02.jpg https://www.first4fi...vertical_03.jpg
  20. the only thing that says "IM FROM SONIC ADVENTURE 2. BUY ME AND LOVE ME", is Shadow himself!!!
  21. Hopefully it does fall in line with my original expectations and come out at the end of the month. As for SA2, yeah amazing game, it's really the game that brought me into the Sonic verse from a long hiatus, I hadn't even touched Sonic since I lived in the UK when I was 6, so when I was 13 and got my Dreamcast all to myself with Sonic Adventure 2 it was a really good time for me. I have to say I haven't played it in a while but I would pick it up again in a heartbeat. The story is EXCELLENT, the levels are fun to play, not too hard and not too much of a brain-twister either. You get to go realy fast, but no so fast you can't see what your doing (like in unleashed) don't get me wrong unleashed day levels were amazing too. But I mean the levels in Sonic Adventure 2 were so iconic to the characters and they really made you feel like you were in the story. Also the MUSIC omg the MUSIC! I must have like 40 or 50 tracks all from the SA2 collection, instrumentals of "Throw it all away", and "Live and Learn", and "Deeper" for death Chamber, and "That's the way I like it" for Metal Harbor. All great stuff. I mean if a game can wrap in great platforming, Music, Storyline, and keep it action packed... it's just superb. Not to mention we get a real rival for Sonic in Shadow, although many would argue that Shadow is just an unneeded clone of Sonic which yeah I can see, I kind of like him in SA2 since he's all mysterious and powerful and really who wants to be fighting a fat balding, evil genius all day. In Shadow we were introduced to a real threat that could move as fast as him even faster and had more power than he did. It was fun to see their rivalry begin in that game, even though Shadow went all "tortured anti-hero" on us . All in all a very good game that incorporated a large span of characters had levels specific to their traits, and had a lot of add-on items (which I also liked), and who doesn't like Chao Gardens? Ah you speak of the mythical Sonic Adventure 3!!!! Which they should have released instead of the gayness that was Heroes.
  22. Yes J your a little late though, we already have these on the previous page , On the blog it was said these would be released late August but definitely beginning of September, and since the ones on his desk are all packaged and everything I'd say the release will be much much sooner than mid September, definitely mid to end of August EDIT: Just saw on their twitter page, and as of right now the tentative date for release is 8-10 weeks, so that's basically OCTOBER FRIKKIN OCTOBER
  23. AGREED!!! but the original Sonic Adventure 2 for dreamcast, none of this "battle" business Hi there and welcome SuperSonic14971 Your channel looks cool, but just a heads up try not to spam back to back posts like that alright?
  24. lol Robot Chicken, I was like wtf is Eggs doing in there? He looks better there though! lol
  25. Thanks for the link to their site, wow from what I can see from the side of the Super pack it's going to be biblical, they have Super Silver completed as we can see there, also I can't wait for the Eggman/Metal pack. But the Eggman shown in that picture there IS GOOD, but still does look a little off in the face (I agree with you there Super), other than that it looks like August will be a good month, and also a good tie in to commemorate the summer of Sonic . Damn so I need to buy 3 super packs, Metal/Eggman pack, ASR 4 racers mini pack, AND 2 sets of the 2 inch First4Figures classic Sonic 6 set boxset. omgggggggggggg my wallet is crying Edit: Also if you look on Joe's desk you can see, Eggman, Vector, a hint of Espio I believe, and also is that a 10 inch Sonic laying face down beside Vector to the right?
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