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  1. Here's some footage for Sonic Adventure 2 HD:




    I'm super mega excited because Sonic Adventure 2 is my all time favourite Sonic Game, and I never got to fully destroy the first one because my father ended up giving my dreamcast away to some friend of his overnight while I was sleeping and it had that game in it too.

    Seriously pissed me off because it was like what the f***

    But now finally like 10 years later I can finally play it again, so I'm borrowing my buddies 360 wireless transponder for that Saturday, stocking up on snacks, buying a new controller and spending like a week straight inside playing that every day, lol.

    It's going to be so grand


  2. Angry Beavers are a must-buy for me. I don't have the money right now for the re-release unfortunately. =( Maybe for my birthday.


    You'll get it, have faith!



    I do find the older Spongebob Squarepants episodes to be funnier than the recent ones. The humor in the recent ones seems a bit forced IMO. I remember when Nicktoons consisted of just Doug, Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, and Rocco's Modern Life. AH the good old days. So no sign of Rouge, Charmy or Blaze yet. I just have the feeling Jazwares will be putting the majority of it's focus on the other lines they have going right now and putting Sonic in the rear.


    Yeah, humor is more focused on older episodes. Oh man, I remember those times, it was the best. There was Angry Beavers, Catdog, Rocket Power, and few more.


    I concur with both of you. Hahaha.

    Also, Action Lague NOW! was the best. I believe my signature for a period of time on here contained "...and Meltman, with the power... to... MELT!"


    Hillenburg didn't leave, he's the creator, but he's no longer a showrunner. The time frame for good episodes still stands though. A couple of recent ones have been decent. I think my all time favorite though is "Krusty Krab Training Video." I quote that episode EVERY DAY in real life, all the time. HOOPLAH!


    YES! That's the one! Meltman, haha. XD

    lol I remember that one... "P.O.O.P" "People Order Our Patties!".


    I won't deny, I did like a few of new episodes, like Spongebob vs Patrick in sand war they came up with or when they got trapped inside toy store, those were really enjoyable for me.


    By the way... I have either interesting and bad news here; I think I found out why we won't get those new figures for little longer...

    I checked ToyWiz site because I was bored and wondered if they added something new or something and.. eh.. Look for yourself.





    Look at release dates, they have changed... New figures won't come until September or November... Damn it. There's a bunch of items on there, like Amy hat, Amy mask, Sonic mask, Shadow mask, etc... As well as Chao plush, I don't know if it was already there, but that's news to me; I hope that it mean I could find those anywhere later on..? I noticed how some of items now have images of official characters with items. I couldn't find Sonic & Blaze comic pack and Shadow & Rouge comic pack on there, so that concerns me a quite bit.


    Seriously, how come Chaotix team pack get to be one to come, but not Blaze and Rouge? Charmy is the least popular one out of those three. I couldn't find more Sonic knight figures on there either.

    Sheesh, this is a bit of letdown, isn't it..? Also, I find it odd that Eggfighter item can be brought as solo figure."


    All of good ones won't come until November, ones we will get in September had to be stinking Sonic knight figures of Sonic and Shadow.. =/ At least they are pretty cool looking but.. I want my Blaze figure.

    Hey, at least we finally got some new information..


    Since bunch of you are big fans of old Nicktoons, you should check this out. http://www.facebook.com/90sAreAllThat

    "90s Are All That" is something where old shows from 90s will air on Teennick starting at midnight every day. I hope you guys have that channel.. When it first came out, I was so damn excited and watched it with friends for a week. I do not know what they currently air now, I need to start watching them again sometime.


    Will be driving to Toys R Us around christmas when I finally see these drop.


    Interested in the Chaotix set, the black knight stuff, and Knuckles and Master Emerald... the emerald should be bigger than him, lol. Any idea when Blaze and Rouge drop?

  3. leeseymour, you may be on to something. I was hoping for some sort of DLC, since I already have all of the statues(thank you, internet). Anyways, that statue is awesome, a great alternate for America, since those in Europe will most likely have to import. I also noticed that in the pic that it didn't have a TRU symbol, so does this mean it will be at Target, or Gamestop? It could be a pre-release pic, too... Also, does anyone know how much it is?



  4. The ONLY thing I don't like about the new statue is there seems to be a space between the muzzle and eyes on both figures, plus Modern sonic's paint seems a bit splotchy where the beige on his arm meets the blue at his shoulders, other than that it's a must buy.

    And if they made a super version of this statue, I would buy 5. Happily.

  5. Alright, guys...I do have new stuff to share this time!


    Firstly, an image of Wave has finally appeared. It can be found on ToyWiz under the general Sonic figures category (the other Free Riders figures are also pictured):





    Secondly, it appears that Jazwares is doing a Sonic Generations commemorative statue:






    Not only does it look spot on, but this would be a great buy for us Americans who missed out on the statue from the collector's edition (even though the poses are different).


    Another thing I notice, as well: Jazwares seems to have used a completely new, Sonic Generations-themed packaging for the statue here. Does this mean there could be new Sonic Generations figures in the pipeline? :D I can't imagine them using a whole new style of packaging just for one item.


    I was just going to post that and it's so cheap too. I could buy 3 and still be under the 100$ mark, which is exactly what I'll do.


    This might just be a special thing for this piece though, keep that in mind.

  6. That trunks is mineeeeee in May.


    Also I find it funny how I suggested the generations main boss in my sonic adventure 3 rough proposal about 2 years ago.

    I talked about chronos emeralds and a being from another dimension threatening to destroy the planet etc.

  7. Wow, I like the Tails there! Somehow I think goggles would be perfect for him in general. Maybe I can make a little scarf for him too...MAN we need a toy of the Tornado!


    On another Jazwares note: I found thier Mortal Kombat figures!




    Cyrax has two left feet, but it's hardly noticeable! The QC is pretty nice; I was kinda afraid, to tell ya the truth. Turned out pretty dang well and these are great figures! Keep up the good work, Jazwares.


    Ugh I want these....

    But in the MK9 design.


    THOSE I would hop on in a second.

  8. Just a headsup if it hasn't already been mentioned -- the eyes on the modern Sonic 5" resculpt are no longer at a strange angle. This is from what I've seen at Target, no other stores.


    Also, recent image of nendo sonic:



    I believe the fixed eyes on the 5 inchers was mentioned...

    And omfg that Nendo Sonic, can't wait to get him, maybe doubles or triples omfg, I want him so bad, lol.

    That'll bring my nendo count to... 2!

  9. Generations is awesome! I love it so much fun to play :P I loved he Metal Sonic battle (that's as far as I got before putting it down)


    Jazwares NEEDS to make:


    10 inch Classic Metal Sonic

    10 Inch Super Classic Sonic

    10 Inch Super Modern Sonic

    10 inch Perfect Chaos

    10 inch Shadow

    10 inch Super Shadow

    10 inch Modern Knuckles

    10 inch Classic Knuckles

    10 inch Classic Tails

    10 inch Modern Tails

    10 inch Classic Robotnik

    10 inch Modern Eggman

    10 inch Silver

    10 inch Super Silver

    10 inch Rouge the Bat


    come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Jazwares!

  10. Had to hop in my car and go get this

    My little brother is NOT getting his grubby little paws on this gem:




    I was going to get the collectors edition but it was too much money and hassle so whatever, Im fine with this too since I have more Sonic merch than probably all UK combined, they can have their precious set, although I did want it too, @##@@ sega man, ##$%$#ed move to make it UK/Aus exclusive if you ask me, anyway yeah off to playing.

  11. I had everything but the 10 inch classic sonic so i splurged and got 3 for 84.50 :D



    You got 3 for.. how much?? I don't know about that TRU but its prices are pretty high. The 10" figures are 17.99 at mine


    Drats, I knew it would happen! After days of sculpting, it happens, like usual I messed up solidifying the clay, and my Shade custom messed up, her spines fell apart. :( Happy Halloween.


    I'm telling you.. Apoxie sculpt ;)


    That's the prices at all my Toys R Us across Canada, it's more expensive for me than you guys in the U.S.

    24.99 a pop., totally worth it for the amazing 10 inch classic sonic though, I was going to give one to my little brother but eff that THESE ARE MINE BABY, besides I already gave him my doubles of modern Sonic 5 inch and the super duo pack

    Also if you squint real hard you can see that even my super duo packs are 24.99 each.


    God dammit dude, where do you work, and are they hiring? XD


    A menial crappy job baking at Tim Hortons.

    It pays the bills AND I splurge on figures, this is my fate until I graduate uni in a couple years, although I have been working since I was 15....

  12. Actually, Clover, my interest has almost completely faded, aswell. I understand the prospect of items being "collectibles", but when a toy is poseable, you should be able to pose it appropriately without having to fiddle with it for an hour, just to get it to stand right. The 5 inch modern figure was sculpted well -- the final product, on the other hand, is absolutely horrible. I also haven't seen one 3 inch classic sonic without bent limbs, and, while all of the ones with the tins look better, I'm not going to pay $15 for a figure that certainly isn't worth it. I'm indifferent about the line otherwise.


    The frustration is too difficult to deal with. I'm not going to give money to a company that doesn't know how to produce a decent toy.


    Baseline is- their sculpts are great but their pose-ability sucks monkey balls, I truly hate jazwares in this regard. Don't get me wrong I'm thankful for what has been produced, but really guys, joint structure, stability and pose-ability are all key factors in ARTICULATED FIGURES which your company "specializes" in. Realize that it's not just 12 year old snotty brats that play with these and then put them in the garbage a week later. Actual collector's have been waiting years, almost decades for decent sonic figures, and when we finally get them they flop on the floor face first or back first becuase their god damn joints cant hold their heads up properly? Come on.

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