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  1. I actually want to join the club. But I find it very confusing. From what I get on the site. You get 1 free figure and sold a figure once a month?
  2. I have seen this girl act as my wife watched the show. I really doubt she can pull off Lady Jaye. She has more of a girly girl type of acting chops. I didn't find her a good Wonder woman because she looked too skinny to be an amazon. And she doesn't look tough enough to be Lady Jaye.
  3. so it won't fall apart if it were to be opened?
  4. Wow Im glad I waited to open it. I got it cause I like how it has the regular skin tone compared to the Hasbro one. i have like 8 of the original Hasbro ones and 3 of the new ones. I was planning on using him as a commander type figure on a diorama I guess I'll just put him on my wall. Thanks for the info.
  5. Ok so I got this the other day and I am wondering if it is rare or not. I am asking because I am a Big Hit & Run fan and I want to open him so bad. But then Im thinking if its rare then it is probably best if I keep him sealed. I know he is from brazil as its stated on the Package. Any Help would be appreciated
  6. I finally found the full Line complete yesterday in a small town 50 miles away. Glad I was headed that way because I would have not driven that far to find them.
  7. Well I went to my Local Walmart and was very happy to see all the wave 2 figures. So I go to pick them up and notice that the Chest piece was missing from the 3 pack. So I look at the others and EVERY single figure was missing their BAF pieces. Turns out someone had taken all the pieces out and retaped the figures back to make them seem sealed. I told an employee and he didn't seem to care. So make sure you guys check your Green Lanterns before you buy them and I guess my search continues.
  8. Ok I have 2 kids that collect G.I. Joes. I noticed that they would ask me for the stuff before the movie and after the movie line. During the whole movie Line stuff they seemed upset or let down by most of the toys. They would pick up a few here and there. They never got Cobra Commander. In the Latest Line they have picked up every figure we can find. With the new line what seems to be the problem is finding them. Walmart always has the same guys over and over. Kmart doesn't carry them. HeB (a Local Supermarket) has them but they run $2 more. They like the new Show but rather watch the old stuff. My younger son says its because the characters look "Stupid and dopey" Except for Snake Eyes who he says Looks cool. As for me I like transformers. But like one Poster said above I am starting to lose interest. I started with the new Movie figures. I understand the movies are made to reintroduce kids to the toys but the toys in my opinion bite. So maybe its the Movies and its crappy merchandise that are causing the Love for our toy lines to die a little.
  9. Man not good. First I lose Avengers now Gi Joe. Which was sad cause I found myself watching this over the crap that is Transformers Prime.
  10. Ive been wanting a custom made of Freakazoid. I would make one myself but I am not talented. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
  11. She doesn't look like Wonder woman. She's too skinny.
  12. Repro labels is good but their shipping bites. I had one of their sets dissapear in Chicago. Too bad I live in Texas. When contacted the owner of the site was a Jerk and tried to make it seem as it was my fault the sent the stickers to the wrong place. Their stickers are nice though just highly over priced.
  13. If you want the actual books I have a few extras I can sell you. If you want to just read them online do a search as there are a few online sites that have them. Feel free to IM me if you want to buy the books
  14. Bought these on a whim a few years back and they have been sitting on my Shelf since. They are the first 2 figures from these series. Neither has been Opened. Packages have shelf wear but I got them like that at the store. So pleas look at pics. Looking for Transformers in return. Really need the Protector set. Willing to break up the set if I have to. Also willing to sell.
  15. That base has been hit and miss with folks. SOme like it others hate it.
  16. Hawk and dove all 4 heck make it 5 add in the purple Hawk girl.
  17. Ok we are trying to get a web show going discussing all types of toys and we are looking for advice. Check us out and let us know what you think. this is our fourth episode. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Dbg2_Zdw70
  18. Ok heres the back ground story I bought 2 items from a guy on Ebay. A card and a toy. Well the guy had combined shipping so I took it. Well I figured he would send it in a box. Guy had a 100% rating great shipper etc... Well I get the item last friday and both items came in a polybag. The guy did this to save on shipping costs cause I paid him $8 for shipping. So there was no excuse to send it for $3.55 in a polybag. Well the guy put the card ontop of the figure instead of on the bottom of the flat surface of his base. so the card was bent. Well then the toy also came in broken. since it had no real protection in that polybag. Now if the card would have been ok I wouldn't have cared. As I only paid 99 cents plus the shipping for the figure. Well I contact the guy show him Pictures of the damaged goods and he tell me ship it back to me and I will refund you the costs for the items no shipping. So I say thats not fair etc... He says thats how he does stuff. Well I give him a negative. He goes balistic and has emailed me 10 times now and asked for a feedback reversal. I refused. Now hes threatening me with negative feedback and how I am the one losing here. Which I know he can't give. Well here is my Last Message to him before I block him. Hopefully he will get it this time If you have to tell me what a GREAT SELLER you are that really should tell you everything you need to know. Let me explain this to you hopefully you will finally get it this time. 1. you sent a toy in a polybag to save on shipping. Toys should be mailed in Boxes. Even loose ones. Cards should not be placed on top of said toys but in an area where they would not get bent. I got 2 Toys today and guess what they came in BOXES!! 2. You say you would give me a full refund which isn't exactly true. Not paying me back my shipping is not exactly full refund. That and I would need to send the item back to you. Now try to remember now you need to pay for shipping. So for me to send back this broken figure and messed up card back to you I would need to what? PAY FOR SHIPPING. Thats right Pay for shipping folks. That would include a polybag for $2 and the actual shipping cost. So who would pay it? Thats right Billy ME!!! So Id be out $5 at the least. 3. I paid to have those Items shipped to me right. You didn't ship it to me just to be kind. You shipped it to me caused I PAID you to ship it to me. 4. I can really tell I lost out here. Man I am going to miss buying Broken Figures and Bent up cards from you. I feel real bad that I gave you a negative feedback you earned too Mindy. And in case you can't tell. "THATS SARCASM!!" 5. In the end this was your mistake. If you had done what was right and shipped everything properly in a box. We would never be having this Conversation I wouldn't have to be wasting my time talking to you and the world would be a better Place. So Sandy, Please Stop Writing to me and threatening me with Negative feedback and accept the Fact that you Royally Screwed up on this one. You are the one that Tarnished your Precious REP and that atleast 1 ONE UNO UN Solitary Single Person thinks you pretty much Byte as a SELLER. Guess who that is Melissa? THATS RIGHT ME!!! Well I figured that would be it End of story But...... Well he asks for my info from ebay and has started making blocked calls to my House. Making threats and that he's going to come pay me a visit. Well he called tonight and talked to my son saying that hes going to be sorry. So I did a return call to him and his Mother Answered. When I asked her if she knew the guy she said no but in a not believable way. Said his name Ralph as I had asked for steve which was the name he used when he talked to my kid. Well I simply tell her look a guy called from your number and made threats if he does it again Im calling the Cops. Welll I get this email: "Dave i'm a 45 year old man not a 15 year old BOY like you !!! i have 2 old parents to take care of and my father is blind and dying.you brought my mother into this and frankly if i were in the same city as you i'd have the POLICE at your house ! you have balls bigger than grapefruits to call my house and say i threatened you !!! if you want to call the police you go right ahead !!! i would fly to texas tomorrow to take you to the police and file for harrassment ! you are a sick little boy . If you ever call my house and worry my parents and if anything ever happens to my parents through this i promise YOU WILL HEAR FROM ME !!!! DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL OR LEGAL ACTION WILL BE TAKEN PLACE!!" So I guess the lady did know him huh? Also Another thing that showed he was the original caller was that he asked for Dave. Anyone that calls me that I know call me by David. That and my boy that answered the phone is 14 so thats maybe where he got that whole 15 yr old comment. I called Ebay and they are no help. So what do I do now?
  19. Since there is a shadowhawk figure. Will they make the original Shadowhawk version?
  20. Well I used to just get my DCUC figures at the Wally world. But that ship has flown. So I want to ask is there anyother retailers online that sell DCUC figures other the BBTS? I really want Hawk girl and a few others that are sold out on BBTS.
  21. Superman. Though I would love to see a Superman Hulk Battle where the Hulk actually gets to full strength and fights back
  22. Have Chemo's Right Arm Imperiex Left Arm, Left Leg Kalibaks Right Arm Pitts Left leg Monkeymans Left Foot Marvel Mojo's Back piece Looking for Darkseid parts Kilowog Left Arm PICS
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