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  1. I agree with what you are saying JayC! Definitely a dream come true to have multiple scales on the affordable end. As to Hasbro subbing out GI Joe to Jazzwares for 3 3/4” I can’t wait to see that and I hope the same thing could maybe happen for Dungeons and Dragons! I’d love to see that line in stores again!
  2. Maybe what would work is to just do some cool looking characters from across all the franchise. I know a good part of the appeal in the Star Trek Online game is being able to make up a character from different species, timeframes etc. I guess time will tell if Discovery and Picard era fans can support toy lines going forward but there is quickly building up new areas to draw ideas from. There’s still a whole lot left to come including some directly marketed towards that younger Fortnite audience so maybe in the not to distant future the tables will turn. Do I think we will ever get expansive l
  3. I would love to see Jazwares get a license for Star Trek. It would be really cool to have an expansive line of 3 3/4” Star Trek figures covering all the different eras and the many alien species. 3 3/4” would allow for cool playsets and Star ships. I also would not mind if they gave us a line of mini-ships.
  4. Sorry for the delay of reply, forcehunter. I live in Lafayette, Louisiana and found the 3 3/4" Hobbit figures only so far. The numbers on the barcodes are Bilbo 85561 16001 and for Gandalf 85561 16002 . I'm going to check back later this weekend to see if there is anything else.When I went they had multiples of all the line Bilbo, Gandalf, Thorin, Legolas and Grinnah the Goblin.
  5. I found some of the 3 3/4" figures at Toys R Us today. I picked up Gandalf and Bilbo. This line is going to be lots of fun. I hope they'll do figures for the LOTR trilogy too!
  6. Saw this link someone posted at thefwoosh.com! Looks like this line is going to be lots of fun! http://www.tolkiendrim.com/tauriel-fimbul-revele/
  7. http://geek-news.mtv.com/2011/03/30/william-shatner-gets-the-heavy-metal-treatment/
  8. On William Shatner's Twitter Page a short while back he said he was going to be doing a Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock album with some well known metal bands! I wonder if this is a track from it?
  9. It was only vaguely hinted at that Henry Sr had passed away. I don't remember the exact quote but it went something like..."First Dad, then Marcus." It would be a cheap shot for us to find out that maybe Henry Sr was committed or broke a hip or something, but hey it's George Lucas we are talking about. The man who brought us Greedo-shot-first, Jar Jar Binks and finally Mutt Williams. So cheap shots goes with the territory.
  10. I doubt Hasbro would do a 6" line. Neca would be the better choice for the 6" scale. There's no reason that there couldn'tbe a 4" line too and Hasbro would be the best choice for that line the army building potential alone is my main reason for wishing for a 4" line. I seriously want a Balrog, Fellbeast, Smaug, Cave Troll and Mumakil to add to my Middle Earth Armies, and the larger scales seriously prohibit this. I could in no way justify buying a Balrog replica that is the same size as my three year old daughter to my wife! LOL Not without an impending divorce.
  11. You should check out the forums over at thegd.com. They have an ongoing thread in the forums there about this very subject. I'm hoping for a Hasbro 4" scale line and a Neca 6". Hopefully either Side Show or Hot Toys will bring the 12" line. I'm really hopeful for a 4" scale line for armybuilding, Cavalry, Dragons, Fellbeasts and Cave Trolls. Playsets would be the icing on the cake! You can check out those threads here: http://www.thegd.com/forums.php?cid=6&tid=96&page=41
  12. You need to check out theonering.net and thegd.com ! Both of these sites have been putting all kinds of information out there. You may have to check some of the archived information to see who all has been cast so far. There is definately some interesting casting going on, especially in the company of dwarves! It's rumored that David Tennant of Dr Who and Harry Potter fame is being eyed for a role too.
  13. I just noticed that Jakks Pacific will be doing fully articulated figures for Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides in 4" and 6" scales. Looks like they will be doing figures for the previous movies as well! I hope "Curse of the Black Pearl" will be featured heavily. You can never have too many Undead Pirates! These are up for preorder ind Diamond Previews monthly catalog and at Big Bad Toy Store. They are listed to be out in Feb 2011! http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/menu.aspx?menu=220&category=7039
  14. The best bet for Star Trek on TV would be an animated series similar in approach to Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The movies of JJ Abrahams should be the only live action Star Trek for at least the next few years. With a good animated show actor age is irrellevant. So is set design and speacial effects budget. There would be no timeline restrictions either so any of the crews in any of the time periods of the history of Star Trek would be fair game! Realistically animated characters in a Star Trek show would be awesome. Good examples are- The Clone Wars, Beowulf, The Final Fantasy movie, Pixar Mo
  15. Upon looking more closely at the two ships, I'm almost certain they are Romando. These were all to scale and there was also a to scale DS9 station. These are very hard to find now. Searches of ebay and amazon turn up nothing. Furuta also has a Prometheus and Ent-E, so that would be your best bet!
  16. The ships in question or either Furuta or Romando, Japanese "Candy Toys" imports. I think they were sold in blindboxes initially. Check this link: http://www.federationmodels.com/ Go to products tab on left. Then select candy toys. Then federation and alien ships. Then scroll down.
  17. It's been quiet here lately. I wonder if with 2011 being the 10 year anniversary of the release of "Fellowship of the Ring" and 2012-13 the possible release of "The Hobbit", if any toy company has this license on their minds? I'd love to see Hasbro do a line like they are doing for "Empire Strikes Back" 30th Anniversary for Lord of the Rings 10 year milestone!
  18. Over in the forums at trektoy.com we have an good thread going on about this very subject. Please feel free to come over and add some more input into the thread. I'm hoping that enough of us can gather and show Hasbro that interest in a Hasbro Star Trek line is there. You can check the ongoing thread out here: http://www.trektoy.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3872&st=80&start=80
  19. And hopefully if/when they do Playmates and DST work closely together in developing the new line. Let Playmates do a retail line in 3 3/4" and DST tackle the 7" scale. I'm not condemning the Playmates line I loved it, but I would have loved it more with a little more attention to details. It would have been a little better if they would have been closer to 4" with more innovative articulation and details. I am definately keeping my fingers crossed for more from Playmates in the future. I hope they will do a proper bridge playset next time and include some of that electronic voice captures like
  20. I have my doubts about Playmates getting the line again. I liked the 2009 toys, but was hardly blown away by them. If you ask about them on playmatestoys.com they are really good about responding back, but as far as future Star Trek products coming from Playmates, even their feedback isn't looking to favorable. I'd love to see Hasbro take a shot at the whole Star Trek franchise. I've been hoping for Star Trek in 3 3/4" scale ever since Galoob had a run of Star Trek: The Next Generation figures way back in 1989! The sculpts on those were way better than the Playmates 2009 line. Twenty years and
  21. Well said. I wish this line would have done better because I was really hoping for an all inclusive 3 3/4" Star Trek line. We truly would have had the best of both worlds with TOS wave that were in development. DST had a hand in the design work. I only hope that after 2010 these come out of hiatus. A small release of TOS and maybe TNG would be cool in 2011. Hopefully in 2012 Playmates will finish the 2009 line as well. Or maybe Hasbro will make a grab and start it all over. Just with a proper bridge/Enterprise ship/playset and shuttlecraft and don't forget the Kelvin!
  22. Hobbits would be about 2"(Short Round from Hasbro's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Wave is a good example of what could be done.) Empire Strikes Back Ugnaughts would be a great scale for Dwarves (These are about 1/4-1/2" taller than the Short Round and Phantom Menace Anakin figures) Everyone else would be 3 3/4"- 4" scale. (Remember 3 3/4" was the height of the original Luke Skywalker figure from Kenner. He was one of the shorter humans, but the main character. So the whole line was based around him.) Sauron would be scaled around the 6" mark. What would also be great, provided it was Ha
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