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  1. I left her out because I expect her role in the book ends with the end of the current storyline. I also left out recent members Cannonball (Uncanny, left when X-Force reformed, currently appears in Cable/Deadpool), Northstar (X-Men, killed by Wolverine, resurrected by the Hand, currently secretly in SHIELD custody), Sage (Uncanny, left to join Hellfire Club, will appear in New Excalibur).
  2. See above. Rogue lost her powers. Then she regained her original powers. She no longer has flight, invulnerability, and superstrength. She recently gained fire based powers (from Sunfire, I believe). She appears in X-Men. Gambit went blind for a while. He got better. He also appears in X-Men. Archangel disappeared from sight for a while, before making a brief appearance in the now cancelled Excalibur (second volume). I expect he'll be popping up soon enough. He no longer has blue skin or metal wings. He does, however, have a healing factor, and his blood can be used to heal other people, even to the extent of reviving the recently deceased, as long as they have a compatable blood type. Psylocke died. She recently got better. She's not a telepath anymore, but a telekinetic. She can manifest her power in the form of a katana that can cut through anything. Appears in Uncanny. Bishop, it turns out, isn't black (in the sense of being of African descent). He's an Australian aborigine, the grandson of Gateway. He also has a first name now: Lucas. He appears in Uncanny. The Generation X team... Synch died (explosion). The school closed, the team disbanded. Emma joined the X-Men (after briefly taking a teaching job in Genosha), gained the power to turn into diamond, got shattered into a million pieces, got put back together, and is now headmaster again. She and Cyclops are a couple. Banshee created a fascistic, militaristic X group in Europe. M, Jubilee, and Husk joined. Mystique infiltrated it and slashed Banshee's throat, destroying his powers. Chamber joined the X-Men, then went undercover in the Weapon X project. Husk joined another squad of X-Men, fell in love with Archangel, and now they're a couple. Skin and Jubilee moved to LA for a stretch, then died (crucifixion), but Angel brought Jubilee back. She moved back to LA, had a solo book, then came back to the mansion. M will be in the new X-Factor book. Synch: dead Skin: dead Chamber: current whereabouts unknown Husk: current whereabouts unknown, likely with Archangel M: current whereabouts unknown, will be back in November Jubilee: currently at the mansion, though not appearing in any books Emma Frost: co-headmaster of school, with Cyclops (in more than one sense...) Banshee: current whereabouts unknown
  3. Heh, back to the beginnings of the thread... Keeping in mind that shakeups are frequent... Astonishing X-Men: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Beast, Shadowcat, Lockheed, Colossus, and Wolverine. Uncanny X-Men: Storm, Bishop, Nightcrawler, Marvel Girl (Rachel), Psylocke... and Wolverine. X-Men: Havok, Polaris, Iceman, Rogue, Gambit, Emma Frost... and Wolverine. New X-Men: various students, supporting roles played by various X-Men, roster being changed in November Also in November, two more X team books join the roster. New Excalibur: Captain Britain, Juggernaut, Dazzler, Nocturne, Pete Wisdom X-Factor: Madrox (Multiple Man), Strong Guy, Wolfsbane, Siryn, Rictor, M There's also a book called Generation M coming in November, which will spotlight some other X characters not currently appearing elsewhere, including Chamber.
  4. I'm not certain, and by no means a big Punisher fan (so I'm not the best one to ask), but I'm pretty sure the black Punisher was... Frank Castle. Yes, really. I seem to recall that for some reason or other, he was (very temporarily) surgically altered into a black man (hey, Lois Lane turned into a black woman in the 70's...). The "horse shoe" thing... Punisher committed suicide. He went to Hell. His guardian angel (not very good at his job, admittedly) brought him back from the dead, gave him access to the arsenal of Heaven (before he screwed up as Frank's guardian, he was the guardian angel for Frank's family... before he screwed that up, he was Heaven's weapons designer...). He also gave him the ability to sense demonic presence, glowy eyes, a new mission of redemption rather than revenge... and a glowy forhead. I actually bought this book... AND the followup mini. I know... I'm weird. After the 4 issue mini that brought him back and gave him his new accessories, there was a 4 issue miniseries teaming him with Wolverine (with art by Pat Lee, of Transformers fame/DreamWave infamy). Then Marvel came to the conclusion that this wasn't the way they really wanted to go with the character. Garth Ennis was brought in to do a third miniseries. The first page acknowledged the whole angels/demons/back from the dead bit, and basically had Frank say that it didn't work out. Powers gone, he went back to his old mission, and hasn't let up since.
  5. She's a female clone of Wolverine, created by an offshoot of the Weapon X project. Their first 22 attempts failed, she's the 23rd. The character was originally created for the cartoon series X-Men: Evolution. Her first comics appearance was in Joe Quesada's book NYX (that's "En Why Ex", not "knicks"). In the book, the other members of the cast first encounter her apparently working as a prostitute (the next issue explained that, despite her skimpy attire, she actually didn't have sex with the customers. They were fetishists who paid to have her cut them with her claws). While that story is still not completed, apparently Marvel felt reaction to the character was good enough to support further promotion. She next appeared in Claremont's Uncanny X-Men, in a story set after the (as yet unconcluded) NYX story. I believe there she attacked the X-Men at first (fairly standard superhero fare: misunderstanding leads to conflict, followed by team-up), but eventually became a resident of the school. Shortly after she began appearing in Uncanny, she was given a solo miniseries, entitled X-23, that covered her origin to shortly before NYX. The book was written by the writer who created the character for the cartoon. He's quite attached to her, and felt that in the cartoon, due to certain limitations of children's animation, he wasn't able to give her origin to his satisfaction. The same writer will be taking over the writing of New X-Men after House of M. The cast will be pared down, but to nobody's great surprise, X-23 will join. Powers wise, she's basically the same as Wolverine. Enhanced senses, rapid healing, claws, etc. Where she differs (other than the obvious gender and age differences) is that instead of 3 claws in each hand, she has 2 claws in each hand, and 1 in each foot. Additionally, because she's not yet fully grown, she wasn't given an adamantium skeleton. Only her claws are adamantium coated. Also unlike Wolverine, who lived a good many years before the Weapon X program tried to turn him into a living weapon, X-23 was raised from birth by the program. She has never had anything resembling a normal life.
  6. The GLX made their "first appearance" in that series. If there's sufficient fan interest, we might see them as the GLX in the future. Or, they could become the Great Lakes New Avengers...
  7. Only one I've got is their (so far...) final meeting, in X-Men: The Search for Cyclops #4, in which Cable finally gets around to fulfilling his life's mission. If the second part of your question is, as I'm reading it, "When and where did Cable get the virus?", then the answer is, he wasn't Cable when he got it. He was Cyclops' and Madeleine Pryor's infant son. Apocalypse kidnapped him as part of a plot, and by the time X-Factor saved him, he had been infected with the virus. To save his life, Cyclops allowed him to be taken into the far future, where it was believed that the virus could, if not be cured, at least fought. That was X-Factor 65-68.
  8. The second miniseries, Ultimate Secret, ran into artist scheduling problems, resulting in massive delays, and the eventual reassigning of artistic duties. Steve McNiven, the original artist on the mini, was pulled in to do an arc on New Avengers (the current Sentry arc). The job was supposed to be for 3 issues, but Bendis (who has apologized for this) ended up extending it to 4. The series was delayed for several months, and it was announced fairly recently that Tom Raney will now pencil the book. The next issue of it should be out in September. The name of the third miniseries escapes me at the moment (Ultimate Destruction? Ultimate Invasion?). It will be written by Warren Ellis, the same as the first two. I don't recall if they've mentioned an artist yet.
  9. Given that the last name of the show runner/character designer is Murakami, I don't think he's exactly a "wannabee".
  10. Jazz and Wheeljack appear to me to have their original vehicle modes. Hard to tell with Ratchet. Starscream's alt-mode is clearly updated: check out the shape of the wingtip, intakes, and canopy. He's an F-22, not an F-15.
  11. Superman. I should get around to scanning it. Celestial Madonna comes WAY before Supreme Justice. Celestial Madonna was back in the 70's, in the original volume of Avengers. Supreme Justice is late-90's, in the third volume of the book. Unless you're referring to a different Supreme Justice I'm unaware of.
  12. The thing that strikes me as the most off is that the collar is just too high/tight. Given that the cape attaches to the collar, that means the cape also attaches up at the side of his neck now, instead of at the front of the shoulder. It really just looks... wrong. A cape is something that you wear over shoulders, not just hanging down your back from your neck (uh, not that I frequently wear one, or anything). I'd probably prefer the symbol being larger, and don't see the need to repeat it on the belt buckle (it's redundant, distracts from the single iconic shield), but really, other than the collar thing, the costume looks good.
  13. Yeah, I got the poster, it's pretty cool. What did you get sketched?
  14. The next Vancouver Comicon isn't until June. No guests announced yet. The next Emerald City Comicon keeps getting the date shifted, but is currently set for the 1st and 2nd of next April. Still only Adam Hughes and Brom confirmed as guests. Did find out that Steve Skroce is from Port Moody, and met him at a signing he did there. Got a sketch, too.
  15. I have some (possibly all) of the issues he appeared in, so I can probably scan you some pages and e-mail them. I can tell you that under the hood, he was his universe's Man-Thing.
  16. If I recall correctly, it's currently scheduled for the 27th.
  17. Issue 12 doesn't come out until June, so the earliest possible release for the TPB is July.
  18. The heights in the original solicitations put Hal, Parallax, and Black Hand at approx. 6.5", Kilowog at approx. 7.25". Final heights often differ from the solicited heights, so we won't know the exact heights until we see them. Kilowog will definitely be noticeably taller than Hal, and both will tower over the Guardians (4.3" each).
  19. The small arms are faithful to the source material. That's unlikely to be changed.
  20. Why do you ask? It's not connected with the GL figures question at all, is it? Because there isn't any Kid Lantern figure coming. The only Kid Lantern I'm aware of is from a flashback miniseries in the late 90's (called The Brave & the Bold, if I recall correctly) in which Hal Jordan and Barry Allen (Green Lantern and the Flash) were on an adventure, with Kid Flash tagging along. During the adventure, Kid Flash temporarily lost his speed powers, so Hal lent him some power and changed Wally's costume from Kid Flash to Kid Lantern (green, black, and white instead of yellow and red, GL corps symbol instead of lightning bolt). It was a one-issue identity, retconned in years after the Hal/Barry era was over, which to the best of my knowledge has never been referenced since. It may not even be considered "in continuity". The only other options that come to mind are: 1. The Sins of Youth crossover event from a few years back. Kyle Rayner (along with all the other adult heroes) was magically deaged to childhood. I think the name "Kid Lantern" might have popped up once or twice during the event. 2. Some GL fans REALLY dislike Kyle Rayner. There's a long list of things he's been called as put-downs. "Kid Lantern" might have been one of them. 3. There's a long lived, ongoing debate about whether DC should create a "Teen Lantern", a teen counterpart to the adult Green Lantern(s), to go along with such Young Justice/Teen Titans/sidekick/spinoff characters as Superboy, Supergirl, Batgirl, Robin, Wonder Girl, Impulse/Kid Flash, Speedy, Aquagirl, etc.
  21. As of the most recent DC Direct update (Tuesday), the Green Lantern wave is still set to arrive next week, exactly on the scheduled release date.
  22. That's the previous version of Zod, no relation to the current model.
  23. Ever since moving to five figure waves as the standard (they originally did 3 figure, then 4 figure waves), it has been standard practice. DC Direct sells through Diamond (Previews), and offers each wave in three ways. First, four figures of the wave can be ordered on an individual basis. The store wants 18 copies of Superman? They can get him. A customer only wants Black Canary out of the five figure wave? They can order just her. One figure out of the five is made unavailable for individual order. Then, there's inner cases. An inner case includes one of each of the five figures in the wave. The cost per figure to the retailer is lower, and most pass that along to the consumer. If you want to order the fifth figure through Previews, you have to order at least an Inner Case. Some retailers may be willing to agree to let you reserve the fifth figure without ordering a whole wave, some will not. I believe some of the online retailers offer the fifth figures for preorder individually. Then there's master cases. Each master case contains two inner cases. So you get two of each of the five figures. Upcoming "fifth" figures: Green Lantern - Ganthet/Guardian two-pack Alex Ross 1 - Cheetah Hush 3 - Alfred First Appearance 3 - no fifth figure (four figure wave, all were available for individual order) Crisis on Infinite Earths 1 - don't recall (possibly Harbinger) Secret Files: Rogues - Black Mask Superman/Batman - Captain Atom Alex Ross 2 - Parasite
  24. New Avengers #4 has been pushed back to the 16th.
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