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  1. Dear lord! Please, someone tell me that the hideous monstrosity of a costume posted here is not going to be the one in the Thor movie! All the shiny plastic techno-plate crap and funky treads on the biker boots is not Asardian at all. He looks silly. If that's how he looks I won't even attempt to give the movie a chance. This is far worse than the silly costume they gave him in the 70's/80's Hulk tv show!
  2. STC wrote: If you have a problem with my posts, then don't read them, moron.
  3. Ganesha wrote: Amen. I hate when naysayers claim "it won't work". First of all, people (ie general audiences) know and understand that superheroes wear colorful costumes! They expect costumes! Not BMX biker jackets, not jeans and flannel jackets. Costumes! It makes no sense to say "oh, well, Superman's costume is timeless and so is Spiderman's, but not Wolverine's or Thor's". Until someone can show me a survey or in-depth study showing that audiences would not accept traditionally costumed characters on the big screen, that excuse is sheer bullshit. It gets parroted eternally, but yet nobody who parrots it ever seems to have looked into the situation or even given it serious logical thought. And I agree with Ganesh about not pointing to the Corman Cap movie and "Show me something that cost more than $100 at Jo-Ann Fabric and several hours on a sewing machine by a hobbyist." Really, we're talking about movies that costs tens of millions of dollars. They can do perfect costumes. For those who claim Wolverine's costume is too bright, look at Hellboy - neon red. The Mask - neon yellow. Dick Tracy - super neon yellow. And let's say for sake of argument (and going against proven, historical fact) that bright yellow for Wolverine is too bright. Ok, why not use his brown costume? Or how about just toning down the yellow like they did for the red in Daredevil? I hear lots of claims about how superhero costumes won't work, but no actual proof or logic. Ganesh wrote: I agree. I remember how that idiot Bryan Singer lectured everyone on how the Xmen needed "realistic" costumes, only to put them in skin-tight BMX biker leather bodysuits. Yeah, lots of range of movement in those! No, or course they won't die of heat exhaustion in summer or stiffen into statues in winter (from stiff frozen leather). Nah, that's certainly realistic! Oh, and Magneto's costume, of course that looked totally normal and "realistic", right? Yeah, a collar-less suit with a bright red cape and a mis-colored/mismatched purplish helmet. Totally realistic!
  4. Iazrod wrote: Because they suck in my area, that's why. And a lot of other people in other areas have the same problem. I have never seen more than a small handful of figures (say 6 at most) at any Wal-mart (or TRU or Target or whatever) in the Chicagoland area. And keep in mind, I hit numerous stores in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. At least half a dozen Wal-marts in Chicago and these suburbs - Forest Park, Northlake, Hodgkins, Villa Park, Niles, Bedford Park, Bridgeview, Darien, etc. Same for TRU - Chicago, Burbank, Melrose Park, North Riverside, Downer's Grove, Niles, etc. And none of them are ever current. I have not yet seen any of Wave 13, and I have yet to see any of Wave 9 outside of Black Canary, who is ubiquitous, albeit with broken knees in most cases. I finally saw Green Arrow the other day. Just this past month they finally got in 2 figures from Wave 11. I just came back from a vacation out in Dayton, OH, and the story there was the same. The TRU stores had nothing, Walmart had nothing. Just a few old figures from old waves. So really, it's Mattel that sucks the worst, because their distribution sucks more than a vacuum. If not for online ordering, I could never collect this toy line. And I live in the 3rd largest metropolitan area in the country! Go figure!
  5. Which part of those episodes showed him swimming? I sorta fast forwarded through it because I was looking for him in costume. I missed the action.
  6. Superpowers1980, how tall is Ultrahumanite compared to say Solomon Grundy or Grodd? I'm still undecided as to whether I want him, and if he's too big, that will pretty much be the determining factor.
  7. Wheeljack wrote: To be honest, no, I do not understand why certain people get so pissed off simply because I say I don't like the changed costumes or whatever. This is a discussion site, and we're discussing it. It's always the same few people who get upset by anything I write. They're very intolerant of differing opinions, and they cannot disagree or debate without being insulting from the moment they open their mouths. Not sure why that is. My not liking those costumes does nothing to prevent them from enjoying those movies. You don't see me constantly ripping on them saying "Oh here you go again like a broken record about how much you love the new costumes". JohnnyRebelV2 wrote: I could agree that the early 80's still had some ass-kicking comics, but at the decade wore on, comics faded in quality. All the great runs ended, lots of crappy retcons and bizarre changes to characters, poor writing and the company-wide crossover events such as the dreadful Secret Wars became the standard. By the late 80's all I was buying was Thor by Simonson, American Flagg, Jon Sable Freelance, Teen Titans by Perez/Wolfman, and Scout by Tim Truman. That's all that seemed worthy by that point, whereas I used to buy 40+ comics a month in the 70's.
  8. I'm just saying, it's not Aquaman. I certainly won't be watching it. It's just a shame we can't get some real superhero tv shows. I miss the Flash.
  9. Wheeljack wrote: True. But then, they shouldn't market it as Aquaman. It's not Aquaman. If anything, it should have a disclaimer saying "Vaguely based to a small degree on an original idea from DC Comics". That's why I don't like these faux-superhero tv shows. They're not about escapist fantasy as comics are. They're more like soap operas vaguely based on an original idea, minus the costumes, powers, and characters. Nothing "superhero" about it. The aversion to costumes smacks of ridicule for the source material.
  10. That's pretty much what I do. Nothing compares to the fine vintage 60's and 70's comics. That was when comics peaked in quality, and will never again be seen at that level of excellence. I got my hopes up from the Iron Man movie, but seeing how they're gonna destroy Thor and Capt. America, it's not worth paying to see them. If anything, I'll sneak in without paying so as to not support their travesty. That way, when I walk out in disgust, I won't have wasted any money. But you are wrong about changes. I'm ok with changes. Hell, I even liked the armor they gave Iron Man in the first movie even though it's his modern version and not his classic style. Sure, I would have preferred the old style, but I was fine with the new one. But some changes just go too far, Cap being one of them.
  11. The "essence" argument is yet another fallacy. For example, if you wanted to do a story about social outcasts who were "different" yet wanting to help humanity, you could do such a story without resorting to superheroes, and you could do it in any number of ways. What makes that an Xmen/superhero movie is super powers and superhero costumes. Superheroes wear costumes. It's that simple. Without costumes, they're not superheroes. They're visually boring and pathetic re-interpretations.
  12. Lady Jaye wrote: Why does it upset you that I merely pointed out he does not have a costume? Superheroes do wear costumes, you know. That's part of the superhero genre. And besides that, your complaint is inaccurate. This time I am not complaining about an inaccurate costume. I'm pointing out that he has no costume at all!
  13. I hope that if they start the Legion, they finish the Legion. By that I mean all the major characters and villains. There's nothing I hate more than unfinished lines or groups. For example, we are still missing Metron, Highfather, and a few others that are essential to a complete New Gods collection. There's no excuse for overlooking the remaining few necessary characters. When it comes to the Legion, I agree with the old adage "Better not start, once started better finish".
  14. How can he be Aquaman? He doesn't even have a costume! Superheroes wear costumes. This guy is a lifeguard. At best.
  15. JollyMonReturns wrote: I plan ahead. I believe in getting things right the first time. I'd consult if I needed to. Again, I do the prep work. If anything, I believe in over-planning. Leave no stone unturned, figure everything out before you begin, and plan ahead for unforseen circumstances to the best of your ability. The director for the film Lemora, A Child's Tale of the Supernatural (one of my all time faves) mentions in the commentary how he did so many storyboards that people couldn't believe how detail oriented he was. That appeals to me, that's how I am. I know how to tell a good story. I know how to do good dialog. As far as gaming, I am currently working on some material for an out-of-print edition of the game, and one of the founding writers who is considered by most of the knowledgeable people in the field actually gave my writing high praise. He even told me I was good enough to ghost write something for him, which is akin to having James Cameron or Steven Spielberg say "You're good enough to direct the movie in my place". As for writing the movie, it's like anything else. You need a good, compelling story that captures the audience's attention, a good plot, something that gets the audience involved emotionally. A movie is just a fictional story in moving format. So it contains a visual aspect you must appeal to as well. But it's not that hard. I don't consider it misplaced confidence. I know my limits and I know when to say "I don't know that" or "I'm not good enough to do that". With a Thor movie, I truly believe I can pull it off. A producer is in charge of everything. He hires the director, the cast, the talent, etc. The producer pretty much oversees everything. Usually (not always), teh producer has final say in almost everything. He supervises the budget, etc. I'm a natural organizer and leader, so I'd honestly probably make a better producer than director, though I think I could pull off both. I agree, passion isn't enough. I just happen to think I know enough about movies to be able to create a good one. At the very least it would be no worse than any that the major studios have put out, and definitely more faithful.
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