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  1. Here's an interesting thought. I apologize for writing a lot at this thread, but what body would you guys like the head be made for? This question is important so as the head can fit on a specific body without looking out of scale. The MM suit bodies, the DCUC Sandman body, the DCSH/DCUC Twoface/Riddler body, the ML Professor X body, etc.


    Don't apologize you have a lot of good insight. I appreciate all the responses. For me I think the Harvey Dent body would be best because it is a movie figure and they tend to be scaled smaller than DCUC or a Legends body. I also think the aesthetics and articulation would lend itself to the movie look for Coulson to fit in with the rest of the Avengers and Fury. I would love for Rick, Jin and others who buy or make customs throw their 2 cents in as far as sculptors who might be willing to take this on or who could accomplish it.


    It would be great hearing other people about their two cents. While I love the work of customizers such as Jin, they are a different group of people than sculptors; Jin is good at fabricating stuff, but I don't think he can sculpt a head of a celebrity. There are a few good sculptors at He-man.org and maybe Fwoosh.com


    doom saber has an admirer

  2. Who are you? You asked if the movie was really good or was just fans convincing themselves then point out that you never seen any reaction to a movie like this before that pretty much answered your question and everyone has different opinions on which are the best superhero movies you probably think Catwoman or Batman and Robin tops the list.


    i think the captain america 1979 and the original punisher and the first hulk movies top the list

  3. with everyone seeing this movie multiple times i wonder if it really is that good or do people just want to convince themselves that it is good. i never seen a reaction like this. so how does this movie rank compared to all the other existing superhero movies


    I think you answered your own question at least the first, as for the second it's a matter of opinion.


    captain of the avengers defense league

  4. with everyone seeing this movie multiple times i wonder if it really is that good or do people just want to convince themselves that it is good. i never seen a reaction like this. so how does this movie rank compared to all the other existing superhero movies


    1. Iron Man

    2. The Avengers

    3. Batman Begins

    4. The Dark Knight

    5. Thor


    First movie in more than a decade that I saw multiple times at the theaters... I also go all out with food and drinks so believe me I don't just convince myself this is a good movie with prices these days... Note that I have not seen X-Men First Class...



    question, how old are you

  5. with everyone seeing this movie multiple times i wonder if it really is that good or do people just want to convince themselves that it is good. i never seen a reaction like this. so how does this movie rank compared to all the other existing superhero movies

  6. (lol) Yeah, no kidding...on one hand I love the fact that The Rock is playing Roadblock. The character suits him and he looks great as a Joe. BUT...I have mixed feelings about Roadblock being portrayed in a role of leadership and/or as the lead character. He's definitely more intimidating than Duke I guess.


    its because he is black right?

  7. i saw the movie and they did copy dc stuff. the movie was long and i got tired by the time it got to the end and there were a lot of inconsistencies


    hulk had no control then he had it and that made no sense


    widow was boring and hawkeye was ugly and old, plus he had an unlimited supply of arrows. at the least they could of made him find something else to use, smart writers would of made something up


    also where was thor, oh yeah he was in the movie but he wasn't himself i got confused


    the fight scene between hulk and thor ws short but it was epic when thor hit hulky with his hammer


    i think marvel fans are just angry that nuclear man can beat the avengers, all he has to do is throw the statue of liberty on them and they are all dead.


    i hope spiderman and dark knight are better than the avengers because avengers was slightly better than fantastic four



  8. Saw Ghost Rider, Summers, and Klaw on the shelf yesterday. Guy at TRU said some guy came in a bought an entire set and the others missing from the second set. Not really interested in this wave but the figures looked nice. Klaw had a lot of paint slop on the one I saw.

  9. Troll as usual


    This guy gives his son


    4 waves of dc universe

    2 dc 2 packs

    2 waves of young justice

    the legion 12 pack

    crime syndicate pack

    loose figures

    gl movies masters

    12 inch hal jordan

    jlu 7 pack and others

    imaginext batcave and figures

    2 dc games

    sdcc plasticman

    3 waves of dc retro figure


    yeah whoever thinks this isn't overkill is delusional and it clearly was bragging, also money can't buy you love and respect but it can buy you sex!


    also I make a pretty decent living I don't want for anything, but even if I did it wouldn't change the nature of the post


    peace and love, peace and love

  10. I am not bragging,was looking for some insight,I decided to go my own way anyway but still was interested in what fellow collectors had to say. So the real problem is,is that you have money problems so it pisses you off that I bought a 5 yr old a bunch of figures that you are having problems buying yourself? Just curious. or does it bother you that a 5yr old has a bigger collection than you? It's my money,don't see why me investing in a future DC fans collection should have any affect on you.


    I never said I was having money issues but if you actually read a post here you would see that many others do find it difficult to support the hobby, then you come along bragging and pretending to look for insight as you glut you son with figures. Also I don't collect everything DC and even if your son does have a bigger collection than me then its pretty sad that you gave him so much. I hope he can grow up adjusted right considering how you spoil him.

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  11. These are some of the worst figures on the planet. Who designed these skinny suits. Too unrealistic for the unbelievable idea of a man in a iron suit flying around shooting rays from his hands. I had hoped they would of made changes from the horrible figures from the first movie but instead we have the same garbage. You suck and you like it Hasbro.

  12. People people.....gas or oil has never had that much of an influance on the price of plastic. If this were true then the price of ALL THINGS PLASTIC would have steadily increased over the decades the way they have the last few years. Don't you find it odd that around the same time the 70ies & 80ies era are found to be cash cows....toys based of their continuity suddenly experiance. 50-100% price hike? There are no coincidances. If anything China getting a minium wage for the 1st time in history has more to do with price increase that "big oil".


    The DC lic is the real culprit here. That & the unending demand for more POA & a sculpt that won't be compromised by said POA. Mattel has had it with unrealistic demands from fans. On one hand they wax poetic about the "good ol days" when toys were "good"....yet they seem to forget that toys were also no where near as detailed as todays (altho there are some exceptions). Face it.....big oil is or was just an excuse thought up by either fans wanting to justify forking out crazy amounts of money for toys they want & not feeling like a fool for having done so......or the toy companies themself.


    Think I'm wrong.......then I invite you to take a trip down the K.O. toy ile. Big ass boxes of trucks....farm equipment.....municipale vehicles.......millitary convoys.......huge bags of army men! & all for under $20 per set! No lic.....no price hike. & no lame excuse about big oil.


    Such a shame. Here you make a valid point but back on the other thread you were OFF. You are right, the price of oil isn't the cause of the price of figures, I was in TRU during the holidays and looked at all those big giant dump trucks or those knock off Joe sets and the prices were the same for a DC figure. Wait till the new Marvel Legends hit as well because they are priced higher than the DC stuff. The price of the Marvel stuff is bad news for DC buyers because then Mattel will justify a price hike to match ML.


    Peace to all the Gary fans and please use your ball point pens.

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  13. Don't sweat it Hoarded....guys like you & me got it going on big time baby!! I just got my Zoom Flashpoint in the mail today, & still have a 6lbs box arriveing this Thursday from BBTS. So don't let the nay sayser bring you down. Just keep the toy haul coming into your 1st class collection......& let the have not gnash their teeth in coach LOL



    That is real nice. You should not encourage him. People here on TNI are constantly complaining about their financial problems and the cost of the hobby yet this dude loves to show off how he bought X amount of waves, sets, and multi-packs for his little kid. Go brag somewhere else, but don't worry Buesy still loves you.

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