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  1. Yeah, but we already had our answer in about 10 minutes ago @firedevil@ Roger Let's hope it went through, it isn't showing up in my "sent" box...
  2. I think the vision and execution are great, my only issue would be the choice of bodies, and it would be a very narrow one...the revolvers in their chest holsters are way out of place, but the color and look are otherwise cool. For a project based on your own personal vision of the Plague, I think they look fantastic. I was almost annoyed when I heard the Plague would be fleshed out in a major comic appearance...I had concieved my own Plague, right down to troops, characters, names, and custom figures, that were just about the opposite of the DD vision. I haven't gone forward with my own project yet, but I love seeing other custom interpretations of them.
  3. I kind of wish i had picked one or two up from you, so put me down for one. Something with new art would be cool, art that hasn't been seen from DD or Hasbro.
  4. Really nice!!! i am working on something similar, but i didn't plan on putting so much into it, you really went the extra mile, and it looks sweet. i was talking to one of the designers on the extreme line last month. He was just as passionate about the designs he put together as any other desinger on the vintage line i have spoken to, it really is a shame the Extreme designs aren't taken more seriously. They make great characters. i made a Black Dragon last year myself.
  5. That is pretty much the plan. that one came about because i explained what i wanted to a guy over the phone. i was going to hand draw another one. I want a better gear, tone down the size of the tools (maybe make them a little longer) and cross them behind. I need to look for someone I can work with to take the scans and make them into Vector and nice overall images. i know a guy on yoJoe but I haven't talked with him for a while, I know Gilty1 talks to him. On the custom ones, i think all that is custom up there now is the Cobra-Arashikage, techno-viper and the televiper. The televiper is supposed to be a vintage headset on a cobra symbol, but...that one didn't fly too far, really. No one seemed to get it at a glance. The rest should be either taken from vehicles or from that HOF folder. Another custom one I had done was a Cobra Naval symbol, a cobra with 2 anchors crossed behind it. It looked great on a custom Cobra flaGG I made. For that one I know i still have some smaller unused decals somewhere, but i could not find them when someone asked me for one last year. I also made a Cobra Helipad symbol, I had those on my dio at the Con last year, there shouild be pics somewhere of those. I probably have other custom ones i am forgetting, too. I'll have to look.
  6. I used to have a bunch of logos made for vinyl decals, and my own customs. There are still some extras on my ebay store with pics, some i made up myself, some i took from that HOF flyer you have, others I took off vehicles. I have several more, both custom and Hasbro-related, that i have made for custom vehicles, like a winged moray cobra that i was putting on all my custom planes. I am still working on a new tecnho-Viper symbol, a Mortal symbol, several other factions like the Range Vipers, incinerators, HEAT-Blast Vipers, Alleys (beyond the MAD symbol) Frags, and a few others. I think my favorite rarely seen one is the desert Scorpion Cobra. it was taken from a vehicle, but looks great for the troops. here is a list, mods don't take it as pimping, I just don't have pics anywhere else. http://stores.ebay.com/Armageddon-Toys_GI-...8QQftidZ2QQtZkm
  7. It is real. I have researched and authenticated several PDDs at this point, including the earliest PUBLICALLY known carded sample, and everything fits with what the seller has stated and been able to authenicate himself. The story about the origin of the figure is also true, I have had the same story almost word for word from three separate sources now (from the mouths of two separate Hasbro emplyees), in addition to what i was able to piece together from overseas contacts. Also, the seller is, as stated, a well known and stand up member of the higher end collecting community. He did his homework and has chosen to share his knowledge with the community, as opposed to spreading baseless opinions like they are scripture.
  8. We still should have dunked your ferret in Jager and let him run through the AA con, just to watch the chicks trying to catch him fall off the wagon licking their palms...
  9. I am scared of big guys with one syllable prison sounding names like "Och" and "Nov".....So you're cred is kinda clear...
  10. John, thanks a lot for pointing me this direction. I was getting a little bummed I had not seen any pics of my dio anywhere, because people were snapping them all weekend. I took a few pics mostly to keep an accurate account of the figures, just in case of theft. They aren't too detailed, but some are a little bit clearer than Aly's. i know General Hawk took better ones with his state of the art camera prosthetic BAT arm attachment, I will try to get them from him later. I have a LOT of pics of each individual custom piece, but there are a LOT of pics. I was going to join up with Commando Customs today or tomorrow and post a bunch there, when I do i will just link them here as well.
  11. John thanks, I totally had not seen that other topic.
  12. All those customs blow. Nice shirt there, pinky. @firedevil@ Hey John...Don't forget those pics of that crappy airfield dio you took...Apparently no one else got any, so you're my only hope.
  13. Insulation foam. Go grab a random issue of the warhmmer mag...WHITE DWARF. They routinely make some FANTASTIC dios and diotables for gaming. Their biggest secret is large chunks of insulation foam. It can be sanded down, sealed with painting patch, and drybrushed to make VERY convincing landscapes. You can get it at home depot. layering of paint can make convincing arctic landcapes, and the size can REALLY supply the scope you're looking for.
  14. The guys on the YoJoe webstaff (I am on the staff as well) really kill themselves trying to keep up with the workload. Dan posts a TON of stuff (so much it makes my head spin), Justin has been killing himself, devon is ALWAYS working, ann recently hit me with some needed info while SHE was updating, plus there are newer additions I am not familiar with yet...THEN there are the forum mods. I REALLY don't envy them (Nick, Curt, Phaylon, you all know I mean you). The truth is, the YoJoe webstaff is made up of FANS...People just like you, you, and EVERYONE else posting here. They don't get paid. FANS. COLLECTORS. Guys and gals who LOVE GI JOE. They KILL THEMSELVES to get stuff done, between the drama, noise, garbage, and crap handed to them by other web sites, forums, and the average JOE. I am not trying to trash anyone. But just take a minute to think about the kind of time you would be able to devote in YOUR life to such a venture. Many of us don't have the extra time to even devote to the hobby as it pertains to US PERSONALLY. I have had months where carded figures, 6-packs, vehicles, etc, are just piled in a corner because I have not had the time to open and enjoy them. Work gets in the way, family, life in general...The YoJoe webstaff has found the time to keep YoJoe going, and if at times they fall a bit behind, because they are working on something else at the time, that is no reason to crucify them. They are STILL working on YoJoe, for YOU, the COMMUNITY, more so than for themselves. Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but when friends of mine are saying things like "why bother?" when they read these threads, just try to think about the fact that there are people involved with YoJoe before you start tossing around accusations. Fans, collectors, PEOPLE like you.
  15. Wow, it sounds like you guys had fun, I wish i could say the same. I was rooming with these two Navy guys and some dork from Colorado that made me go to some bar called "The Gay 90's". I figured it was just a name, but....It wasn't. Oh, and if i ever hear "Hi, I'm Tim Seely, turn around" again...I am not turning around.
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