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  1. There is a reason hardly anyone can find Gentleman Ghost or any of Wave 8 for that matter in stores. I have a friend who works at the Target Warehouse, and he says that hardly any Targets are ordering new shipments, so that means that Wave 6 and 7 are just clogging up the shelves. He says they have tons of Wave 6 and 7 ready to be shipped out of the warehouse before 8 or 9. He says they hardly got any of Wave 8 to ship out at all. He said for every ten boxes of Wave 6 and 7 they have, they only have one box of Wave 8, so that shows how less of Wave 8 was produced. They have more Wave 9 than Wave 8, but not alot more. Mattel basically screwed up and under produced Waves 8 and 9, and here is why...Hardly any of the non-online retailers were putting in orders for Waves 8 and 9 because they have had Waves 6 and 7 just sitting on the shelf for so long not selling, and the way they think is, "If this is not selling, more of it won't sell". That is the mentality of stores like Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and Target. They are not going to put in orders to Mattel for something that is not selling, that is just how it works. So, Mattel produced alot less of Waves 8 and 9. Some online retailers such as BBTS had to send alot of the Waves 8 and 9 pre-order customers that thier orders could not filled and they would recieve a full refund. They did not even get in half of what they thought they would get. That is why Wave 8 figures go for more money on eBay. Wave 9 is also bringing in a good bit on eBay too because of this. Mattel has said they will never again under produce a wave, so hopefully this will not happen again. Maybe that is why MattyCollector.com is going to be selling Wave 11 for retail price, at least that is what I have heard.
  2. The $57 price tag is a definately high for that 2 pack, but if it costs more with shipping from Matty, then you should definately just buy it at your comic shop, that is, if you want it bad enough. If you get it at the comic shop, you will have it right then, but if you order it from Matty, since you live where you live, the shipping cost may end up being about $10 less than what your comic shop is selling it for. If that is the case, I would shell out the extra $10 or so to get it right then and there instead of having to wait a couple of weeks. It really all comes down to what you want to do. Some people do not like Starfire, but I really like my Starfire figure from that 2 pack. It is all opinion based really. Anyways, good luck with whatever you decide. Also, when it comes to the 2 packs, the Color Of Fear 2 Pack is my favorite so far. Mattel really came through on that one.
  3. I really hope they send GG out with a future wave like they do with Flash now. Then everyone would have a chance to snag him.
  4. To be fair? You've got to think it through, he could be one of those weirdos that buys two of every toy - one to open and one to keep MOC. He wouldn't be the first I've run into that collects that way. I open MOST of the figures I get, unless I REALLY like the figure, then I will open one and get another to keep sealed, but that is pretty rare unless a friend has an extra sealed for cheap. I am going to that Target tomorrow, so if they still have it, I will help someone out here. Anyways, I see why it sounded like I was bragging, but I was just happy to have found another GG because he is by far my favorite DCUC release so far. @tuga viper, I knew most would get what I meant. Thanks.
  5. To be fair, he is bragging a bit about getting 2 GGs in a thread which is asking for help in getting GG. @Ganesha, I have seen a few people get butthurt for no reason on here, so I know what you mean. @EldestSon, I was not bragging, just simply stating that I found two Gentleman Ghost at a Target this late after Wave 8 was released, and the pictures were posted not for bragging purposes, but because alot of people say, "Pictures or it did not happen". I could see someone getting butthurt if I said, "I saw 2 Gentleman Ghost, and I bought them both for ME, screw everyone else!", but no, I left one that I could easily sell and make a profit off of for another collector to get, and then went as far as to say I would go check and see if Target still had it so I could help someone out here. So, all in all, if you read my post again, you will see I was simply saying there is still hope for people to find this figure at stores for retail price.
  6. I was thinking about going back and getting the second one if they still had it at that Target, and help someone out who still needs one. I would have gotten it for myself, but I already felt greedy having 3 total including the one I just bought (2 sealed and 1 opened). I figured I would leave it for someone who really needed it, but I can see some of you need him still, so I will check and see if they still have him and I will post back here either way, whether they have him still or not. Whoever gave my post above the minus symbol, do I sense jealousy?
  7. You are right, I have heard that phrase before also. That is why I take pictures of my findings. I posted this find in the Gentleman Ghost Help Thread, but it probably better suits the Toy Findings Thread. I found a Gentleman Ghost, Red Parademon, and a Dr Fate at a Target that I never go to. Then, I went to a Target down the street from that one and found the Deadshot I needed to complete Wave 9, and this was in ONE day. I am finally done with Waves 8 and 9 after these finds. They also had an Icicle and Silver Banshee (Public Enemies) at BOTH Targets, so I guess no collectors ever hit these Targets, which is good for me. I know alot of you guys get your DCUC figures off of the internet, but I never really do that. I love the hunt for the figures. I love walking into a Wal Mart, Target, Toys R Us or where ever, and finding the figure I have been looking for, and get it for $12 right there. I know some figures are nearly impossible to find, but so far I have found every DCUC figure I want and gotten doubles of most of them so I can open one and leave one sealed. Anyways, here is my "pics or it didn't happen" post. Lucky Wave 8 Find Wave 9 FINALLY Finished
  8. I lucked out today and found some of Wave 8 at a Target in Atlanta. They had 2 Gentleman Ghost and I picked up one of them as an extra for me along with a couple of other Wave 8 characters. I could not believe I found one after all this time. I am finally done with Wave 8 now that I have the Red Parademon. I stopped at another Target in the same area and I completed Wave 9 at that one by finding the Deadshot that I needed. Wave 9 took me longer to complete than most of the others waves.
  9. Wave 11 is definately one of my favorite waves so far. I really liked Waves 8, 9, 10, and 11. The only thing I did not like about Waves 8 and 9 were that they were harder to find than any other waves for me. I just recently finished Wave 9, and it took me a while to find them all in stores. Deadshot was the last one I needed, and I got him today.
  10. This line is one of my favorites from DCD. Even though I collect of the Blackest Night figures, I am looking forward to Firestorm and Wonder Woman Black Lanterns the most right now.
  11. I saw 2 of these tonight in a Kroger and bought one as an extra to have. Mask can be taken out of the hand, but not worn.
  12. If I had to chose 5 randomly that I want them to make, they would definately be: Fatality Conner Kent Poison Ivy Bizzaro Professor Zoom I can think of tons more, but I am honestly too tired too type out lists.
  13. I have had a few good finds lately, but today I had an older DCUC figure find. I was at my Kroger earlier today, and I heard some Krogers carry DCUC, but I have never really went out of my way to check. So I go to the toy aisle and check, and I see Booster Gold, Kid Flash, The Penguin, nothing too special at all. Then I crouch down to look at the bottom shelf to see if anyone maybe stuck one behind something, and I catch a glimpse of orange glaring off of the floor. It looks like something is UNDER the bottom shelf on the floor. So I reach under and I pull out a very dusty DCUC box, and I can not yet tell what figure it is, so I turn it over, and its a Wave 3 Deathstroke with no mask, so I am ecstatic at this point because I do not even have this figure, I have the masked version, and since I never saw the un-masked version, I never got it. So I go up to the check out, and its only $6.99. This was a very good deal and a heck of a find. So, next time you are at your Kroger, be sure to check the toy aisle. Anyways, this is 3rd time in the past couple of weeks I have found a DCUC I need hidden somewhere. The best so far was the Gentleman Ghost hidden at Target behind some board games. Here is the Deathstroke bought from Kroger today (Picture was taken with a cell phone, sorry its so small): Again, be sure to check your local Kroger, they might have a DCUC figure you are looking for. Then again, some Krogers do not even have a toy section. Anyways, I thought this was a pretty cool find.
  14. You have the right idea. I do both also, but I would not if I was not in the financial situation to do so. If it came down to me having doubles and not being able to eat or pay bills still, I would definately not have doubles. Luckily, that is not the case and I am fortunate enough to be able to get doubles. Also, CheckmyFresh, that wall is amazing, thanks for posting those pictures.
  15. Wave 11 will not be near as hard to find. Mattel cut production numbers for Waves 8 and 9, so that is why hardly anyone could find these. Wave 10 production numbers were cut because its a one store exclusive. Mattel has even said Wave 11 will be back to full production numbers. People might be thinking they are going for alot on Ebay right now, but once they come out in stores, Wave 11 will be everywhere. Maybe at first people will think they are hard to find, but once they actually have time to be shipped everywhere a few times over, they will be pretty easy to find. The people who are paying $40+ for a figure will wish they had waited.
  16. There is definately no wrong answer to this question. It is really the preference of the collector. If I could not afford to buy doubles, I am pretty sure I would just open most of them, and maybe keep the rarer ones sealed.
  17. I say there are definately pros and cons to keeping the figures sealed, and to opening them, BUT the thing about keeping the figure sealed is, that you can ALWAYS open it later on it if you want to. Once its opened though, you can never re-seal the figure and go back. So if there was NO possible way for me to have a double, I leave it sealed every time. In the past I have opened a figure and then regreted it when I could not find a double. Luckily, I have found doubles of everything DCUC that I have opened.
  18. I found Wave 10 at a Wal-Mart on November 1st. That was the first shipment a Wal-Mart in my area had gotten. Waves for DCUC seem to FLY by for the last few waves. When Wave 8 was supposedly first coming out, I was finding Wave 9 at my Target. It is crazy how fast these waves go from one to the next. I don't think its paranoia at all. My Target just got a Wave 7 shipment after shipment after shipment of Wave 9, and they will not be getting any more Wave 9 shipments. Sometimes the window of opportunity is ALOT smaller than people think. Maybe not for earlier waves, but these last few waves, definately. Waves 8, 9, and 10 will NEVER be peg warmers like Waves 6 and 7. Ever.
  19. I was just wondering, because amongst my friends, everyone has different views of keeping thier DCUC figures sealed, or opening them. Some keep them sealed, and some open them. The way I do it is, I collect doubles of the figures I LIKE (Which honestly is nearly every figure), and I open the double and keep the one in the most mint package sealed. It is definately ALOT more expensive to do this, but I still do it anyways if I can find the double of a figure, which I usually do, whether it be getting it loose off of Ebay, or finding it again in a store. Anyways, what are your views on keeping them sealed or opening them, and which do you do?
  20. You sure you won't regret this in a few weeks? Honestly, production numbers DO suck for Waves 8 and 9, but it seems Wave 10 is alot higher in production numbers. It just so happens that when ANY Wal-Mart gets them in, someone buys ALL of the good figures very fast. This happens because everyone thinks its going to be like Wave 5, when I honestly think it will not be anything like Wave 5. Anyways, you are right, you should not have to go through Ebay or fellow TNI'ers to get these figures. Mattel should not have cut production numbers on Waves 8 and 9 like they did. Stores like BBTS and other online retailers had SOOO many pre-orders for Waves 8 and 9, when Mattel saw how many they had to ship to them, they said, "Oh #$##, we will hardly have ANY for normal retailers since we cut production numbers and now we have to fill all of these orders." That is why you hardly saw ANY Wave 8 or 9 in stores. I saw Wave 8 ONCE in a Toys R Us, and they had all but Gentleman Ghost, and I bought them. Since then, I have seen NONE of Wave 8, except Vigilante, and I finally found a Gentleman Ghost hidden at a Target. Mattel really did screw up, but just because of these few waves, you are going to completely give up on them? All in all, I know right now you are frustrated with the situation, but I really think in a week or so, you might regret this decision. It might even take a month or so, but if it were me, I would end up regreting it. Especially if I had sold off everything, and then ran into Waves 11 and 12 and wanted them. I could buy them, but all the waves I worked SOO hard to find would be gone because I made a decision out of being pissed off. I would just think about it before I sold my rarest figures.
  21. The reason the Wal-Marts you speak of are not getting any is because the pegs are full already. They do not order more unless the ones on the pegs are being bought. I know this sucks, but its just how it works. A friend of mine went to his Wal-Mart, which had Wave 6 warming the pegs for MONTHS with no new shipments, and he just hid all of them in another section of the store. Not even a week later, 2 shipments of Wave 10 arrived. So like I said, if the pegs are full, they do not order more. Wal-Mart is not going to care about getting more of something that has been warming thier pegs for months. Most do not understand different waves and rarity. Also, the Wal-Mart in Marietta, GA on the East-West Connector had some of Wave 10 when I went earlier today. They only had 1 Manbat, which I bought, so when I left they still had 2 Beast Boy, 2 Forager, 2 Robot Man, 3 Batman, 1 Joker and 1 Power Girl, but a guy was looking through them when I walked away from the aisle, so he may have bought some of them, I am not sure. These were NOT on the pegs, they were below the pegs, sitting on the shelf. The pegs held Mr. Miracles, Cyborgs, and Moth Man. I finally got my double of Manbat to keep sealed, and I also picked up Robot Man and Forager for a friend. It was definately a good day because of this, and because I FINALLY found a Wave 8 Gentleman Ghost hidden behind some board games at a Target. Anyways, I hope this info helps those in GA still looking for Wave 10, because this wave is VERY few and far between in GA. I have been to MANY Wal-Marts, and I have only seen Wave 10 a couple of times. In my search for Wave 10, I actually found a Wave 5 Riddler. I guess you never know what you will find looking at Wal-Marts you have never been to (Except Wave 10).
  22. This is exactly what I would have posted in this thread yesterday.....but today, I finally, FINALLY found Gentleman Ghost. I was at a Target that has had a couple shipments of Wave 9, and I went there with a friend who was looking for the Robot Mantis from Wave 9. Luckily, they had the Robot Mantis he was looking for, but it seems instead of another Wave 9 shipment, they got a Wave 7 shipment, and that was all that was on the pegs besides the Robot Mantis. After that, I got to looking at the board games, and behind some of them, I saw a glimpse of orange packaging. I knew right away it was a DCUC figure, but had no idea which one. It was Gentleman Ghost. Someone must have hidden it behind the games when they first got in Wave 8. It was even dusty, so I knew it had not been moved or touched in a while. I honestly could not believe I found him, because he is the ONLY figure I needed from Wave 8 still. It was a good day.
  23. My friend is a manager at Wal-Mart. He says that Mattel does not decide which Wal-Mart gets what, that the Wal-Mart warehouse does. Mattel decides which warehouse gets what, but the warehouse decides what Wal-Mart gets what. A manager can put in an order to the warehouse, but as far as Wal-Mart STORE manager dealing directly WITH Mattel, it does not happen. If a manager says they are ordering from Mattel, what they really mean is, they are getting the warehouse to order from Mattel.
  24. There was a Wal-Mart in my area that had an incap with about 4 or 5 cases of the DCUC Wave 10. They only 2 Manbats out of all of the cases which was weird, but I bought them both. Maybe someone had come and bought the other Manbats, but they Woman said they had just put it out a few hours before. I went back a few days later, and they had 3 Batman left and that was it. I was glad I got my Wave 10 set when I did.
  25. Thinking about it. I know a local guy who wants it, but he is not sure when he can get the money. If I decide to sell it, would you want it? I am not the type to try and scalp, so I would sell it for $14 plus shipping if I decide to let her go. The reason I got it was because I thought it was in better condition than the sealed Quinn I already have, but it seems they are both very close to mint.
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