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  1. So what's gonna happen with the Cyborg Superman that's shown on the side of the packaging? I'd guess that since he's made trouble in more than just the Return of Superman storyline, he isn't 'story specific' anymore. Since he's a member of the Superman family of characters, he's fair game.
  2. Flash, WW, Cyborg & Manhunter don't fall under the Batman/Superman licenses. Those are the only characters Mattel is allowed to make (so far) in the DCSH line. Hopefully that changes - because I really want to see the entire DCU done by the 4Horsemen.
  3. Cornboy is talking over at a certain Raving site - he said not everything that's done was shown (obviously). He thinks Mattel is saving DCSH for SDCC.
  4. I suspect this is only a fraction of what Mattel will be offering from DCSH this year gang. Notice how Manbat is the ONLY Batman related fig? I'm pretty confident that I'm right when I say that there's more coming. That said, that Bizarro repaint is AWESOME!! (Glad I've held off purchasing him!) The Batman? Meh. I'm done. Scale is crazy, repaints all suck and a Batmobile transfomer? No thanks.
  5. I know for a fact that Mattel has been working on getting these OK'd by DC for at least 3 years. I thought they'd be shown at Toy Fair '06, but apparently something caused a delay. Glad they're finally going to get 'em out!
  6. It is spam. I've seen the exact same post & exact same name, on about 7 different forums this past week. The forums are totally unrelated - some are big forums like this one, others are small local sports radio boards. Too much of a coincidence IMO.
  7. Please. We're all sitting behind a computer screen. We all have real jobs and real lives. This is a written forum. Any 'tone' that you're detecting is in your own mind - nothing implied by me or anyone else here. Then please stay on topic and discuss the ToyBiz line. If you want to talk Shocker start a new thread. (One last suggestion on the Shocker topic - if you're going to do business with Shocker do some research on the company - what product they've put out, what product they've said they were going to put out and didn't, who they've p!ssed off, etc. Good luck with your characters - the designs look pretty decent.) Synch - I don't think Archie figures are even remote possibilities. There were some Betty & Veronica Barbies released a couple of years ago - they didn't sell well IIRC. That's probably about as close as you're gonna get. Groo (and Cerebus) would be great pack ins - similar to Howard the Duck and Impossible Man. Unfortunately I don't think Dave Sim is interested in doing any figures of Cerebus. @grumpy@
  8. Great. That's where your post should have ended. Actually, they were in the making at about the same time and, FYI, it's not a unique concept. Aren't those the things that were supposed to ride on kids' shoulders? To be honest, they're most famous for spam on forums such as this one (they've got a long history of doing so here...) and for making bold claims about characters they're making and then not coming thru. So, for fans fo these characters, its a good thing that ToyBiz stepped in and will actually put the figures on shelves for fans to buy. Andrew - don't get me wrong - you could have the greatest thing since sliced bread but lining up behind Shocker is not a good thing. Just ask the people from AC Comics, Bucky O'hare, Toxic Crusader, etc, etc. As far as GWAR, since you brought it up - they were supposed to be out by now. I wonder why they're still in the prototype stage?
  9. Potential, yes. In Shocker's hands, no. Shocker has had options on characters in the past and dropped the ball EVERY time. Just to name a few: 2000AD characters (such as Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper), Bucky O'Hare and AC Comics (ie Femforce). All of which are better known than the vast majority of the characters Shocker supposedly has contracts with currently. I'll believe Shocker is capable of pulling this off when I see the toys on the shelf. Until then, the best bet for the indy characters you all want is Toy Biz. Need more proof? Look at the Shadowhawk proto (or the Gwar protos) vs the Pitt proto. HUGE difference.
  10. Based on the mock up I saw back in December, no. They're the same figs.
  11. I just got the email on this. It's so frickin' COOL!! Batman LEGO Comic Con Exclusive news If anyone can get one for me, I'll happily pay you for it. PM me to work something out!!
  12. I just got the email on this. It's so frickin' COOL!! Batman LEGO Comic Con Exclusive news If anyone can get one for me, I'll happily pay you for it. PM me to work something out!!
  13. Really sorry to hear that VH. Been there, done that. It sucks. If you ever need to chat, feel free to pm me.
  14. Glad to see someone else using my Aliens playset idea to display their 'mates! Nice display Diesel!
  15. And that folks, is how you take care of a troll. Point out the holes in his logic and people like ol' Omega want to take their ball and go home. One closing point - I didn't make any 'hypothetical' points. My argument is fact based. Yours is not. Fact: The body responds to stimuli on it's own without consious thought. Fact: Some rape victims respond physically to the actions of their attacker. Fact: It is possible for a man to be raped by a woman or a man and become physically aroused. Fact: None of this has ANYTHING to do whatsoever with the fact that Batwoman is a lesbian. Fact: Your arguement is based on speculation and preconcieved notions about homosexuals. Fact: When someone presents you with a POV you weren't prepared for, you quit. I think we're done here.
  16. Not shoving anything 'down your throat' at all - just making a logical jump in logic. If you think that a man (or woman) is purely driven by what they're physically attracted to, you've got a lot of growing up and learning about life to do. If the body doesn't respond to stimuli on it's own, how do you explain reflexes? Great. The fact that you doubt it doesn't mean it isn't true. True. However there are a good number of rapes that go unreported every day. How do you account for those? I'm sure that the word 'rape' is overused, but in the case of male rape, how often have you heard it being used period? Have you ever heard about it prior to my bringing it up? I'm guessing that would be a big "no". I don't have to. I've just driven a hummer thru the holes in your faulty logic though. How do you know? Are you a homosexual? Have you ever been raped by anyone? If not, then you really can't do more than offer your speculation, which is flawed at best. Obviously you've got a lot of life to experience still. Come back in a few years and let me know if you've changed your opinion after you've had intercourse a few times. Again, unless it's happened to you, you can't say it wouldn't happen. We're dealing purely with speculation on how the human body would respond to stimuli here - not based on your personal preferences. Biology is on my side here - not yours. Sorry. You have no idea whether I'm gay or straight and to be honest, it doesn't really matter since I'm talking about biology not sexual preference. There's a difference. Right. Tell that to a college kid who just woke up to a fat ugly chick after a long night of drinking. And with that, I'd say the discussion is over since you're obviously a homophobic troll who is just trying to further your own limited beliefs.
  17. We already addressed that topic pretty thoroughly. So far, no one spouting this zany theory has explained how a gay man can have biolgical offspring yet not be attracted to his wife. If you get a woman pregnant, you are indeed aroused by her body. To say otherwise is crazy. So, you're also then of the opinion that rape victims enjoy what they go through, since their body physically responds to their attacker - regardless of what their mind is telling them? That's a pretty ignorant opinion to have if it is truely what you think. BTW, it's a fact - look it up. Approximately 10% of all rape victims are men. How does this happen if they aren't interested in having sex? Go with me here. I think we can agree that any unwanted, non-consensual sexual contact is sexual assault. True? If so, then, any man--gay, straight, or bisexual--can be raped by a woman or by another man because his body responds to the stimulus - not the person doing the stimulating. (FYI. According to recent studies, the least common type of same-sex male sexual assault is perpetrated on a straight man by a gay man. Furthermore, it appears that the most common type of male-to-male rape is the rape of a man who is perceived to be gay by a heterosexual man.) The same is true with female victims of rape. I'm guessing this info will pretty much put to bed your theory that homosexual people living in a 'straight' relationship have kids because they're attracted to their spouse. Based on the above info, I'd bet that you could.
  18. Yep. This one is a higher end set geared toward the adult LEGO builder. It won't fit a minifig however. It's a larger Batmobile - when I was in Enfield I guess-timated that it would fit a Microman Batman quite nicely.
  19. No. IIRC it is slightly cheaper ($69.99 - $79.99 ish?). I've got the exact MSRP at home - I'll post it tonight.
  20. Here you go Skips. Hope that helps!
  21. Here you go! What do you think? If you have questions, feel free to ask!
  22. Currently, just characters that fall under the Batman family license. If some of the characters Mattel is considering for the DCSH line is any indication, that Batman family license might be bigger than most people think....
  23. That's unknown at this point. Traditionally, exclusive sets have been available at Shop@Home, so it's certainly possible. Was Supernova an exclusive? I picked him up at a Lego store, but never saw him at the Target I normally go to. Supernova is the yellow Exo Force set, correct? It has a bit more bulk to it than the standard Exo Force sets, IIRC, and a $19.99 price point, rather than $14.99 like the other sets. IF that's the one I'm thinking of, it IS a TRU exclusive set. If you found it at a LEGO store, then, there you go! IIRC, the Durmstrang set from Harry Potter had 2 variations - the standard set sold everywhere, and then the Target exclusive set, which came with additional minifigs. When I was in Enfield at the company store, I think they were selling the standard set, but I didn't honestly look for that set in particular.
  24. Could be - my contact is in Billund this week. I'll see if I can find out anything new when he gets back.
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