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  1. throws feces randomly around rawr! @smilepunch@ Seems the hack didn't effect me at all. I just stopped by.
  2. Give me a super cushioned and padded room with the show viewing behind reinforced bullet proof glass and the sound linking directly into my brain and I may be able to handle those kids.
  3. The original BW Megatron sucked, so how can you expect even an anniversary to be good?
  4. Inuyasha


    Why didn't you warn me!! @smilepunch@ @loll@ It's called "screwing you over". @loll@
  5. Draw on the walls "Poppycock" with water soluable crayons thinking we are bad?
  6. i don't think its a good idea to PM you, lol!! @smilepunch@ Hey, for $11 you get anythang you want.... & I mean anythang.... everythang is legal over there.... it's called "BOYS TOWN" (jab jab jab jab jab punch jab hook duck uppercut roundhouse kick knee strike) @fight@ @fight@ @fight@ @fight@ @fight@ Nothing personal, nothing related to the quote, just felt like beating you up OB1!!!111oneoneone
  7. Ok... 1: How the hell did you turn his body purple in Photoshop? 2: Why the bloody hell with accountants and lawyers laughing at you is there an Autobot symbol on him? 3: @loll@ He has no arms! 4: Show us him in car mode. 5: Good work.
  8. I asked this earlier in the topic. Are they actually made of Titanium?
  9. How about we paintball the VH1 people in the balls and in the girls butts until they announce pokemon sucks and transformers should have been top 10 as well? @loll@ Anyway, they couldn't have POSSIBLY made Transformers or GI Joe good numbers because of the # of shows being recent and the low fanbase. When you think about it, they must have been judging Transformers from Armada/Energon/Cybertron because those were the most recent. Damn ##$%$#s not watching Generation 1. If they judged by Beast Wars/Machines, they would have said that name instead of Transformers. GI Joe isn't recent enough either to make an impression. Without an awesome show that is up to date, they probably just said "Oh, they're old shows. They must suck more than ANYTHING recent." when it's the opposite.
  10. NOT IF THE IDES OF MARCH GET TO YOU FIRST!!! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Anyway, my birthday was in January. I turned 16. Except at home, I got no happy B-Day wishes. It passed like any other day. When you're young, you want to stay young. When you're teenage, you want to get older. When you're in the 20s (at least 21) you want to stay the same. When you get older than that, you want to get younger. Despite all this, birthdays are meaningless.
  11. ------------------------- (don't know if making one new reply after the other molds them together) Any of you remember when Energon was the big show going on? I liked it. So awesome, it actually drew me and my brother apart from our family just to watch the new episodes on Thanksgiving! @lol@ @peace@
  12. Looks like he could team up with Alien Hominid! @smilepunch@
  13. This is why we have signatures. @poke2@ What's your point? In what way can it bother you to see my screen name at the bottom of my messages? OmegaHarbinger Consistancy. You don't need to waste the time, energy, or skin cells just to type your name every post. ...again...this is why we have signatures... @hmmm@ Creating a signature may be easy and and a worthwhile use of your time but I personally feel creating one would be far more trouble than simply typing my name. Signatures aren't mandatory at this forum so please don't act as if we all need to follow your example. OmegaHarbinger @bananna@ @purpbananna# @bananna@ @purpbananna# @bananna@ @purpbananna# You're supposed to take it as a joke, don't get all serious on me! (good mood right now)
  14. Enough with the stupid Ns!!! God, I don't even remember any N-formers...er... @loll@
  15. @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ We have a family friend living with us who lives in my brother's room with a bed on the other side of the room. 75% of the time I see him, he's either just going out the door, just coming in, or just entered the driveway in his car. During that 75% we curse eachother out in a humorous and civilized way just for fun. @loll@
  16. Can't tell you what will happen to the teacher since it would be spoilering it for the others; this tibit is explained in the movie. The crimson alchemist died several episodes ago. Then who was that guy with the gun in his mouth?
  17. man i'm all over these, i can't wait when do they come to retail? and what does wwi jazz look like? because if they make him, that's a must have for me @smilepunch@
  18. I hated my old job and hated the pay! But you have to hate the pay when what they payed was below what minimum wage became. Can't wait till it becomes $7.15 this year, it's only $6.15 now. Wait til you gratuate & get yourself a job in customer service..inbound, it pays I was making $17 an hour in less than 2 yrs for doin nothing but takin calls & transfering funds to other parts of U.S. or other countries... but I quit...silly me That's some good pay right there. I met this one guy once that worked at some office about 25 years ago. They got paid $25-30 an hour, and it was just mostly paperwork! They worked 15 hour days and were forced to work 2 hours overtime. But hey, being forced to work overtime getting paid what is like...what, $50 an hour now all that bad? In the end for him the company went out of business for paying their workers too much! Irony or what. @loll@ Ok, you say "Customer Service". I worked at Six Flags 14-15. Dealing with customers is what made my days horrible and was of the things that pissed me the hell off enough to quit after 2 years. I never want to talk to a customer buying something again. Arrogant, idiotic, and dis-respectful. I want a job where I deal with no customers. Co-workers are ok. Hell, I'd get a job with manual labor! I like to work harder physically than mentally sometimes.
  19. She may be 16, but she's too oblivious to the world around her. She believes in what is right in front of her, which is a BIG weakness, and leads to stupidity. They go hand in hand. Secretaries can be hot at times, but Kagome has nothing going on. You make all these posts at our house or something?
  20. You guys realize we all made posts on 12:55 and made like 10 posts in 10 minutes?!!! @loll@
  21. Don't take it the wrong way. If you've seen the fan art I've seen, you'd think that she was hot enough for even a woman to do, let alone a man. If you just watch the show, it's sexy to me about her strength mixed with passion and love. Strength and determination in a woman is what I like, and the sweet mix of the passion for the work she does and the love of her family is enough for me to drool. Strength can refer to either strong willed or physical strength. I prefer both, and that's Sango. So uh....don't go thinking I'm perverted and just want her body like other men.
  22. Are they actually made of Titanium or is it just called that for props on greatness? I mean, looking at what we've been recieving from them as what they call "toys", these just rock. @band@
  23. Blah. When I was in junior college, there were these students(two guys and two girls) sitting a table away from my friend and I at the cafeteria. The guys were saying "Kagome" over and over again, to the girls. :angry: @ray@ Kagome isn't even hot. She's hardly so much as attractive. She doesn't have the stuff to show off. I find Sango so much more appealing. She's got everything to turn me on. So come on, calling someone Kagome doesn't do anything!
  24. Man, you're REALLY anti-social, it seems.....but I'm like that, too.....sometimes!!!! Solitude is (very) GOOD, at times!!! #US1# I'm not entirely anti-social, I have my own little crowd. It's just I got all my friends Freshman year, and now as a sophmore, only in my homeroom class do I have any of them; it's only two friends, so I'm not only anti-social, but I'm forced to have no social life in school. That cheerleader happens to be just one person I spoke of. My classes consist of the football team and other sports members. I hate sports, so I can't get along with any of them.
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