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  1. If it crashed in the ocean that would have worked, best place, we havent seen nearly all of the ocean.
  2. hey I need some attention, oh wait post this in the other whine threads.
  3. Havent heard that name in a while, she attacked me on her return, and its just part of Japans child obsessed culture.
  4. Oops, thanks RP Uh okay, how is that not offensefull, since you could have said, "No offense, but I dont like those ideas." Instead of "those ideas are lame" Oh and yes Grimlock does curse, in War Within, he says, "Me, Grimlock -- BADASS!" just like that, and I think (oh wait I have to point out my opinions to you, you might think I want attention) it would be awsome.
  5. Said it before, nope not going to see it, and no gscbr I dont want attention.
  6. Alrighty then, no I dont want sympathy, I am just voicing MY opinion. I could care less how the movie does, I could care less if the movie even got affected by any of the fans, I was just saying what I think, its a way of dealing with it, no need for attention, and why are you giving it to me anyway? I dont think its my own club and as I say to anyone who makes a "you think" comment, your not in my head, and you dont know what I am thinking. Pissy arent we? And your not thinking that, your doing it.
  7. what no one else thinks this would be cool? common feedback people!
  8. who cares, well the fans. see I know that a rift has started, infact Botcon will be a feeding frenzy this year, but see the fans loved what was done first (G1), and they excepted all of that goofy stuff, like headmasters, and pretenders. Apparently a lot of people love mini-cons, I think they are rather obsurd but thats just my opinion. Now see I know we arent all hollywood writers and producers and those people (in Hollywood) think they know better and that we the fans want too much and dont know squat about films, well guess what they dont know much either, see they are taking a huge gamble, just because TF's makes Hasbro millions doesnt mean it will produce many millions on screen. When the fans say whats wrong thats because they know what they want the fans know what TFs are meant to have, and what they should look like. I can assure you that you will get Prime kicking megatrons butt around cause its Michael Bay, and even though many dont like his style he is good at what he does, action films, and he is smart he uses good actors to make his films better. I will also tell you that any sequel made will not be better because he lacks character growth in his films, see Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2 both good films but you could watch them in any order. I wanted Spielberg to direct because with him you cant fail, I havent seen a film of his I didnt like. The lack of caring for the source material is what will kill this movie, I enjoyed our Godzilla (I know god forbid), it kept many of the same ideas, and wasnt as bad as say the Hulk. But this will be more like Catwoman, the ground rules for her is she is white, and has a full leather suit, and no special powers. Well with TFs the ground rules are, -Autobots -Decepticons -Energon "CUBES!" -Spike or another human -Cybertron -Optimus Prime -Megatron -Interstellar Spaceships -Unicron -Primus or Quintessons -Autobot Matrix of Leadership without these constants you have a big stretch, Beast Wars is the exception, and seeing as three of those rules were ignored I'm betting more will go. Like I said before I did consider that I would see it as I am a Transfan, and I love these characters, but just reading that shows the lack of caring for this film, thats right up there with when the announced Cullen for the role at San Diego, it was on G4TV and I saw one of the producers get asked about the flames on Prime, and he said, "It looked too plain with him being a red truck, it just wouldnt look right on screen." I have seen a bright red truck and guess what it looks ten times better. On a side note, that mentioning a few weeks back about Welker auditioning, he will get the role, why not because the fans want it, because Michael Bay is a penny pincher, The Island was full of subliminal advertising, and this one will be too, its saves him money on cost since the companys have to pay to be placed in the film, and Frank Welker is the VA you want to save money, seeing as he could do all of the Decepticons and maybe even Starscream, I'm betting he was picked a long time ago, infact I'm also guessing he will be at Botcon, a special anouncment would be at the 'con. Seeing as he has never gone and they would have both Welker and Cullen together it would be best to announce him at the convention.
  9. How cool would it be if Hasbro and some good writers, and a really good animation company went back took the old movie and redid it, now we keep all of the lines, except we fix that thing with Galvatron at the end, where he says "First Prime, then Ultra Magnus and now you, its a pity you Autobots die so easily or I might have a sense of satisfaction... now." I think that the line sounds very much like he is cuing Hot Rod to take the matrix, just the way its said with the small delay before he says now. Anyway we make the animation much better, put Slag in the whole movie, give the autobots on the shuttle a better death, get rid of the dancing bots on Junk, add more to Prime and Megatrons fight scene. Also add in all of the deleted scenes, and I think we should see the bots and cons not in the film, like all of the combiners, and Omega Supreme, and what about Jetfire. We could have a huge nice 30 minute fight sequence in Autobot City, imagine since Omega never showed up post movie him and Devastator going toe-to-toe, and Devastator just rips into his chest and shoots him and there goes Omega. Or how about seeing the wreckers, like having Superion and Jetfire fight Menasaur and Bruticus and then Magnus rolls in with all of the Wreckers and says, "Wreckers its time to wreck some Decepticons." they could add in Whirl and Roadblock. Oh and we should give some better showtime for Shockwave, ahh one can dream, oh and since the movie has two curse words why not change the line from, "Me Grimlock kick butt." to "Me Grimlock kick a$$." That would be sweet.
  10. Well after seeing that quote as to why the Ark wouldnt appear in the movie I can say that I will not go see the movie, in the last week I recently considered all of the amounts of replies you guys posted about my opinions of the film, I figured well maybe I will go see it, seeing as its got the TF name, characters that I love, and its live action, well since they seem to think that the Ark or any ship is stupid then I'd rather not waste 8.50 on the film. Now maybe when its on HBO, just for kicks so I can laugh my head off. Its just stupid, why do we drive cars? I also just saw the pictures of Ratchet and Ironhide, and I'm okay with Ratchet looking that way, but why did they give Ironhide the redneck exhaust pipes, he is meant to be like a cowboy, not a redneck, and then another deafeats the purpose of robots in disguise thing, the autobot symbol on the tailgate, why not put a sign on them that says "Hey Decepticreeps shoot here" Like I said I have decided to not support the movie, because its just too far from the source material, even Cybertron and Armada are better in the ridiculous gimmicks. I won't buy the toys and I won't see it in theatres, I have the teaser poster which is the only thing I have liked so far, and that was a gift so I wont trash that. But thats just what I will do, not to impose what the rest of the fans should do.
  11. Not sure, it could just get left off, or be similar to the Cybertron Prime or just be an accessory. We could also see a gimmick set of toys just for that, with most movies there are lots of versions of the same characters, so we wont just see one of each more like 2 or 3 of each character.
  12. Sigh... The comment on G1, means that yes G1 came first, without those kids, who bought those toys in the 80's we would have nothing right now, those kids grew up and some still collect them, so what I am saying is true, without G1 there would be nothing, I am not saying that there would be nothing without us now, I am talking as if those of you who did grow up in the 1980's without you in that time there would be no TF's today, if they didnt sell Hasbro would have canned it and then we wouldnt of had the movie. Please let me know if you still are unsure by what I mean... sigh
  13. Read that quote again, its says I played with G1 toys at four, someone else who had a huge amount of G1. I started collecting at 9, Beast Wars started the year before and I got Soundwave when I was 9, I also had lots of G2 before that, I was getting every Beast Wars figure that came out and I havent stopped getting TF's since then, so I would consider myself a collecter since I got Soundwave at 9, soon after that I had Astrotrain, Blitzwing, Starscream, and many others that my mom would get from ebay, my dad would get my the newer items. I just leave it at that.
  14. Okay guess what, I first played with actual G1 toys when I was about 4, watched the movie and old episodes from the original tapes, over and over, even though I did watch G2, I got back in majorly in Beast Wars. My first G1 toy was Soundwave, complete and I was nine, I have been collecting ever since, so I think I can argue my point, and besides, without the G1 fans, there would be no Tfs whatsoever. Next that MP Starscream change was to the mold, thats a copy of the prototype with a change, no its not counted as a new mold. As for films next year dont forget about Die Hard 4 on June 30, and Fantastic Four 2 on June 10 I think. Harry Potter should be in November, there is also Turtles in March, Pirates in May, Spiderman 3 in May, and Ghostrider in Feb, not that all these have a competition with TFs but at least I am listing them for the heck of it. And yeah it was Wolverine that was supposed to be in 2007, its been written, and Jackman is on board, its a matter of filming now. As for showing hydraulics, thats fine for me, the hoses and wires are a far more vunerable area, and it looks bad. Also take a close look at the teaser poster, that eye looks very much like a normal TF face, yet the designs dont resemble that at all. Again I would like to see these bad versions they told us about.
  15. Optronix


    well, does it open up, like in the movie?
  16. On the prototype and production design, Hasbro rarely changes the main figure once it reaches prototype stage, with computers now they can be sure a figure will work before speding money on the proto, some changes are possible but thats mostly what they will look like. I can say that the day I saw the designs I lost a huge amount of faith in this film, and I am very seriously considering not going to see it, or buy anything associated with it, again I am voicing my opinion, not whining. We were told, just told, that the production designs that were similar to the cartoons didnt look right, well until they show us why should I believe that. On a side note, for all of those newer fans (I have mostly seen this on Seibertron or Tfans) I as a G1 fan, who does like the recent lines, but I prefer G1 and Beast Wars, have to say that I really do not appreciate, the newer fans calling us, "geewunners" point blank its rude, its offensive. And you know what without us "geewunners" there would be no movie, there would be nothing of TFs right now, so that really should stop, sorry if I sound pissed about that, but it is rude.
  17. Optronix


    Mine is coming Monday, does it open too.
  18. Okay time for some rebuttals, first the G1 use of characters, Bumblebee and Ratchet have not been in anything else but G1, G2 does not count, it was a rehash of G1, Soundwave was intended and can be included in that example. Second, yes comparing this to comic book movies is valid, this fits in with a film being based off of other material, I.E. comics, video games, books, TV shows, basically anything with a fanbase. Third I doubt highly that these designs will change, they say that to get us to be calm, the MP Starscream is a very rare example of a drastic mold change. Fourth when hollywood makes films like this a la Spiderman, X-Men, they base them off of the first incarnation, who would go see Spiderman 2099 in theatres? Am I doing this for attention no, its voicing my opinion, which I havent done at all, maybe if enough of these opinions are heard someone will wake up, but I doubt that serously.
  19. On a side note, thanks for your support and advice. The comic book movies dont change too much, Xmen, Batman. But the best example of too much change is Catwoman, this is why we never stray from continiuity.
  20. Ok the new movie, we all know the designs are mostly unliked, well I have finally reached the breaking point. Fine put me with the rest who are complaining, and tell me to shutup but I dont care. The designs just dont work, as I have said many times, Michael Bay got realism right, only thats if the army or some other govt organization designed giant transforming robots. I have also said that I truly believe that Hasbro is being paid off majorly, these designs dont look like what Hasbro would allow. I like the alt modes, except Megatron, and I dont like the flames. My argument towards realism is that this is a race of giant robots thats been around for millions of years, within that time for as long as they knew they had the ability to transform, therefore with millions of years to become advanced I highly doubt hoses and wires would be showing. I know that they have said that its not G1 but why are we using that lineup of characters, and why are we trying to make soundwave all G1. The designs that we have seen in Masterpiece Prime and the Alternators is very realistic and would work, unless they show us what they think didnt work I wont beleive what they say. I have ranted enough discuss and go after what I have said, but its my opinion and I needed to vent.
  21. I think this is where they got the idea for his head, and I am very serious when I say that Hasbro is most likely getting paid off to shut up about these designs. http://masterswildlifeservices.com/images/...wildabeast1.jpg
  22. Thanks Adam, any other suggestions for the Garland.
  23. Well, I did all that, I'm asking about those 'con only exclusive, the ones where you have to attend to get them, how were they gotten? And any suggestions for the Garland? I'm thinking and Autobot, and not a Combiner, I think Jazz could work, but I'm not sure.
  24. Okay, I havent been to Botcon since Glen got kicked out, I am going this year, so how does the extra exclusives such as Megatron, and Waspinator work, a la last years Ratchet. How were they obtained at the con. My second question is this, I want to get this Robotech Garland toy, linked here http://taotoys.biz/blog/?p=17 and repaint him into a G1 character, cant decide who, not Wreck-Gar or any Junkions, suggestions would be nice. Thanks
  25. I am so mad, I will watch it tomorrow at 1pm when it repeats but I may get it, if it really pisses me off I will not, what makes me mad is the use of Tim Daly and Dena Delany and other voice actors who were in the show and the use of Timm's animation but as far as I'm concerened he stole use of it and only to try and sell it, they should have made it look like Reeve or Routh if they were going to try to connect to the films, jerks. Oh and no I havent seen it yet and am 50/50 on it at the moment most likely to become 100% hate, and I feel the same way about Superman Returns I hated the originals all of them, they changed too much and Margot Kidder sucks as Lois, well I'm done ranting.
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