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  1. I'm pretty sure Superman could beat up Russel Crow.
  2. Aye carumba! This is just more frustrating IMO. Sounds like Mattel is setting us up for the conclusion of this series, no? They have the license for how many waves in the line 20 or 25? I agree waiting a month or more for MattyCollector to offer complete boxes is a hassle and most likely the reason why online sales may not be so hot. Folks these days aren't patient, but given how hard some of the figures / waves have been to obtain can you honestly blame the fan base for being a little trigger happy? There's also a lot of frustration in waiting for MattyCollector to restock sold out current wave cases. These aren't precious metals or gemstones, what's the hold up? I would cut Mattel some slack if the waves were more plentiful at retail, but in my experience this is certainly not the case.
  3. Subject title is a little misleading. Mods may want to change it to something less misleading, like "DCUC w15 line-up revealed by Amazon." I clicked this thread expecting them to be on sale at Amazon. @hmmm@
  4. It's Tax Deductible; so this could work.
  5. Noooo! Well, it's not quite a bowl cut, but Gardner could use a modern GLC head variant. If I get my hands on this pack I may attempt a custom job to make his hair closer to Gleason's Gardner design.
  6. That would be a great idea for a Wal-Mart exclusive wave. No, seriously. Okay, maybe that's a bad idea; but personally I wouldn't mind seeing old web exclusives become store exclusives instead of integral new figures like The Joker being a retailer exclusive. That's just frustrating.
  7. I missed most of these as I was always waiting on the box sets to come into stock before placing an order. I passed on Starfire because she was so terrible. Then again, the female figures have been a pretty major weakness in this line with a few exceptions. They put so much more effort into the male characters, most of the females seem phoned in.
  8. This is pretty inexcusable IMO. I'm afraid to look at my case. I guess I'll do that later tonight to make sure the BAF I bought this bloody set for can actually be assembled. Come on Mattel. It's a pain in the rear to find these things, and when we do now the BAF's are borked too? I don't mean to sound sensationalist; but really this is just another strike against a line that's already a hassle to be a fan of.
  9. I have to agree. Going from Wave 8 hijinks to Wave 12, this line has been a steady stream of nutty. I'm glad I'm not super interested in upcoming BAF's so my wallet can get a rest. #US1#
  10. It looks like they're about to hug it out, b*tches!
  11. Received mine today. Anybody interested in a Mary Marvel? Your choice, I still haven't assembled our lord and despot Darkseid. Will trade for Green Steppenwolf.
  12. Not at all. I just need the two figures. I'm not gonna build a Metallo, so that doesn't matter to me. Okay, then my Atom is yours when these come out. Think my buddy will want the Riddler, if his wife ever lets him out of the cage she's got him in. :|
  13. I'll need the Metallo parts, you don't mind a loose figure do you?
  14. I only really want Amazo and Metallo. I'd be willing to hawk the rest of the figures if anybody is interested. Also really hope like hell this is a pattern that sticks for future exclusive waves! Please. Please. Please!
  15. Ehhhhh that's a tough call man. There's a ton of stuff coming out every month, or regularly enough. I think you're just playing the grumpy old man card here. You're never too old, although it helps to start young and build the aptitude and skills for it. I've given up hope of making comics for a living, but crapping out something that would entertain me here and there wouldn't be so bad now that there's the Internet and affordable on demand printing. I was disappointed with Spiderman as a Sam Raimi movie. Then disappointed by the movie itself. I'm tired of celebrities getting cast who don't want to play the character. Keep the mask on in the fight scenes for crying out loud. Not saying Peter or others didn't get the masks damaged in the comics; but it was rare and generally a pretty big deal. It happens so much in the Tobey Maguire-Man movies it makes you question the point of a secret identity in the first place? How did you lose the collection? Flood, fire, or wrath of mom? To think of all the comics my mother threw out or made me throw out as a kid. . . To be fair, there's also a fair share of nepotism. Some companies are just notorious for putting out poorly illustrated comics, but polishing these turds with a generous heaping of digital coloring / rendering. Computer coloring isn't a bad thing in itself, some is actually quite nice (Paul Mounts is amazing), but it's definitely the new bad inker in terms of ruining a book. Garish or overzealous computer coloring is an easy way to completely ruin a page. Especially if you like a particular artists work, and some nutter goes in there and covers all the details and such with color holds or gross over rendering of color and whatnot. Another thing that gets on my last nerve is really DARK coloring. I know it's shooting for a cinematic mood; but when I can't clearly make out things on the page, could we please crank it up just a little please? I suspect it's just tough to get in because the market is shrinking and there's already a surplus of talent. Then there are established guys who can produce great work Mark Texiera comes to mind, who can't land a solid gig anymore. I asked him if he was going to be working on anything in the future, and he just seemed annoyed at the run around he was getting by a certain company.
  16. Wave 11 came from Mike's Comics 'n Stuff and Wave 12 from Mattel. After wasting TOO MUCH money on Wave 10 and tracking down a Gentleman Ghost (thanks Lady Jaye) last year; I regrouped and decided to just get stuff online. Which is why I really dislike the exclusive Wave crap. Really, if they want to do that; then offer full sets for sale via Wal-Mart.com. I'll order it, and then hawk the rest I don't want. Such a pain. It's tough to enjoy this line.
  17. Yeah that is a shame. I don't know, I have characters I enjoyed as a kid but have long since gone to pot. I just don't bother. Every time I try to go back, to say X-men, it's just a grim reminder that things aren't what they used to be. Though to his credit Joss Whedon gave it a good shot. I just find it hard the believe you could look at everything available in Previews every month and not find one book that interests you. Doesn't change the fact it's an industry where people earn their living, and some folks aspire to work in some day. Yeah, let's just beats those schlubs down and make them get honest jobs at Wal-Mart. I tend to agree, especially on the art end. A lot of hot shots get in tracing a popular style, but have zero storytelling chops. Can't draw anything that isn't a splash page. Or anything that's actually important to making a good readable comic book. It's getting better, inch by inch. Maybe not as fast as I'd prefer; but change is happening. Independent guys are getting movies made, despite quality, and making some decent bank. I won't bust on your reading comprehension since you're an old fart (), but just to clarify what I originally typed: Was saying "comics have been around much longer than video games, but in 30 years video games have reached a market comics failed to." I won't get all Scott McCloud here and point out hieroglyphs and other pictogram forms of prehistoric communication and art; even though they do technically count. No more silly than grousing about "the good old days" and then composing long winded messages about how Hollywood stinks because it can't cram several hundred issues worth of history into two hours.
  18. Received a shipping notice from Mattel today. Hopefully Wave 12 will be in my grubby mitts next week. I'm thankful this is the last wave for a while that has a BAF I want. These past couple of months have been rough with this line and my wallet.
  19. Yeah, I noticed. You really couldn't make it anymore blatantly obvious. That's a shame. There's a lot of fun stuff out there, but like I said; nobody is going to take your comics away. Enjoy them. Be thankful there's still a comic market given how neglected it is in the US. Hollywood strip mines it for movies. The video game industry strip mines it for characters and worlds. Yet the comic industry is still viewed as an entertainment ghetto primarily for children. A comic fan will still catch flack for being a "nerd" despite The Dark Knight the third highest grossing movie of all time. Really America? Where do your priorities lay? I dream of a day where comic books are a respected entertainment medium, like radio, television, movies, and fiction novels. Where creators are treated fairly, paid an honest wage, have benefits, and aren't outright stripped of their rights to ownership or a share of the profits from the characters they've created for these massive corporations. Where the guys who made the comics you loved so much don't need to fade into obscurity and poverty over the years and rely on charity groups like H.E.R.O. to assist them in their twilight years. It's a damned shame. Comic books are so much older than video games, but in the thirty years games have been around; they've gone from a child's hobby to something young folks with lots of disposable income can get into; and are more socially acceptable and reaching a wider market than comics in America. Comic books = The Rodney Dangerfield of US entertainment mediums. If you're not a fan anymore, then it's best you just go away. You've still got your fond memories and nobody can take them away. The comic industry doesn't need folks that used to be in the pool bringing it down further. That's like picking on Terry Schiavo.
  20. Just lots of Forager and Power Girls. I have an extra Joker and I think I've got a Beast Boy. Both MoC. Would be willing to trade for a glowing Specter and green Steppenwolf if you haven't already negotiated something.
  21. I'd love to have your problems. Still no sign of this Wave 12 around these parts. Hell, no sign of Wave 11 for that matter. @soap@
  22. Oh man, I hope you don't get dorked on the order. I received a confirmation shortly after my purchase. This may help:
  23. That's the nutty thing about Blackest Night, everybody disregards it as a "zombie event"; but the Black Lanterns aren't here for brains. I was enjoying Green Lantern Corps before this event kicked off, and honestly, it's a fun ride and I don't regret it like say - Civil War. Which was just a complete waste of both my time and money. Funny how after the anti-event movement of the mid-90's early 2000's we're right back into crappy event comics to bolster sales every summer. Yet for my money BN is an event done right. A good writer and an amazing artist. Actually the creative teams on all the Lantern titles are pretty stellar. Mahnke / Gleason are both amazing. This coming from the guy that posted: Yeah, Kyle wasn't your Green Lantern, but he is a GL to a generation of fans. I'm indifferent as I wasn't following GL at the time, but I knew of Kyle because of JLA and one thing creative teams did with Kyle is make him a fairly interesting character in terms of the scale of his abilities. He actually used his ring to create neat and interesting constructs which is something that's always a little easy to jab at Hal Jordan and older GL titles for. Post Rayner the Lantern Corps power ring usage is a lot more impressive, so we need to give Rayner credit where it's due. Hey, I'm right there with you! Most every Batman story told these days is a bad love letter to Frank Miller's DKR. Especially that JLA "Tower of Babel" story which I know comic fans love, but really - pathologically antisocial Batman is just no fun. Plus their argument of "he's just a man" flies right out the window the moment he has some cockamamie scheme to defeat every metahuman in the DCU. At that point, you alleged "Batfans" would be better off rooting for Wildcat. He's just a guy, and he doesn't make a habit of going toe-to-toe with metahumans and beating them. That's just silly. It was fun in DKR, because it was new. Now it's just bad fanfic. Most of my favorite Bat stories were from the pages of World's Finest where they had the alternate (reverse color) Superman / Batman, Manbat, Superman, and Batman's sons and all sorts of craziness that was just a ton of fun to read. Probably a whole lot of stories kids today would find "stupid" or disposable, because now every comic has to be serialized literature that we read with extended pinkies and discuss at the hip place to hang out and drink overpriced coffees. I'm open to suggestions. As I've stated, I didn't really follow Green Lantern in my youth; but I do now thanks to the creative teams. If you want to suggest some story arcs / issues (preferably something that won't break the bank) I'm willing to be educated. However I'm not going to poopoo what's going on currently as it's a ton of fun and part of the reason I read comics in my 30's. They're just going whole hog with crazy aliens, monsters, and super powers and it's fun to read.
  24. DCUC figures at Target all scan with the same SKU. Thus all figures are the same in the eyes of the scanner / cash register. This is how scumbags perpetrate these scams.
  25. Grumpy old comic fans, nobody's taking away your old comics. You should be thankful DC is drumming up the most interest there's been for Green Lantern in ages and getting the name out there. Which ensures you get more comics, but you stated you hate the new stuff; so I guess your fandom begins and ends at the handful of issues you deem relevant. Ah, if only we'd go back to the good old days of Hal trapping criminals in bubbles, boxes, or using a giant boxing glove to sock the baddies. @loll@
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