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  1. More like "No Figure!" Haw haw. . . I slay me. It's true though, seems to me in my travels Mattel distribution hates the Midwest region. Columbus being the only real good location in Ohio to find newer figures easily. Looking over this wave I need only Zatanna and Kamandi.
  2. I can relate to the Greek god appearance. Makes sense.
  3. This is what kills me with comic readers these days. Three issues out of 26-28 total issues. Really? That's like judging a 120 minute long movie based off of the first 15 minutes. I'll give you revisionist history, but that's the nature of corporate comics and Johns M.O. 60-40 year old characters need to be dusted off and examined anew to keep them relevant to modern readers. I think the gore may be more a result of Peter Tomasi who skews that way in most of his comics that I've read.
  4. Gorilla? Really? Get off the Internet and head to a zoo. I won't spoil it for you.
  5. Call me crazy, but I'm hoping he goes back to the way he was before the end of Blackest Night. Avoiding spoilers. Otherwise it makes it's namesake useless. Y'know? I'd love to meet and get sketches from Mahnke and Gleason. Reis too, but if I'm not mistaken he's not a US citizen so it would be hard to nail him down. Always good to meet your funnybook heroes. Waited three hours in line to meet Alan Davis two years ago.
  6. I purchased the Absolute Edition of that, but have yet to read it. Must rectify that. Clearly he's about to hook the seagull that pooped on his snow globe back there. @loll@
  7. I'm actually enjoying it all really. I went in for the Patrick Gleason Martian Manhunter bits, but ended up enjoying them all. Especially digging the Hawkman stuff. Always loved that character and Geoff Johns seems hell bent on writing him well starting with Endless Flight. I bought the zero issue on a whim, and even that wasn't indicative of how the actual mini-series would turn out. Color me impressed.
  8. You should pass on it because you read the books and found them lacking, not because of some asinine rationalization like that. Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps have been blessed with amazing creative teams. If you love comics, how can you deny the amazing art of Ivan Reis, Doug Mahnke, and Patrick Gleason?! Never mind Geoff Johns, Dave Gibbons, and Peter Tomasi on the writing. I'm reading it and finding it to be much more enjoyable than the cross-over tripe because it doesn't read like The Cliff's Notes version of something larger. I also really dig the cast of characters. Plus all the creative teams are rock solid. Hopefully it holds together, and the person who is able to lift the White Lantern isn't a dope.
  9. Definitely agree on B&tB Aquaman. Helps that he's voiced by Bender. Outside of that, my other favorite Aquaman moments are from the Superman animated series where he was regal and bad ass (Namor-esque dare I say), and in The New Frontier where Darwyn Cooke gave us a two page spread that more than adequately demonstrated what a credible thread a guy who can communicate with sea life could be. All I ask, is that you go to Titans Tower and borrow a cybernetic hand from Cyborg. I'm sure he's got drawers full of them.
  10. I'm conflicted really. I fancy myself a Bizarro fan; but I have to admit modern Bizarro owes a lot to Dini/Timm's influence on the character in the comics. Prior to that my fan status was a result of Alex Toth's Bizarro design for Superfriends. I recall old appearances in Superman / Worlds Finest comics I inherited from my step brothers in the late 70's; but I feel the cartoons really helped influence the character as we know him today.
  11. Bearded Aquaman irked me if only because there's so much cybernetic gear laying around the DCU and instead of getting a prosthetic hand he sticks a hook on the stump?! Come on dude! An otherwise okay re-design marred by EXTREEEEEEEEME 90's mental deficiency. Also it seemed a little lame after Byrne made Namor a savage badass a few years earlier: Aqua Lobo?! Seriously though, I loved the early Jae Lee art on that book.
  12. How can they have missed what they've already accomplished? Heaven forbid a figure sculpt portray/express a character accurately. His hand sculpts are the icing on the disturbing cake. A classic Bizarro could be fun, but would inevitably get knocked for being a Superman head swap.
  13. That looks AWESOME, but I made a resolution for the new year and have been sticking by it. To only purchase DCUC figures. I need to con someone into buying this for me.
  14. Full list of appearances may be a good place to start. I agree he's always awesome when I see him as a supporting character.
  15. I wish I could agree, but here in Northeast Ohio it's still largely crap. Which is a shame; because Columbus area usually has a wonderful selection, or I should say, wonderful compared to Cleveland when I visit the area. Also when I visit friends in Wisconsin the selection there is also rubbish. Target and TrU locations.
  16. Holy crap man! This line really is feast or famine. Come on Mattel, don't you have representatives that go to retail chains to check store inventory in regions and what-not like most businesses do? Why in the hell is distribution for this toy brand so completely and utterly f@cked up?! Still! If the do have retail representatives; then I'm afraid to say they're not doing their job. At least in my region.
  17. Ganesha


    Here's a run down of Anti-Monitor appearances.
  18. I have trouble wrapping my head around army building at $15 a pop, and considering I can still find Wave 7 sitting on shelves here there's no hope for a slashed prices army builder. @grumpy@
  19. No. Human psychology and consumer behavior is more complex than that. Doomsday however is not. You fail at faux profoundness!
  20. Considering collecting this line has been like getting blood from a stone; I'd rather not have to sacrifice six goats and two dozen chickens to get an Anti-Monitor from Mattel.
  21. That might count for something if it stuck, but nope. Doomsday is just another 90's speculator market comic book mistake. Like Bane, the Symbiotes in Spiderman, Vengeance, etc. Plus he doesn't even look cool. I recall seeing him for the first time and thinking, "What a crap character" and unlike a fine wine; crap don't get better with age. Total throw away character. It's best to forgot about the crap the 90's begat and move on I say. Lex Luthor will be the one to do in Superman. Just as The Joker will be the guy who does in Batman. Classic villains for a reason.
  22. Well he is a D-List villain. Honestly though, I'm thankful there's a cooling period for BAF's and my character interests at the moment. I think the only BAF I'd like to see, on a Grundy Scale or there abouts would be a Granny Goodness. Don't know why, but when she's drawn she seems pretty large and imposing in the comics.
  23. Fashions of the era are not relevant to the point as if you want to be completely cynical superhero costumes have always looked ridiculous no matter the time period. I like Hellboy the idea, but outside of some awesome art; I feel Mignola's comics are a lot of terribly unrealized potential. As is, it's Mignola giving readers a quick overview of his knowledge of obscure and esoteric mythology and folklore. Del Toro takes the movie in a different direction; but ignoring story differences Hellboy is a great adaptation of a comic one could call "hard to do". Dave Stevens took his liberties with the design of the Rocketeer, and he created a visually impactful character. Take a look at the US fighter pilots of that era, it's not exactly the same attire. You can argue this into the ground. I say show me a comic influenced big budget costume that looks bad for a new project, and then I'll agree. Until then we're not going to agree on this. Saying "it won't work" and then never actually trying doesn't prove anything. Hell Elvis like Shazam so much he cribbed his costume design; and it's become an inconic look for the celebrity: I would totally see a Shazam movie with the existing costumes. I'm still salty they canned the last movie, I thought Dwayne Johnson would have made a fantastic (looking) Black Adam.
  24. I would like a plain vanilla Azrael, I already liked that costume; but I missed the two pack he was in. It was a two pack, right?
  25. To be fair, I don't count persons on the Internet as personal acquaintances. Hyperbole: THIS IS CRAZY TALK! <Something about Spartans kicking messengers into a well here>
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