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  1. I could see this thinking taking place, despite the fact that there are a multitude of alien races in the GLC and they could have just included G'nort for that.
  2. In the case of DC, I'm less worried about being proven wrong; and more worried that Batman will be their only viable superhero movie franchise despite the fact they have some of the greatest damned comic characters around! There's NO REASON a Superman movie made with today's technology should be bad. NONE! Unless you let a huge fanboy like Senger direct it and watch as he tries to insert his turd into the Donner continuity. I'm still bummer the Shazam movie got canned, I wanted to see Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam! Would have been awesome.
  3. Ill pay District 9, but Lord of the Rings used 'dudes in suits' aswell as CGI. And the CGI in Hulk(2003) was terrible. Im with Superpowers1980; i still like makeup, Animatronics and 'dudes in suits'. Guillermo Del Toro doesnt like CGI(character design -wise). He has said he'd only use it if the character is too small or too big. I respect that. Unfortunately del Toro is the exception and not the rule in Hollywood. Sort of how traditional hand animated films have gone the way of the Dodo, and 2D sprite video games. I may not like this stuff as much as Tom Savini and Stan Winston's work, or the Capcom fighters of old; unfortunately this is the future consumers are voting for with their dollars. The idiots are dragging us along behind them on their bumper, so I may as well find a way to enjoy the ride. If I hated it from the outset, I would write it off because of Ryan Reynolds involvement. Actually I still refuse to see Daredevil because of Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck? Seriously!?
  4. It's a good thing that Green Lantern aliens aren't people then. The problem with CGI humans is the uncanny valley. Just look at CGI young Geoff Bridges in the Tron 2 trailer. Looks awful because we know what humans look like, we know how they move, how expressions work, animators cannot recreate a young Geoff Bridges. CGI monsters can work since there's no basis or relation in reality for them. Look at District 9, Lord of the Rings, or the Hulk movies (ignoring the aspect where comic fans never stopped to think a giant green dude in purple shorts looks stupid). Nice and convincing effects. This is also the result of a talented director filming for the effects. On the opposite side of that, there are plenty of terrible directors and bad effects houses out there that consistently churn out mediocre to terrible CGI effects. I'll wait to see how the final flick turns out. As a fan of the GLC comics I'm not keen on this visual redesign; but it's one image taken out of context. The character could still be Kilowogg in spirit, and honestly - this could have turned out far, far worse. Let's wait to see how the character behaves in the movie.
  5. Thanks guys. I might as well mention Hanna-Barbera's world of super adventure is a pretty affordable art book with some model sheets; but not all. And it covers more than just Super Friends. Still a pretty good resource for old coots like myself who like things I can read on the toilet. Any idea what year Cartoon Network had the images online? I tried checking archive.org. Better yet, if you have them saved could you zip them up and share them with us please? Thanks.
  6. Hey guys, not sure if this goes here; but I know there are fans. I was wondering if there's any site out there that has the model sheets Alex Toth created for his work on Super Friends? Better yet, if there are any art books or encyclopedia style books I'd be interested to know. Thanks.
  7. Am I the only old codger that doesn't give a hoot about stuff that isn't actually what you're going to be playing? Show folks the actual game, not a bunch of pre-rendered CGI shenanigans.
  8. Nice! Need to get The Creeper, Kyle Rayner, and maybe Riddler. All the Sinestro Corps makes me want DCUC Atrocitus!
  9. This discussion is slightly heated; but I'm enjoying the exchanges. I hope the ban hammer doesn't have to fall. Do you have a gallery of work somewhere Arrow? I'm always intrigued as someone who can make marks on paper that sometimes resemble things; but my experience in indies was a pain. Working long hours on top of a day job to get my foot in any door, and then managing to get something published, but at $15 a page (pencilled, inked, lettered) in 2000. Then needing to have a friend who was traveling to that part of America collect my $300 pay from the publisher because they couldn't mail it for some crazy reason. . . Highly discouraging. Storyboarding seems like a great career path for folks interested in cartooning. At some point I'll brush up my chops and do a web comic. Everybody's doing them, why not jump in the fray? If it gains an audience awesome, if not - it's still cheaper than printing a bunch of comics that may never sell. It's too late in life now to divert from my current career path. I like my salary and health benefits.
  10. Yeah, let's sever nerves in your face and see how you fare: For a guy with a physical handicap he's doing a lot better than message board trolls with no handicaps, not counting the social handicap variety.
  11. Spoken like someone who wasn't alive at the time. The dramatic aspects of Superman 1&2 were very impactful. Not scientifically correct, but Superman's grief is quite evident at the end of the first film; and the threat of Zod, Ursa, and Non in the second movie was quite real. Desperately comparing apples to oranges. Yes, Batman is all serious business and Superman is LOLZ BOYSCOUT. Right? @hmmm@ I find the pathologically antisocial and humorless post Miller Batman quite a bore.
  12. I can see his point and agree. For a good while big guy action stars went the way of the Dodo. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson just can't compare, though that may just be because they have bad scripts and terrible directors. The Rundown was pretty fun. Stallone may be old to kids born in the 80's and 90's, but we'd all be so lucky to be in as great shape as he is at 60. HGH or not, you can't argue with results - now let's see if it negatively impacts his longevity. Expendables is the next flick I'll suffer going to theaters to see. Namely because I know Stallone with deliver on the crazy action like he did with Rambo and that movie was a great theater experience. Also, I'll take the Lundgren Punisher over that atrocious whiny emo sissy Thomas Jane tried passing off as the Punisher. Sitting around drowning his sorrows in booze? That's not how Frank Castle rolls son!
  13. Wow, I may have to pick up that GL 5 Pack. Also nice that figures I'm interested in is petering off. This past year was too expensive for me and this line. Kamandi, Martian Manhunter, and Zatanna will pretty much cover my needs.
  14. Thanks. Like I said, if I have trouble finding a Kamandi I may need to call in the favor. I need to get all my BAF parts together and unload them. I've got comic character parts all over the house.
  15. I don't know. I don't mind so long as they remain true to the source material visually. X-Men is how not to do this. Thor screen shots have all looked good to me so far, except for Anthony Hopkins golden eye patch. Green Lantern looks wonky, but I'll wait to see more. Just don't look like a bunch of Matrix rejects and entertain me, that's all I generally ask for.
  16. The same way they do with most comic book movies, cover them boobies! For shame, think of the children! And yes, I say this realizing they made Mystique a naked blue lizard; but I always found classic comic Mystique hot. Simple, attractive. BAM!
  17. The difference here is this stands the chance of being good. Transformers needs a franchise reboot in competent hands. The Bayformers were hideous in the concept art, they were hideous in that boring haul of a movie, and it's only going to get worse.
  18. Ganesha

    Target sale

    why yes it is!! I really appreciate it!!! Can't wait. Now all I need is to find Cheetah and get that Superboy piece!!! Let me know when it arrives. If I need assistance finding a Kamandi from Wave 14 I may call on you.
  19. Hey guys, might help if you'd provide a link to the actual vote.
  20. Ganesha

    Target sale

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I've got the leg that came with Blue Beetle. Is your address the same as the last time? If yes, I'll mail it out this weekend.
  21. I'll reserve judgement until I see more. The photo looks like a creepy plastinated body painted green and black with back lighting.
  22. Ganesha

    Target sale

    Hey Jaye, did you still need the torso for devil guy from the current wave? I got around to opening my figures and now I've got pieces parts laying around.
  23. Did I claim they were direct translations, or is that your Aspergers kicking in again? The reason the shows I listed are great is because they do something unique and fun. No, I'm a fan of quality animation. The DC OVA barely qualify, you give it a pass because you're a DC fanboy. The same way I've seen Marvel fanboys give the Marvel animation a pass. If I were an old coot adverse to change I'd be one of the ninnies crying about Bruce Wayne not being Batman in Batman Beyond. DC just needs to stop with the crap and go back to TV series. They've proven that they excel at them time and time again. They're horrible ill conceived, "Hey! Let's take The Ultimates, a comic that's praised for it's miserable characterization of heroes and dumb it down for kids!" Eliminating the appeal to the audience of the comics, and what are parents going to think when they buy their kids the Ultimates in trade? @loll@ Also the majority of the animation I've seen from Marvel OVAs has been atrocious. Unbearable to watch crappy animation quality and poorly used CGI. BARF!
  24. Read the comics. Yeah the OVA isn't as good as the comic, because they cut out a bunch of incidental awesome stuff because it featured lesser known DCU characters that kids wouldn't recognize in favor of more DCUC staples. Even the comics the other animated ones are based off of (barring Wonder Woman / Green Lantern at the count that I stopped caring being the only original tales) were pretty garbage. Death of Superman in no way spans one OVA, much less the whole Return story. Superman/Batman was rubbish, nowhere near as fun as the classic Worlds Finest comics. People want to grouse about lazy Loeb writing? It started with Superman/Batman. I wouldn't qualify any of these animated films as worth owning. They're all rentals at best, and your money is better spent on B:TAS, BB, and JLA/JLU. These are also great because they're not stuck being horrible imitations of comics. This isn't some fanboy war either. Marvel's crapped out it's own terrible OVAs as well.
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