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  1. That really depends on the price. Sets of Wave 10 are going for $350 / 7 = $50 a pop. I doubt Mattel will ask that much per figure. I think my comfort zone would be $20-25. That's what I was considering with certain dealers at Mid Ohio Con; but then there was the table that had Wave 10 for $60 a figure, and Wave 5 figures anywhere from $60 to $125 a figure. Either way, the bottom line is scalpers stink and if I'm going to be paying a premium; I'd rather it be going to Mattel and The Four Horsemen than the bum who's only quantifiable skill is riding sales trends for a profit. Seriously, some scalper was saying he waited around for four hours to get a case of Wave 10 figures. I don't know about you, but my time is worth more than that to me.
  2. This is a good thing. From what I've found more Walmart locations are going to be stocking these, versus Wave 5 which had extremely limited distribution. I think it's just that fans, and the scalper scoundrels, that were finding them were in locations that are more quickly serviced. I do hope that Mattel / Walmart took the Wave 5 debacle into consideration and we'll see these everywhere. I just want a good belly laugh when the line is devalued and scalpers have to move on to something else to subsidize their "day job". @firedevil@
  3. Which ones are you looking for? If I can help out I will.
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the 3.75 SB figures seem to be the new more articulate Infinite Heroes that were rumored. Hooray for rebuying all my old stuff!
  5. I'll keep an eye out for you. Trust me, I feel your frustration. When some dude told me he was charging $60 for Joker and Powergirl at Mid Ohio Con - I wanted to go get my gas canister and some matches to burn his booth to the ground. All I can say is network. Be polite and find the Wal-Mart employees that can most help you. That's what I did, and were it not for the two guys that gave me the heads up I would not have been able to score the haul I did tonight. Toy scalpers are the reason I want to be a Toy Robin Hood, without the theft of course. If I can find a figure for you, it's yours for what I paid + shipping.
  6. Unfortunately I agree. They aren't as nice a 3D likeness of Ed McGuinness's art as the DC direct figure were. Although I am interested in the Brimstone BAF. I've always thought he was a cool character. Hopefully Target gets a buttload of these, they don't sell too well and go on clearance so I can get Brimstone on the cheap.
  7. Such an awesome quote. People bust my chops for buying toys, but that just nails it. I went crazy for Marvel Famous Cover figures because they reminded me of the MEGOS I had as a kid, and this line made me realize I'm something of an inadvertent DC fanboy. Well that, or it's just that these figures IMO are just much more eye catching and well made than the Marvel figures. For the most part.
  8. Chin up Toy Soldiers! Big ups to the two gentlemen at Wal-Mart that assisted me in obtaining these for myself and friends: I still need to find another Joker for my buddy, and a Manbat for myself. I'm the unluckiest guy in the world, so if I can find these; the rest of you should hopefully be able to find them. If not let me know what you're looking for and I'll keep and eye open for you. Either it's luck, or I'm gonna get hit by a bus tomorrow. @loll@
  9. trades or hardcovers are the way to go with comics these days plus you can actually youknow.. DISPLAY Them on a bookcase & yeah places like DCBS or amazon are the places to go to get cheap books! I buy my books from amazon all the time & spend around $50 per order or less whatever it is to get the free shippiing I can safely say that dcbs is a good place to order from as well OH GOD THE TRAIN IS OUT OF CONTROL! Sorry to further derail, but I just wanted to put it out there that Amazon Marketplace and Half Priced Books are both great places to get trades on the cheap. I paid around $12 for JLE vol. 1 & 2 instead of the around $40 cover price new. Sorry, no more off topic replies from me.
  10. I don't know. On average I'm paying close to $14 after tax here, not counting the figures I mail order which break down to around $15-16 after shipping (I order multiple figures at a time, so shipping is spread across them). Paying an extra $5-6 to save gas and more importantly time wasted looking for these things and not finding them is worth it IMO. I don't want to spend nearly all of my free time toy hunting. :\
  11. I'm so screwed. Comics have got a hold on me and toys. @pow@ The good news on comics though is there are sites like Discount Comic Book Service (www.dcbservice.com), where you can order new comics at a pretty significant discount. That's where I do the bulk of my comic purchasing for the past two years now. Toys? Not so much.
  12. I'm too much of a masochist to give up. #GvE#
  13. I can understand that, but without knowing how these things sell; I can't speculate if kids are nagging mom and dad for them when they see them in the toy aisle? :\ It doesn't benefit Mattel as a business to not have product for sale in stores. It's kind of a Catch-22.
  14. Hit three Wal-Marts today. Nothing at one store. No toy employees available. Spoke with the toy manager at another Wal-Mart who scanned the peg tag for the existing stock and said there's no more on order and none on the way. Does the peg hook sku cover the Wave 10 line as well, it's marked Wave 6. So I'm wondering if he's showing no re-stock for just Wave 6? Third Wal-Mart was dry and no employee there to assist.
  15. I'd be pleased as punch if they'd ease off the wave rotations a bit. This would at least facilitate wider distribution of the existing lines, steady sell through, and generally please the customer and retailers a bit more. I didn't pay attention to the frequency of release when I was a child, but I don't recall there being new He-Man figures every four months back in 1983.
  16. I can relate to the frustration; but I honestly believe we should write letters to Mattel. Even better if someone could source who's in charge of this line, to voice our dissatisfaction with how these lines and exclusives are being handled. It's just an old rule, e-mail is easy to ignore. A wave of dead trees from irate fans? A little harder to ignore when they're piling up on your desk.
  17. I must live in a plastic no man's land. I only ever saw The Riddler from Wave 5 of DCU. I've only ever seen a handful of the Rulk wave at Target. We just recently started getting a steady supply of DCU figures, but it's really irregular; so now we have Best of lines clogging the shelves. I just need to obtain a few Wave 8 figures, and hopefully I can score the Wave 10 figures I'm seeking (Power Girl, Joker, Man Bat) and the rest I'm purchasing online. My time is worth more to me than spending days and nights driving around coming up empty handed. #Granade# It is good to hear that Power Girl may get a re-issue; but I'm not counting on it and that also doesn't alleviate my concern over also scoring Man Bat and Joker. @cry@
  18. Supply and demand it seems. @hmmm@ Demand is high, supply is low. At least for Wave 10 and the Public Enemies line. I've at least seen Wave 9 in the wild here, which is more than I can say for 8, 10, and PE.
  19. Probably another scammer. People have been stealing figures, or just swapping out figures in these packs. Be careful when you buy one off the shelf. There was a blog somewhere where somebody stole one of the male figures and replaced it with one of the Iron Man figures and stole the Cat Woman and replaced it with one of the Wrestling girl figures. @grumpy@
  20. I'm going out again tonight, but damn I've gone to 10 Wal-Marts in the past week and neither hide nor hair of these figures. @grumpy@
  21. Just admit it. You hijacked the Wal-Mart delivery truck. Seriously, as I've been documenting. Seven Wal-Marts this past weekend and nothing. @soap@ Congrats man.
  22. There's enough science behind oniomania and the endorphin rush we get from purchasing something shiny and new. I could really do without the stress / ulcer inducing waste of time that is driving all over town for naught.
  23. I'm with you Draven. Considering the after market value of these figures, which is where I have to purchase most of them, time spent searching, and a number of other factors that generally make this series a hassle to collect. Getting them delivered to my door is a welcome option.
  24. If you live in the Northeast Ohio area, this isn't really a conspiracy at all. Mattel just has some of the worst distribution in the history of this hobby. Their stupid case packs killed the MotU re-launch, who's going to buy figures when all you can get is He-Man and Skeletor? Similar with the DCU line. It's reached the point where if I see ANY figure I don't have, regardless of the paint job / figure condition (I've got a Sinestro with a black gob of paint on his nose, a Hal Jordan with a bad suit paint job, and a Big Barda with a cut on the face) I buy it, because I may well never see these stinking things again. Like the MotU re-launch line Mattel then clogs shelves with re-release figures and general filler. Initially it was The Demon who clogged shelves here, now it's Cyborg. @titanic@
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