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  1. Nuts. I haven't spotted a GA in the wild and the only Wildcats I can find are not black.
  2. Why don't folks just start using an image hosting site like photobucket.com or tinypic.com? @hmmm@
  3. That's unfortunate because Studmuffin has posted some really brilliant figure picture threads at fwoosh. @hmmm@
  4. Checked again tonight and no luck. :\ Also, new Wal-Mart press release. I wonder if DCUC will see a price drop this Christmas season? I can dream, can't I?
  5. Jay Garrick? Sandman would make a neat figure.
  6. I saved a copy of that one scalpers Wave 10 boxes to my phone for convenient pallet diving reference. Also helps to have a visual aid to give to employees.
  7. Have you verified the time the local Wal-Marts restock their toys? Even the 24 hour locations around here stock at around 10-11PM, at least that's when they start dragging stock pallets to the floor. I'd double check just in case, because 4AM may actually be too late if someone in the area has contacts at the store.
  8. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. As others have pointed out. The price isn't unreasonable considering the availability.
  9. All it takes is a couple trips to determine a stock pattern, after that it's all about persistence. I'm in the day job boat as well, and I'm not a morning person - so my evening hours (what is commonly referred to as Free Time) lately have been consumed with hitting locations I know receive them. Really wish I could find the motivation to rise with the sun, but it just never happens. AUGH!
  10. The stores around here usually drag out the pallets near closing, assuming it's not a 24 hour store. Usually around 9-10PM. Another store, there's a fellow who seeds stock between 12PM-3PM during the week days. Hit two Wal-Marts tonight. Naught.
  11. They heard there's no money over there at the moment?
  12. Thank you! It's very much appreciated. I've been scouring the net for various toy retailers / specialty shops and come up empty handed with all of them. Unless I want to plunk down $40+ for one. @hmmm@
  13. Awesome news guys. Hopefully things will start balancing out. Now if only I could secure a Gentleman Ghost. . .
  14. Just remember that Captain Cold, Cyborg and Firestorm are the hot ones right now, so youll want to buy up as much of those charecters as you can. Just a little tip. @loll@ Congrats to everybody finding these.
  15. I've got about 38 of these figures so far. It's hard to pick a favorite since they're all boxed up as I'm collecting them and packing them for a move. Once I'm relocated I want to get an Ikea display case and put them all on display. Just going on what I own: 1. Black Adam - It's Black Adam, how can I not love this figure. 2. Wildcat 3. Hawkman 4. Deathstroke 5. Bizarro - okay he's a hold over from the line that preceded this; but I love Bizarro as well. What I love is the selection of characters and amount of articulation for awesome pose-ability. I also love how the articulation is well masked. Too often toy lines sacrifice appearance for articulation, this line strikes a fine balance between looks and articulation. I'm looking forward to Kilowog and Darkseid CAC figures. I love Darkseid. I'd love to see Ambush Bug and Swamp Thing figures. Perhaps a CAC Dr. Arkane! How creepy would that be on your toy shelf?
  16. I agree. Facebook is lame, but from what I understand it's a popular "tool" and updates there require less work than site updates. A lot of companies prefer to use this rubbish instead of WWW standard websites. Seriously, people and corporations need to stop hopping from "social networking" hotspot to hotspot. All this is is the new Geocities. Stop it! Here we are 10 waves in and Mattel's website doesn't even have a proper sub section for the DC Universe Classics line of toys. You have to go to Wikipedia or DCUC.info for details on the figures. It would be nice to go and browse past figures, have a gallery of figures, and be able to read character profiles and such. Really quite an egregious oversight on Mattel's part. I also don't place any stock in the Mattel chats with various websites. They just reek of generic promotional pieces that do not address issues, they just nod when questions are raised and move on to the next talking point. @grumpy@
  17. I still say contacting Mattel is a better option than throwing grief into the ether where nobody that can make a difference will see it. Well Plastic Man doesn't have any animal sidekick so I'm not worried. I'll just order him off of Mattycollector. I'm really thankful to my friend and his wife who secured a Wonder Twins and Gleek set for me when they went to SDCC. Without their help this Superfriends nerd would have had to make do with Zan and Jana. Then again the two figure pack was a first as well. So two figures and a monkey may have been a bit much. Hopefully next year will be painless.
  18. Wow, did you ever manage to score any Wave 5 in stores locally? I'm just curious, because Mattel's distribution in the other 48 states has been rubbish. I can only assume Alaska and Hawaii would be nightmarish.
  19. I haven't found all the figures from Wave 10 that I'm looking for, and I'm keeping an eye out for several persons to help them out. My "work" with the line is far from over, and while I do hope that distribution and availability gets sorted out; I still recall how rubbish Wave 5 was and am not going to risk it. It's not that consumers don't have a voice. Posting here and assuming Mattel is going to seek out your complaints won't solve anything. Mattel Customer Support would be a good place to start. As I've also said, mailing Mattel a paper letter voicing your complaints is also a good idea as well. Dead trees are harder to ignore than e-mail. Befriend and work with employees at your local Walmart. Had I not done this simple step, I wouldn't have obtained the figures I currently have for myself and friends. Think of it as "social networking" without the annoying web interface. Like I said, I'm still looking for figures for folks, so I'm not resting on my laurels so don't assume I'm some overly pleased fat cat who's sitting pretty on all his toys. I still want a Manbat and I still have to find a Joker for a long time friend who's been a big help in my finding Wave 9. I concur, however I can understand how some folks can let their emotions cloud their better judgment.
  20. Have you managed to track down, speak with, anybody that runs the toys section? The Walmart I scored my figures from had Firestorm, Cyborg, and some other mort warming the pegs for weeks before the Wave 10 case arrived. When I spoke with the toy manager at another Walmart first she scanned the peg hook for the existing figures and none were on order; but when I gave her the receipt from my Wave 10 purchases she confirmed the cases were on order and a delivery date.
  21. As other have pointed out. If you don't like it, stop buying the line. You're never going to stop exclusives. Ever. It's as simple as that, and no amount of Internet message board whining is going to change that. So either get informed and order from Mattycollector when the exclusives become available, or go to eBay to get it after the show. I don't care much for it either, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. In fact at some point I've got to go out and track down a Lobo figure. Wait, should I whine about it first? Your endless whining, yet continuing to support the product renders your puerile screed moot. Let's keep this thread focused on helping others find Wave 10 and less about whining incessantly.
  22. Actually I was thinking what we may want to try doing, is if you've made contacts at Wal-Mart, ask them to open the box and dump them roughly into a cart before shelving. This should damage the packaging and rain on the MIC hoarder/scalpers parade. Freeing up some figures for those of us who just want the toys. @firedevil@
  23. Mattel did not invent this problem. Marvel Legends had it. The Independent Legends they did after ML had it. Try the fix we used for the Legends figures. Bring some water to a boil and immerse the stuck part of the figure in for a few seconds. Let cool. Try moving part. Repeat until joint moves. Mattel is not the only company or individual that has SDCC Exclusive product. The only way I can get Arthur Adams artbooks is from SDCC via mail order. Nevermind that artist con exclusive sketchbooks are common, so if you can't get to the con and you're a fan of that artist; you're screwed or you pay a mark up. Get informed. Save your money. Have someone you know pick one up for you when they go, or mail order them after the show.
  24. Hey guys, something just hit me last night. Any word on whether or not this line is going to replace the standard DCU Classics at Target stores? I hope not. I'll have to check the product SKU next time I'm there.
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