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    So basically, "Thanks for the news, but now I'm butthurt because you bruised my ego like a banana"? @smilepunch@ Sorry man, but the majority of the time I run across something new on the Internet and wonder what it is, I highlight the text in the web browser - right clickand "Search Google for..." People just don't appreciate the ease and wealth of information in the world today. When I was a kid if you didn't know the facts or truth about something, you'd have to spend hours in the library searching for it. Not seconds with a mere mouse click. @loll@
  2. Hahahaha! Welcome back Lady Jaye. Glad to see you found a happy medium to keep on appreciating this line. Also check online vendors for sales. Last year I saw some places selling figures in the $6-7 range, which if you order in bulk makes them worthwhile. For the new year I've resolved to only buy DCUC toys. Which is hella tough since Marvel released one of those kid friendly two packs with Spiral whom I love to death. Kalibak is pretty damned cool. I'm considering doing drawing for toys possibly. @loll@ Also want one of those neato Nerf swords. AUGH!
  3. Yes sir! I'd love to meet him and Doug Mahnke, maybe get sketches from them if they're affordable.
  4. Ganesha


    Human Target Comicbookdb.com for series info. You're on the Internet, doing the leg work isn't difficult.
  5. Bart will always be Impulse to me. Seeing as how we've got a Kid Flash already; I'd rather have Bart as Impulse.
  6. Western Heroes: Vigilante, El Diablo, Jonah Hex, Cinnamon, and Scalphunter!
  7. Ganesha


    You hit the nail on the head I'm kind of hoping his cavalier attitude so far is just for the sake of getting people hooked, and then we'll get some depth, but yeah given the quality of the pilot if I had no familiarity with the source material I would not be sticking around hoping for the best. Right now he's as bland as your average crappy video game character. Do some "cool stuff", spew a lame "witty" remark. Rinse. Repeat.
  8. I don't think so, Kilowogg is pretty massive in the Green Lantern Corps comics. Guy Gardner is the closest to Kilowogg in this image and look at how tiny he is in comparison:
  9. I don't want to dogpile Starfire; but the figure was so bad I passed on that two pack. They really should have stuck with the classic Perez design for her and given her a proper custom sculpt. If this line is for collectors, then make it worth my while. After that Power Girl and Wonder Woman were a bit crap as well. They're both too frail looking. For my dollar the Infinite Crisis PG is still the best rendition of her: I've considered adding a little bulk to both of them using sculpey; but i have no skill in that area. @grumpy@
  10. It was my understanding that all future waves would be available on Mattycollector.com as long as they saw fit to make them available. At least I hope that's the case. I'm sick of wasting gas in the hunt for these.
  11. Atrocitus, he's plenty awesome. If they made future five packs I'd like to see some re-releases of retail exclusives or Matty Collector figures. I totally missed the Sinestro Corps two pack; but if they threw them into a package with three other Sinestro Corps members I'd go for it. Or perhaps do two normal sized figures and one BAF figure. That could be nice. Like Sinestro Corps Grundy. As usual my brain moves in the opposite direction, I would love to see a package with Batmite, Mr. Myxzyptlk, and Detective Chimp. Maybe two other smaller scale figures. Arkham Asylum pack could be interesting with five Bat rogues. Or four villains and a Batman figure since they love crapping those out. Checkmate or Suicide Squad (oh that's a can of worms for parent groups) packs would be cool. Bizarro World JLA pack!
  12. Crap. Sorry to hear that man. Good luck with the new gig. I've been there and it really stinks. I wouldn't sweat it, the way Mattel mismanages this line I won't see Wave 11 in stores until April. If I ever do. I'll ask my buddy if any cases have come through his TrU.
  13. Was really tempted to buy another Deadshot and Vigilante last night; but I don't need them and as much as I dream of making a custom Snake Eyes out of Vigilante I've got no skills at taking on that sort of project. I'll leave that to the pros.
  14. Ganesha


    I watched the pilot and was a bit underwhelmed. They really presented Chance poorly in that episode and I was expecting better direction from the guy who gave me Con-Air. I will watch the second episode on Hulu because I don't have one of those magical witch boxes that traps TV programs for you, and I generally fail at making time to watch TV when it's scheduled to be on. Hope it turns out well. I loved the comics and 24 has been limping along to it's inglorious end. Fox could use a fresh action hero on TV.
  15. I have had zero luck finding these at retail up here. Typical DCUC frustration. @grumpy@ It's going to be fun when Mattel opens their own discussion board. Oh man. No more just tossing complaints out into unrelated message boards, on paper we should be able to complain directly at Mattel, but I'm going to bet they won't be paying any attention. I'll keep an eye out for you though. Also a Wal-Mart finally put their pegs of cyborgs on clearance over in North Olmsted. @loll@ Also discovered Steppenwolf comes with the figure stand last night. I could have just waited to get him later as I really wanted the Green / Yellow version. If anybody has Green/Yellow Steppenwolf and is looking for Superpowers version I'm willing to trade.
  16. A -1 for posting pics of figures? @loll@ Isn't that what this forum is about? Grow the hell up jealous children.
  17. You should have replied in Bizarro fashion, "Yes! Bizzaro work here, am employee of the month!" and then kept walking. @firedevil@
  18. Heh heh - I signed on for a weird shift between third and first, so I got to work in the back room until the store opened. After it opened I managed to stay hidden back there shelving what overnight couldn't, and about the time I finished that the autofills hit. Only time I hit the sales and had to mingle with the idiots (read: durrr custardmers) was if I had to hit one of the two satellite stock rooms. It was pretty nutty. We had four stock rooms, not counting receiving which also had storage space. Being a Target Morlock was plenty okay in terms of crap retail jobs.
  19. It's not rocket science. I used to work at Target. They don't put everything on the shelf because their planogram (sales floor layout) allocates a predesignated amount of space to items on the sales floor. When merchandise sells through the day it is tallied by the inventory system and workers are scheduled to pull additional inventory three times a day in the day shift (when I worked there 11AM, 1PM, 3PM); or it gets pushed to the floor overnight if the store still has an overnight crew and the inventory system didn't replenish during the course of the day. Chances are if your local store sells a lot of DCUC they have inventory in the back. If they don't, like the one near me, they don't take on new stock. :|
  20. I would prefer a more Kirby-esque face, but I'll take what I can get. I also still have my DCD New Gods Darkseid which is hella awesome and may find a new home on my office desk.
  21. Awesome. Thanks for the heads up!
  22. Perfect. Darkseid has never been a human proportion character. He's supposed to be intimidating like a wall of scary rock.
  23. Well, I was looking for some clothes on clearance, some dish washing gear, and other crap. I just made a stop by the toy aisle. This year I'm just buying all this crap online.
  24. You think that's bad? I went to Target last night. What did I find? A full array of Wave 7! More Cirque du Soliel Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Kid Flash, etc. WTF? I suspect someone is just using my Target as a dumping ground for old inventory. @hmmm@
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