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  1. So true Arrow. My dad collected, I learned from him. You help others out, you make sure people know what you're looking for, and eventually you'll get what you want for what you want to pay. 'but just like anything, not everyone is levelheaded all the time. People just got to remember when something that's suppose to make you happy isn't? Walk away and come back when you're not so heated.
  2. Actually I don't recall them stating the mold wouldn't be used again, actually the opposite. Many sites kept asking when it would appear again since they stated that it would. As for why fan boys are like this, growing idea of 'entitlement' that most people seem to be growing in society? Heck one could even point the obsession with 'toys' as reason enough people in the hobby act childish. 'but like you said, none of them are flattering and I just like to think that just like life you have a wide range of people and normally the negative are the loudest of the lot.
  3. Not really fair to compare how Chicago is run to this. Chicago is nowhere close to the scale of SDCC. It just amazes me how worked up people get over the same thing every year. Every year scalpers/dealers get their hands on the product. No amount of 'safeguards' is going to stop that. They're professionals; it's how they run their businesses. They're limited exclusives, not everyone is going to get them. Hence the whole 'limited exclusive' idea. Companies could not bother producing items that won't sell in larger amounts at all. Again, it happens every year and every year the same whining... As for paying secondary prices, no one forces anyone to pay those. If your hobby is now an addiction where you have to have everything and freak out when you don't get your fix, that’s your own burden to carry. 'And just like any other addiction, if someone can legally exploit it, guess what? They're going to. I've gone to conventions since I was a kid and my father use to take me. It was never about getting 'exclusives'. It was about seeing new things with in the fandom. The freebies/con only items were bonuses but never the point. Now you have people who just go to the convention for the exclusives. Insane, spending money to spend money... Just makes me sad that so many people get angry over toys, it's not what the hobby or any hobby should be about.
  4. NCF = Not Carried Foward It means the DCs will not recieve anymore and whatever they have to ship out to stores is it. Now the reason for something to be NCF are wide. It could be a packaging change, production shift, discontinue by the company,discontinued by the company, not carried anymore by the district/group/region/Target and many other reasons that arn't worth listing. Does it mean that the item won't come back? No, it can, but most likely in a different form. Hope that cleared it up, it's a bit more complex due to the reasons why it goes NCF not being shared with stores or even at a district level(Unless it's something highly hyped.).
  5. Not if they changed the price of the Joes in QRSP. You have to go back into it and change it.
  6. Most likely that store changed the price in the system to match the Transformers Animated Two Packs which were marked down company wide to 4.99. It was company policy a few years ago to do so to maintain a single price point on an endcap. They're not really suppose to do it anymore though, hence your store and none of the others. Since the price change for the Transformers has been corrected, common sense would tell the store to change the price back, but unless someone does it manually you might still score as the jets are still shipping from DCs.
  7. Rarely post here, but it was a system error. It was corrected this morning in all Targets and stores were told to take down any signs. Too bad for those you missed out. No more are shipping and direction from corporate is to flex the Joe exclusive on the shelves until the sales planner ends in May...
  8. Also why isn't it in the clamshell? If it's from the overseas ToysRUs run then I can understand. 'but seems like an error, not a variant.
  9. Series 2 wasn't released to Targets. I've wanted them too because of my discount but across a few states, never saw one with even a single one or anyone else able to find them their. I've had a hell of a time trying to find them since then... I love the 1.5 sets and hate not having these...
  10. I voted for Nightcreeper, his choice of scene was original and the camera angle is just dead on. Originality means a lot to mean and the fact he picked that particular scene while others picked such obvious ones just gave him my vote easily.
  11. A lot of these scenes seem a bit more work then one would do for a simple DVD release... A lot fo these seem to be extremely time consuming and I really doubt they've been done for the upcoming release, or if they've been done at all.
  12. Pfft, everyone knows Albinos are leaders, not followers. They're never troops. =P
  13. Did they come with skateboards? If so they might be TechDeck Dudes. Can't think of anything on the current planogram that's like that off hand...
  14. I think if you have more then you can actually display then you have too many... 'but that's just me, I always thought it was stupid to collect stuff that you can't show off. That being said I have a small squad and I'm happy with that, though if I find another group of four #6s and I have the cash... 1-Clone Commander(One squad, only need one Commander. That is until other types of Commanders come out...) 3-Target Clones(One's sealed, other two are officers and take command of the two smaller patrols.) 1-Jetpack Clone(If the figure itself has better arm articulation I would get more, but since it's not he's my squad's heavy support.) 6-#41(Three in each squad, not a fan of the backpack so doubr I'll get more.) 6-#6(Three in each squad, for now... Though when I have cash who knows what temptation will bring?) Also have one Arc Commander from the animated line, but he's like a Special OPs character too me and thus belongs to no platoon/squad. I still want to try out a Gunner, but I can't find the blasted figure...
  15. Character Evolution packs COULD be a good idea. Might be a chance to get Clark Kent(Two Superman variants included.), Bruce Wayne(With two other Bat-variants, perhaps Batman Beyond), un-masked Hawkgirl(One of the original, one of her in her Thangarian armor and one unmasked ala-Fate's Tower.), Wally unmasked, and Amazonian Wonder Woman. Granted, who knows what the other packs will be and I'm surely dreaming, but not going to bash this pack yet.
  16. I guess Jango died for all of their sins. =)
  17. Nice day, so I took a quick shot since I suck at photography.
  18. Yeah Kohls high prices(7.99, but 6.99 this week) keep the figures instock. I got one 41 and two 6s their today. The had three Vaders too. 'but this is in Jersey, if you wanna cross the river.
  19. At work we've gotten cases in that don't even INCLUDE him but have the others in his wave. So I don't know what the hell's going on... I've never seen him either, which stinks because I actually want one. I only saw the Blue Guards on release day, and only Red Guards at comic shops. Don't care for those because I have four original Guards and nothing can beat them in my eyes.
  20. It's not just scalpers, kids want the main characters. At one point at work we were down to just Padmes, Super Battle Droids, Bail Organas, Tarffuls, Plo Koons, Agen Kolars, Clone Pilots, and Mon Mothmas. Three days after a new case arrives, we get down to the same thing. We can't KEEP lightsabers on the shelves. Last week we were checking on items for guests, NO Star Wars items were in any stockroom in our area. The kiddies are the enemy too now, guys. =P
  21. Target stores have been getting them in this week, and yes that's the wave with the female Jedi and speeder. I didn't mind the jetpack Clone that much, I just wish he had elbow joints. If he had them instead of the cheap missle firing action(Which you have to push the missles to fire them, I mean I can throw my own missles if you're not going to give me a launcher.) I would have bought more then one. Sadly the lack of elbow joints makes me regret buying the one I opened and returning the other that I didn't.
  22. I know army builders usually want quanity when it comes to amasing their forces. 'but this set just seems silly to me. You can barely move them at all, and they can never stand at attention! I know the single pack clones are hard to find but in the end aren't they more satisfying? I personally love the quick draw Clones more then anything. They remind me of the days of Super Power action figures. Plus the shoulder blade changing ability and two guns! How can you beat that? I just couldn't justify dropping down ten bucks to what looked like PVCs, hopefully the pack that I passed up today goes to a true fan or a kid.
  23. Whoa in that picture the red one looks like something that would make a princess smile...
  24. You and me too buddy. No word from anyone where I work on what it is. Told my one Exc. about it who's a hardcore fan and hopefully he'll hunt down some information on it.
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