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  1. Its onbtheir facebook page dude it shows all the 3inch figures with accessories etc but cant sot anything new
  2. @ jazhead. Yea meant that sorry in England was at like 2am in the morning :-P. Also Jazwares put a new pic on their page..... its not good you'll know why when you see it. Especially the caption with it sayin available throughout 2013 considering all of them in the pic have been out since at least october 2012.
  3. A guy on a website said the following about the Sonic line There was fun upcoming stuff but Jazwares wouldnt allow him to take pics of. New super possible Silver Life size gold ring that lights up New Racers from the recent game That was all but surely Rouge mustve been there along with others I mean from SA onwards the only ones left are GAMMA OMEGA MARIE CHAOS 0 TIKAL CAPTAIN WHISKERS JOHNNY THE COCONUT CREW THE DARK BROTHERHOOD (MARAUDERS) SHADE EMERL GEMERL NEO METAL SONIC (HEROES) CHIP plus the classic scrapped characters so theres no excuse not to make more plus Jazwares should get there ass into gear and try to get the comic licene.
  4. Tbh they shouldve done adverts on TV for it lasrt year when the Anniversary figures came out. ??I??? ?? ?R???????
  5. GIVE ME BLAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????? ?? ?R???????
  6. ah ReSaurus I remember bk in 2000 my dad brought back SONIC & TAILS and on another trip to america he brought back KNUCKLES then I had the holy Triothen hearing that BIG, AMY & E102 GAMMA were getting made and releashed was awesome but then no ROBOTNIK and the news was SHADOW & ROUGE were getting made but then ReSaurus shut down, shame But now we have JAZWARES lets be grateful for that.
  7. Dammit Jazwares show me some stuff lol Off topic have any of you guys seen the awesome trailer of PROMETHEUS. AKA THE ALIEN PREQUEL 'Big things have small beginnings' - Micheal Fassbender
  8. The mystery project is a secret website that leads to a vault.... once you open the vault theres nothing but smoke in it then 3 companies emerge from it SEGA - CAPCOM - NAMCO (i think its NAMCO)
  9. I hope the vector & espio figures are with the improved material as with the recent lines
  10. Now Techa thats an awesome idea, i didnt even think of that
  11. Have you guys seen the SONIC 4 EPISODE 2 GAMEPLAY TRAILER! its on over at sonic stadium & gamespot & sonic retro and tssznews
  12. Classic Amy was in SONIC CD and the re-release of the game practically was cash in time so they got AMY. I still feel its criminal that GENERATIONS didnt have CLASSIC KNUCKLES in it. But hey in March SONIC TRIPLE TROUBLE is coming out on the 3DS so maybe JAZWARES and SEGA can actually decide to make a figure of NACK/FANG soon, and the weird thing is SEGA of JAPAN created him, so its weird how in the years after S.T.T he didnt get a reprise he's in SONIC TRIPLE TROUBLE SONIC DRIFT SONIC DRIFT 2 SONIC THE FIGHTERS wouldve been in SONIC X-TREME a cameo in SONIC GENERATIONS hidden games of some of the above in SONIC ADVENTURE DIRECTORS CUT So tbh he should really get a figure soon
  14. @HyperTails on sonicwiki they review every issue and give a good detailed description of whats happened and some trivia
  15. Btw HYPERTAILS I mainly buy the comics from ebay (I know) but theyre very quick on delivery, just type 'sonic the comic' in books and they'll appear, Sometimes you'll have to scroll alot to find the latest on the Main comic but the Universe one is very easy
  16. No Tails isnt robotizied Robotnik just made a METAL TAILS, I guess a TEAM DARK package seems the most obvious thing although I cant see many of us buying the TEAM HERO pack as the DEULUXE PACK is also available, as for TEAM ROSE I can see peeps who cant get AMY anymore or BIG but rebuyin 2 figures to get1 is a bit steep, To Me TEAM DARK would be the most profitable of the bunch, with TEAM CHAOTIX 2nd. It is a little annoying that JAZWARES knew the community responded so well to JOE 'THE MAN' AMARO that they havent been bothered to replace him so that that we get avoice to the company, it be so awesome to have them come out and say 'Hey guys n gals sorry for the silent treatment but we've been neck deep in getting the 20th anniversary stuff out to you, anywho heres the lowdown so 7 so is being released this year' nuff said
  17. So let me get this straight... for me to get CHARMY I need to rebuy ESPIO & VECTOR (HOPEFULLY FIXED BETTER MATERIAL & PEGS) just to get the lil BEE. ahem GOD DAMMIT! on the final pic i can see the BIG figure pack along with other hidden things why no pic of that side??
  18. Indeed that is my friend, which begs the question, what else are they hiding? but looking at the evidence it looks like there will be noting new which is a damn shame
  19. Sega said that GAMMAMACHINE? dammit that sucks. Never know like I said in the above bit just be cool to see releases like them.
  20. I'd like a Badnik pack coz for all the guys who dont want to re-get the lines with the badniks would have basically stunt doubles lol and i doubt we'd be happy with that. Like i said above i do think TOYFAIR will hav eat least some prototypes on view coz looking at it now Rouge - Confirmed Unknown Blaze - Re-confirmed Uknown Charmy - Confirmed (somewhere on Joe's desk at least a prototype) Sonic Adventure era Chaos O (awesome pack of 0, 4, 6, and perect - never happen but it be cool) Tikal E102 Gamma (awesome E100 series pack be brill) Neo Metal Sonic (from SONIC HEROES) Emerl (cool to have a Gmerl as a 2 pack) Mephillis (soooo want this one imagine a 2 3 pack of Mephillis shadow clone and Mephillis crystal version then one of his minions) Marine (possible comic 2 pack with a copy of treasure team tango) Johnny & Captain Whiskers (2 pack) Shade The Nocturne Brotherhood ( I'd so love to see one of each varioation of the Nocturne made and the main villain then we can continue the story our own way ) Sonic The Hedgehog era (1991- 1999) Classic Knuckles - Confirmed ish - Unknown Classic Metal Sonic - Confirmed ish - Unknown Classic Mighty - The fans have spoken and he was in the top 3 of most wanted in a poll on the site, so Jazwares and a certain extent SEGA know he's popular Classic Ray - Id say Ray will only sell if he was in a comic pack with Mighty tbh as he's only been in 1 Sonic Game (sonic arcade) Classic Nack/Fang - Another who's very popular amoungst the fans (TECHA would smeg the bed if Jazwares leaked even a pic of his hat on their page Classic Bean & Bark - again I see another 2 pack with these guy swith a TTT issue Classic Speedy - I know this guy has only had the smallest appearence but he's recently been given a new life due to ARCHIE so his profile has risen if only a little, even seeing some BATTLE KUKU would be awesome Classic Tails Sky Patrol Villains - Fockewulf, Bearenger, Carrota, Wendy Witchcraft well I can dream lol Now thats a possibility of over 30 figures add to that the slight possibility of Archie's lot then wow lol P.s I dunno if most of you have heard but wild rumours are floating around that the FLEETWAY comics may be getting a reprint soon? its all a bit fishy but never know.
  21. Just looked on Jazwares FB page and they've started replying again one response was FALL 2012 will be big for SONIC. now iam in the U.K is fall around sept-december time?
  22. Well Hyper the SONIC one and Metal was like £89.99-£110 according to PLAY.COM and SUPER was £130 ish give or take £10
  23. Yey 2012 has come and so far ive walked into a door typical. Anywho yes the CHARMY, BLAZE & ROUGE line up has to be next although on Jazwares FB page there seems to be a rumours of a CLASSIC KNUCKLES figure tbc soon, Iam guessing TOYFAIR next month is our next batch of info now. btw first4figures gave a teaser image on their facebook page to their next statue.... it'll be very hard to resist us talking about the TAILS this character has had in the games
  24. Hey HyperTails my Wave came in yesterday a year to the day that Jet and Sonic free rider came threw the door
  25. @ HyperTails DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still need classic SUPER SONIC, CLASSIC AMY and the badniks on there own as had all the previous ones before. wished JAZWARES released a BADNIK pack.
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