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  1. Had a free moment... haven't logged in in a while... not in the mood to start new posts or reply to anythin' really so I figure I'll throw my quick "wuz up" right here in the monkey lounge. Still busy job hunting... had a few interviews but nothing solid yet. I need some friggin' prayers people! Transformers wise? The only TF I've managed to buy these past months has been Cruelock... he is awesome. I got the TF Armada playstation 2 game too... it rocks and I love it. Hail Armada Megatron man... he is my favorite. Sans any codes or guides or any help at all I beat it and got every minicon and datacon with Hotshot on Rookie level. Hell yeah! I had the audacity to try to jump straight to commander level and have been stumped on Starscream since though... on the different difficulties they change the locations of the damn minicons! Bastards!! Bleah! Well... that's all. Be back when I can afford the time... keep the boards warm for me. Peace.
  2. Hmm... it's been two years you say? Well... then I guess I am impressed, but within those two years I'd say the majority of my impressed-ness comes from the artwork and not the stories. The talent artists are really comin' out. Pat Lee started it all up... I like his covers ALOT more then his work in his issues. Raiz makes awesome Armada Decepticons. Guido really has that cartoon look down. And Don, is well... amazing. Jae Lee and Ng and Wildman I like too... Writers however... well I didn't like Sarracci too much. Furman came in with a bang with War Within and his Worlds Collides arcs, but has alot of just "misses" when it comes to his story endings. Can't remember the name of the GI/Trans World War II series writer, but he simply just had an impossible task so I don't judge him. And that really only likes Brad Mick I believe who I'm intersted in seeing where he goes. He's blown alot of smoke so far... lots of good stuff... but I'm interested to see if he takes it and goes all out... or fizzles. Overall... I feel they really need to stop with the switching up of artists and now that they have two solid series and two solid writers they need to pick their guns and stick to it. I'd like to see Furman and Guido on Energon for a solid year, and Brad Mick and Don Figueroa on the G1 Ongoing for at least two years straight. They should use their summer specials and one offs and such to showcase the new talents or give the old dogs another go run... but after two years... I'd really like some consitancy now. I have been sold already... but I'm still waiting to be mindblown away.
  3. Woah, I was JUST ABOUT to declare this a dead tie but had to refresh my screen and LO AND BEHOLD... one more vote comes in for Opticon at the deadline... final score 14 to 13. Congrats man. Those were both very sweet lil' collections... lookin' forward to seeing how they grow.
  4. I like him... ...and I can't wait to see how they handle him in the comics and cartoon. Will he still be the villain of destructive reasoning and logic? I hope so! I want his voice actor to be cold and without emotions... An unfeeling machine. I can't wait.
  5. Hmmm... both Collections showing some very good promise. I am impressed. I like the Scrapper in the jungle atmosphere picture. Neat. Of course, the HOC and all Hero and Villians set up opposing eachother is equally cool. A fair amount of Armada in there makes me smile. But it's answered right back by a fair amount of Beast Era stuff. MP Primes and Smokescreens all 'round is cool. It's tight. To me... it comes down to picking between that nice little creative picture of the whole collection in Robot and then in Alternate mode... against that odd focusing heads pic. I like that. I'll have to sleep on it... they're both very cool, and the few Energon in there lets me know they'll both be growing down the line.
  6. Very interesting find, thanks man. I like it... ...and I'm hoping he does turn out white like that. It would fit the bill... there is a silver dude already, but not white... I'd like to see it done. Here's to wishful thinking. He bears alittle too much resemblence to the Smokescreen/Silverstreak mold... but from the waist down there is enough to make me happy. I can't wait to see the final product. He will find his way into my collection... instantaneously!!!
  7. 'sup all... I been alittle busy, sorry for the delay of game. The lone Light Weight Collectors Duel has been posted up... check it out, very good stuff I must say. I feel it'll be close. I'm still very much interested in hosting up more of these Display Collection Competitions... but I don't seem to have near everyones links to their collections, which I need in order to move on. So to ya'll that are involved... when you get the time, please PM me up those links 'kay? Thanks alot and enjoy.
  8. The Collection of ScrapperBoy, ScrapperBoys Essentials
  9. The Collection of Opticon, Keeper of the Golden Disc
  10. Light Weight Collectors collections square off, vote for the collection you prefer. Winner will be announced Wednesday April 21st at Midnight EST. Enjoy! *Please do not reply until both Collections have been posted, THANKYOU
  11. My Unicron ran the Devil Horns for his first night before he entered the display cabinet only. The bird? I flipped it like that for a few seconds and chased my brother around the house... after that... no more.
  12. From what I could see, excellent collection man.
  13. Woah... very very cool. I am impressed. Critque. Thundercracker looks wicked! The choice of blues on my screen at least appears a bit dark, but that darkness makes him look just THAT much more evil! There is no mistaking he is evil. The touches of yellow and red really bring out some good details too... namely in Alternate Mode. In robot mode you lose a bit with the black on the arms I'd say. All in all though... very wicked. My one complaint... and I'm sorry, but there is one... is that his face is too dark. Skywarp! NICE! But I'm gonna start with the complaint this time in that Thundercracker WAY outdoes him in details. The red chest ball is awesome, but other then that he doesn't have too much bright contrast going on. However... this is a plus in that it makes him look twice as wicked as Thundercracker above. He is sinister. However... you're saying he's not done... so I'm interested to see where you go next. Gotta admit.... it honestly makes me wanna paint and custom something up. Your skills are very high man... I'm not a big fan of the stickers thing you got goin'... they are the only thing that doesn't look beyond professional. The application of the paint is fantastic, I am humbled. I don't see any brush strokes or mistakes or anything... very very tight. Excellent job man. I give you a YUM JAM.
  14. Indeed... I am 100% all about display cases. All of mine have been gifts from my girlfriend, she rules. The best and most affordable way to get yourself a display case is to either: A: Find a store that is closing, like a Hallmark in you mall or somethin' of that sort... they liquidate everything, and you can pick up something sweet and easy to repaint or touch up that most likely can take lighting B: Build your own. Homedepot plus mid quality bookcases or kitchen cabinets or entertainment centers CAN be altered with a fair amount of work into something very unique. C: Shop online. You're not gonna find anything super cheap... but you can sometimes get a fair deal. Model Car and Doll cases make for great display tools. It's true... the value of my cases is not that much less then the Transformers who inhabit them. Acrylic is cheapest... then Plexi... then Glass. In my opinion, I love display cases as it keeps my Transformers in fantastic condition, just like if they were MISB... but it allows me to open and pose them as if they were Open Box style as well. A blend of cultures. I hope that helps you out... and good luck if you get started on anything. It's work... but it pays off in the end.
  15. If you're tight on money... and just going to get ONE... then I say get Armada Thundercracker. He's the easiest to find and has alot of good details. If you only WANT one and money is not an issue, then I say get the Japanese Starscream. His colors are MUCH nicer, all the gray is replaced with white and a few other brighter details... I wish I had him. If you want more then one, then you might as well just get all three... they complement eachother amazingly. Skywarp with his remold does look like the leader of the crew when they're all together. However... you can mix it up... by getting Ramjet in place of either Starscream or Thundercracker. Point is... two of the one look and one of the other look ('cause there are two looks and four guys) looks sweet. That is my opinion, Hope that helps you out.
  16. You do know... that this means that Hasbro now has the copyrights to the name Soundwave again. And with Takara already having the original G1 ReIssue out and about... it is only a matter of time until Soundwave becomes a Hasbro ReIssue. Think about it....
  17. I'm about four years ahead of you... well... maybe a few months less... whatever. One of the many Transformers goodies on my little ride.
  18. I had to go with Armada Tidal Wave... I own both figures, and in their own rights they are both really really cool... so I had to judge based upon how I first felt when I opened 'em both up. G1 Sideswipe, well... I felt the 80's all over again... and was in awe and happiness about regaining a piece of my past. Expensive for a piece of my past, but I guess priceless at the same time. When I opened up Armada Tidal Wave though... woah... I was impressed. Amazing scale and excellent mold sculpting. I really liked the Armada green paint scheme too. And the fact that he is three seperate toys that come into one robot... sorta like those G1 Duocons.... or whatever they were called... only with THREE monsterous pieces... I was impressed. My only gripe was that the lack of foward knee articulation hindered the poseability... had it though it would have been another perfect figure... and too much of a good thing is bad ya know?
  19. I gave my vote to Energon Rodimus... G1 OP is an essential to every persons collection. Big collection or small collection, you pretty much always HAVE to have him. He's pretty much standard issue. Excellent toy, excellent orginal character... But Energon Rodimus is new... and in lots of ways epitomizes to me just how far Transformers have come with the main line. They made sure to upgrade him from his '86 version in pretty much every way possible, give him nice articulation, and even give him the Energon combining gimmick. He's a very good figure... and clearly a step in the right direction towards Transformers Perfection. G1 Optimus is the best thing from the best... but Energon Rodimus guides the way to a new main line future.
  20. Pretty cool... I very much like the idea of a page of just Transformers Collections. It's sloppy though. Some threads up on that page I don't think belong. And then ya get into some of the threads. No offense, but I sometimes get agitated an' don't look at all when I click to see someones collection pics and have to navigate through their website. I know I know, it's my loss in that I'm not seein' 'em... but sometimes... no, make that most of the time I feel really impatient and just wanna see the pictures already. There should be a, I dunno... format to follow for posting up collections. Alot of those posters though... their collections... damn... I wish they'd all come play in the Transformers Collection Display Competition. To get all those collections onto the one thread at the end. Monsterous. Honestly makes me wonder how the posting goes at TFans...
  21. Well well, I'm not seeing any reviews up for this one, so I think I'll throw down the thread for it. Be warned, there's a few spoilers... You've been warned. So today Simon Furmans second War Within Saga concludes, and the first thing I gotta say is... "sequel"? Hm... wonder if I spelt that right. But anyway it ends... and Optimus Prime and Megatron have not yet returned. In fact, there isn't really much mention of them at all in this issue other then the fact that it was the playing with Transdimensional Gates that sucked up Optimus and Megatron and allowed the Fallen to escape. Well... he came to summon Unicron. Everyone is here to summon Unicron it seems outta Furman these days... first in Worlds Collide, then in this. Ah well. The reason for taking four Autobots is explained... and I'm honestly not impressed enough with the reason to wanna spoil it. The artwork is good. This guy has himself a nice style. More old Transformers comics look of course... but he's taken quite well to all the Dreamwave expectations set by Pat, Don, Guido, and James. He gets my man Skywarp in there in this issue at last. Heheh... Skywarp is sooo cool. All in all I'd say this series was good... but oddly not near as good as the first. It felt, I dunno... more loose. The story revolved around too many characters... I mean, we have an issue with Ratbat, an issue with Trypticon, a few with Shockwave and Jetfire and Grimlock... but nothing felt really consistant. In my opinion it flows nicer when the stories have main characters in 'em ya know? The story arc should have followed one group instead of trying to show you what each group was doing. And I'm a bit Unicron-ed out. I wish the Fallen was there to do something else other then light Cybertron up as a becon for Unicron to see. Pippen (or was it Merry?) 'coulda lit a friggin' beacon... c'mon. It was good though. The standard has been raised too high by Brad Mick and Don's pens though... well that's my final thought. Rant over. What were your thoughts? There's more to discuss then just the above right?
  22. I'm with Starscream49 on this one... if negotiations through money fail, then negotiations through pain must prevail.
  23. I'd be losing G1 Soundwave (and I guess my most precious Takara Re-Issue) and G1 Skywarp (and my most precious Hasbro Re-Issue)... it'd definately be a bit of a hit... but in comparsion to being able to keep ALL the other Transformers I have, I guess I'd have to do it. ... Then again... if by having only one (in my case a dead tie so two) molds you meant I could have them in thousands of incarnations... then a Masterpiece Skywarp and Soundwave would be really cool... maybe balance it out.
  24. Seems I'm gonna rain on the parade... but I am the only person noticing that he is re-issued number SEVEN on the box. 7... That's pretty odd... wouldn't he be 14. Those numbers aren't supposed to look alike...
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