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  1. Blayyutz killed Flash and Chuckles? Sunuvabitch. I knew he was a no talent hack.

    Just because he killed somebody you liked means he is a no talent hack? That's crap.

  2. I think these things are great . . the Cobra's anyhow. The Joes are kind of junky. I didn't see the C.L.A.W.S. but I've never been a big fan of him anyway. The neos are actually my favorite. I have two but will try and get more if I see any. The Iron Grenadier . . . I'm not too sure. I hate how they still did his helmet and shoulder pieces in black. I may get 3 more though/ But not anymore than that.

  3. OK here is my list. There were a lot of funky colors towards the end but these are the figures that stand out the most to me.


    H.I.S.S. Driver


    Yeah that's right. I feel that this was the first ever of the goofy Cobra uniforms. Did he really have to look like a bug because he drives a tank? I prefer the Stinger Driver as the basis of Cobra vehicle drivers but oh well. H.I.S.S. Driver won the evolutionary battle and multiplied.


    Blow Torch (original)


    This is another figure I feel people are going easy on because he is a classic Joe. OK, so he is a flame thrower specialist. But does that mean he has to wear mostly yellow with red? This figure stands right alongside many of the bad neon figures of the Battle Corps era IMO.


    Tripwire (Listen N' Fun)


    Quite simply a hideous repaint. If you were to paint his mouth black he would be a good double for the H.I.S.S. Driver.


    Mainframe (Special Mission Brazil)


    Another bad repaint. Kind of reminds me of a cherry pastry or something.




    I don't care how much people talk this guy up to be a bad ass he ain't nothing but a yellow Tele-Viper with Footloose's head on it.


    Rapid Fire


    Super Trooper was pretty bad. This guy was 10x worse!!


    Nemesis Enforcer


    I almost didn't put any of the Cobra-La guys on here because they kind of go without saying. So Nemesis Enforcer is like some kind of mutant vampire but he's . . purple. Even if you buy into the concept the color choice gets you. And why is that octopus thing a backpack? Isn't that those things they were throwing on people's mouths in the Movie?


    Royal Guard


    Another Cobra-La character who's bug like features and funkly blade thingy weapon make him a shoe in for this list.




    I am going to go ahead and say that this figure is easy the worst EVER. Even if you didn't mind the Cobra-La concept you can't really do anything with this figure because this snake body cannot stand up. For those of us who did not buy into the concept it is just all around bad.




    Another shoe in for the list. The guy is dressed as a giant bird. Though I have to admit that I too noticed the Native American aspect of this figure as a kid.




    Most of the Battle Force 2000 is bad when you get down to it but the helemt this guy came with means that he cannot escape my list.




    He's pink. Nuff said.


    Road Pig (Super Sonic Fighters)


    You could almost say this figure was not too bad even with the neon green and orange but once you compare it to the original and see how they even changed his skin color I had to put him on my list.




    Both Windmill and Skidmark are suffering from a weird green/orange color that must have been popular with Hasbro in '88. But Windmill as a figure could not be saved even if his colors were different IMO.


    H.E.A.T.-Viper (original)


    Say what you will about the version 2 H.E.A.T.-Viper I still say the original stank. He is wearing orange/yellow and has a helmet that looks like some piece of modern art. And that's not to mention the tube that hooks into his helmet. That weapon he came with is no picnic either. It is plauging the C.L.A.W. figures to this day. Just give them a normal missile launcher!


    Capt. Grid-Iron


    This guy has got my vote for worse Joe figure ever.


    1. Football theme.

    2. Yellow.


    It's a deadly combination.



    Muskrat (Battle Corps)


    Maybe I take that back. This figure wasn't too much better. He comes with a hugegantic missillauncher that hooks onto a funky helmet and is wearing some kind of sleevless blue and noeon orange suit. The fact that the original Muskrat was so damn cool make this figure even worse.


    Mace also came with a similar missile laucnher/helmet combo but at least the figure itself was not too bad.


    Night Creeper (Ninja Force)


    I know there are some people who actually like this thing but to be me looks like some kind of alien. A far cry from the greatness that was the original Night Creeper.


    Scarlett (Ninja Force)


    What is she wearing?


    Red Ninja


    Uh . . . . try again Hasbro. And this time how about making him red?


    Name You Own "Create A Cobra"


    More like "Name Your One Hunk Of Pink Plastic". I named my "Pepto-Viper".


    Zangief (Street Fighter II)


    I probably shouldn't list the Street Fighter figures here but as a SF fan I had to.


    1. Zangief does not wear a furry vest. He doesn't wear a vest at all!

    2. Couldn't they have found some better legs than the version 2 B.A.T. legs for this guy?!! You can see all the electronics on what are supposed to be flesh!

  4. Throwing toys at people? You sir are indeed psychotic. I for one am happy to see Action Man in 3 3/4" form. Tracker . . well Tracker pretty much sucked from the get go. This is an improvement.

  5. Well hasbro has never been very clear on what the difference was supposed to be. I think the original idea was the Vipers were supposed to be an update of the old generic "COBRAS". But of course other figures would end up have the title of "Cobra Trooper" later on and this confused things.


    The way I see it anybody who wants to join COBRA becomes a Cobra Trooper. COBRA is not very picky on who they let in. So people who would normally be turned down by say the U.S. millitary, COBRA lets in. So needless to say their millitary skills are lacking. Sure COBRA trains them but that does not mean they are going to be that much of a match for even the regular U.S. Army. The way I see it, about 75% of COBRA are "Blueshirts".


    Now those who actually show some signs of being *good* at millitary type stuff (prehaps even having an actual millitary background) get to become Vipers. Because of this the Vipers are somewhat like the Marines of COBRA, but in no way are they considered "elite". Of course from their the you have all the different Viper types who specialize in different things.


    Vipers do not outrank Blueshirts, they are just put in a different group as to not waste them so easily.

  6. I think it stinks that the helmets don't appear to come off. What happened? But they still kick ass! The weapons are crappy though. And I see we no longer have "Cobra Officers" and istead have "Cobra Squad Leaders"?


    And is it just or is the triangle no longer molded into the helmet?

  7. Well there is a Corps! figure on the shelf right now named "Hawk" so I doubt it. But then again, this is the movie, not an action figure and they can call him whatever they want. But that probably means there will be no normal/human General Hawk figure.


    I like Jinx's new look. Let's hope the action figure doesn't get ruined with any Action Attack. I can't make out Slice well enough to know if he sucks or not. Slash looks cool though.

  8. Is there anyway of putting 4 guns on the top of the terror Drome instead of just 2? I think that would be a cool improvement. Also those guns are kind of generic. I'd almost rather they be replaced with spring-loaded missile launchers or something.

  9. Hasbro is B.S. That figure WAS supposed to have been Ripcord. THAT is why he looks like the DD version. If you look at the paper that comes with the Wave 8 Joes it shows a picture of that figure labled as "Halo Trooper". Halo Trooper being Ripcord's specialty. They obviously changed it to that when they were not sure what they would name it when it was discovered Rip Cord could not be used.


    ** Watch the swearing please - Outsiders 11.01.03 **

  10. You guys are acting like such dorks. They make fun of EVERYTHING on that show. What did you expect? And it was just one person who said Duke looked gay. Not everyone on there. And as far as Duke being gay? Look at his goofy figure.

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