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  1. i'm beginning to think that you people all hate gays. i should start posting and making straight jokes or something. sad thing is, if i did that i'd probably get banned. apparently it's okay to mock other groups of people here.


    if ignorance is bliss, then you guys must all be in total heaven right now. ::mwah::


  2. You got to figure that COBRA is not going to turn down anybody who wants to join them. It matters not what shape you are in or if you can't operate a weapon to save your life (litterally), they will take you. I figure all such people become Cobra's basic infantry troopers (Blue Shirts). HOWEVER if you actually have some kind of millitary background you are placed in the Viper Corps which are sort of like the Marines. There are less Vipers than Blue Shirts as the Blue Shirts make up the vast majority of COBRA's army. Of course some Vipers specialize in one thing and these Viper's have the distiction of H.E.A.T.-Viper, Night-Viper, Flak-Viper, yadda yadda yadda.

  3. I hoping for the movie figures to be in 3 3/4" scale. That's what 'A Real American Hero' Joe is all about. They are the small guys! If anything those other lines need to be making their figures 3 3/4" as well.


    1. They are cheaper.

    2. Easier to army build.

    3. Take up less space.

    4. Can put them in vehicles and playsets.

  4. I say split the line into TWO different sections:


    "Collector's Series" and "Action Series".


    The basic idea would be to make the 3 3/4" Joes like the 12" ones in the way there are realistic and authentic figures that are made more for the older collectors than they are for the kids and other 12" Joes that are are designed more for the kids than they are the older collectors. Do the same with "Real American Hero".


    The "Collector's Series" figures would be in retro-looking packaging and be based on classic designs from the original line, comic book designs (both Marvel and Devil's Due), the new "Reloaded" series, and the cartoons (I'm mainly thinking Sunbow designs but maybe some DIC). You could even have dead characters in this line. The figures themselves would be fully articulated and have a high attention to detail. All of this of course to please the collectors.


    The "Action Series" (it would not have to be called this) would be the line to reintroduce new characters and designs and whatever Hasbro feels they need to do to get kids buying 3 3/4" figures (basically like it is today). I picture both series of figures as being seperate but equal. Different packaging, different sub-name of the lines, but they can be used together, no problem.


    For example:


    In the Collector's Series I would release a Renegade 3-pack. It would be Mercer, Taurus, and Red Dog looking much like they did in 1987, only better. Tauru's shirt would be more of a tan than a yellow, and his beard would be more bownish than red. They would come with kick-ass accesories and be highly detailed. I see these figures being sold at places like Suncoast.


    Over in the Action Series, all 3 of these Renegades would eventually pop-up as well, and with the SAME head sculpt to boot (I don't like how character's faces change from figure to figure) but the rest of their bodies would be totally new designs. In other words you wouldn't have them wearing the same old 1987-looking clothes in the Action Series would they would be the SAME characters and the figures could be used together. It would be like this with most of the figures (save for those who are dead).


    Some of the things I'd like to introduce is the Renegades as a full-blown faction. I like to think of them as a good version of the Dreadnoks. It wouldn't be just 3 guys, but many guys. The new Renegade characters would be part of the Action Series of course.


    I'd also want to bring in the COIL as another faction. I figure it would be cool to make it so that the COBRA vehicles DON'T have their decals on them and YOU get to choose if you want to put COBRA stickers, COIL stickers, or even Dreadnok stickers on your vehicles. The Joe vehicles could come with both Joe and Renegade stickers to choose from.


    The same concept could work with the figures as well:


    Imagine a brand new Neo-Viper figure for the Action Series that has removable armor and helmets. The figure could also come with a second set of armor/helmets that have the COIL isignia on them instead of the COBRA isignia. That way you could decide which faction you want your Neo-Viper to be fighting for.


    Another thing I would like to see in the Action Series would be each wave having a sort of theme to it. Like one wave could be nothing but arctic guys and vehicles (would want to release this during the winter), another with a navel theme, desert theme, jungle theme, whatever.


    There shoul also be a return of assesories and playsets. The playsets don't have to be huge. Think of all the stuff that came out from 1982-86. Alot of the non-figure stuff could not be classified as a vehicle. Now-a-days I think there has been only ONE thing that was not a vehicle. That needs to make a return.

  5. Fella's- No, I'm afraid it was on Ebay. The seller asked for payment via M/0, which I sent via Western Union Bidpay on the 6th (4 days after the auction finished on the 2nd). The seller threatened a NPB on the 13th, and then confirmed receiving payment on the 14th. After that, I emailed seven days after inquiring as to whether the item had been shipped, and what method was used and that's when all this crap started. Now here it is 6 weeks later and he sends an email today saying that he's going to trade it off because he doesn't like me posting about his piss-poor business practices. If this was the only avenue left to you to so anything about it (short of a Mail Fraud case with the USPS), what would you guys do? Blech.

    Well ebay will send you his personal information if you report him. Phone number, address. Then it's up to you if you want to harass him or not. Some jackass ripped me off of over $50 on ebay so I called him up multiple times leaving nasty messages before finally just giving up. One of those days I'd love to drive down to where he lives, break into his house and steal all of his Joe stuff. Now that would be justice. Have fun. @firedevil@

  6. Funny not only that people are willing to pay that much for something that is not worth it, but also that the seller has no points. I wouldn't give someone with 0 points a nickle for a Cobra de Arco figure.

  7. You gotta have the two most popular Joes - Duke

    and Snake-Eyes.


    Then it's nice to have at least one female member on the team and seeing as how Scarlet is a love intrest to both Duke (cartoon) and Snake-Eyes (comic) she is a shoe in.


    There is also a need more a big guy, Rock and Roll could fill this roll but Roadblock makes more since to me. He also adds a little diversity to the team.


    Now G.I. JOE is made up of all the branches of the millitary so someone will need to represent the Navy and the Marines. To me Shipwreck and Gung-Ho are your best choices here. One could throw in Ace to represent the Air Force but as a pilot his role would more than likely be limited.


    The final and seventh slot (assuming Ace was not used as a main role) I'd have to give to either Stalker or Wild Bill. Wild Bill as a helicopter pilot works well as he could bring the team in and out of hostile situations. Stalker on the other hand might take away from Duke's leadership role.


    Hawk would also have to be in this movie IMO but I would have him in a more "General Flag" type role.








    Wild Bill


    As for COBRA, now that is more difficult.


    Obviously Cobra Commander has to be in it and I think it would be a damn shame if the Baroness was not a major player as well. Unlike most people I'm actually hoping that Destro is not in this movie. I think one guy running around in a weird mask is enough for one film. Save him for the sequeal.


    Next up is Storm Shadow, the whole good/evil thing he has going on with Snake-Eyes would have to be in this.


    I also think Firefly would be a nice addition to show COBRA's true terrorist side.


    Beyond that I'm not so sure anybody else (besides basic Cobra Troopers) just HAVE to be the the film. I think it would be nice if Dr. Mindbender, The Crimson Twins and Major Bludd made cameo apperances though.


    I'm drawn between if Zartan should be in this or not. I like the idea of seeing the Dreadnoks on screen but Zartan's whole . . . "freak thing", seems to be a bit too much. In other words he is a guy who kind of needs an origin and I don't think this movie should waste any time with that.


    Cobra Commander


    Storm Shadown


  8. All of them but Grunt and Flint look good. The only one I am really looking foward to however is Double Clutch. I was actually hoping that WAS Recondo this time around, seeing as how they seemed to have gone out of their way to make the figure look more like the original Recondo. If these are mission disc figures then how is it that Gung-Ho is going to come with Wild Weasle?

  9. I actually had to vote for the Greenshirts. I'd love to have an army of more dispensable Joes. The big problem though would be making them look different from one another. COBRA could just change eyebrows as they all wear masks but masks are not a Joe thing.

  10. <<I have a speculation though; on the back of the package, the pictures of the troops look very different from the actual figures. Is there a chance that these pictures are the design for a new VvsV sculpt Cobra soldier? >>


    Those are what the 12" "Viper" figures look like (even the gun). It would be cool if they made new sculpts for VvV that looked like that.

  11. Cobra Commander



    Xamot & Tomax


    and to an extent, Major Bludd


    People like to say Zartan doesn't play that crucial of a role but without the Dreadnoks COBRA would be lacking.

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