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  1. man i hope everyone is grabbing master and apprentice too! my dream is for an ashkrange series! it would keep se mostly out of the regular book, give us ninja a fans a seperate place to see our favs, keep a team of ninjas we know that we could learn more about and make them deeper characters, give us a chance to see ghost bear, se vs ss, ncs, more red ninja madness, and all that kinda stuff.

    This is kind of off topic but I think it would be cool if they did an animated series (an anime would be perfect for this) based on the whole Snake-Eyes/Storm Shadow ninja story. The G.I. JOE team and COBRA could make guest apperances from time to time but it would mainly focus on the two ninjas and their adventures. I think I'd be a hit.


    Of course I'd really only want this if they had a normal G.I. JOE series first.

  2. I'd like to see more than just 2 factions represented in the toyline.


    There would be G.I. JOE and COBRA of course but they should also introduce the COIL as a new enemy to both the Joes and Cobra. I figure when it comes to things like vehicles they could actually include 2 sets of stickers so YOU get to decide if you want to make the vehicle a COBRA vehicle or a COIL vehicle. Maybe throw in some Dreadnok decals as well.


    It may be possible to do this with the Cobra troopers as well. Maybe make it so they have removable parts (like the recent Iron Grenadier figure) that you could choose between the COBRA and COIL versions of. Like imagine of the chest armor on the Neo-Viper could come off and you could choose between giving him one with the Cobra isignia or one with the Coil isignia on it.


    I'd also like to see the Renegades reintroduced as a sort of good-guy version of the Dreadnoks. They are not officialy part of the G.I. JOE team and thus mercenaries like the 'Noks. I wouldn't limit it just to the orignal three Renegades either. I'd throw in all new characters and maybe some renegade Joes as well. It's an idea anyway.

  3. <<For buyers, sure...but ot for sellers. Sellers make them money, and you could have dozens of negative feedback and still do business. Look at Brian's Toys. >>


    What eventually needs to (and maybe some day it will) be done is the people of ebay need to sue ebay itself for allowing con artist and crooked dealers to operate on their site so long as they are making money from it.


    Kind of like opening up a store where drug dealers can come in and set up shop - for a price - and then feeling you aren't responsible because you yourself are not selling the drugs.

  4. The Street Fighter Sagat figure wore shorts. They could use that for another Kwinn. Just give him some boots and a short sleeve shirt (take your pick) with that new head on it.


    P.S. - Did Grunt always have blonde hair in the comics or is that another part of his disguise? I prefer my Grunt to be brown haired.

  5. I have 3 write-ins.


    Battle Corps Muskrat - Orignal Muskrat was one of the best figures ever. This Muskrat is a disgrace. His get-up doesn't seem to have anything to do with swamp fighting and let us not forget that helmet mounted missile launcher.


    Ninja Force Night Creeper - He looks like a freakin' bug. A pastel one at that.


    Star Brigade/Armor Tech Destro - All these figures are terrible. But Destro with a missle launcher for an arm takes the cake.

  6. You have Joe Colton listend as 0-2 but I think that was supposed to be his old rank from back in the day. His filecard listed him currently as (if I am not mistaken) a 4 star general.

  7. Man those were a steal. Did you a use a "Buy It Now" or something? I'm certain I payed more for my Outback figure a year or so back and it was missing the flashlight, the backpack strap and i don't think it came with a filecard either.

  8. Did anyone else notice they made Flash using the old Action Astronaut figure?

    I did but I wasn't sure. Guess they got their use out of that old mold after all.


    Oh and will we ever see a Grand Slam figure?

  9. Those packs are based on the comics and therefore Breaker does not have a beard. But I agree about his communications gear being missing. Grunt is undercover as a member of a millitia. I guess Flash was in space at one point in time in the comics.

  10. This is looking like some really cool stuff.


    The repaints of the new mold figures are looking so good that it looks as if I am going to be buying most of them all over again to get the better colors.


    The Python Patrol repaints are OK but I'm still not thrilled about that Viper but I like the Tele-Viper.


    And is that JvC Wave 1 Storm Shadow a Ninja-Viper now or something?


    Green Night Creepers . . how about a purple one?


    Tunnel Rat's pack keeps getting bigger and bigger.


    Looks like a removable helmet on that Slash figure (I think his name is "Slash" I'm still sort of shaky on these new guy's names).


    Who is the Cobra in the gray with red gi?


    Who is that in that one vehicle? Looks like he may be wearing a classic Recondo styled hat. One can only hope it's who I think it is.


    Is that a new Hawk figure? And with blonde hair even?


    Who is the black dude with the cornrows?


    I LOVE the new Torch and Zap figures. Nice to see the mustach make a come back. Nice flame effect for Torch's torch. I also hope Zap's helmet is removable.


    That labaratory playset thingy is pretty cool.


    I LOVE thrse comic 3-packs! Now if only I can find the ones that are out now. Nice Grunt, Scarlet, hologram Cobra Commander, Short Fuze, Rock 'n Roll, is that Ace?, Steeler, Zap and I do believe the one in the hat is the original General Flagg. And you gotta love another Cobra blue shirt (Officer this time around).


    This Cobra Ninja repaint pack is interesting. Who are these guys? Two of them appear to be the original Storm Shadow mold done in black and in red. I smell Ninja-Ku and Satan.


    The Crimson Guard pack is cool. Looks like they gave them better arms. And I wonder what geads they gave under those helmets.

  11. One day in America there will be no stores to shop at accept Wal*Mart and it will be the "I can get stuff cheaper there" people who shall be to blame. i saw a map on the United States on some web site with red dots representing all the Wal*Mart stores. There were so many that almost the entire country was covered in red. How can anyone compete against this? Wal*Mart can bully it's way into lowering prices to whatever they wish.


    Wal*Mart: 2 liter Coca-Cola for 50 cents!


    Coca-Cola: You're crazy if you think we are going to sell it to you that cheap.


    Wal*Mart: OK then we will take your product out of all the Wal*Mart's and Sam Clubs in the world which will hit you so hard you will have to lay off half your people.


    Coca-Coal: 50 cent 2 liters it is!


    Capitalism gone awry.

  12. This are not real. For one they call them "G.I. JOE Legends". I should think Marvel would have something to say about that. And second there is a Sgt. Slaughter figure and we know hasbro does not have the rights to make him.

  13. You know there was that set that came with a Night Force Shockwave, Night Force Repeater, and a Fast Draw figure on some of the old order forms. Could it be the Fast Draw that came with that was a different shade?

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